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Dehleez 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta talking to Adarsh on phone. She says I did not like that combination. He says I liked it, I will come your home and dress you up. She calls him shameless. Suhasini comes to Adarsh’s room and takes the phone from him. She says I was trying your phone, it was coming busy, so I came to Adarsh. Swadheenta says Adarsh called me. Suhasini says I did not ask who called, I called to say you all come in afternoon on time. Swadheenta says we will be there on time. Suhasini says call ended. Adarsh says its fine. Suhasini says call was going on for 40mins and teases him. Adarsh talks to her and smiles.

Simmi shows some dresses to Abhay. He says all dresses are good. She asks him to help her. Suhasini comes there. Simmi says I have something wrong, that’s why mom does not

like me, I want to change that wrong in me. Suhasini asks shall I help. She asks Abhay to go office and come back soon. Abhay leaves. Simmi asks what shall I wear in function, so that I can dance and you don’t dislike the dress. Suhasini says if you regard me your mom really, then you won’t feel bad seeing what I do now. She goes to her cupboard and gets some dressed. She says you won’t wear these dresses from today. Simmi promises her. Suhasini says about sangeet and other function, designer is coming, you can choose any outfits.

Simmi says okay mom. Suhasini says I have much work, I will leave. Simmi thanks her and says I have to say something, my mom died when I was six years old, Papa raised me alone, he called my everything best, so I became like this, he pampered me a lot, he fulfilled every wish, then Abhay came in my life, he also agreed to me always, there was no one to pull my ears, to explain me right and wrong, then when I came in this house and met you, I thought I got my mom finally, but we had many things that things got complicated between us, we both did not understand each other, but I don’t call you mom just like that, I really regard you my mom. Suhasini pulls her ears and says you got someone to pull your ears now, God bless you, you are lucky that there are many people to love you. She goes. Simmi smiles and thanks God.

Yash asks Radhika is Sir there. Radhika says yes. He says I want to ask you something. She says that why did I choose Asad, its because I did not choose you ever, dad chose you. Asad comes and greets Yash. He says I came to take my bride and takes Radhika. Yash holds Asad’s collar and stops him. Asad asks him to leave his collar. Yash says there is nothing imp to me than my duty, my duty needs you, else I know how to answer your cheap behavior. Asad says don’t be mistaken, I m doing this for you, its for my country, I will call you if I get to know anything, you can never come between me and my bride, bye. He leaves with Radhika.

Swadheenta and her family come to the venue. Jaya welcomes them. Swadheenta greets Suhasini and hugs her. Suhasini greets Appa and Mamu. Mamu asks about Manohar. Suhasini says he had to leave for imp work, he will be on time, I asked Swadheenta to come here and get ready. She sends Swadheenta.

Radhika and Asad also reach there. Radhika asks Asad what was Yash saying. Asad says nonsense, leave it, we will go for rehearsals. Radhika asks are you hiding something. He says no, I will drop you after sangeet, ask me anything, I will tell you. She says I made your notes. He says I will ask my friends for notes, they go regularly. She says they don’t come. Asad says no, I spoke to them, they have notes. She says I saw they are not coming. He says why will they lie, I will ask them. She says wait, we will do rehearsals first. He says fine and smiles.

Mami tells Mamu that they should have dance performance too. Mamu says you just need excuse to dance. She says there can’t be better chance than daughter’s sangeet, I m going on stage, you come if you want. Arvind and his friend get a van there, and tell constables that they are Asad’s friends. Constable says sorry, checking will be done, rules are rules. Adarsh comes and says its fine, I know them. He asks them to enjoy. Arvind says no, we came in sister’s marriage and will work. Adarsh looks at him and says you said properly just now, you stammer right. Arvind gets tensed.

Arvind starts stammering and says I m trying best to not stammer. Adarsh says it will get fine, call me if you need anything. He goes. The guy asks what do we have to do here. Arvind says we would not get better chance than sangeet to enter this house and prepare for that day, come, we will do electrician work, there will be such music played that they will dance well, let them dance, they have few days of life now.

