Dehleez 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh smiling seeing Swadheenta. She walks to him. Abhay gets Simmi’s call and says I told you something will happen. He says I will come in 10 mins. He asks Adarsh to come. Adarsh says I have to do just some warm up and asks Abhay to leave. Abhay leaves. Swadheenta asks him what is he doing near her house. Adarsh asks really, is your house nearby. She says I know you are great in knowing addresses, you have some govt tie up and ……, who offer me coffee always, if I see you here again then…. Adarsh gives her earring and tells her that I know this very well that you did not know that I know about your lost earring and I will find out your unknown address and come here…. (he has come to give her lost earring). He leaves.

Swadheenta goes home recalls his words….

Asad comes and eats the paratha. Mami says its for Swadheenta, I will get another one. Asad asks about her earring, how did she get it. She ignores him and talks to Mamu. Mamu says I will go with Asad today. Asad asks what, why with me. Mamu asks why, are you ashamed to take me along on your scooty. Asad says no, come. He asks Swadheenta to do something. Mamui says you both should go together always. Swadheenta tells Mamu that she will drop him to college, she I going to meet Mishra. Mami gives parathas. Swadheenta takes it and they leave. She drops Mamu at college. He asks how long will you save Asad, he is 18 year old. She says he is just 18, this teenage is such, Asad is world’s best brother, he is immature, we all will be proud of you. Mamu says I will be most proud of my daughter. She wishes him good day and goes.

Jaya gives tea to Suhasini. Abhay comes for breakfast. Abhay says thank God I m saved from dad and came on time. Jaya says dad left for meeting. Suhasini asks for Simmi. Simmi comes and refuses to eat Ragi. Suhasini looks at Jaya. Abhay asks Simmi how can she talk like this. Suhasini says the one who disrespect food here are regarded ill mannered, you will apologize to Jaya first. Jaya says its okay. Simmi says sorry and starts leaving. Suhasini says stop. She asks Abhay to ask Ahuja why did he not teach his daughter table manners. She asks Jaya not to make breakfast for Simmi from tomorrow, she will make it herself. Jaya says Simmi, this is not done. They leave. Simmi complains to Abhay. He hugs her and says its fine, mom asked you to make your own breakfast, think positive, this tension will end, I have to go office. He leaves.

Adarsh is on the way. Swadheenta messages sorry. Adarsh smiles and says I will not reply so soon, let her wait for some time. She is at Mishra’s office/land revenue department office…. and looks at her phone waiting for his reply.

Swadheenta meets some man/Mishra and says I m Swadheenta, I m fighting case against Ahuja construction, someone has sent me to meet Mishra ji. He says actually, there are two Mishras here, I m not that one. She says where will I get him, I want documents. He says I can’t give mutation documents like this. She says I need it, I have to fight land case and have to know to whom the land belongs, it will be your big favor on farmers and even on me, please. He looks at her and asks her to wait and goes to see. Mishra calls Ahuja and says Swadheenta has come to ask for file. Ahuja asks where is the file. Mishra says its here, shall I tear it. Ahuja says no, girl has come, give her file, but… he tells his plan. Mishra smiles and says understand. He goes and tells Swadheenta that he did not get the file, come tomorrow morning. She says my hearing is at 10am. He says don’t worry, I will give you file. She thanks him and leaves. He smiles by fooling her. She goes out and murmurs my day is bad. Adarsh replies all the best for tomorrow’s hearing, coffee after hearing.

At college, Asad cracks jokes infront of his friends and laughs. He sees a girl and gets mesmerized. Music plays…………. Asad says guys, comedy classes over and romance period starts. His friends turn Asad and say you see a chit in her friend, I have sureshot trick. One of Asad’s friend tells the plan to Asad and others. He goes to the girl and tells her about history class. Asad and other friends run upstairs. Another friend asks are you looking for history class, its on 2nd floor. She goes. Third friend says its on 3rd floor. She thanks him and goes. Asad says sureshot trick, what is it… and waits on 3rd floor. He thinks he missed the chance and sees her. He says I did not miss chance and goes to help. She says no thanks, none knows to help in this college. He says no, helper is my nickname. He says first year class is on ground floor. She says I m coming from there, I will ask Sir. He says I m saying, whats the need of Sir. Asad sees his dad. Mamu asks whats happening. The girl says I was looking for class and he was helping me. Mamu asks Asad does he not have classes. Asad says I was thinking to help her. Mamu says I don’t like students who waste time, and asks Asad to go to class. He tells the girl about her class at ground floor and leaves. Asad says see, I told you. She says friends and they shake hands. Asad says totally and gets on cloud nine.

