Dehleez 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Appa starting the mirror image competition between Jeevan and Adarsh. Swadheenta looks on. They both start dancing. Everyone get surprised. Appa plays music and is glad seeing them. Everyone clap for them. Swadheenta is tensed…..

Radhika gets roses and is guided to the way to amphitheatre. She calls out Asad. Asad surprises her. He says I know a love guru, Adarsh Sinha, I just learnt that one who never fails can win in love, I was stupid to lose without expressing my feelings, but not today, I will work hard and study well, graduation in three years, then MBA and a nice job, I promise you will feel secure with me, this is my promise, you will be thinking why am I saying this nonsense, doctor did not make me fine, you made me fine, you could not hear what I wanted to say

on rose day, I heard you in ICU, even when I was unconscious… he sits on his knees and gives her a rose. He says I love you Radhika….. She takes the rose…. And says I love you too Asad….. They hug and cry happily. He asks her not to cry now, we will go tomorrow, meet Yash and tell him sorry for wrong number, it will be solved. She says its not easy, its my engagement tomorrow. He asks what to do now. She says there is one way. He asks what. She asks him to make her run away from her engagement. He smiles.

Appa says now second round will start. He gives them blindfolds, and asks them to just do dance just by feet and feelings, no steps to follow. Amma tells Mamu about dance with closed eyes. Jeevan and Adarsh get blindfold. Appa starts playing music. Jeevan dances. Adarsh stops and hears Jeevan’s feet/ghungroo sound. He visualizes Jeevan’s steps by hearing the ghungroo sound. Jeevan stops. Adarsh senses the steps. Appa says Adarsh could not dance exact, so the winner of this competition is…. Adarsh starts dancing same way like Jeevan. Swadheenta looks on. Adarsh’s foot goes towards Jeevan’s side. He stops himself and dances in his place. Jeevan sees Swadheenta and Adarsh…. Adarsh falls down and his foot touches the boundary. Swadheenta gets teary eyed.

Asad tells his friends about making Radhika run away. His friend says your Papa is professor, and sister is lawyer, you will get bail, what about us, we can give life for you, but this time, forgive us. Asad says fine, I got my love, I will manage. He leaves. His friend tells another guy for what they came here, they have to buy some house.

Appa asks Adarsh to get up. He says its proud thing for me that my both students competed well, but every competition has one winner, today’s winner is Jeevan. Jeevan says one min Guru ji. He removes his ghungroos and keeps infront of Adarsh…..He says guru ji you always taught me that best dance is one which comes by heart, today I did dance by my 12 year practice, what Adarsh did is by 12 days learning, think how would he dance if he danced for 12 years, Adarsh is your best student today. They look on. Appa asks what are you saying.

Jeevan says I came to learn Bharatnatyam as I wanted to become best student, same say Adarsh has love passion…… he asks Adarsh to say truth, its time now. Adarsh folds hands and says Guru ji, I love Swadheenta a lot, I know Swadheenta since some time, I like her, she knows this, she worked hard to become lawyer and did not break promise given to you. She cries. Adarsh says she is marrying Jeevan as she promised you….. Appa and Amma get shocked. Mamu and Mami look on. Adarsh says just because Jeevan is your best student… I could not see any way and wanted to become your best student, I m sorry Guru ji. Appa angrily leaves from there. Amma stares at Swadheenta and goes along Mamu, Mami and Jeevan. Adarsh walks to Swadheenta.

Adarsh says if you don’t say you love me, I will be losing after winning, its my engagement with Vanshika tomorrow, if you don’t take any decision, I won’t have any reason to not get engaged to Vanshika. Jiya re…..plays…………. He leaves.

Appa packs his bag and is angry. Amma says its competition tomorrow. Appa says no use for competition. Amma says you and Jeevan are preparing for competition since one year. Swadheenta tries to stop him. Appa asks Swadheenta to get lost, that guy has fooled me, I was so happy that big govt officer will learn Bharatnatyam by me, I taught him by my heart, he is a liar, I will never forgive him. Swadheenta cries.

Jeevan says everything is fair in love and war, Adarsh is far better than me, he loves you a lot, listen to your heart. Swadheenta calls Adarsh. He asks is everything fine.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Annie

    Jeevan turned out to be intelligent.. ?? loved today’s episode but much more excited for the one next day… ??

