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The Episode starts with Vanshika saying we know each other since 11 years. Suhasini says this is so unfair Adarsh, she is such lovely girl, if you told us, we would have not refused. She asks them to talk, and then come downstairs, Vanshika’s parents are there. Suhasini and Jaya leave. Adarsh says we were in school 11 years ago. She says yes, since then I like you, I sent you request on social networking site, you accepted it, you became IAS officer, I found your number and messaged you. He says we know each other, this does not mean this happens so soon. She holds his hand and says sorry.

Swadheenta tells Mami that she will come in 2-3 days, and asks about Mamu and Asad. Mami says Asad is studying. Swadheenta says I will talk to him. She calls Asad and asks are you fine. He asks what happened

to me. She says Mami said you are studying. He says yes, I decided I have to top and become rich guy. She says nice thought, are you eating aam papad, it means you are in tension. He says no, there is a girl Radhika. She says liar, you did not say that day. He tells about other girls, and says I m serious about Radhika, she is cute girl, she met in college, but for the first time, I wanted to change for a girl, I wanted to become something. She says you are in love. He cries. She asks why are you crying. He says I miss you, it would be simple if you were there. She asks him not to cry, she will come in 2-3 days, you gave me tension, we will meet and plan what to do. He asks shall I give her rose on rose day. She says I don’t understand. He asks does Adarsh not give you rose, he is boring. She asks how did he come in this talk. He says just Adarsh can get love in your life, coming to my topic, shall I give rose to Radhika or not. She says I will tell in morning. She ends call and says he gave me tension, I don’t have to think nonsense, I will focus on case investigation.

She goes out and stops a girl. She asks do you work here, whats your name. The girl says Geeta. Swadheenta says my husband and I came to stay here, we got to know about a case on Subhash. Geeta asks what case. Swadheenta says Banwarilal filed case, he is Leela’s first husband and you are his daughter Sudha. Geeta asks who are you, I will tell Leela. Swadheenta stops her and says you felt bad, I don’t care you are Sudha or Geeta. Subhash comes and asks whats happening, I told you not to talk to strangers. Geeta goes. He asks Swadheenta what are you doing here. She says I came to take water. He asks where is your husband. She says he is sleeping, I will go. He reminds she came to take water. She takes the jug and goes upstairs.

She gets relieved and says Adarsh had to go today itself, one day passed and work did not progress, I will report to Suhasini, even Adarsh would have told her. She calls Suhasini. Suhasini is busy attending guests. Vanshika’s mum says I m thankful to Jaya, she said there can’t be better sasural than this for Vashika. Abhay finds Simmi upset and goes to her. Adarsh and Vanshika come. Adarsh greets her parents. Her dad signs her that Adarsh is good. She smiles.

Ahuja comes and gives bouquet to Adarsh. He congratulates Adarsh. He hugs Simmi and Abhay. Manohar introduces Ahuja to Vanshika’s parents. Suhasini worries and signs Manohar. Ahuja tells about his big company. Suhasini asks what is he doing here. Manohar says I called him, he is our relative. Suhasini says you tell me such things, I can’t bear him. Manohar takes her. Ahuja congratulates Suhasini. He asks Mr. Bundela about his profession. Bundela says small business. Suhasini tells about Bundela’s royal background. Ahuja asks him to invest in properties. Bundela says I invested and it was bad experience, I bought a land, we were expanding business in London, a cheap builder snatched the land and made a shopping mall. Ahuja asks who did that. Mrs. Bundela tells the builder company. Ahuja worries and starts coughing. Everyone look on.

Bundela asks are you okay Mr. Ahuja. Ahuja makes excuse and goes. Suhasini goes to Ahuja and says what do you think, new relation should start with truth or lie. Ahuja says truth. Suhasini asks then will you tell shopping complex truth to Bundela or shall I say. Ahuja goes to Bundela and says life is very funny, actually I made that complex. Bundelas get surprised. Ahuja says I made that on Simmi’s name, I did not know its your land. Bundela says its okay, small things happen in life. Mrs. Bundela says we are glad that you made this complex, the thing is within family. Bundela says I think we came here to celebrate, we have reson too. Manohar asks them to sit. Swadheenta calls again. Suhasini says I m busy, Adarsh’s proposal talk is going on, girl’s family has come, tell me about investigation. Adarsh looks on and makes her phone fall. Swadheenta asks Adarsh’s relation? Adarsh says sorry mom, I think call disconnected.

Adarsh calls Swadheenta. She asks him why is he calling her, when girl’s family has come to see him. He asks how is she. She asks when are you coming. They have a talk. She says Subhash has seen me talking to that girl, I got saved. He says I asked you to keep door locked, if anything happened to you, I m stuck here, I think I can come till 7 am. She asks him to get pics of his would be life. He says I will get her along, we three will stay together, Pati Patni Aur Who. She laughs and says fine. He ends call. Ahuja and Simmi hear Adarsh’s conversation.

Suhasini and Manohar talk to Bundelas. Ahuja says Adarsh, Vanshika and both families are happy, why to wait then. Simmi says yes mom, I want to say do roka today itself. Mrs. Bundela agrees with her. Suhasini says fine, we will do roka today. Adarsh gets worried. Manohar hugs Bundela, and Suhasini hugs Mrs. Bundela. Suhasini sees Adarsh……

Simmi sees Adarsh leaving early morning and calls Ahuja. Ahuja follows him. Subhash asks Swadheenta where is your husband, I will see. She stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Adarsh needs to stop being mama’s boy. Been stalking freedom but when it’s his turn to stand up and say the new girl gives him the creeps he keeps mum. May he get some sense.

  2. Adharsh & Swathy super jodi.

  3. I disagree with you sweety
    I’m sorry fo hurting ur feelings
    Yes today’s serial was disappointing but the CVS cannot show only positive things ol the time. . there must b something negative also bcoz it is a serial guys

  4. Max wish you all the best for ur jee xams tommo…….tell us how u wrote it
    N sweetyy all the best fo law entrance xamm….hope u rock ?

  5. IYes sweety u r right …the cmnts r getting moderated very soon ?
    Thanks tu team

  6. In the promo there was some scene where adhu gives rose to swadhu….I think ….it will happen today….bcoz swadhu was wearing the same costume
    So I think ..when swadhu gets caught by that man…..adhu ll cum n give rose saying he went to get it …
    I hope this happens

  7. Today epi…..the conversation of adhu and swadhu was nicee…..
    Swadhu was smiling while she was talking in phone ….

  8. I’m sorry sweety …ik u were disappointed ….but v need to increase the trp…
    Otherwise this ll also end like manmarziyam ended ..OMG I HATE THIS TRP CONCEPT

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