Next day, Simmi shows like helping Jaya in work. Suhasini asks did she had breakfast. Simmi says no, I started dieting from today. Suhasini wishes her all the best and goes. Simmi asks Jaya to clean the tablet and goes.

Swadheenta recalls the farmers’ words. Asad calls her downstairs. Mamu is glad seeing south Indian food and says you have made food according to Swadheenta’s likes. Mami says its special day for Swadheenta, where is she. Asad says she is on terrace. Mami, Mamu and Asad go on terrace. Mami asks does she not have to go court. Mamu says your Mami made your fav food. Swadheenta says I can’t do this, my life’s first case in high court against such a big lawyer, the farmers have hope from me, I should have told them. Mamu says my daughter was not such weak. She says I will lose. He says who is asking you to win. Asad says I can bet she will win. Mamu says we all will go with her to court. Swadheenta says no, I will get more nervous.

At college, Asad is with that girl Radhika in canteen. His friends look at them. She says you know Asad, I love momos, when Papa’s posting happened in Assam then.. Asad says oh, you work in bank. She says no, in army, he is Colonel… Asad thinks I m turn into late Asad from great Asad, and says I will leave. She says relax, dad is retired now, bill comes and Asad pays the bill. She asks why are you paying, next time I will pay. Asad says fine. His friends join Asad. Asad introduces his friends, and says this is Radhika. They apologize to Radhika for joking with her. She says its fine, thanks to you all, I got such a sweet friend like Asad. She leaves. Asad’s friends tease him.

Swadheenta waits in land revenue dept office and calls Mishra. He makes excuses and asks her to wait. She worries.

Singhvi is in court and talks to the judge. He says its that lawyer’s first case, I hope she does not backout, she wasted our time, I appeal that you dismiss this case. Swadheenta is stuck on the way.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sanjana

    Nice episode
    Swadheenta is cute
    Sim I makes me smile
    Asad scene are also a kind of stress buster

  2. Fan of ishveer

    Today s was super as always. I hope that adarsh helps swadheetha Well wisher I am also from madurai.if some one don’t like this serial pls stop watching pls don’t hurt the feeling of those who like it.

  3. sweety

    n btw thanx to every1 who wished me for d boards especially sony i think it was u

    ww i have posted my ragna ff read it plz.

    wow what a coincidence….. that mottu has left ( hopefully ) but now this max is here… what d hell????

  4. Fatarajo

    I loved the earring part and I hope swaadheenta’s brother helps in Swadarsh love story ;P I really love this show a lot

  5. Oh this show reminds me of kaisi yeh yaariaan all the time.. Miss manan so much and swadheenta’s family is similar to nandini’s.. Love swadarsh.. Jaldi inki jodi ban jaaye .. I hope this show does not show any family drama plzzzzz a big request

  6. Mahek

    Loving swadarsh!l didn’t expected that i could like harshad with a co-star other than preetika.also asad and freedom’s relation is cutely shown.

  7. Tridha di, your acting is awsome . Mishor rahoshay, jadi luv dile na prane etc. Best wishes for ur BOLLYWOOD achivement & gain more success in future.

  8. seeta

    ohoooo worst serial with worst actor started. television me in Sab log bakwas actors hai. only hit actor is barun sobti who is next amitabh bachhan. barun sobti film crossed bhajrangi bhaijaan movie which means greater than Salman Khan. And now don’t tell me “if you don’t like it then why did you watch” because you people are dustbins. you will never understand that’s why. AND THANK you MAX YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL.

