Dehleez 20th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta calling Mishra. Mishra says I will just come. She waits for him. He brings the papers and gives her. She thanks him and goes. He smiles. The reporter tells about Ahuja vs farmers case and we have to see who wins the case today. Swadheenta is on the way. The reporter says A K Singhvi is fighting case for Ahuja constructions, so does this mean he will win. Ahuja talks on phone and asks Simmi not to worry, he will see all this.

Ahuja compliments Singhvi that he is looking beautiful without moustache. Singhvi thanks him and smiles. Swadheenta’s scooty breaks down. Singhvi sees the time and Ahuja signs him smiling. Ahuja sees the farmers tensed. Swadheenta tries to start her scooty.

The judge comes in the court and asks them to sit. He asks where is other

party lawyer. Singhvi says its her first case, I hope she does not backout. Adarsh is on the way and passes by Swadheenta. She sees him and calls him out. She asks him to stop, and he stops the car. She sits in the car. He asks what are you doing here, court hearing would have started. She says please drop me to court. He says you would say I m following you. She says I won’t, I messaged sorry, but my scooty. He says relax, I will arrange for it. She asks how do you know about my hearing. He says I told you I have strong relations with lawyers. She asks him to hurry. He says I promise we will reach on time.

Singhvi sees watch and Ahuja smiles. The farmers wait for Swadheenta. Adarsh drops her and wishes her all the best. She thanks him and rushes inside court. He says I will see you fighting your first case. He gets a call from Jaideep and says dad called me now, actually I had some work, fine…. He wishes Swadheenta and leaves from the court.

Singhvi says lawyer is wasting our time, I request you dismiss this case. Judge asks Prakash where is his lawyer. Prakash says she will come. Swadheenta comes there and nervously falls. She picks the documents while people laugh. Judge asks her not to waste more time, sit. She says sorry. Judge says you should be. He asks Singhvi to start hearing.

Singhvi says Naveen Ahuja bought the land, and shows documents. Swadheenta thinks if Ahuja’s documents are right, then these documents… I did not even study them. Judge checks documents and says these documents are legal, no lawyer was taking this case, then a young girl, fresher came who feels this case has something in it. he says she picked case against A K Singhvi, this is way to get fame. Swadheenta objects. Judge asks what is her objection. She says Mr. Singhvi…. Your honor…. I…. she gets tensed and people laugh. Judge asks her to sit.

Singhvi says I pity on such lawyers, they can fight any fake case for their profit, so that their law shop continues. He says you can cheat yourself and clients, not this justice statue and court. He shouts on her. She cries and drinks water.

Singhvi says sorry your honor, how can any person fall so much for greed, I want to show the proof. He asks Swadheenta to stand up. He asks did you went in Ahuja;s party with drunk farmers…. Yes or no…… everyone discuss… Judge says silence please….. Singhvi says Swadheenta threatened Ahuja. Swadheenta signs no. Singhvi asks did you spoil his party or not. He goes and sits. Judge says we have checked all required documents and heard Singhvi, Swadheenta tell me what you want to say to defend your case.

Swadheenta says yes. Judge asks her not to waste time, and say fast. She recalls Suhasini and Asad’s words.

Singhvi says I got to know lie’s tongue is weak, see her lips are shaking, her voice is not coming. Judge asks Swadheenta to say something. He says if you have no argument to defend your case, I regret but this case will end today only. He says because Swadheenta has no argument in defense, this court…. She says no, your honor, I have a file. She says I got this sometime back, please give me some time so that I… Singhvi says so that you waste more time, I appeal you to dismiss this case your honor. She requests to get some time, its her mistake that she got late. Judge agrees and says I will just give 2 days. Singhvi says 2 days…. Judge stops him and says if Swadheenta fails to get any evidence, I will regret and have to dismiss this case. The court is dismissed for the day.

Singhvi taunts Swadheenta. Ahuja says you can’t do anything and laughs. They leave. Swadheenta sees the farmers and cries recalling the taunts. She goes out and media asks her what will she do in 2 days, atleast speak up here, you are not in court, will you get evidence against Ahuja. Swadheenta sees the farmers… and gets sad.

Adarsh smiles and stops his car seeing Swadheenta at the signal. He says it happens, I would have run away leaving court, you atleast took a next date. Swadheenta gets sad as a farmer’s daughter tells her that her Amma said their house will be broken down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today’s episode was awesome.

  2. Ashlee its manmarzian

  3. A serial which was telecast at the same time of dehleez in starplus. Bt it was gone off air bcoz of low trp rates . I luv the pair aradhika

    1. Our ardhika ruled many hearts even after 6 months of show closure,….now its swadarsh turn let’s see,….

      1. S renu

      2. yeah u r right..loved ardhika…

  4. Wat a great acting tridha ji luv ur actng

  5. Wat a great acting!!! Hahaha

  6. Only Its title song is gud and ystday epi was most irritating till now

    1. Hahahahahha lol Max I love the title song but I also like the show and yes yesterday’s episode was irritating but other episodes were awesome

  7. Hey max narakaniki vellu. Bhad mein jhao, halagi hogu

    1. And hema frst u go 2 hell and than i surely follow u

    2. Hema firstly u go 2 hell than i will surely follow u

  8. Max…
    Thanikku vattado…Nalloru serial vannappo..Athinem kuttamparayanu..chathudedo..
    Njan athikam paranjal vere level aayipokum..Athukondu nirthanu..kettoda thavalamakri..
    Malayaleez pls translate cheithu paniyaruthu…

    pinne oru karyam koodi..Iam not a new person here..Njan peru mattiyittekkanaya..

