Dehleez 19th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 19th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta and Suhasini coming to the court. Adarsh sees Swadheenta. Manohar and Adarsh get seated. The judge comes and court proceedings start. Suhasini says defense has tried a lot to divert this court, and delay this case, by Arvind’s name or other things, the truth has come out infront of the world, international money launderer Allan Broad gave statement that he got to know he has managed terrorist’s money. Judge says yes, I read it. Suhasini says he gave statement that he has seen Haider and Asad with terrorists many times, army and police did joint operation and conducted a raid, they got military confidential documents, high security zones map and some cash there, they got to know Gilanis went to Bhutan on family trip, Haider and Asad met terrorists, where Allan has seen

them, I don’t think there is anything to say now. Everyone clap for her.

Judge asks does defense has to say anything about this. Swadheenta says I m seeing rush on everyone’s face here, they all are in hurry to see Haider and Asad proved as terrorists, which they are not, Suhasini told about Allan, this case is going on since last month, why was Allan quiet since a month, why did he not say anything, what happened in last 3 days that he thought to… Suhasini says Allan is in jail, he was taken to officer’s cell for routine enquiry, he has seen Haider on news and gave this statement to inspector Rana.

Swadheenta says I want to question Rana, may I? Judge says yes. Swadheenta asks Rana about Allan Broad not knowing about this case, why, don’t you provide tv to prisoners. He says no, its jail, not a five star hotel. She says you mean you behave with Allan like you behave with others. He says yes. She says good, and gives a phone call lost, its private number which Allan is using in jail. Rana says no, its lie. Swadheenta asks lie? Wait a min. She shows a video. Judge sees Allan talking to Paddy. She says its seen that Allan has a laptop and a phone in his cell. Paddy smiles. Swadheenta says Rana, you said Allan is just a prisoner for you, then why this VIP treatment. Judge asks Rana to speak up.

Swadheenta says you are in court. Suhasini says its not related to this case. Swadheenta says Allan was arrested for terrorism charges, then he was tagged a money launderer, media was given a figure of 700 crores, but actual figure was 1100 crores, the missing 400 crores were gone to convert his terrorism charges to money launderer charges, I m sure that someone is involved in the system who does not want Haider to be proved innocent, so I did research on Allan. Suhasini objects. Judge says objection overruled, please continue. Swadheenta shows the FIR report by Rana, and says Allan was given VIP treatment, when system needed his help, Allan gave this wrong statement and kept friendship with system, I did full research, I got to know about Allan Broad, Minister Choudhary and senior bureaucrat Manohar Sinha. Manohar gets tensed.

Swadheenta says Manohar is my father in law, I have always supported truth in court room and will always do that, its cheat with my profession, conscience and this court to hide this truth. She shows the report and says Allan transferred 400 crores on 1st June, I will say in whose accounts, he has transferred in two foreign accounts of minister Choudhary and Manohar. Suhasini shouts I object, I don’t know court is asking her to prove Asad and Haider innocent, she proves a fourth guy was present at the site, when Allan gives statement against Haider, she is saying about Minister and Manohar, this is not related. Judge says no, this is not stupid, whatever she is presenting, maybe its not about this case but we can’t deny this truth. Suhasini says this has no relation about this case, this case is about Haider, not Allan, I appeal to find Arvind Gupta, else this case will go on, and about the blame on Manohar, I request for some time to prove it wrong. Judge gives her one week time, and says you have to prove this wrong, else court will conduct judicial enquiry against minister Choudhary and Manohar Sinha, court is adjourned.

Mamu is taken away by police. Sinhas look on. Suhasini tells Swadheenta that just Arvind will be saying complete truth. Swadheenta says it will be out soon. Suhasini asks her to do her stay arrangements somewhere else. Swadheenta says I already did that, I will step inside your house when I bring this truth out. She asks Mami to come. Adarsh looks at Swadheenta. More jiya…………plays……. Swadheenta goes with Mami. Suhasini asks Jaya to go with Jaidev and Adarsh. She tells Manohar that Swadheenta named you after I stopped her, she is diverting the court, she has no proof. She calls Yash and asks him to find Arvind soon. He says yes Mam, and worries. The police tries to find Arvind Gupta.

Adarsh, Jaidev and Jaya are on the way. Jaya says mumma stopped Swadheenta from dragging Papa in this case. Adarsh says what was the need to do this. Jaya says maybe to distract court. Adarsh says we have to prove dad innocent of all the blames, why are you not saying anything Jai. Jaidev is lost thinking and says yes.

Paddy gives the breaking news, about Suhasini also appealed to find Arvind Gupta soon and get him to court. Arvind gets angry hearing the news. Bilal asks him why are you getting anger out on this remote. Arvind asks him not to joke, its too much now, you daily say few days, its more than a month now, when will you do arrangements of my departure. Bilal says very soon, once.. Arvind says I have waited a long, I have to go. Bilal says police is finding you at every checkpost. Arvind says do you want police to come here finding me, I decided I have to leave today itself, that’s it. Bilal says fine, I will do some arrangements. He leaves.