    • sunna

      why do u waste your precious time by reading upates and ff of dehleez if u dont like it then it is none of our buisness u hav d right 2 express your viewsand if we r appriciating this show then it is none of your buisness and plz use your precious time in watching barun shobit
      it will really be a treat 4 us as our time too wastesreplying yur stupid comments

    • shireen

      a msg to seeta : plz support me swadarsh fans

      seeta i luv d fact that u think max to be ur role model. trust me, u r my role model !!!!

      bcz people like u prove how much disrespect is still left in this world. even in that ff u tried to discourage d writer. n yes, for all of us, HARSHAD IS HANDSOME!!!! if u really like barun so much, why dont u tell me which movie of his crossed bajrangi bhaijaan in its earnings??? i myself am an ardent fan of his n i know that he acted in me aur mr. right. but even i know that his movie just bombed at d box office. so plz dont tell lies.

      n yes, if he succeeded in bollywood, why is he even returning to tv? trust me, if u go out of ur house n ask even ten people about him, i can bet not even half of them wud know who barun sobti is. anyways, i m not interested in hurting u n ur feelings, bcz i dont believe in doing that. but then u must respect our feelings too n not insult our swadarsh.

      btw guyz, hi to all. m new on this page. n m in 12th cbse in commerce n preparing for law. n m from north india. sorry if u guyz were hurt by this msg but trust me i just hate when sm1 hurts other people’s feelings for their fav. actors. btw i got inspired from sweety who, as u might be surprised to know, is my best friend…… we r in d same scul. i just know that bcz i read her superb ragna ffs today. though she didnt reveal it to me, i know that its my bestie wh’s been active on tellyupdates dehleez page n ragna ffs too. i just wanted to confirm n i did that too!!! so hi sweety ( or shud i take ur real name here ??? 😛 )…… ur game is up. LOL.

      • sweety



      • akshitha

        hii shireen even iam also new on thi dehleez page…nd superb class to seetha by u…Even iam also from commerce background…bt iam 2 years elder than u..Iam pursuing my ca course

    • Hema d'Souza

      Nd sita u don’t hv any rights to criticize a person. Or did we criticize ur hero Braun sobti . So if u hate dis serial or its actors just stop watching it. Nd hereafter if u comment i will surely scold u

    • shloka

      Hey if u dont like …no need to comment or read…….and telly updates to look after such comments plz …like those of stupid seeta….
      Btw…seeta u r too different from ur name….

    • NAVYA

      everyone has their own personal choose.u have no right to criticise,keep your mouth shut !!!

    • swadharsh

      such a idiot
      don’t compare 2 actors like this
      they are doing their best
      and I want to challenge that this serial will be a great show

      I love barun also
      but I don’t think he will not be happy if he see your comments

    • akshitha

      you r the dustbin first…guys i think this is tht max itself…he doesnt have anyone to support so he created another name…If u have any shame dont come to this page again

  9. Max

    Thanx seeta! And hey whoever are saying dnt cmnt again i think its not their personal page. If any one not like it he too can has his view for this show. And if u care too much abt ur feelings u stop reading cmnts!!!! Or stop this dumb emoti….drama

  10. goldie

    come on freedu b lil sweet to adarsh ek bar bhi thank u nahi bola and sorry also by sms not fair….

  11. Max

    Y people gave suggestion when they haven’t ask for “don’t watch shw or waste time “. I will and than even criticzed it. Its jst fun. Seeta is right harshad is disaster, even swadhu bro lks bttr than him and act well.

  12. Max

    I thght hvng all +ve cmnt wasn’t good so i hve some fiercy -ve cmnts. Oh dat hurts u so much!!! Sab pagal yahin hai kya??? I think such affection and attachment isn’t gud wat if this nonsence show will end soon.

  13. suhani

    I just love the expression of Adarsh for freedom… nice…..and criticisers if u don’t like this seriel then why r u watching???????????

