Dehleez 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Revathi asking Appa to stop classes now and focus on just Jeevan now, as its just 4 days for festival now. Appa says I have to keep small competition first. He tells Mamu that Adarsh wants to compete with Jeevan, I did not know what to say, none can make Jeevan lose, Adarsh learnt for just 10 days and wants to make Jeevan lose. He asks Jeevan what does he has to say. Jeevan says as you feel right.

Jeevan goes on terrace and recalls Adarsh. He thinks to find who is Adarsh Singa and searches on net. He says Suhasini’s son, I have to talk to Swadheenta. He leaves. Swadheenta is at her office. Jeevan comes there. She says this is my office, you can’t come here daily. He asks can we go out, don’t worry, I will drop you back. She says Mam is in office, I can’t come. He

says fine, I will talk to her, its about her son Adarsh Sinha. She stops him. Jeevan says Adarsh is your boss Suhasini’s son, no one knew this, just you know this, you did not let Suhasini and Adarsh meet at your home that day, whats going on, shall we? She nods.

They leave and are on the way. Jeevan says I have seen you and Adarsh in morning, what did he say, is he troubling you. She says no. He asks whats going on between you two, strong friendship or love? Do you love him? She says no, nothing like that. He says good, Adarsh told Guru ji that he wants to compete with me, I know why, he thinks to become best student of Guru ji, he is not doing this to win festival, I will show him. She says I will not break my promise to Appa, don’t worry, we are going to get engaged, I will marry you. He smiles.

Jeevan comes back home and sees Adarsh practicing. He crosses the 12 days and writes 3 there on the board. Adarsh looks at the board. Jeevan says its just 3 days now, Guru ji said you want to compete with me, do you want to win competition or Swadheenta. Adarsh says I love Swadheenta. Jeevan says she is my fiancée. Adarsh says she would be your fiancée, if you are proved to be best student. Jeevan says you have to prove it, and Swadheenta does not love you, you feel you will make me lose and become best student, and Swadheenta will love you… its good dream, it will be just a dream, I have also seen such dream since 12 years. I have grown up believing Swadheenta is mine, I won’t let this truth change, if you think you will fail my 12 years practice by 12 days hardwork, then good luck, I accept your challenge. They shake hands.

Swadheenta comes home. Appa asks whats Jeevan saying. Amma says you did not say your plans. Swadheenta says nothing like that, I told Jeevan that I and…. Jeevan says I told them everything. She gets tensed. He says everything….. Guru ji, Swadheenta wanted to talk to you, but could not, so she told me, we don’t want this engagement to happen after festival, we want our marriage to happen right after academy festival. She gets shocked. They all laugh and congratulate. Amma says you always agreed to us, can’t we agree to this. Appa says we decided, we will go Chennai, its your marriage after 4 days. Swadheenta nods and goes to her room.

Its night, Swadheenta calls Adarsh. He asks is there anything to say. She says a lot, you did not had any effect, I asked you to go away from me and you told Appa that… he says I will also come close to you by every little chance, I will try till I don’t lose. She says you mean its easy to make Jeevan lose. He says you worry that I will win or not. She says I m scared if Amma and Appa get to know… he asks her not to be scared, what is she scared of, her parents, his mom, Jeevan or love, Jeevan wants to win competition, I want to get you by becoming best student, I don’t know will I get to hear what I want to hear from you, even then I m trying, its time for my rehearsals, sleep well and take care, good night. He slips and phone falls. He keeps phone aside. The call is still connected. Adarsh plays classical music and dances. She hears the music and stays on call. Adarsh rehearses all night. He checks phone and call still connected. He smiles and says hello, Swadheenta…. She wakes up by his voice and asks why did you call now. He says call connected by mistake, sorry, bye. He thinks she did not disconnect the call and smiles.

Asad asks his friends not to worry, if their selection did not happen in youth festival. His friend says you are popular, you are professor’s son. They did not get selected. Asad says we will do it anyhow. Yash asks him what will he do. Radhika greets them, and says we cleared two rounds. Yash says I think we will clear three rounds too, when is it. Radhika says after 4 days. Yash reminds its their engagement after 4 days, how can you forget. He invites all of them in their engagement. They leave. Asad gets sad. He runs from there, while his friends ask him to stop. Asad gets out of the building and runs infront of the car. He gets hit and falls down on the road. His friends shout Asad and rush to him. Radhika and Yash hear this and rush to see.

Asad is rushed to hospital. Radhika cries. Mamu, Mami and Swadheenta come there. Mamu asks how did this happen. Asad’s friend says is accident, he was running and got hit by car. Swadheenta asks his friend what is this girl doing here. His friend says she is Radhika, we got Asad in Yash’s car, Yash invited us in his engagement, Asad got in shock and this happened. Swadheenta asks Radhika to talk to her. She goes outside and scolds Radhika, asking her to let Asad stay happy.

Jaya calls Jaidev and tells him that Suhasini is coming to outhouse, if she Adarsh, then tomorrow’s competition. Suhasini reaches outhouse and gets shocked. She stops the music.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vinayak

    A very nice episode of today. Things are going in right direction between Adarsh and Swadheenta. Hope Adarsh win the contest and gets Swadheenta.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  2. Anjali

    Today’s episode was nyc
    Its good to see that the show is going in the ryt direction
    Nd jeevan u r horrible Nd too boring
    Btw thanks amena di

  3. goldie

    Thax di for update.i think adarsh woll loose but win swadhu.gud gog adhu.feeling sorry for asad

  4. Cheese

    Hi guys um a huge dahleez fan. So far this is the best serial after ipkknd for me. And my name is thiyumi and um from Sri Lanka. Hi!

  5. goldie

    Cvs gud show today the way adhu dancing n the dust n the floor getting wiped off as he s helping swadhu to clean the accumulated dust n her heart n see the clearer picture of what she wants n life…

  6. goldie

    I think the confession episode might be soon as n spoilers it says swadhu will b feared for adarsh seeing asad injured n will admit her feelings to adarsh n the nxt big task for them s to convince their families cant wait….

  7. P C Gupta

    A very nice serial. Something new & refreshing id being presented away from sas & bahu fighting. Wish the serial all the best.

  8. nb

    Swadheenta has seen the cruel side of Jeevan now otherwise his character was shown as clean till date. In the meantime she is realising that Adarsh is the most suitable man for her. Not only love but also personality and devotion. Hence she will decide to settle with Adarsh. The character of Swadheenta is written very strongly. It is good to see that she is not falling for anybody just like that even if he is an IAS officer or Robinhood or anyone chosen by her parents. Generally girls do these mistakes in their teens or youth. Liked it. If her parents insist on Jeevan, she should speak up and try to convince her parents instead of keeping any secrets. She is a matured lawyer and If she can’t convince her family, how can she convince the judges. In fact she should be more confident than normal girls.

    • goldie

      Very tru if she can’t convince her parents to support her in taking the most important decision of her life then how will she convince the judges when fighting for innocent people….

    • Good point. Agreed. It’s your life so you should be able to decide for yourself. Your parents are not going to live with him, you are. Parent guilt trip needs to stop.

  9. Fan of Ishveer

    Guys happy news for u all….jeevan as a criminal past and adarsh will find it n reveal it before swadhentha’s parents and the marriage will get stopped:):):) n he become hero to swadhentha

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