Inspector tells Swadheenta that we are troubled by commissioner, media and your pressure, we did not get Arvind. She asks him to find Arvind. He says we just have his sketch and name, how to find him when we don’t know anything about him, we don’t even have his pic. She reminds him that we met the three guys in disco. He says we did not see him in cctv footage, think where we can get his pic, he was your brother’s friend. She says there is one place.

Swadheenta shows Arvind’s pic on the CCTV video feed. Inspector stops Arvind and asks Yash to see him. Yash sees Arvind in the car with Bilal.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Akansha


    |Registered Member

    amena di .. thnx fr the fast update..
    waiting for suhasini to find out mano har’s truth… n i want swadeentha n adarsh to come back together.. and robinh ood shd take initiative and find out the truth instead of being a mumma’s boy or an inncocent guy.. aftreall he is in the system

  2. Akansha


    |Registered Member

    hope atleast nw yash works for the nation rather than showing his personal hatred…. otherwise its of no use he being in army

  3. arpita

    I think this stupid ,idiot yash will say after seeing arvind in car that this is not he.What kind of father manohar is!!!!He does not even want his son to get justice.He is trying to prove asad n haider as terrorist.He is equal to that terrorists.He sould be hanged to death before the terrorists…

  4. swadheenta

    oh my god. adarsh ko abhi vi koi sense nahi aya. or yash to use chor degi. sayed swadhu hi pakregi! pls swadhu ko kuch kar mat dena! i am now really worried about ending of the show us the shoking ending is swadhu will also be a sahid?

  5. Rajni

    Of course stupid yash will let him go…
    Bt nothing to worry. Adarsh..our real hero will bring him to court..
    Jaidev will now surely say truth for sake of jaya s belif of that black string…
    Adarsh will bring Arvind at the last moment..
    Thus scene is final as in letter she has said tht she will b waiting for him

  6. Divya

    Y should yash be at checking point? ??? Now he will not stop the car I think. . Instead of yash adarsh would have been der! Damn y can’t jay open his mouth. ..

  7. saurav

    Episode was suprb.. Nw suhasini also wants to find Arvind.. Swadheenta rocks today.. N in precap i think Yash will leave Arvind to go..he will nt stop him thinking if he catches him then Yash’s truth will also come out.. One very sad news only one week to go for dahleez.. Will miss this show

  8. Umama

    Plz yash tell them that he is arvind.Plz,plz..By d way where is mr.Principal sir.Plz swadheenta bring him..

  9. Samina

    Suhu rocks today , you can prove gilanis innocence in another way why to blame system one or two officers may belonged to corruption but not all ,

  10. shekhar

    Under the pressure of his probable damage to his image in family, society, govt. , MANO , in distress may react shockingly. He till now very well understand nothing remain secret from the eyes of SWA, and further on wil not be secret from public. How he can he face his own widow daughter in law when she herself later or sooner comes to know his husband’s father himself is busy to provide a escape to the muderer of his son?

  11. M A Gaffar

    I am from Bangladesh, enjoying all episode. Let it be done by their total forces involvements. We should not blame the total system only one corrupted like Yash, Mr Monohar, Indian Police etc. Waiting for a tremendous ending.

  12. tanay gupta

    This show is potraying bad image of army.
    I don’t like this and no Indian will like it.
    What rubbish they are showing.
    Indian army is the best.
    Jai hind Jai Bharat

  13. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I think this time Yash will catch Arvind I don’t think he will let arvind go so easily if he lets Arvind go that will be unrealistic because no one can become a sucessful army by letting a terrorist go for such a silly reason. And even if he let Arvind go I m sure in the end Arvind will be caught by Aadarsh maybe or someone else as there is only 7 episodes to go.

  14. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I just hope in the end it doesn’t turn out to be like arvind escaped because of the corrupted people and swadheenta lost and all becomes messed up that will be like fan movie where with nice story but due to the climax the movie got spoiled

  15. Nazma

    what da hell is thz Yash doing fr one girl total show has been changed….n a manohar kuch tho sharam kro beta Ki maut huyi h ab tho thoda ssudar ke such bataado warna public kya apna khud k family say mu chupana padega…

  16. Nazma

    swadhu lvu yaar agar tum na hoti tho pata nhi asad ka kya hota..go on n Amina di really tnx fr fast updates

  17. tasfia haque

    I am from Bangladesh. This show is just amazing…… I love swadhinta and adarsh very much…….

  18. swadheenta

    i also think that yash will leave arvind. i have list all hope on adarsh! but he can catch arvind with swadhu atleast. no swadhu will win the case see dehleez fb. indian braveru award to late abhay ainha and asad zilani dehleez spoilers posted it yesterday.