  14. Fan of Ishveer

    max we like this serial alot its our part of opinion if u don’t like it its ok……
    max u r right u have the right to comment we also have the rights to post our opinion and pls don’t comment bad about an actor pls its my request.. i am sooo sorry if i have hurt anybody.if i am wrong pls do comment about it

  15. Renu

    omg,..what’s this yaar,….

    Why so much of negativity here?,….I love positivity alone,…

    Yesterday I watched India-Pak Cricket match,..SO,I missed Dehleez and came here to read WU was disappointed to see some harsh comments here,…I couldnt find such negativity in the match tooo yaar,…

    @MAx,Seeta:,…I dont comment here often,…But I wanna answer you to put a full stop to all these,…Ok,…Shall I tell one thing,..No one in this world is a good actor and Bad actor,..Only God is the Good Actor and bad actor as well,..Sometimes we can find his acts well then he became bad actor and sometimes not,.there he became good actor..SO our freedom is vast till it dinn affect other’s,…

    This page is for discussing about the serial,..Both positive and negative comments about this serial are welcome here,…You can criticize the characters not the actors,…And you can express your views if you dont like the story line or if you felt there in someplace the actor should improve to give justification to the character,…But criticizing someone based on looks is an offense yaar,…If you do so,then there is no point in explaining these things to you ppl,..If you ask me to tell one example for good looking person,I would say APJ sir,I wondered at times he is the first person to use 15% of his brain in this world yaar,…His quotes,his deeds,..everything adds his beauty to another level,…I used to read his quotes whenever I feel deserted while working towards my dream,…His beautiful face was in my heart forever,..I couldnt find such beauty again in this world,..I dinn see him when he was alive,..But still he is living in my heart,…So,Beauty lies in our acts not looks,…

    And Here in this soap,I dinn find any such actors looking bad too (as per your defn for looks)as everyone were looking damn good,…Then what you gain in playing with the fans here,…Just seeking their attention towards you and increasing the no of comments,,…they are expressing their views man, guys forced them to say to stop commenting you here,…I never say such things,..your critics are always welcome but it should be in constructive manner without hurting other’s feelings,…

    I wonder how these comments get posted in TU,..I really like TU team management,…Hope they will understand what I mean,…I couldnt understand this mere fact yaar,..Cox Last time in twitter too I found so much of negative tweets about an actress in my last fav soap,…I was fed up reading these,..But was impressed by the actor’s answer to all these,…SO,We have to be bit mature yaar,..This is not life,..You ppl are correct,..Its just a daily soap,…Then why ppl get feelings or emotions for this soap cox they are so connected to the character more than actors,..Even sometime our fav actors took up a role in some story which we dont like,..We couldnt watch that film or series for their sake when we ourself cant connect with that story,..And we all knew it gonna end one day,..If there is a beginning then there will be an end too,…Even our life is not permanent yaar,…Even I dunno that i might met with an accident a month before,..Anything can happen at anytime yaar,..So,please be chill and enjoy the fun here,…This is for our entertainment,..If you come across the real pain in your life,then these things will surely bring smile on your face,…Serial,movies,songs are really needed for a common men to come out of his stress and his mental depression yaar,…If such programs succeed in bringing their emotions out,then its a big success to both fans and makers as well,…

    @ Dehleez fans:Hiiiiiiiii friends,..I think,..I’m the most elder person here,…If you accept me as your Di,..then please ignore such comments and I hope TU team will definitely look into these things,….Whatever they criticize or post bad comments about actors or anyone here,…If we remained silent,then they themselves will stop doing such things,…Acc to me,Nothing is a big punishment than ignorance,..So,please Ignore those ppl’s comment here and enjoy the soap,..

    All the best for those who are giving board exams here,…

    Take care guys,…



      same pich di. thats why i didnt enter the fight. actually di we both share many thing in common… i really u so much…………… n yes the epi rocked today………….

