Dehleez 1st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 1st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini and Manohar coming to Swadheenta’s house. Mamu welcomes them. Appa says Revathi, we should leave, come. Mamu stops Appa and asks him to listen. He says I know you don’t like us saying in your family matter, its about Swadheenta, just talk to them. Mami says yes, talk to them, see what they have to say. Appa keeps the bags. Appa asks Suhasini and Manohar to come inside. Adarsh is tensed and waits for call. Jaidev and Abhay come to him. Abhay asks did mom call you. Adarsh says why will mom call me. Abhay says exactly, whats the use to wait for her call. Adarsh says don’t know whats happening here, mom and dad went to talk to Guru ji, I m nervous. Jaidev says relax, we are with you, mom took first step, I hope Swadheenta’s parents understand. Adarsh says I m anxious, I

don’t have aam papad, Swadheenta eats that when she is tensed. Jaidev and Abhay smile. Adarsh leaves. Abhay and Jaidev also hope there is no tension there.

Manohar asks Appa not to take past things forward, else new relations can’t form. Appa says you want to get your son married to such girl who…. Mamu says we should take talk ahead. Swadheenta introduces Mamu and Mami. Suhasini says they were neighbors in Chennai. Manohar says we will talk straight, we came to fix Adarsh and Swadheenta’s relation. Appa asks her to go. Mami asks Swadheenta to go upstairs, your phone will ring and you can hear it. She signs Mamu to call Swadheenta. Swadheenta goes upstairs. Asad asks her to meet Adarsh Sinha. She smiles. Adarsh says I have come to meet you by crossing all the terraces. Asad says what a great love, carry on, I will leave. He goes.

Swadheenta says I can’t believe this is happening finally. Adarsh asks whats happening finally? She says your mom and dad are here to talk about our marriage. She gets Mamu’s call and puts on speaker. Adarsh and Swadheenta sit hearing the live conversation. Sinhas and Appa-Amma argue over marriage arrangements. Arguments go on. Mami says we can talk tomorrow, we will discuss and then talk. Manohar says this will be fine, we will meet at our house at 12, you can meet our family too. Manohar and Suhasini greet them and leave. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile. Adarsh says don’t know how many dates will mom take. Swadheenta says this case will end tomorrow at 12.

Jaidev asks Jaya why is she packing bag, I spoke to mom and dad, you can leave if you want. She says I know my presence won’t matter you, divorce is big thing, mom is big lawyer, mom could not see I did not sign on papers. He asks what. She says I did not wish to bring our marriage truth out, I had no way to save Adarsh and Swadheenta’s love, this was only way to explain mumma, I want what you wanted, my purpose is fulfilled, mumma and Papa went to talk to Swadheenta’s parents. She unpacks the bag and says I would have given you divorce to you earlier if I wanted, I told you if we both lose hope in this relation, relation won’t be there, I will not lose hope, I will tell mumma that I changed my decision, there is no need for you to say anything, its okay……

Manohar and Suhasini come home. Adarsh comes downstairs and hugs them thankfully. He asks how was it. She says all fine, its all decided. Adarsh asks really. Manohar says yes, I invited them tomorrow. Suhasini says they are coming. Adarsh thanks Manohar and Suhasini. He says mom, you understood me, that means a lot, you are Swadheenta’s ideal and she wants to become like you, you will like her. She says I know, will you become Tamilian after marriage. He says no. she says we said yes for marriage, we will decide about marriage arrangements, you will support us, not your inlaws. He says yes, thanks, I love you.

Suhasini sees Jaya in kitchen and asks what are you cooking. Jaya says zeera aloo. Suhasini says Jaidev likes it a lot. Jaya says you want to know why I did not leave, I did not wish to and did not had courage. Suhasini says you are not my fav just like that, staying in such relation for many years without sharing any problem, my choice was not wrong, its just matter of time, Jaidev will realize I chose good bahu and good wife for him. Jaya says I m sure of this and hugs Suhasini. Suhasini thanks her and smiles.

Suhasini and Manohar have a talk. He says Adarsh is very happy, he did not imagine you could agree so soon, even I could not believe this, Jaidev and Jaya showed is mirror, its good Jaya changed decision. She says divorce papers were not signed, she thought I won’t notice. He asks why did Jaya do this. She says Jaya wanted to make us realize her bitter relation truth so that we agree for Adarsh and Swadheenta, our choice was not wrong, Jaya is best bahu and will always be, the truth is all of them are together, they all knew about Swadheenta and Adarsh, we both become villain. He says I will talk to them. She says no, we did mistake, our decisions were not wrong, our way was wrong, we thought they are our friends, if we say wrong to Simmi, they feel we are Abhay’s enemy, if we say Swadheenta is wrong, they will say we are Adarsh’s enemy. He says it means you feel Swadheenta is not right for Adarsh, then why did you agree. She says Adarsh will refuse for Swadheenta. Adarsh and Swadheenta are positive and talk about tomorrow’s meet.

Asad asks Swadheenta will she not have coffee. She says no, I don’t have to be awake today. He teases and says you have to see dreams, your marriage is fixed and all this started. She says I m feeling sleepy. He makes her sit and says actually, I wanted your help. She asks what happened to Radhika. He says no, my friends are not getting room to stay, if you talk to dad, we can give our flat on rent. She says no, you know Mamu, he vacated room when neighbors complained, your friends won’t be able to stay. He says please, dad listens to you….