  19. Sasha

    Obviously yash will let Arvin go. I think now it’s becoming a bit dragging. Manohar, minister, Allan, yash, arvind and his assistant and now this suhasini. Considering her to be powerful lawyer and always stand for the truth but coming to her husband she became personal and not professional. But at least she demanded arvind to be search. Coming to swadh someone from sinhas house must help her as she fighting alone.

    • joey

      dont like jai at all…yeh manohar is a scumbag….but jai is acting same like trying to blame swdeenta when he knows all…..

  20. Sakshi

    I dont understand what suhasini is doing. She is saying that swadheenta is just diverting court. But she herself knows that manohar was involve in some money scam

  21. nb

    Well well well ! First of all Hats off to Swadheenta’s courage to leave Sinha house for a good cause. She left without talking to Adarsh but leaving a letter describing that she is still hopeful of his support for truth. Secondly the judge has changed his blind views, is a good sign.
    Some things the cvs missed is :
    Swad did a mistake that she could have asked court for not involving Yash in further actions till case is over as there is no dearth of army officers. At least one new IPS (in place of Abhay) shd have been posted , who is positive.

    • nb

      About future: (Prediction only )
      1. Yash may let arvind go, but there is not only one check post in Delhi. He may get caught or involved in a shoot out in next check point and the constable who was doubting Arvind may spill the beans abt Yash’s lie.
      2. In that shoot out some key member like Adarsh, Jai, Manohar, Suhasini or Swadheenta may get injured or killed. (Is it the surprise?)

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        Yassh ke kya bure din aa gaye leituenant check post par duty kar raha hain .karma bites back soon yash

    • nb

      One more point missed is the police can get Arvind’s photo from college from his joining reports or ID card issued to him.

  22. Kavita

    Objection objection objection.. plzz do something adarsh…nice episode.. well done swadhinta.

  23. swadheenta

    don’t know why my intution says that they will do something wrong to swadhu. as sinha house members are living safely in their house and it will be the shocking climax. not sure only guessing. but pls i don’t want my guess come true! want a happy ending. pls don’t break swadarsh. where is goldie?

  24. nb

    Moderation continues to be a problem.
    Jitna bhi tu karle sitam ( TU)
    aur 7 din sahenge hum.
    Uske baad albida TU.

  25. swadheenta

    yes only 7days. let’s hope for the best! but i will miss the serial and all you guys. bye for today

  26. abhinandan mishra

    i saw a new photo of dahleez last shoot in which both abhay and asad got bravery award

  27. Padu

    I just wish they had given us a convincing reason as to why manohar has become villain now. Suha was upset w Ahuja since he did things illegally. Wouldn’t she and her kids know if her husband is a crook. And what does he need so much money for anyway. Does he have another family somewhere or drug problems or gambling debts. From the way they are trying to project things seems like there are no good men left in India. Mamas boy, papas boy, army traitor, criminal minister, IAS jokesters, no good policemen. Wow

  28. Padu

    A little food for thought for the cvs could u have aired something like this in China. U would be inside the commie jail. Let’s respect freedom of speech.

  29. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Bye tu n bye all” nb padu pac n swDheenta n all commenting here this tu s getting worse day by day too long to upload commenrs no time by e

    • Padu

      My comments are getting on the board fast. But lot of times the tu seems to be offline lately. Don’t leave yaar. Only one more week. Just grin and bear it. We need your funny take on things.

  30. rashi

    hope yash will tell everyone that arvind is in the car
    waiting………………….. for this case to end soon

  31. shekhar

    It is amazing that suha, the top lawyer, is going on with such a low cut profile and never find it necessary to cross check YASH’s statements around which whole matter is messed up. She is fighting this case only on the assumption that YASH statemnt given in court is right! What ever the time problem,is there, atlesst prminent lawyer like SUHA should not be picturised in the way she has been picturised!

  32. shekhar

    In the process of shapening and sharpening the character of SWA, directors executed the injustice to other prominent character like SUHA, ADARSH &JAYA! For a excellent serial like DEHLEEZ, you just can not lower down the character level in the name of time limitation. Since last few episodes, you are showing all the skills, all tactics , all experience of SUHA evaporated!

  33. swadheenta

    yes too long time to upload comments. goldie don’t leave. actually i als o have doubt in adarsh behaviour now. but he can’t be a terrorist. may be you are right he has a connection with paddy and helping swadhu inderectly. this could be the mystry too!

  34. swadheenta

    omg crossing finger. i have just seen a photo in the instagram of swadhu in which swadhu is bleeding just at the site of her heart and there was adarsh aravind and bilal. bilal was bleeding! oh pls don’t want my intution come true! goldie, nb pls come back!

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