  16. Guys..swadarsh scenes are missing ..but asad and summi scenes are funny ..hope adarash help his lovely swadheenta …guys whoever are supporting this show don’t get disspointed by -ve comments..and stop reacting to them …u just show ur love ….and every individual have their own opinion but observe +ve comments are than -ve ..that clearly shows that this show z rocking …swadarsh fans love ur swadheenta and adarsh but don’t hate others ..that will the difference between swadarsh fans and other stars fans

  17. Fatarajo

    Wow there are so many comments for dehleez but I didn’t know there will be negative comments for this show too , I think when there are many comments negative comments also comes in maybe for that reason, but according to me dehleez is going good and awesome I don’t know about others and also I don’t care what trp will be (I will be happier if it got high trps 😛 )

  18. Hello guys im sry I forgot to introduce my self. I’m a Tamil girl.

    Today’s epi was not so gud. Plz adarsh do something to win her case. U just go to hell ahuja.

  19. Fan of Ishveer

    Sony its true u r right!!!
    i have a doubt guys what about swadheenta’s parents?where r they?are they alive or died?
    renu di i accept u as my elder sister u r too good u r 100%right we’ll ignore them completly and see the good in it….and dp picture is rani lakshmi roy i guess so if it is toooooo good a real warrior who fight against the evil force great thinking….. and may i know how to change dp?any one knows it pls comment how to do it pls……

  20. Fan of Ishveer

    lot of tamil guys here….happy to see it
    today no episode right or like other star plus serials its a telecasts on all the seven days…anybody knows it

  21. ammu

    Dehleez is superb and amazing.background music is awesome. Please change the show time from 10:30pm to 7pm….sath nibana sathiya become outdated and please, make the show dehleez at 7pm

    • Fatarajo

      No no not at 7pm I already watch two shows at this time 😛 maybe 7.30pm or 8.30pm will be better 😛
      But I know star plus will never off air YHM so 8.30pm will be better and I m happy that star plus is airing dehleez repeats on 6pm


      at 8:30……… bcoz after my exams i will be free……….. siya ke ram at 8 at this at 8:30 will be more comfortable…………

  22. Max its k u said ur opinion but seeta u plzz respect the ppl yaar and dare u say us dustbin …u don’t like the show fair enough ..u like barun its gud ..but u don’t have any right to treat harshad fans as dustbin ..and plzz observe we fans of swadarsh didn’t not say anything about ur fav actor …that itself z enough to know we harshad fans respect everyone..I m right swadarsh fans ?

    • NAVYA

      right sony!actually we should not reply that people or show much concern for those,who don’t know any manner or respect others!!!

  23. Tq ishveer ..and swadheenta parents are alive they may be in chennai becoze in one of epi swadhi talked to her mom on phn..I too don’t know show change the dp

  24. Max

    Renu,thanx but no thanx for ur irritating lecture better for u 2 ignore my cmnts. I don’t need any of ur views it is jst worth 4 me

    • Hema D'sousa

      Hello Max did ur parents didn’t teach u any manners. She is an elder so pls give her sum respect. Irritating fellow

      • Max

        Hema i didn’t no how much elder she is to me. I myself in 12 standard…. And not ur parents teach u dat don’t drag anyone parents in general conversation

  25. Guys i ‘m not Tamil but I am a southindian I ‘m a Telugu girl ..and big fan of zaya and harshad arora ….now swadarsh ..dehleez z not just a love story z a court room along with lovestory ..storyline superb …fortune production rockzz ..fahran Ji..ur shows beintehaa..and dehlezz diff frm other saas bahu dramas …they make us excited for next episodes

  26. dia

    Hello friends……well are are south indian here except sweety……i am from himachal currently giving my 11th class exams with commrc stream……