Swadheenta changes her dress and tries to tie the strap. The power goes. She calls out for Jaya and Simmi. Adarsh comes there and asks shall I help. She asks him to go and call Jaya. He says I think this little light is enough for you and keeps phone with torchlight. He ties blindfold and says I know you are not comfortable with my presence here, I know you are tying your dress’ strap, I can do that, afterall I m your would be husband. He talks to her and she moves away. He gets hit and she smiles. He says you are naughty and holds her. He ties the strap of her dress. Jiya Re….plays……………

Swadheenta says power has come. He says then go and show everyone how you are looking in this dress. She removes his blindfold and says but my husband will see me first always, how do I look. He says gorgeous. She says you also look handsome. He asks her to marry her son before anyone else…. Jaya comes and asks Adarsh what is he doing here. He makes excuses. Swadheenta takes the dupatta from hm. He says I will leave now. Jaya asks him to stay here, groom and bride will look good entering together, I got makeup kit, I will make her ready. Adarsh sits there and looks on. He imitates Swadheenta. Jaya and Swadheenta smile. Swadheenta applies lipstick and gives him a kiss. He locks the kiss in his heart. Jaya makes her ready and says perfect, how is your bride looking. Adarsh compliments Swadheenta’s eyes, and they smile.

Adarsh and Swadheenta dance on Gerua song…. Manohar tells Suhasini that I met Allan Broad, and he said some blasts may happen in this city, I think we should postpone the marriage. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Finally swadarsh scene ?

  2. Hey plz don’t stop this shop..itz a request.I love this serial..nice pair came after arnav khushi..

  3. Wow nice Episode loved all the family bonding…. Except this horrible terrorist track….. Wen the hell it wil b over …. jayadev swadharsh Rasadh simbhay scenes are so awesome…..

  4. Oh so some wer this alan thing is good for them….. But again postponing marriage means then again some prob uff…. Letz hope for the BEST…..

  5. Plz don’t do that terrorist attack in this serieal … awesome serieal

    Very nice family members and suhasini Sinha nice acting

  6. Hello all,
    Seems the serial moving good
    In yesterday’s episide jayadev came on to his senses and showed as change in him has started. Have u seen him blushing when jaya shows him the shirt that she shopped for him.
    Nice to see suhanini making all the preparations for Swadarsh sangeet. I trust that swadarsh marriage won’t get postponed. Haven’t u seen the trailer?? In tbat itz shiwn that swadheenta saying, amma ( swadheenta mom)told her not to go against to mom( suhasini). But sorry i have to. Basing on it, Swadarsh marriage wil be done and blast too took place. Manohar wil get arrested as his bank account number was given to Allan board for money tranfer. In this case both saas bahu stand againt each other.
    Simmi confession is gud.

    After long gap jiya re played.
    Tired of seeing the hero tieing the Dori. In every serial same scene. Script writers cont you think differently?? Haven’t you got any idea to show the romance between Swadarsh??
    Think out if the box. These scenes are monotonous. Arnav jhushi, geet maan every one has this scene in their serial.
    Gud nyt guys.

  7. hi joyee WW and others to day epi is enjoyable .
    1shu remembers me our PM… MRS INDRA GANDHI …dressing style …..haircut .. fast walking …..delivering speech …but shu is lean ,,,,,
    2shu and simmi scene 3 adarsh and swadhu make up scene
    if adarsh did not interfy the security … aravind plan won”t be success….. now marriage should not postpone ……

    1. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      Yes BR MAM I agree with u

  8. What the f…kya bakwas hai..swadheentha k appa ka checking karwa…in lalu terrorist ladkon ko jaaney diya!! seriously!!

  9. Plz don’t end this serial

  10. plzz don’t postpone the marriage

  11. Manohar is right because arvind and his alreaady planedon june. It woul be flop plan good to c swadarsh s ene

  12. Saathya,suhani and silsila pyar ka these 3 are worst …stop those 3 .but don’t stop tamanna and dehleez.

    1. YRKKLH, DABH are to be added to list. SSPK however is better as the pace of story is quite good till date.

  13. hii ushaa….nd u r ryt aftr long we got to hear jia re……

  14. actually all directors should change these same backdated romance scene they all just love repeat those scene

  15. Agree with Usha..Dori tying is super common..I think at this point, they just want to get done with this serial. Shooting is all done I guess..No wonder Tridha is in Dubai enjoying break. Harshad in twitter said he is excited about a new venture!

    my prediction: Asad will find out about the bomb in the last moment..sacrifice his life and move the bomb away and swadeentha will fight against the root cause ( manohar) against suhasini..

