Dehleez 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yash saying you and my secret will be leaving this world. Bilal comes and shoots at Yash’s hand. Yash’s gun falls. Arvind and Yash have a fight. Arvind beats Yash striking his head on his jeep, and flees with Bilal. Yash holds his head and falls down. Adarsh comes home and recalls Suhasini and Swadheenta’s words.

Swadheenta reaches Yash and says I did not know your headquarter is here, in this village, how did you get worried…. Why did you let Major Ifetkaar leave, why did you not stop him. He asks who Iftekaar. She says don’t you know your friend’s name, Arvind Gupta, this is about my brother’s innocent, if I take your truth to court, what will the world think, you were there at the site that night, you knew Asad was not the third terrorist, you lied, you don’t

deserve to be called an army officer, you don’t care for your country, when this truth comes out, you can’t meet anyone’s eyes, I will find Arvind any how. She goes.

Suhasini goes to Adarsh. He says Swadheenta crossed the limits. She says she has always been full of surprised, about the blames on Manohar… he says it will be proved wrong when Arvind is caught, all truth will be out. She says we have to prove Manohar innocent of all the blames, I asked Manohar to give me reports, he said he will get that tomorrow. He says yes, all things will get cleared, Gilanis will be proved terrorists, and it will be proved that dad did not ask Allan to give that statement, I told Suraj to get the reports till morning, he was part of internal enquiry. She says lets see. Manohar hears them and worries.

Its morning, Swadheenta is outside somewhere and sees her family contacts. She thinks I m away from you all, you all are annoyed with me and have complains but….. She checks Simmi’s whatsapp status, about Simmi and Aman/baby missing Abhay. She recalls Mamu saying he wanted to name Asad as Aman, but Mami chose Aman. She calls Simmi. Simmi asks her why is she bothering her. Swadheenta asks her who kept Aman’s name, you or Abhay. Simmi says Abhay chose this baby on 1st June night, Abhay messaged me that our baby name will be Aman Sinha. Swadheenta asks the time. Simmi asks why are you asking. Swadheenta says please, its imp. Simmi says 8.30. Swadheenta thanks her and says Mamu wanted to name Asad as Aman, that’s why Abhay messaged you that name, maybe Abhay and Asad were together. Simmi ends the call angrily.

Adarsh asks how did Suraj get transfer suddenly, I asked for that file, I will ask someone else. Manohar and Jaidev come. Manohar asks Adarsh why are you worried. Adarsh tells about Suraj’s sudden transfer. Manohar says its govt. office, transfers happen. Adarsh says there was no notification, anyways I will get reports. Manohar says there is no need to go out, I have it, Jaidev give a copy to Adarsh and Suhasini too. Adarsh thanks him and goes. Manohar asks Jaidev not to worry, Adarsh will get reports which I want him to see, Adarsh and Suhasini should not get real reports. He goes. Jaidev goes to room. Jaya asks him shall I get tea, what happened, I m finding you worried since few days, I understand your silence. She says I will call you at office, you can tell me anytime you want.

Jaidev says your love changed me, also my nature and life, I can’t lie to anyone, especially you. She asks whats the need to lie. He says I have lied to myself that I m a true and honest IAS officer, but unfortunately the truth is I m a fraud and bad IAS officer, but now I can’t do wrong and can’t think to do wrong. She says you thought this, its really good, you told all this honestly, this is enough for me that you realized your mistake, this is big thing, whats the matter which is troubling you, its okay if you don’t want to tell me, do what gives peace to your heart. She holds his hand and says truth path is tough, but walking on it is tougher, I m glad that you chose the right path, if you took this decision, then don’t turn your face away from this decision. She kisses on his forehead. He gets teary eyed.

Bilal goes to Dhaba and orders the food for two people. The man asks will you have all this alone. Bilal asks him to pack the food. The man says you sit here, I will just get your order. Bilal gets shocked seeing Swadheenta there and goes away. He calls Arvind and says Swadheenta reached here. Arvind asks is police there with her. Bilal says no, she is alone, I came to Dhaba to get food, I will leave from here. Arvind asks why are you worried, she does not know you, you have knife right. Bilal says yes, why. Arvind asks him to make the danger away, else danger makes you away from life, take the knife, go to Swadheenta and then you know the rest, snatch her bag before stabbing. Bilal asks why. Arvind says so that police thinks a thief did this, police will make theft and murder case and our case will end, keep your phone on, I have to hear Swadheenta’s scream. Bilal sees Swadheenta gone from the dhaba and says she went. Arvind says if she goes today, then think you are gone. Bilal says I will see. He looks for Swadheenta. The man runs after Bilal to give the food order.

