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Dehleez 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh’s haldi function starting. Suhasini grinds the haldi. Simmi and Jaya get Adarsh for haldi. Swadheenta sits on the swing. Amma tells about the rasam. The girls dance. Swadheenta smiles. Adarsh dances with everyone. Suhasini smiles. Amma makes Swadheenta do some rituals. Swadheenta drops some pots in the water. Everyone clap. She sits for the haldi. Amma says I will not apply haldi first, Zubeda will apply. Mami says you apply. Amma says you are also Swadheenta’s Maa, come. Mami looks at Swadheenta. Swadheenta nods. Mami applies the haldi to her. Suhasini applies haldi to Adarsh’s nose and laughs. She asks everyone to apply haldi. Amma applies haldi o Swadheenta. Jaya, Simmi, Jaidev and Manohar apply haldi to Adarsh.

Mami sings Meri banno….and dances. Appa and Mamu

also apply haldi to Swadheenta. Asad and Radhika come there. Asad dances with the ladies. Swadheenta greets Radhika. Everyone look happy and clap for Asad. Asad says thanks, I don’t dance so well that you all are clapping. He introduces Radhika to Mami. Radhika greets them. Asad says you were asking who was she, I went to market and met Radhika, I told her mum was asking about you, so she came to meet. Mami says good, have food before leaving. Asad says yes, she will have food and help you too. Mami asks do you think I m foolish, will she roam chowk in yellow clothes. She pats on his cheek and goes.

Asad says mum is joking. He apply haldi to Swadheenta and says good setting. She says you did good setting, you are very clever. He says I m clever since childhood, mum was saying the girl was very pretty, I thought to introduce Radhika. He says I will come in an hour and goes. Swadheenta tells Radhika that I would go from this house after 2 days, but I would keep coming, you also keep coming to know Mamu and Mami, if everything goes well, maybe I will apply haldi to you after 3-4 years. Radhika smiles.

Arvind is at some bus stop. He sees the police checking the bus. Abhay is also there. Constable praises Abhay and says he made Delhi city a web in just 2 days, now see, whoever comes will be trapped. Abhay tightens security everywhere. Arvind looks at him. Arvind thinks prepare any trap, no one can save Delhi. Abhay thinks whatever happens, no one can touch my city.

Asad talks to some people in his college and tries to know if they find anything weird. A cleaner staff guy tells Asad about someone coming to meet his friends. Asad asks my friends. The man says yes, he came to meet Rajesh. Asad gets thinking. His friends come there and ask how did you come here. Asad says dad asked him to invite principal in Swadheenta’s marriage. Asad asks how did you guys come here. His friend lies that he came to take notes. Asad says lies, you said that day you have notes, I know you guys are bunking a lot and not coming to college. They make excuse. Arvind asks Asad to go and give invite to principal, we will wait here. Arvind thinks of first spot, that scooty, third spot Sinha house, but about the second spot…. Abhay secured the city, but not this college, I know every corner of this college, this college will become our spot 2, I will see who saves this college now.

The lady asks Adarsh not to go out of home till marriage. Jaya says tell this to bride too and tells Adarsh about Swadheenta’s haldi. He says what can I do, haldi would have been applied to her. Manohar comes there and tells Suhasini about Abhay. Simmi says Abhay won’t be coming home for 3 days, I will have to send lunch for him. She tells her baby that Abhay is very brave police officer. Adarsh tells Jaya and Jaidev that even they would have recalled their haldi and other rasams seeing his functions. He goes to his room. Jaidev and Jaya look at each other. Jaidev stops Jaya and apologizes. She asks why. He says for those 5 years, I kept taunting you but I was annoyed with myself, I did not think you may feel bad of my words, your life’s special moments of your life did not become special because of me, I m sorry, forgive me if possible. He goes. She gets teary eyed and smiles.