    1. Hi pac.. i too feel the same, when they show Azad speaking about making his name shine ..when mamu or swadhu tesase him.. might be these stills they will show as FB when Azad passes way while saving all of them.

  16. ohhhhhhhhhhh poor asad hes cute is dat goin 2 happen pac,i luv him nd swadhu scene so much,aww what a pity,plzzz writer stop dis terrorist track 4rm dis show,evry1 is tensed,wat will happen 2 swadheenta then??????

  17. V tru cvs cant think out of box whn comes to romance as well .but only thing liked today was adarsh watching swadhu in mirror n immitating not seen n any serial .his expressions “mardala yah ” too cute. I think sinhas r spreading too much sweetness viewers ko diabetes ho jayega.haa

    1. HAHAHahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  18. Thy r mature yet childish which s v cute n thats reason still watching dehleez.

  19. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow nice episode swadarsh scenes wow swadarsh dancing on Gerua , but postpone their wedding so sad 🙁 and three things I like most about dehleez
    1) logical n relatble
    2) swa-Asad bond
    3) acting
    In this show everyone acting so well especially suhasini. I love suhasini’s acting followed by adarsh n jaya. And I also like the stammering boy acting

    1. If it’s postponed
      Terrorists can’t do anything it shud be postponed

      1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

        Hmm that’s also true in a way 🙂

  20. Swadheenta is not looking like bride .her orange dress was not good which she wear in sangeet function. Swadheenta look was bad after starting episodes .she was looking very pretty in starting episodes. But now her look does not good.

    1. Rightly said..Her dress looked like made from a inexpensive material, not smooth, and flowing and silky 🙁 No budget I think, becuase TRPs are falling !

  21. Dehleez you rock as always

  22. I agree vth u pari .Swadeentha ‘ s sangeet dress was not so nyz ,but Aadarsh dress aswellas he was handsome…… Swadhu improve ur dressing skill .of course Swadarsh scenes r just awesome……..Adarsh imitating like swadhu was soo lovely…..and dori tying is common. But fr swadarsh it is new fr us ……precap ….I enjoyed a lot seeing it …swadarsh dance fr gerua song loved a lot…………

  23. The romance scenes were expected to be different becoz we like this show very much and it is different than others. But it is OK guys. At least realistic.
    The charm on Swadheenta’s face is fading day by day. Good observation from some fan.
    A principled officer like Adarsh will not allow Asad’s friends to go in without checking. This is terrible mistake by the directors. May be they could have used Abhay for this.
    Asad and Yash scene was not enjoyable. It could have been in some other way not show of strength.
    Suddenly Suhasini’s character is back on track. Is it due to fan’s comments? Anyway all is well now.

    1. Nb didnt u see shez not wearing those high neck night suites i guess .. brain ko pura oxygen supply so its in worki g condition ?

      1. IS IT SO? HA!

    2. Jaya was looking gorgeous than swadhu i think.

  24. Liked simi and Suha scene. Also like simbhay music it’s back after a while. So dori tying is common is it but still was cute and Swadarsh scene was really hawt. Make up wala adarsh’s expression killed it. I loved Jaya bhabi thrown in there too. Her little looks were so on point. Swadarsh scorching hot. Can somebody clone adarsh I would get me one but make him smarter. Dude how do u wave a covered jeep in and make appa remove his shoes and socks for security check. One of the best looking and acting cast I have seen on Indian tv. So ready for Swadarsh dirty dancing.

    1. Padu chking nahi hui ktin ki mom nahi thee na saath mein banda sirf maa ki baat sunta hai ?

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