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Dehleez 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh rehearsing. Jeevan performs and the ring falls from his pocket. Adarsh sees that and picks the ring, seeing Appa and Jeevan busy. Appa compliments Jeevan. He asks Adarsh to do what he taught him. Suhasini and everyone wait for Adarsh at the jewelry shop. Suhasini calls Adarsh, while he is busy in dance practice. Jaya looks on. Suhasini wonders why Adarsh is not taking call. Appa says class ends here, you are performing well. Adarsh sees the time and rushes. Vanshika’s mum says maybe Adarsh won’t come, we will choose the ring.

Jeevan is leaving. Revathi asks shall we come along. Appa says no need to go with him, whatever ring he gets will be best, I m sure. Jeevan takes their blessings and goes. Jeevan looks for the sample ring and thinks where did I keep the ring….

Adarsh sits in his car and sees Swadheenta’s ring. He calls Suhasini and says sorry, I was stuck in traffic. Suhasini says we are waiting, reach soon. Adarsh says give me 15 mins, I m reaching. Suhasini tells them that Adarsh is on his way.

Jeevan reaches Suhasini’s office and meets Swadheenta. She says you here. He says I know, I m not supposed to be here, your ring is misplaced, Guru ji would have been annoyed if I told him, so I m telling you, if you could come for an hour… she says I told you I m busy. He says fine, I will go home and search again. She says we will go, but drop me in an hour. He says sure. They leave.

Suhasini asks Adarsh where is he lost. She makes Vanshika try the ring. Adarsh says I will just come. He goes and sees Swadheenta’s ring. Jaya comes there and he hides the ring. She smiles and says its okay, you can select ring for her, I will keep mumma busy, she is busy in selecting other jewelry for Vanshika. He thanks her. She asks shall I help. He says sure. They look for some designs.

Swadheenta and Jeevan come there. She says whats the need to come in this big shop. He asks her to see rings. Adarsh and Jaya see Swadheenta. Adarsh chooses a ring. Adarsh sees Jeevan busy and goes to keep back Swadheenta’s ring in his pocket. He puts the ring and avoids getting sighted by Jeevan. Jeevan checks his pocket and gets the ring. He says thank God, and checks the ring designs. Swadheenta comes there and asks did he get anything. He says yes, try this. She says this would be loose. He says I got your ring in my pocket. She says I got urgent official call, I have to go back, you choose the ring. He says I will drop you. She says I will manage and leaves. Adarsh pulls her aside and they have an eyelock. Jiya re…..plays…………. She gets away.

Adarsh makes her wear the ring. She looks at him. he smiles. She removes the ring and gives her. He says I m buying ring for you, thanks, my guess was right. They hide seeing Suhasini coming. Jaya sees them and signs Adarsh to go. Adarsh and Swadheenta hide. Jaya stops Suhasini and takes her to show a painting. She signs Adarsh. Adarsh says my and my half family are waiting for 12 days to end, waiting for you. Swadheenta looks on. He takes her and they leave.

Suhasini and Jaya come home. They see Simmi. Jaya says I think we should include Simmi in engagement arrangements, she is also part of family, forgive her for my sake. Suhasini says I don’t want to give her any chance. Jaya says if I say, I take her responsibility, she will not do any mistake, Abhay will be glad too. Suhasini asks Simmi to come with them on shopping next time, if she wants. Jaya asks Simmi to help them. Simmi nods. Jaya thanks Suhasini.

Simmi goes to meet Ahuja. She says Adarsh and Vanshika’s engagement preparations are going on, Suhasini is falsely involving me, I will not come in her words, if I get a chance then.. Ahuja says enough, I did mistake and did not keep you away from elder’s matters, you be away from Suhasini and my matter, Suhasini never used Abhay in our enmity. Simmi says no, she always insults you. He says so what, you won’t come in elders matter, manage your home, promise me that you will focus on your home, nothing else, promise me. Simmi looks on.

Mami likes the ring. Swadheenta comes home. Revathi says its beautiful. Appa says its expensive. Jeevan says its for Swadheenta, price does not matter. Mami asks Swadheenta to see the ring, and try it. She asks Jeevan to check the ring size by making Swadheenta wear it. Asad looks on. Swadheenta recalls Adarsh. She says its good. Revathi says its really good, won’t you try. Jeevan says its okay, I want Swadheenta to wear this ring on engagement day.