Adarsh meets Suraj and says I wanted to meet you before you leave, why this sudden transfer. Suraj says I don’t know. Adarsh says I will talk to minister. Suraj says its fine with me. Adarsh gets the report and asks peon to get two coffee. He checks the reports, and says this report is very negative. He shows Suraj the internal enquiry report. Suraj checks the reports and is shocked. Bilal sees Swadheenta and says she is going alone. Arvind says this is the chance, kill her, her death should become big headline in new tomorrow. Bilal stops her and stabs her. She screams. Arvind smiles. The dhaba man sees Bilal and asks what are you doing. Bilal gets tensed and escapes in his car. The man calls for help. Swadheenta sees Bilal’s car number.

Suhasini tells Adarsh that you are calling your dad a liar. Adarsh says dad lied. Suhasini slaps Adarsh and says you can support your wife, but don’t dare to call Manohar a liar. Adarsh says I can prove this right away mom, but like your husband needs you, my wife needs me too, I have to go to her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. rahul verma

    awesome pre cap as the day passed it’s very bad that after 5 days dehleez will be air off i miss u team and specially tridha

  2. sneha

    Finally adarsh came to know the truth. Good one. Now our robinhood is there to support swadheenta

  3. aashi

    Yo.!! I just love the precap. Finally Adarsh is back on his track. Bt y this serial is ending?? I m really upset. I will really miss it….

  4. swati

    I thought director is in lovelove with swadhinata, that’s the only reason he made rest of the characters useless. He made the highest society of India as worst and culprits to make her heroine, but how can he make swadhinata stab.

  5. swadhinata

    Star plus took a wise decision to stop this blo*dy serial. Such a worse serial I haven’t seen anytime. Serial is against to system serial is against to Hindus. Serial is against to reality. That’s the reason no trps.

    • zaki

      Naaagin is getting the highest TRP,,,,,,,,,,Is Naagin any where close to reality??????… completely disgusting & hypothetically produced show,,,,

      Amongst Almost All the serials of nowdays only Dehleez is the one that is 90% based on Reality of our country & many other countries as well….

      I wish more such serials should be made other than hypothetical stories like Nagin..etc which have nothing to do with reality ….

    • zaki

      it is not against any Religion ,,,neither hindus nor muslims,,, , i did not find any thing against hinduism or hindus,,,,, whoever suspecting jilaanis as terrorist is just coz of cicumstantial evidences that were found at wedding ,No one is delibrately cursing them except few corrupt officials like yash etc,,,, this is the Reality of System ,,in every country there are some corrupt officials coz of them the entire system suffers the blot of corruption ,,,,that doesn’t mean every single one is corrupt ,,,We should be calm & positive in seeing the situation & not to be panic in making point of view

    • zaki

      star plus have not taken any decision to stop this serial..It was a finite series show & all the shows have been shooted thats why this serial is going off air ….. THE END

  6. shnaakht

    wow……..fantastic super duper precape was…i m very existing for see the next episode…love sadhu..

  7. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Finally adarsh out from his gehri need. But from precap adarsh says he can prove everything i think he was doing some backgnd wrk no wonder he lookd surprised on hearing abt suraj transfer.

    I m worried about prakash yadav ek aur member badh gaya gharme

    Swa ne uske case ki fees puri tarah se vasool kar lee
    Ths girl s v smart

      • Pac

        Goldie,my guess about aman name coming into the picture is now true! Swad will prove Assad was abhay ‘s aid , not enemy!

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        Yes tru , i think yash will speak up now n jai too.n as preetha had commented about intuition angle n solving ths mystery after ths aman thing will make sense .

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        If swad wud hav known n put ths aman thing in 2nd r 3rd hearing suhu wud have easily pinned her down n court.