    1. Hey royal i m unable 2 understand it but i m sure u jst bad mouthed 4 me. So same 2 u and back 2 u whatever it is if it is gud or bad idc!!!

      1. Well,that’s enough for me.You understood that i bad mouthed you without even knowing what i wrote…So you know that there is some reason for people to badmouth you due to your behaviour..That’s enough for me..

  9. Well my parents teaches me 2 have a concern 4 poor things!!! Didn’t urs parents tell u. Hahaha

  10. hello everyone…today no fights?? i got so amazed yesterday..haha tridha my god …i never recognised her..she is bengali actress..i saw her movie yet I forgot…btw can someone tell me whats the exact relation between swadheenta nd asad’s parents??

    1. Trisha is Bengali actress? Which movie?

      1. i think the question is already answered..

  11. I so happy to c a lot of replies over her for me. I thought I’ll not get frnds here and one will talk to unknowns but fortunately i’ve got lot of frnds tnx so much. I’m proud to say that I have Hindi frnds took. Tq so much for ur concern. I got too much excited coz your’ll my first unknown frnds. Coz I’m not n fb or…… Luv u guys. I’m 11th studying n tuticorin.

    1. So ashlee u r tamil ah..

    2. Im a half malayali nd half hindi . Nd i live in chennai

      1. So i knw tamil too

  12. And no one will talk to unknowns***. Sry its a mistake..????

  13. I think swadhi’s dad’s or mother’s sibling is asad’s parents(mom or dad). I just think. I’m not confirmed wid it, Tara di

    1. hey dont call me di..m also of ur age…

  14. Max bro, No one becomes great all of a sudden. it takes time.
    In the same way swadheenta also needs time to become bold.
    I didn’t mean to say this to hurt you Max bro.

  15. Oh royal i m pleasure 2 have ur bad cmnts and i m really glad dat my bad behaviour had compelled u so much dat u can’t have words directly with me!!!

      1. Royal,iyaal kollaatto,ivanu nammude bhashayil pattiya kure vaakukal undu,pakshe ivan Shraddha kittanulla kaliya,randu divasam ivane angu ozhivakkiyaal kurachu adangikkolum.

  16. Hi….today was gud. ..i liked it. ..actors are doing really good job….

  17. Max bro, no one becomes great all of a sudden. They take time. In the same way swadheenta also needs time to become bold.
    Max bro, I didn’t mean to say this to hurt you.

  18. I haven’t expect sudden success in her 1 case but i have said that her confidence was totally crush out at court that show her very weak.

    1. three cheers for u…u r great how do u manage to do it??

      1. Its my birth born trait so nothing hard to manage!!!

  19. Lol…. I actually missed yesterday’s episode and so came to read the update… But was more entertained listening to your spats…
    Seriously this was more entertaining than the episode..
    And seeing something about yesterday, I read that as well…

    I like this serial and don’t know what problem ppl have if others like Swadarsh or don’t…Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…
    Max, too good man! You can’t just let go, can you?
    And the others, Hema, Sweety, I like the way you are firm with ur feelings..

    Anyways, Idc about all this,
    The only thing that I felt was rude and really out of line was some person ( Seeta??) calling others dustbin.. No one has the right to call others dustbin.. Give ur opinion of the characters or the show, But don’t act so condescending that you forget that these are real ppl on the other side.. How dare you call them dustbin?

    1. hi anjali i think u r new…….. so welcome

      n ty for calling me firm in my stand…….. btw its bound to be coz i am a law aspirant.

      n yes my lines were like so scholarly but no fun coz max didn’t even giv me a funny reply 🙁 i think hema max spat is much better

      n plz reply only in d next update…

  20. I just read the e plot summary of dosti.. Yaariyan .. Manmarziyaan… It was awesome.I just loved it. I just missed a wonderful love epic

  21. nothing is softer/weak than water but it has such hidden force which can destroy the whole world. till we fall down we will never come to get up bro.

    1. The thing is her weakness 4 sure make her 2 grow but if a person has lack of confidence than even 1000 failures can’t give u any experience. That’s wat i found in her but i no she will boost with confidence soon bcoz its a serial

  22. sorry for error. it’s we will never come to know how to get up.

  23. sorry for error. it’s we will never come to know how to get up

  24. S hema di I’m tamil.

  25. Thnx anjali atleast sum one has brain dat its only my opinion 4 show and i haven’t imposed it on any1.

  26. Lol Max…

    I actually thought that you were gonna tell somthing to me also..

    Anyways, Guys… I’m tamil as well… And I just love the title song <3 <3
    Dehleez is a really nice show…

    Hope they don't spoil it…

  27. And yeah, I’m the same age as you all…
    Maybe a year or 2 older than some and younger to the others…

    But I would like to request or advice you…
    Please take it a good way…
    LEt Max post whatever comments he wants.. It is his opinion and right… Please don’t react to his words… You people have a dehleez fan club.. So talk among yourselves… Why involve him?

  28. And Max, One request to you as well…

    If you don’t like the way the characters have been portrayed or if the epi was boring or whatever … Please comment…
    But don’t comment on what the others have commented… It may feel silly to you or someone… But the others have their right to express just as you have yours.. Even if you find it funny or annoying, Keep it to yourself.. They are also human beings…
    That dustbin comment made me so mad.. How dare tht girl, Who ever she is…
    Sorry if you think this is ridiculous of me, But I had to say this… Hope you follow it.. 🙂

    1. U r ryt anjali

      1. oh hi hema….. had been trying to get in touch wid u for so long

        i luv d way u reply to that max… btw i asked u a ques in d 21 mar update…….. plzzzz reply there only.

  29. Today’s episode was boring

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