Asad thinks his friends would feel bad after knowing truth. Arvind sees Asad passing by principal. The other two guys go upstairs. Arvind asks Asad did you give invitation to principal, look there, he just passed by you. He asks Asad what happened. He rotates a wheel while talking to Asad. Asad says I m very sorry, I lied to you, you regard my sister as your sister, and regard me your brother, even then I lied, I m really sorry. Arvind asks is everything fine. Asad says actually, I came college for some other work. Asad tells him not to say anyone, but there is threat on Delhi. Arvind gets shocked and gets his hand stuck in wheel. Asad asks what happened. Arvind asks how do you know, what threat. Asad says some fools are planning a blast, Yash is an army officer, he has made some guys spy in every college, you know who is that guy in this college, me… Arvind gets shocked.

Swadheenta talks to Adarsh on video chat and says haldi went on well. He says even marriage day will pass on peacefully. Arvind gets angry and says blasts will happen definitely.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. asad is astuppid to tell arvind he is the spy because he is the terroist know he will be careful from asad

  2. Cut couple

  3. It is a bakwas show.????????????????????????????????????.I hate this show toooooo much.

  4. I feel that something bad is going to happen for abhay. Hope i am wrong….
    Asad is a fool. He shouldn’t reveal that he is spying……

    1. Agree. Even i feel smthng will bad to abhay… n simmi might get angry…m bcoz i think all will blame asad… hope nothing happens to the CUPIDS of Swadarsh…….

  5. Omg asad is such a bakwaas loser… who the hell does that? If the blast happens then he should be the first to die! The show doesn’t need hos stupidity… ugh

  6. No pls don’t kill Asad nor Abhay. Let the damm terrorists Go to Hell…
    Injury is okay but pls don’t kill anybody who’s on the good side…

  7. Asad is a dumbo. I was sure he isgoing to spill the beans.

  8. why asad y tell him,of all pple in dis world u saw only arvind 2 tell,such a big secret aww asad soo disappointin,now watch how,he plays with ur life,saaaaaaad God plzzzzzzz

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Asad asad asad u opened ur mouth wrong tym wrong place! Show sum maturity…wonder now wats next? Abahy so cute in uniform…jayjay wow….swaades…I seriously like to get a hint if all three beautiful love storys will survive….praying…

  10. Dehleez is going off air soon…see this YouTube link

  11. Plz don’t kill asad and abhay….plzzz man plzzzzzzzz…terrorist should go out of this stupid sequence…don’t kill abhay and asad

  12. Swadarsh haldi was nice. They were glowing and awwdorable. Jaydev was too good. Nice sincere apology. Is it time for sinha bros to become super heroes and save Delhi. Adarsh beta plz help bhai log. Sambalke unchecked gaadis koh andar guzne nahi dena. Saala be tumhare saath hang out karke woh be faltu ban gaya. Shaadi ke baad thoda kaam karo. IAS officers will cry if they see how much tuh ladki ke peeche bhaag raha tha.

    1. Tru saare IAS officers faint ho jayenge Adarsh ko dekhkar

  13. Asad is surely going to fall into the courtroom as the promos had shown Swadeenta saying ” Shadi ke baad ek Maa bhi multi hai and sorry that she has to fight again her and all…” So I think this was on the story or it had to happen in some way or the other.

  14. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

    I read somewhere that two important characters r gonna die in the terrorist attack one I think is Asad for sure as he told swadheenta that I will go so far that no one will ever be able to find me so that’s an indication and also he says he wants to be reborn In a rich mature family so sad Asad is one of my fav dehleez characters I have became a fan of Chirag who is acting as Asad.

  15. And who is te second one? I m quite confused. It’s not swadarsh n suhasini for sure and also not jaya-jaidev for sure as their love story just started. So left is swadheenta’s parents, Manohar, Ahuja, Simmi-abhay, radhika it’s not any of the parents, ahuja, radhika, don’t think so that means it’s either Simmi or Abhay I think it will be Abhay especially when I see the comments oh no and then Simmi will fall sick as she got heart condition and she is pregnant also so sad. No please don’t kill abhay’s character either anyway must wait n watch to see who r the two person who will die

  16. where you read that two important charectars gonna die?

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