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        And now swad will feel the need to go thru abhays call list n this all will make sense now.if she compare asafs n abhays calls with yashs call lov all pic wud b clear

    • Padu

      Yes jaag utta kumbakaran. Woh bechara ladki ke peche bhaag bhaag ke thak gaya. Isliye use aram ka zaroorat tha. Acha ab jaake damsel in distress ko help karo.
      JJ scene was nice. I guess swad will prolly call adarsh w car license.

      Did u see the new fb pic of ghar pravish. Swad is going to the sinha parivar and everyone is there including manohar. Don’t see Jaya though. Finally I’m glad they are showing some positive characters like suraj jai adarsh. Was getting tired of the bashing.

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        Padu tru ya woh sirf address r regos dhundane ke liye hi robinhood ko call karti hain…

        Aur case solve hone ke baad bhi afarsh ko neend ki tanlets leni padegi as swad has worked day n night for ths case poor gal will just sleep n sleep n jagne ki baari adarsh ki hain .?

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        But i still felt adarshs reactions a bit mystery today whn he looked at jai n mano telling them abt suraj transfer n also whn he was looking at suraj asking him if he will talk to CM abt his transfer .may b hes checking if suraj s the guy whom he can trust as he knows he was part of investigation.

  8. shnaakht

    excuseme..swadheenta….who r u..? u have objection bcse in this serial few culprits are hindus character..n when director shows in all tv serial all culprits as muhammdans..thennothing bother u..o god ….chage ur mentality..this is not abut any it as a drama only…

    • Jane

      Yes very true, People who talk bad about this serial must be really sick. They only love watching sick , unethical series like Suhani SEL, etc. What about them, Indian culture is at a stake and no value for women. All evil only. those serials should be stopped and criticized not serials like DEHELEEZ.

  9. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Now i m 100% convinced adarsh ka gruhpravesh in jilani house.whn he decides to stand by the truth he can go to any extreme.till he was not convinced he didnot stand by swad but now he will go to any extent.

  10. Fathi

    Wow. Our swadarsh is gonna be back.The case of proving Haider and Asad innocent is getting more interesting day by day in Dehleez.

    In the upcoming episode, Manohar hides the evideance which can prove him culprit and save Haider.

    Manohar also makes Adarsh’s partner SUraj transfer as he knew the truth.

    But Adarsh calls to SUraj meeting to him where he shows report to him.

    Suraj finally exposes to Adrash about Manohar Sinha is culprit which makes Adrash shocked.

    Adarsh recalls his mistake of not supporting Swadheenta and confronts Manohar for the same.

    Suhasini accuses Adarsh for pinting at Manohar and slaps him.

    Adarsh and Swadheenta join hand to catch Arvind Gupta

    Adarsh tells Suhasini that he can prove her as Manohar is culprit but now Swadeenta is need of him.

    Adarsh finds out about Swadheenta in hospital getting attack by Bilal.

    Adarsh joins hands with Swadheenta to catch Arvind Gupta and save Hader Jilani.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  11. Umama

    What a precap guyz.I’m dying fr d nxt..No!It couldn’t happen.More 5 days,only!Why they have to end my favourite soaps so fast?

  12. tarannum sayed

    Excuse .e swadheenta if u have problm witthi serial why u watching it and why u have updated comments with swadheenta’s name….its not like that ohkkk…..our system is useless its reality..mostly people are corrupt in the system. ….and how u can say that itss against hindu or any other religion. ….itss story ….dnt take it base on religious matter….and if haider and asad will declared as terrorist ….u will be happy with this serials…..means u wants to prove only that muslims are terrorist …right. ….u dnt have right to say that….mostly hindus and other religion also supports muslim that they are not terrorist. …some people like u….are wantss to prove that only ohkkk……any religion dnt teach us terrorism ….all teaches peace only…..terrorism has no religion tag….

  13. Amit

    It’s better that all the soaps are made like Dehleez with fast track story too pity that HIGH TRD is only with nono imagunwales sas bau .especially sick of Ahem Gopi Sath nibha na also mohabattain is also boring.And please Akshara Naitik retire them

  14. Dghjk

    That’s the reason this show is one of the best I have ever seen! So beautiful and well portrayed. Love the characters love the leads! Go Swadarsh!