Suhasini shows an old case of saas-bahu, both were doctors. He says its your and Swadheenta’s story, what happened then. She says son married his love, bahu did not go well with mum in law and filed harassment case against mum, bahu won. She says when bahu was working on case, saas was working on her son, bahu won case, and son rejected his wife, son married another girl of mum’s choice and went abroad, no one knows where that bahu went. She says sometimes we have to change ways, Adarsh will say no for Swadheenta, she will win case and lose…..

Suhasini calls Appa and tells hims Appa to come at 12.30, she has imp case. Adarsh hears them. Appa says I can’t come, Rahukaal would be going on. Suhasini manipulates infront of Adarsh and Appa argues with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh thanks…lol (lots of luv)…

  2. After watching today’s episode one thing is sure that there will be swadheenta vs suhasini face to face in the court and adarsh like an adarsh beta will support his mom but later he will realize swadhu is right and last minute he will support Swadhu I think this will happen

  3. omg… it sounds interesting…. after crossing all hurdles i hope true love between adarsh and swadheenatha will stand strong and succeed… btw how do you guys know that it is a finite series?? what is meant by finite series.?? not like yrkkh or sns or dabh????

  4. Why is suhasini turning -ve yaar…..?

  5. Oh no..what is suhasini doing.! Now she will try to make adarsh hate swadheenta in the coming episodes.. ? I thought she will support the marriage..? But hopefully as this serial has a different concept so they will not let hate win over love..let’s see.! ?

    1. even i feel the same.. the bonding bet freedom and adhu will help them win their love-life over suha’s plan and let her know what love can do…

      1. should happen.! This serial should support love and also should show trust between them. Hopefully it goes as we are thinking…?

  6. I hate Suhasini…..n feeling bad for Adu & Swadhu…..Hope there will be no misunderstanding between Adu & Swadhu becoz of Suhasini

  7. The serial is going very interesting.. Please don’t drag it and make it boring..expecting a good one like ipkknd…

  8. hi joyee ….. suhasini is a silent villi ……
    asad “s frs r involved in terrorists . .. so police will file the case on asad so swadhi will fight the case against suhasini .

    not only tamilians all follow ragukalam and gulikan u asked panditji tell super mukurtham nalla neeram that pandiji tell fine time for grahapravesam and marriage after or befor ragukalam …… u dontknow ………

    this story is just like two states ???// plz two people 1 man 2 woman .

    indirectly suhasini told one case …
    adarsh doesnot reject swadhi ……. bcz they r having same thought s again sas bahu jagada ……. with out this no story ……

  9. I think the dragging of this SWADARSH lovely story begins…




  11. suhasini’s case will be the opposite of rajini-ragini case she was telling to mottai boss manohar… how rude the character is… what is the big deal with status…. she should see whether her child is happy…so ridiculous,…

    1. Swadarsh _fan

      I feel Ramakrishna must have talked more nicely
      He doesn’t know how to respect people
      He always is very rude and tries to argue
      Suha doesn’t know swadu completely so she thinks that she will be against suha


  13. Thanks Amena di..??

  14. Hi all, till now every episode is very interesting. But now am scaring to watch negative shade of suhasini. She will definitely get sucess in poping up some miss understandings between adarsh and swadheenta. Ofcourse finally everyone realises and Swadarsh get united. But in the mean while we see so many twists. I Donno how swadheenta face suhasini’s tricks played at her. We already seen how talented suhasini ji while caughting simmi and proving simmi and ahuja are culprits. Till now every episode is very nicely picturised. Guys get ready to see more Swadarsh misunderstandings and less more jiya re plays.

    Am scared to see next episode when adarsh came to know that swadheenta is going to be engaged with jeecan. But the director succeded in showing adarsh is perfect match to swadheenta.
    But at this moment the negatavity of suhasini making scared of seeing her evil plans. I hope director won’t drag suhasini trying to separate Swadarsh. I guess durector will make suhasini realise soon.

    Good night guys,

  15. Jaya’s plan was so good..but suhu is one step ahead her,..???

  16. Even after knowing about Jaya n jaidev’s marriage problems too Suhu is saying her choice is best…???

  17. Asad is as usual cute n funny ..feeling sad as he is gonna get trapped??

  18. Ohh…this suhu is planning to show swadhu’s parents bad in front of Adhu..??
    Hope adhu will keep trust in his love.

  19. Aarsitha a when love becomes infinitive … the marriage becomes definite

  20. Today’s episode was nyc
    I just hope that Swadarsh don’t get trapped in suha evil plans

  21. Thank u amena di for the fast update

  22. Nice episode. So loved Adarsh’s happiness. He looked like a kid in a candy store. Yippee I’m finally gonna get my candy but wait mom wants to snatch it away. Really do we need another negative saas. Don’t we already have a gazillion of them in Indian tellydom. Please don’t add suhu to that list. Jaya’s acting was good last two days.
    Why does star tv have serials on the weekends. Who is home on the weekends and who really wants to watch serials. Wish they would just have it mon-fri

  23. I Think jaidev s the only one who will realise his mothers motives , as he has fallen pray to her tactics. I think he will divorce jaya to show his mother that she cant b alwayz rite. Then only her eyes wil b open.

    I Think jaya s plan s gog to fail s suhu smart.

  24. don’t like the outfit Swads has on for today’s episode. The high lo top looks like something u wear to go clubbing not to meet ur future in-laws. could have worn a simple monochromatic kurti top or something ethnic.

  25. Plz don’t create misunderstandings b/w Swadarsh …..
    Y suha is turng -ve ….hate u for this
    ##Let the 2 love birds get married ##
    Adhu don’t lose trust on Swadhu…….

  26. Asad is a muslim name. How come Swadheenta is related to him or his father?

  27. come swadarsh

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