  27. dia

    Morey jiya, main kya tere bin
    Morey jiya, tu mera palchim
    Likhun main tere naam saari umar
    Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
    Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar
    Jiya re basa hai tera roop aankhon mein
    Jiya re sochun main tujhe chaand raaton mein
    Jiya re khoya mein rahun teri baaton mein
    Jiyaare jiyaare jiyaare..(x2)
    Tu hai toh mera wajood hain
    Tu hai toh meri talaash hain
    Tu hai toh shaamein khushnuma
    Tu hai toh luv ki pyaas hain
    Jiyare Lyrics at
    Likhun main tere naam saari umar
    Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
    Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar
    Jiya re basa hai tera roop aankhon mein
    Jiya re sochun main tujhe chaand raaton mein
    Jiya re khoya mein rahun teri baaton mein
    Jiyaare jiyaare jiyaare (x2)
    Tu jeene ki umeed hai
    Tu khwaabo ka aasma
    Tu hai chahat ki kaayanaat
    Tu hai yaadon ka kaha kasha
    Likhun main tere naam saari umar
    Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
    Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar
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    Jiya re sochun main tujhe chaand raaton mein
    Jiya re khoya mein rahun teri baaton mein
    Jiyaare jiyaare jiyaare..(x2)

  28. Max

    Hema i didn’t no how much elder she is to me. I myself in 12 standard…. And not ur parents teach u dat don’t drag anyone parents in general conversation

  29. I want to say everyone that this is public site however want to comments he or she can.we can’t do anything just ignore and then they will stop if you react then they will never stop.seeta if you don’t like this serial then you can but don’t tell anyone anything.
    hope u guy’s will understand.
    if I hurt anyone then sorry.

  30. shloka

    Guys dont worry about negative comments like of max,seeta etc….u all know na that where things goes very well some people ( jealous ofit) or some guilt trippers will surely criticize u….so dont worry about them……
    And no need to give them explanations as people only hear what they want to hear…..

    • Max

      Oh really, this show is very well dat it will soon its name in time magzine of having such emotional fans, it really make me jealous. Or i m guilty dat i m not foolish fan like u Hahaha!

      • shloka

        Let me make it clear max ur words r not accepted by many of us here….and the history is evident that we boycott those whom we dont think or consider to be something which make us satisfied……..and who cares what u r …..

  31. Manan_love

    Please guys don’t bother about the negative comments like seeta max and etc.. If they don’t lyk the serial then why are they reading the updates??.. Anyways dehleez is going awesome.. Its a different storyline and I hope swadheentha agrees for the coffee date wid adrash?

  32. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hhhhaaaaaaa ul tooo funny. Its a very verypublic site.ul bashing one another is making fools of urls self.relax enjoy show….

  33. Max

    U r right this is pub site but y they all not understand this taking it so seriously. I m only enjoying serial drama and their drama too.

  34. tara

    lol i never thought a new serial would create such an issue…..Max hats off I mean wonderful u made my day…i cant resist my self from laughing…and fatarajo I also thought that there will be positive comments….buy ha ha ha…uff…
    harshad fans please keep calm..i knw how it feels nd dont think m taking nyone’s side…and one again max u rocked it!! lol
    sorry guys didnt intend to hurt anyone… 😉 😉

  35. Max

    I dnt like this show but i haven’t said dat i dnt like this site. So i keep cmnting. And if u r srry then its ok. I jst pardon out u.

  36. Renu

    HEma,..leave this matter girl,..just chill,…Enjoy the show and ignore those comments ma,…

    Max,.. you asked me how much elder I’m to you na,…So wanna answer,…I completed my graduation,…Worked right after my final year of graduation as a Manager in a Reputed Bank,…Last year Resigned my job,….Now preparing for my Dream job,…I think its ok for you to know how much elder I’m to you all,….

    Fan of Ishveer,.Thank you dear,..And yes my Dp is Rani lakshmi bai’s pic,…GO to Gravatar site and reg your mail ID there,..Then login here with same username and mailId you reg there,..The Dp what you selected there will be pub wherever you login,…

    Dont take anything personal yaar,…Just chill out guys,…

    Guys,…I couldnt understand the relation btw swadheenta’s parents and Asad’s parents,…Revathi(swadheenta’s mom) called Asad’s dad as bhai na,…So,Swadheenta and Asad may be cousins or sth,…I missed one epi in middle I think so,…So,couldnt understand the relationship btw bro-sis duo,..And I love this bro-sis bonding,…..

