Dehleez 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arvind getting shocked knowing Asad is the spy. Asad says sorry, I should have told you, don’t feel bad, I came here in college to alert everyone, its freedom’s marriage tomorrow, if anyone does anything here, I would get info, I have kept many people here to inform me. The other two guys go to keep something in library. Asad asks what happened. Arvind says nothing. He calls his friend and says your mummy called, she is unwell, come fast. The guy says fine. Asad asks is Rajesh’s mummy unwell. Arvind says don’t know what happened. Rajesh says illness means plan cancel, lets leave.

Arvind, Rajesh and other guy come back to flat. The guy says congrats, second plan also failed. Rajesh says Asad is spying on us and we are staying in his flat, our plan can fail. The other

guy says we should leave or cancel our plan, its impossible to do anything in Sinha house, think how will we succeed in our plan, two plans failed, how many times will you change plan, its Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage tomorrow. Arvind gets thinking.

Adarsh locks his room door and connects video chat with Swadheenta. She says since haldi ritual ended, I tried to connect. He says we will talk like this just tonight, then there won’t be anything in our lives which we can’t see. She says it was big problem and haldi passed well. He says marriage day will pass soon, we will become husband and wife. She says I will become best wife. He says you see I will become best husband. They smile.

Manohar sees news about Delhi police securing the city. Suhasini asks him will he not sleep, is he still worried. He says I m trying. She says things are under control. He says I know, its not about they will be caught or not, the question is since when will this threat be on our country, we think about out career and not about country. She says yes, we are talking today seeing crisis. He says don’t you think we are selfish, we will get normal once things get normal. He says if we think about country in normal time, crisis situation won’t happen. He says Abhay is getting a child, Jaidev will get children too. She says I know we make this world, its matter of time, people will change and this world will also change, you won’t get drink to lessen worry, come we will sit outside and discuss this philosophy.

Arvind recalls Abhay’s and Asad’s words. He wipes his plan and says I will change thousands of plans, but not my motive, blasts will happen tomorrow.

Mamu looks for something. Swadheenta gets his cap. She says you forgot this. He says I was finding this cap. He wears the cap. He says today’s namaz is imp for me, I have to make special prayers for my daughter’s marriage, how did you wake up so early, go and sleep. She says I m not getting sleep. He says yes, you have to go to Adarsh’s home. She says nothing like that, go now, its 5am, I will make tea. He goes.

She calls Adarsh and tells him that terrace view is nice, there is temple and mosque, I make tea at this time for Mamu, I m saying this because I will miss this place. Adarsh says I know, a girl leaves her home to make a new home, I promise you won’t have any problem here. She says I have to pray for us. He says we both will wish our beautiful life, we will wish we live every moment together today. She smiles and says alright Mr Sinha. They pray. Jiya re…..plays…………

Mamu sees the security on the way. He goes to pray. Arvind also goes to the mosque to pray. While making Wazu/Wadhu, Mamu turns to Arvind’s side and misses to see him. Arvind meets some man and says I was waiting for you. The man says lets offer Namaz first. Everyone offer Namaz. Mamu sits praying for Swadheenta’s happiness and country’s protection, just dismiss this threat even if any sacrifice is needed.

Mamu stars leaving from the mosque and meets some friend. Arvind passes by and goes to terrace to meet some man Gulal. Gulal says his boss was worried for Arvind’s safety, he is required for their mission. Arvind says I know, we will get success today itself. Gulal says by seeing your anger, I think Delhi will get Diwali tonight, what about the two rats, will they get alive. Arvind says they will return if they are alive, a rat digs the sack if left alive, I don’t want anyone to leak my secret, I will kill them.

Asad wakes up Swadheenta. She asks him to have manners. He says you are going right, just tell me if you want to go parlor, I will get busy. She teases him taking Mamu’s name. He says its not funny. She asks him not to be late. He says I can’t be late, your marriage can’t happen without me, afterall I have to do kanyadaan. She stops him and gives money, as per her promise to give him money from her salary. He asks are you mad. She says yes, I m your sister, keep this, enjoy. He says bride thinks of her costume and jewelry, and you… she says you are my brother… Asad gets Arvind’s call and says I will come. He asks Aam papad and says I m in tension, you are leaving. She says don’t get senti, I will give. She sees the box empty and says sorry. He says its fine, I will get big box, we both will have it together at your bidaai time. She laughs and hugs him. He greets her bye.

Arvind gives something for Swadheenta to Mamu. Adarsh asks whats this. Swadheenta says our first wedding gift. Arvind says mission started, lets go.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

    Thanks for the fast update right now m hating the terrorists a lot their timing is so bad and poor Asad will get trapped for no reason I m feeling most bad for Asad

  2. Prarthana

    Amena,, ur super fast updates, mesmerize me 🙂 just following nur updates on dehleez yet to watch the show nd the leads chemistry. U r amazing.

  3. pac

    Mamu prays, ” let everyone be safe, even if there is a sacrifice” SO think Asad will realize at the last moment and come and open swadeentha’s gift and then …..he quits the serial and enjoys vacation time !

  4. Jaya

    Arey what guys are these.. All are high reputed officers..they have to think about their country first..the blast warned by a terrorist.. So they have to be alert Atleast 3 more days.but they thinking only their personal life’s..if they all are aam admi then ok.let it be.but it’s not.also in sangeeth how can arvind and gang can do that electrician work on ground that too all around there specially high police guards..bakwas thinking..if they work in backstage or under the stage ok v can accept..if arvinds target is sinhas home ,then how those guys met azar before swadeentas and adarshs love..

  5. pac

    Everyone knows these stories are bakwas..Still everyone loves to see the cute faces/smiles of adarsh and swadeentha romancing..

  6. Sowmi

    Yeah….asad ll die….bcz once he said to swadhu tat,” I ll go totally where I can’t return back” and swadhu ll beat him….today mamu prayed for the safety indeed of a sacrifice…. So, I guess asad will die!!!! Sad 🙁

  7. Pathanga

    I gues at the last moment asad wl get to know about arvind being the terrorist.. so he wl try stopping him n the bomb blast which will cost him his life..! The sacrfice.!!!!!!!!!
    Feeling sad for asad..!

  8. Pathanga

    Is dehleez going off air? Oh no! ts So early!!!! Never expected…
    I dont knw why all the 10.30serials in star plus going off air so early yaar!
    First t was ma all time favourite manmarziyaaan.. n now dis dehleez.. pleaseeeeee dis should not go off air so sooooonnnn…!!!!!!!

    • dahleez lover

      you are right all 10.30 serials of star plus are going of air but dahleez should not as it is my one of the most fav serial because of adarsh – harshad , swadheenta – tridha

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