Appa says I m proud that you never broke our trust. Swadheenta goes to her room and cries recalling Adarsh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. woww….superb episode…iam liking it more and more day by day

  2. Thnx..just wanted to know when is confession epi..can’t wait??

  3. Superrrr.. episode jaya thx soooo much.

  4. Thanks Amena di…?

    1. Hey abhi…roommates is updated. You can check it out. I updated it fast as you asked me to it guess.
      Hope you will like it

    2. No Asad scenes today ??
      And can’t wait for the time she propos him and lol everyone’s reaction.
      And specially can’t wait for Asad’s awesome reaction.

      1. Proposes*

  5. now swadhu has completely fell for himm..

  6. No asad scenes.. ?

    1. Exactly. Please No Asad scenes. They r quite boring

      1. Sorry to say this but I think the show would not be joyful without him. Asad is as important as the other actors.

  7. Jaya is so helpful n supporting..i think jaidev should see the goodness in her.

    1. Yeah she is. I guess swadheenta will maybe bring them closer. Just my thoughts.

  8. Adhu’s choice is superb…size bhi matching..wa..

  9. Waiting for the day when swadeenatha proposes adarsh… Keep going guys…

  10. Jeevan..really yaar..u r so boring…?

    1. Ya he is really boring

      1. He’s boring as hell. I don’t even this he smiles lol.

  11. Oops feeling so sad seeing swadhu crying..

  12. Iam so scared thinking about suhu’s reaction after seeing swadhu proposing him.

  13. Loved adhu swadhu scenes….And yooo…jiya re ..loving this song more n more.

  14. Adhu is so hardworking..his Bharatnatyam is also good,.

  15. amazingprecap she is realising her love

  16. Nowadays Swadhu is speechless whenever with adarsh she doesn’t mind him putting ring n her finger but does not even try jeevans ring ohh just loving it….. Adarsh gud gog yah..

  17. The way swadarsh holding hands behind the paintings just awesome…

  18. Loved the episode swadheenta has completely fallen for adarsh
    Swadarsh rockz

  19. Waiting for the day of confession from swadhu side

  20. Most lovable episode…swadhu & adarsh rocks…jiya re is the best song…love this song very much…dehleez rocks.,

  21. So glad after watching the episode. Loving every single scene of swadarsh

    I didn’t watch any serials but this.. my heart skips a beat when I watch Dahleez! It’s incredible?? ❤
    SWADARSH!! Start ur love story ?
    I love Jaya too!

  23. Thank you Amena di. Very entertaining. Nice job cast and crew.#guiltypleasure

  24. super dehleez

  25. thank u amena ji

  26. @shreya di…hi di…you are most welcome here…good to see an another malayalee here..?

  27. Cant wait for the confession .what do u think peeps manohar n suhu will thy agree so easily for ths relation???

    1. HI goldie. I don’t think so. Maybe suhasini will be easy to convince but manohar. But if suhasini agrees than maybe manohar too

  28. First it was swadhu herself who was not ready to accept she likes adhu.thn it was her father. I hope suhu + manohar r not nxt to oppose.

  29. Suhu n manohar r very class conscious !! Shaadi toh honi hi hein but itni aasani se hogi. I m bit doubtful.

    1. Just had the same thought in my mind. Because even in ahuja’s case. But she said about simi’s behavior I guess. But I’m the promo she doesn’t look on angry. She looks a bit startled.

      1. I think there should b some opposition atleast it wil b interesting to see them catching up hiding from their families… some swadarsh moments….

  30. Love this drama . Hope swadheenta will soon propose to adarsh about her love . Dehleez is a rocking show .

  31. OK. It is clear now that Swadheenta has fallen for Adarsh. That engagement episode shd not be shown so soon. Some episode dragging can be done between them feeling each other. Also, some episodes shld be totally on both of them. If you can drag the storyline on peripherial subjects, so you can on the lead pair.

  32. I never knew ahuja would be good.
    Let’s see if he’s faking it or he’s actually good

  33. Jaya’s goodness will definitely win jaydev’s heart one day

  34. wonderful story and swadarsh rreally a nice pair than arnav and kushi

  35. shruti rohida

    I just don’t know y I can’t trust jaya & her goodness

  36. Really nice couple…I am very eager too watch dis serial…I liked it a lot.

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