  15. Nirmal Seth

    Lovely show! Congratulations to the director. I have never seen so well portrayed Indian serial before! Keep up the good work. Congratulations again to everybody involved in making this show happen!

  16. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    To all the people commenting here please dont bring religion n to ths discussion here. We are here to share our pov abt ths serial .
    I m sure the cvs dont have any intention to show one religion superior over the other .
    But what needs to b given a deeper thought s as a human being where do we stand when we r caught n such circumstances not as a hindu r muslim.And what we choose to b in such nad circumstances defines us as a person gud r bad.Here mano jai n CM despite knowing the truth hiding it makes them bad haider n zubeida knowing their son s inmocent stiill askg swad to drop case r gud .
    As mamu always said n swad said today “Halat galat hote hain insaan nahi “.

  17. Bhavana

    Did Bilal manage to get her bag before leaving or he frisked off in hurry after seeing the Dhabba guy…??

  18. moni

    As the serial was targeted based show only for 108 they hv acheived it successfully…n so its gud dat they r not dragging it unlike other shows unecessirily…n making it bore….it has made audience glued wid it entertainment ringht from d first epi to d last one…n now its ending on a good note…three thumbs up for dehleez team….miss u all..

  19. radhika

    Swadhinata can get the secret investigation report by applying through RTI. How can they miss this point. Instead of doing somuch investigation she can do in this way

  20. nb

    Sorry guys. I wont be able to give comments further I think due to Tu’s f**** restrictions. Initially I thought it is happening for me only as I am not registered, but Goldie told the other day, it is same to her. Hence very frustrating. We cant share our thoughts properly. Message typed is updating after 3 to 4 hours some time.

    Any way, as the precap is shown, some people have adjusted their views accordingly. But I still feel that Adarsh boy is not suitable for Swad. Reasons:
    1. Bahut sota hai, Kumbhkarna style as told by some friends here. How he can give time for romance.
    2. Tube light hai, easily samajh me nahi ata hai. He wont understad her pov.
    3. Not a real Robinhood, as expected by Swad, as he follows general perceptions in stead of finding truth.
    4. No Jiya re…. for so many days. Will make Swad’s life dry.
    5. Sabki baat manta hai except his biwi, whom married after love.
    6. Office me kam nahi karta hai, mom ke age piche ghumta rahta hai. Otherwise, the first day when Suraj told him that he was a part of inv, he shd have seen the file.
    7. Abhi bhi Yash ko believe karta hai as he is Vanshika’s bro. Thinking of Vanshika!!!!!!!
    8. When Swad went out of house, he is not bothered, where she will live and is she safe.
    9. Uske ghar me hi itne bade corrupt people hai, woh desh kaise sambhalega?
    10. Finaly becoz all these reasons, Swad ke saath uska frequency match nahi karta hai. ( this was called Kundli in ancient times)

    U r welcome to add or subtract, but i am afraidt if I can respond to that or not.

  21. Bhavana

    Initially there was a buzz that they wanted to title this serial as “Swadeenatha”(As they wanted to give prominence to the female protogonist )… and later they nailed on with “Dehleez”.

    Probably that was the reason the CVs gave much importance to her char and made Adarsh numb for sometime. Nevertheless now that our Robinhood is back to action it will be a treat to watch the way he supports freedom and get justice for his shaheed brother(s)

  22. Sasha

    Goldie view about religion is very true. And coming to the serial very nice one. Not of dragging kinds its like American serials.

  23. jesmin.

    i love this serial..thodi different story h…sas bahu wale drama se…i like both the lead cast swadarsh…but time thoda jaldi set kro…10:30 it’s too late..why don’t you replace stupid serial….

  24. anu

    hey guys any one dil mil gaye fan. if anyone then reply my comment I m going to write fan fiction

  25. nb

    Jago Adarsh pyare
    Waiting Gals sare
    Tumhe tumhara pyar pukare
    Only 5 episode re!

    NB: I am not a good poet

    • mona

      no doubt nb you are not good poet but you say correct….

      adrash jago show your robinhood style in 5 episode

  26. Lubs

    This serial is ,, justice will be soon given to Asad and Haider… N Adrash is going to support Swadheenta

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