    • Zara

      Hey is it u? The same renu who used to comment on manmarziyan…if so then a Hii from your new fan

    • akshitha

      hii renu…how r u.I don’t know whether u know me or not but i knew u very well from manmarziyaan time..all the best for ur dream job dear

    • Renu

      Hi Zara,….

      Ya same Renu,…..loved deep yet painful and passionate love story as ardhika and now liking light and cute love story as swadarsh

      Sree,…you too started watching dehleez,….I left a comment for you in mmz ff

      Saw riya,ireena comments in first epi page,….how are you guys,…..

  37. Zara

    One negative comment…and all the protectors of this serial came…Wow

    Chill y’all…You all are really being a good entertainment ? ? ?

    Btw the episode was good….?

    Guys relax…Cool down…And just let the critics pass by…

    It’s funny how many are saying Max that don’t waste your time on reading and commenting while you all are really over reacting…

    • Renu

      So true,…When I first read,…I started laughing alone,…Even then I dinn watch yday epi,….

      But just wanna say sth to put some into their brain,….Then left that thought too,…I commented when no of comments are at 39,..I opened it in evening to clear my doubt reg Swadheenta’s family,…I was like OMG,…What happened here Renu,…

      Anyways,..Enjoy guys,..He or she is just making fun,..Dont take it personal ma,…

      By the way,..Yday I liked Adarsh handling Freedom,..So cute,..

    • Hi we share same name……I’m not comment regularly here…..sometimes I comment… the way I just finished my 10th boards exam. ……u?????????Sorry if it is personal. ….

      • Zara

        Hey sweet angel. Can I call Angel ??? NO….It’s not personal….. I’m going to turn 27 this April…. I’m working as an industrial designer in Dubai. And I love my job 🙂 Wish you a good luck for your bright future…..muuuaaahhh

      • Zara

        Hey I didn’t used to comment on manmarziyan page…means I was a silent…so i don’t know many…but nice to meet a new manmarziyan fan…May I ask something???? lol I’ll ask….From where are you???? Working or studying??

      • sree

        oh…i thought u r frm manmarziyan page….even there is one frnd named zara…its k…bye the way hii…iam a student….iam 7 years younger than u…iam a ca student

  38. Ria

    Ha ha ha . I can’t control ma laugh guys. 2day tht hema nd max had such a fight. Chill u both it is just a serial y u both r fighting

  39. Max

    Oh renu di than jst make out for ur dream job don’t look on my irritating cmnts. I don’t wanna no ur biodata bcoz i won’t give u job

    • Come on max ….It is just a serial dude……..don’t fight like children. ……why u r getting so much irritated. …came down……It’s a public site…….All of u r most welcome 2 comments. ……we can change anyone opinion. ……we don’t think same. …… we all have diffrent view about serial……just ignore the negative comments. ..enjoy positive comments only…….And please don’t fight. ….please it’s a humble request. …sorry if I hurt anyone feeling. ….

  40. tara

    haha max i must say u r very funny….i never met a person like u lol!
    btw r u promoted to cls 12 or u hv given ur boards? coz u seem to have ample time…

    • Max

      I m jst appearing in my board exams and i have only 1 exam left which is on 28 so i m jst chilling here

      • sweety

        hi dr, even i m in 12th….. n even i have my then r u in cbse??? plz reply in d 20 march epi only coz i wont be cuming back to this page.

  41. tara

    no max i wont backfire…haha
    m just asking…btw i guess u r a arshi fan..a lot of ppl liked tht…so chill..btw ur really funny..

      • Max

        I m chilling only. Btw i m max only no sita as u have said earlier and even i don’t need anyone to supot me

    • shloka

      Ok fine ….no more fighting max….btw..ur some comments r really funny..sorry if i hurted u…


    hi guys……… from yesterday slightly i m enjoying…….. max di r bro though u were against the show they way ur fight is going i cant control my laughter…………… since i m preparing for exam i cant tell anything now but on tuesday i shall chat with u all………

  43. Max

    All the best tara 4 ur last exam!!!! And i m not arshi fan, i only used 2 watch tvd(the vampire diaries)

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.