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Dehleez 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asad asking everyone not to postpone the marriage, even if there is some risk. Arvind tells his boss that special people will come and go in this special function. Mamu agrees with Asad. He tells Manohar that you have thought well and said that, but I feel what is going to happen will surely happen, we should stay alert, but sometimes we have to face some situation, I think we can avoid dangers, look at Adarsh and Swadheenta, their love story faced a lot to reach here, if we delay their marriage, it can be injustice with them. Abhay says yes dad, I also feel so, we will catch the culprits. Mamu says every college has an army official, Yash is incharge in our college. Jaidev says dad, I think Haider uncle is saying right, if minister said security is tight, we should go ahead.


says they don’t know what we can do, they are big people, but we did everything we wanted to do by getting inside their house, they are fools and like to make relations. Ahuja says I also agree, sometimes I think we Indians make relation, but we also protect relations, don’t worry, let this marriage happen. They smile. Suhasini says fine if everyone is agreeing, guests are waiting for us. Ahuja says its all decided, come. They all go to attend guests.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta do you think this is right decision. She says I m afraid, I wish everything stays fine, how can anyone get peace doing this. He says I agreed with Ahuja for the first time, when we make relations, we know to protect relations too, don’t worry, we won’t let anything happen to Delhi. Arvind and his guys greet Suhasini and are leaving. They hear Abhay and get tensed. Asad comes to his friends and ask them to wait, he will get his scooty. Arvind worries seeing Abhay getting police there. Arvind stops his friend and takes them aside. The sniffer dogs show some wires. The inspector tells Abhay about the open wire there.

They call the electrician. Abhay asks whats this….. how can you be so careless. The man says maybe the wires were not cut properly. Abhay warns the man and asks him not to do mistake again. Abhay asks the officers to clean up in every corner of Delhi, whoever they are, they would be caught or killed, they can’t do anything, I will come for inspection in morning, we will seal Delhi for next few days, its about our country’s respect. Arvind and his friends look on from far.

Swadheenta and her family comes home. Swadheenta stops Asad and thanks him. She says you have grown up. He says brother has to get grown up and mature for his sister, if you are in some problem, I will always be with you, don’t cry. They cry and hug. He says tell Adarsh that I will not leave him if he does not keep you happy, I will miss you a lot. She smiles and wipes his tears.

Simmi and Jaya have a talk. Simmi says you enjoyed sangeet the most. Jaya says very funny. Simmi says we have seen the close dancing. Adarsh and Abhay tease Simmi about the close dancing. Jaidev says I forgot my steps and was taking Jaya’s help. Adarsh says its okay. Jaya is your wife, why are you giving explanation. Abhay says I clapped a lot. Simmi says yes, as if there was clapping competition. Jaya says Jaidev forgot his steps, I was just… Simmi says let the distance end completely. Adarsh tells Jaidev that Jaya is a fantastic girl, let the distance get less. Abhay agrees. Jaya and Jaidev get thinking.

Asad tells Mami that you danced so well in sangeet today. She asks who was that girl dancing with you on stage. He says she is Radhika, she studies in my class, there is nothing such. She asks did I ask anything, you are explaining on your own, but the girl is beautiful. He says yes. She smiles and hugs him. Mamu says its marriage day after tomorrow, we need big trays, go to that flat and get the trays, you are not such useless now, good. Asad gets glad. Mamu hugs him. Mami happily cries. Asad gets emotional and cries. Asad goes.

Adarsh talks to Swadheenta on phone and says your prediction was true, you wishes a new love story to start in our sangeet, and it happened. She says I thought just I noticed. He says Jaidev and Jaya. She says its fantastic. He says you know Abhay is very strict, I have seen his terror in police station, he looks cute and he is very sharp in his work, anyways we should talk something else, its our marriage after 2 days and its haldi rasam tomorrow.

Jaidev comes from bath and looks for clothes. Jaya’s night gown falls. He picks it and looks on. Jaya comes there and he drops the gown from his hands. She sees him in towel and turns away saying sorry. She asks him to change. He says this…. And gives her the gown. He takes his clothes and goes. Jaya changes her clothes and wears that same gown. Jaidev looks at her. They both lie down to sleep, and see each other. She tries to hold his hand and stops.

Arvind and his friends come to their flat. Arvind gets angry as the guy says our plan failed, our truth came out, its slap on our face and planning, we shall cancel this mission. Arvind slaps that guy. He holds the guy’s collar and says don’t say this again, this mission will not fail. The other guy says we failed, we can’t get inside Sinha house again, Abhay said he will seal the city, will we follow this plan. Arvind says plans are made to change, but mission and date don’t, we can’t back off. He says if I see fear in your eyes, then understand, I can complete mission alone, think about yourselves and your families there, go and sleep now, you will get new plan tomorrow. The guys leave.

Swadheenta and Adarsh’s haldi goes on. A man praises Abhay Sinha and says anyone will get trapped in Abhay’s security web. Arvind is present there and hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. jj pair s just beyondd awesomee..

    dayy by dayyy.. dey are becoming toooooooooooo cutee… wowwwwww

    i lyk jajaa more than swardash…

    loveee u jjjjj…………

  2. ohhhhhhhhh jaya n jai rock 2day show,awesome piece,finally its happenin,but is asad goin 2 get involve in dis ardvin n co plan,I dont want him out of dis show,my fingers are crossed pls

  3. uff i m just crazily fall in lv with dis serial nd pair of swaadarsh….wht i,ll do if really this serial,ll air off……….arent there any other bakwass serial for air off???

  4. same here dear rose

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yes jj wow…now thats the kinda love story dat wil be interested to watch..
    Asad oh God dnt create any issues…pls let Ard/Swa get married suhaag raat…then show can carry on from der…my wish mst be all daughter in laws mst be wit child…nice…n different.wen show ends??? Sad man..?

  6. Rocking episode today

  7. Very good serial. I do not understand why it is going of air

  8. Sulekha Bakshi

    Why do they want to discontinue such a nice serial. ? Day by day I fall in love with this story. !

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    How as soon as goid love story cums to play they wana end show? Mad???? When Eish man??!!!***** I can name a lot of nonsensical shows dat could end!**(????
    Wst say guys???

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