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Dehleez 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini and Appa welcoming the guests. Appa hugs Ahuja. Shraddha comes and hugs Suhasini. Suhasini asks about her parents, why did Akshay not come. Shraddha says Akshay had to go for urgent meeting, and mom and dad are with my Dadi. She hugs Amma. Amma asks her to be with Swadheeta. Shraddha goes and hugs Swadheenta.

Manohar goes to meet Allan Broad and gets shocked seeing him wounded. He asks what did this happen. Broad asks for papers. Manohar says I m asking what happened. Broad takes papers and says I hope you know I was attacked yesterday. Manohar asks attack, here in jail, who did this? Broad says those who know I joined hands with you and your govt, I got to know blast will happen in few days, I don’t know exact date, but blast will surely happen. Manohar gets shocked.

The sangeet function starts with the performances. Asad and Abhay dance with Radhika and Simmi, on the song Dilli wali girlfriend…… Everyone clap for them.

Broad says I heard there is marriage in your house, I suggest you to cancel it. He signs papers and gives to Manohar. Manohar gets tensed and calls minister. He says its done, but Broad said blast will surely happen in Delhi in next few days, we need to inform the forced. Minister says forces are already informed, the security is very tight. Arvind’s friends hide some wires in Sinha house. Minister asks Manohar to enjoy his son’s sangeet, those people can’t do anything, everything is under control. He ends call. Manohar says I just hope so.

Abhay says your presence made this evening so gracious, now Jaidev and Jaya will be coming for the dance performance. Everyone clap for them. Jaya asks Jaidev to come. Arvind passes by. Abhay takes Jaidev and Jaya on stage. Arvind asks his friends to leave live wires at 5 places, they can connect it with device on marriage day and then ….. He collides with Manohar and stops.

Jaidev says I don’t think I can dance, it will be embarrassing, I will go. Jaya stops him and says it will be more embarrassing if you leave now, we will change dance steps, I will lead you, don’t worry. Arvind says sorry. Manohar does not care and goes. Jaya and Jaidev dance on Bolna mahi bolna…… Other couples smile seeing the romantic chemistry of Jaya and Jaidev. Everyone clap. Jaya slips and Jaidev holds her in his arms. Suhasini and everyone smile.

Abhay calls Adarsh and Swadheenta for their special dance. Jaidev thanks Jaya and says I felt people will throw tomatoes and stones seeing my dance, but here they are clapping. She says you were very good. He smiles.

Adarsh and Swadheenta dance on Gerua song…. Everyone clap for them. Manohar joins Suhasini. Adarsh and Swadheenta hug Manohar and Suhasini. Suhasini asks Manohar why does he look worried. He says there is some problem, I need to talk. She asks whats the matter. Mami goes on stage and says children have shown their talent, now its mother’s turn, come Suhasini ji. Adarsh asks everyone to cheer for the ladies.

Suhasini, Amma and Mami dance on Galla goodiyan…. Everyone smile and dance with them. Manohar signs Suhasini to come. Suhasini goes to Manoahr. She asks what do you wanted to say. He says I met Allan Broad, he said blasts can happen in city in few days, I think we should postpone marriage. She asks what are you saying. Manohar says Broad knows this, we can’t do anything about it, minister has assured nothing will happen, shall I listen to him, its our matter, many people are going to come, if anything happens then… She says we can’t decide alone, both families have to sit and talk. Jaya comes there and asks shall I announce about dinner. Manohar says yes. Suhasini says let guests enjoy, ask family members to come and talk to us. Jaya asks is everything okay. Manohar says yes. Suhasini asks Jaya to hurry up.

Everyone sit to have a talk. Manohar says we got info that Delhi city has threat, anything can happen in next 3-4 days, everything will be fine, but its just precautionary measure, I was advising if we could postpone marriage for 3-4 days. Abhay says I m getting messages from control room, there is a threat. Suhasini asks Appa to decide along with them. Appa says you decide as if you find right. Asad says I know I m young and talking between elders is bad, but I m sorry, I know there is threat on Delhi, but why will anyone come here, postponing freedom’s marriage for this….. if it was my marriage, I would be adamant to not postpone my marriage, but she will not refuse to postpone, she will agree to you all, but her heart will be hurt, and then our hearts will get hurt too. He jokes asking whats the tension…. He says sorry, bad joke, I just want to say, don’t postpone this marriage if possible. Swadheenta looks on.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta not to worry, we won’t let anything happen to Delhi. The police finds the live wires and show Abhay. Arvind looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think cvs read our comments for sure now as swadhu engagemrnt outfit yellow n red , sangeet outfit yellow ish orange , hAldi pics r out n shes again n yellow so wedding will also b n yellow n red r something like that. So my guess was rite its yellow theme wedding .?

    1. Goldie ur mama boy cmmt yesterday was too funny. Yes let’s send Suha to swadhu’s closet like she went to simi’s. She will prob empty swadhu’s whole closet and say lets go shopping.

      1. V tru yah shayad haldi bhi use karna band kar degi ghar mein suhu mam

      2. Just worried shaadi ke baad adarsh room mite turn yelliw n color whch s blu now

      3. That was n a lighter note other than swadhus dressing sense everythg showwn s sensible .excuse few things for story to move fwd .ths s only serial that i hav watched religiously.casting n dialogues have been terrific n apt for each situation.

  2. It looked more like jj sangeet as thy danced with so much intensity no chemistry between swadarsh no offences people its my opinion.i think suhu n ahuja zubieda n revathi danced better than swadarsh.asad opened his mouth again at wrong place wrong timing beta.

    1. Agreed. Chemistry was better in Jaya2 case.

      1. I think as Harshad Arora is quitting the show, hence chemistry has fallen apart.

      2. Tru i think both leads r just filling episode as series s ending .

  3. Bahut bhej news mili hai through spoilers that banaya and asad will be killed in these terrorist attacks
    Yaar aisa nahi hona chahiye kisi ko bhi karna nahi chahiye

  4. Abhay and asad

  5. where did you get the info from parnika??? abhay and asad??? then what will happen to simi…. ippodan things going fine.. dont do this makers…..

  6. Yeah… Hope nothing happens to any1

  7. Somebody has to pay the price for trusting the terrorists. Either it is the person who trusted them or his/her close ones. It is realistic and practical.

  8. Loved it. Everyone amazing. My expression watching was ?????. Couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. Died and gone to heaven. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Wat….. i am mad on jj couples dance and chemistry… Than swadhu….. Hw wel jaya managed the dance and their eye lock…. Omg nailed it…. Lagtha hey jayadev ki dhil mein jaya keliye pyar ki dhastak dehidhiya…. Lol

    nD ya swadhu jaya simmi radhika suhasini all hw super duper clothes….
    Swadhu and jj song was awesome….. Cant any one tel me wich movie song was jj dancing on?

  10. The cameraman did a horrible job. There was siomuch glare and so bright and dull..very poor lighting chocies for a professionall.My iphone can do better videos..

    Agreed, swadarsh are ready to move on..If you notice, tridha has stopped posting pics in instagram with harshad..Maybe they did it initially to promoto serial.

    1. Ya thats tru she was the only one posting their fotos harshad never posted he posted only his pics wth fans n other unit members.i think as tridha s new to tv world n harshad had fan following thy were doing it purposely to create awareness of serial as timeslot was issue.

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