  2. Aditi

    OMG……Adhu said it… Can’t wait for the complete update..(was watching the kapil Sharma show n later parents said go sleep ).. So just show a liitle

  3. trishita

    Ohhh I just hope they show Swadheenta’s love confession 2morrow……………precap is wonderful. …. …… swadarsh

  4. Aasrithaa

    Hi friends.. Guess swadheenatha’s confession scene will be tom.. Keeping fingers crossed and eagerly waiting for the scene…

  5. pinky

    jeevan completely nailed it today!! ye swadheenta k dad pagal h kya isme swadheenta ki kya galati h aur adarsh ki b koi galati nhi h achcha h he shud go back show was betr off widout him…

  6. Goldie

    Jeevan gud n u yah ….Swadhu hopefully confess tomorrow I thnk she s wearing same clothes as n promo.but anyways if radhika s gog to elope with asad engagement may b bundle as Ki vajah Se cancel ho jay ego thy might b n shock….

  7. Sneha

    Guys I am not understanding one thing…… Somewhere I read that Adarsh will get to know about Jeevan’s criminal record… Now I am getting confused…. May be what they told might be wrong….. Don’t know…..

  8. Hello Mr. Fifty shades of grey. Please take a hike. Women don’t like freaks like u in their life. We need romance and its back w a bang thanks to Adarsh Sinha. Such an emotional episode. Mei jeeth kar ke bhi haar gayi. The way that was said too good. Its kind of sad that Jeevan who has been around for a short time is able to feel whats right for swads. Girl please come out of your bubble. We are getting impatient. Looking forward to tomorrows episode.

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      • this movie was banned in india coz of its graphic nature. glad that it was. theres a sequel coming out next year. u can wiki it.

  9. goldie

    GgDehleez: Jeevan plans against Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhury) and Adarsh

    The upcoming episode will show that Adarsh and Jeevan competes with each other for appa’s best student title.

    Adarsh and Jeevan performs Bharatnatyam and appa praises both of them.

    Appa declares Jeevan as winner and appreciates Adarsh’s efforts and hard work.

    Jeevan praises and asks Swadheenta’s appa to give best student title to Adarsh as he performed so well in just 12 days.

    Jeevan’s evil trick

    Jeevan also reveals about Adarsh and Swadheenta’s love story and says that he has no objection in it.

    Appa gets angry and leaves from there, Jeevan apologize to Swadheenta for coming in between her and Adarsh.

    Adarsh goes after appa to apologize for what all happened and to convince him for their relationship.

    There Jeevan makes Swadheenta realize that she loves Adarsh and pretends to be so good before Swadheenta.

    Jeevan is doing all this with a hidden intentions, let’s see will Adarsh be able to find truth.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

  10. miss x

    And abt yesterday’s episode…..
    One of the plus point for dehleez is that the side casts r soo cool
    I loved asad and abhays scenes
    Omg I think asad plays a major role in making swadhu realise her love story

  11. miss x

    Now asad and radikas love story is in form…all they have to do is go and convince their parents….n break the bundelas…….poor people…
    Maybe the bundelas must have had some common sense of reading the minds of their sons n daughters fiance’s

  12. miss x

    I hope jeevan understood that swafhu loves adhu when he saw the reaction of swadhu when adhu called down

  13. miss x

    Adhu is so nice yaar…he has done so much hard work for his love……
    He was also a role model for asad……

  14. miss x

    Jaideep and jayas love story is also going to start soon
    Jaideep ll realise his love …..bcoz of the way jaya helps adhu for his bhartanatyam comp

    • miss x

      Adhu ll be so happy to hear those words from swadhu…I want to c that happy face of adhu….bcoz the happiness that u get after immense hard work is always unlimited ???

  15. miss x

    Harshads bhartanatyam was good…I thought …it was going to be like a comedy show… it was good

  16. miss x

    @ shreya…
    Hey hiii dude….I’m also so happy to c so many malyali dehleez fans ??
    It is okay dude…..comment whenever possible

  17. Anshula Ingle

    Hey, I m a new visitor to this site and just realized that the site is really awesome……every detail of the episode is mentioned in this update even the background song too…..quite impressive…..I just wish that precap should also be mentioned…..

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