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Dehleez 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arvind says the scooter owner is Asad. The guy says Asad is our friend. Arvind says we did not come here to make friends, we have to fulfill our mission, don’t have these useless emotions. Asad comes there. Arvind stammers and they all meet Asad. Arvind asks for help. Asad says help, I can give my life too. Arvind says don’t worry, I will take life when needed. The guys look on. Asad says what a joke. Arvind says help me, I don’t have any sister, I regard your sister mine, I don’t know what to gift her in marriage, if you helped me, it would be good. Asad gets touched and hugs Arvind. He says no need to gift, if you want to gift, then I will take you on shopping, you touched my heart saying this, you all have to attend all rasams starting tomorrow. He says a rasam full of dhamaal

is starting tomorrow, guess it…. and smiles.

Jaya comes to room. Jaidev says I will switch off lights after some time. Jaya says I did not say anything, I don’t get sleep in darkness, I got habitual now. Jaidev says there is marriage in house, its all looking fine now. Jaya smiles and says I did not show my shopping to you, I will show the sarees I got today. She gets the shopping bags and says we divided the responsibilities, mumma asked me to shop sarees, I think this saree will suit Swadheenta, we have to give 108 sarees. Jaidev asks why, will she open a shop. Jaya reminds her mom gave her 501 sarees. He asks whats this. She says I got this for you, I will keep this in cupboard. Jaidev checks the shirt and says fine, keep it. She smiles and goes. Jaidev smiles a bit.

Adarsh records and talks to Swadheenta. He says we met on someone’s sangeet and today its our sangeet. She tells about their love story. He says everything should go fine. He sees minister coming and says I will talk to you later. Adarsh and Manohar welcome minister. Minister asks Adarsh to enjoy and goes to talk with Manohar.

Everyone greet minister. Suhasini gets surprised and sends Simmi and Jaya. She goes to arrange tea. Manohar asks minister what is the matter, is everything fine. Minister says you have to meet Broad again tonight. Manohar says its my son’s sangeet today, his marriage is after 3 days. Minister says I m not asking you to cancel sangeet, just meet him and talk about the deal, then you can attend sangeet. Manohar agrees. Suhasini talks to Jaya and Simmi. She asks Jaya not to lift plate in this condition, sit now, anyone else can work. Manohar calls Suhasini. Suhasini goes. Jaya asks Simmi not to do any work and take care, afterall the house is getting the first grandchild by her, I m so happy for you. Simmi says Abhay says the relation made by many hurdles is very strong, when everything gets fine between you and Jaidev, you will also get good news.

Manohar tells Suhasini that there is good news, Laxmi/money will be coming home. She asks then why are you worried. He says there is sangeet at home. She says you go, I will manage sangeet. He says fine and leaves. Mamu talks about cards and scolds Asad for not doing any work. He says Ahuja is helping us and you are enjoying. Asad says I went to buy shoes, its my sister’s marriage, I want to enjoy. Mamu scolds him badly. Asad leaves. Appa calms Mamu.

Jaidev comes to his room and sees Jaya practicing dance seeing some video. She sees him and stops. He asks what. She says mumma told me to do rehearsals for sangeet, I was practicing, you have to dance with me. He asks I have to practice? Are you fine? Go and tell mom I won’t. She asks him to go and tell mom, she asked everyone to dance, all the best for sangeet. She goes. Jaidev says I m badly stuck, I have to do something. He plays the video and tries to rehearse. Jaya looks on and smiles. Jaidev falls down. Jaya starts laughing. Jaidev asks her to stop it. She goes shutting the door.

Asad is angry. Swadheenta pacifies him. He hugs her and says what will happen of me without you. She says I m still here. He says I want to enjoy your marriage, you tell me is Adarsh’s brothers also working so much. She asks him to chill. He says mum says person gets just one birth, as believed in our religion, but I think that if I had rebirth, I would be born in family like Sinhas, I mean with same parents, but they should be more powerful. She says the happiness got with own earnings is most beautiful, the respect that comes with own earnings does not come with anyone else. You want to become rich and powerful like Sinha family, no need of rebirth, you work hard and can earn money. He says whatever you say, you make me happy by your speech. She asks him will he not get ready, sangeet is today, is Radhika coming. Asad shows the works’ list and says sangeet will end, I can’t participate. She says this list, I will see whom I can call for help. He says help… I have few guys to help, don’t worry. He hugs her and says I love you. He leaves.

Asad goes to Mamu and says you called for some help, I got a team for you. He gets his friends there. They all greet Mamu. Arvind says Asad said there is much work, tell us what to do. Mamu says yes, you have to go to Swadheenta’s inlaws. Arvind says we will leave now. Mamu thanks him. Arvind says its fine. Asad gives the list and asks him to do all the work, he has to prepare for sangeet. He goes. Arvind smiles. FB shows Arvind telling the guy about reaching the third spot Sinha house, that foolish Asad will get our entry there. They laugh. FB ends. Arvind and the other two guys smile.

Adarsh is blindfolded and hugs Swadheenta. He asks her to go and show everyone how is she looking after getting ready. Swadheenta removes the blindfold and says just my husband will see me first every time I get ready. Arvind says we can’t get a better chance than sangeet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wooow… scene.. between jaya and jaidev…. and also the precap…. guess swadardh will go against their parents for going with allan and minister and earning illegally!!


      i think its possible……. swadarsh might stand against the elder Sinhas……..

  2. Omg!! Jaya n jaidev were do cute….can’t get over them..

  3. hi frs …joyee …usha… WW …

    TODAY’S EPI IS NORMAL.. jeya and jayadev part is superb ….

    BACKGROUND MUSIC IS DOMINATING… we cannot hear the conversation clear……
    is it only for my tv sound system? or the……I don”t know ……
    Now Asad gives a chance for his frs to enter adarsh function venue easily …..
    Aravind ambition fulfil quite easily .

    1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      Yes mam I agree with u it was ok ok btw man what shows u watch now for me I watch the shows as mentioned in my id 😛 due to my projects n quizzes I only watch these 3 shows regularly others I watch only when I m free 🙂


      hi BR… no i dont have nay such problem while watching the show……….. yesterday i watched i didnt have any props……..

      true asad giving a easy gateway for his so called frnds………

  4. huff aftr a long got to c asad nd swadheenta,s scene …their sibling pair cuteee


      true aliya…… … AFTER A LONG TIME BRO SIS BONDING……… i really loved it……..

  5. Wow wow enjoyd jaya jayadev scenes….. So awesome…. Jaya love u…
    Simmi talks so maturely….. Nice to hear it… Hope ur words come true Simmi….
    Swadharsh precap awesome…..
    Let evn these three fellows die in their own blast…..
    Hmm aftr bcoming bahu swadhu wil come to knw abt sinha’s ilegal trans and she wil go against them…. Aftr proper proof From swadhu adarsh wil also go against them.. I think so…

  6. OmA!!! Jaya and Jaydev! TBH now I am liking their scenes more thn swadharsh <3

    1. Yea same pinch.. Shammi…. Me too luvin jaya jayadev scenes more than swadharsh….. Lol…

    2. Same here I like jayadev scenes more than swadarsh these days 🙂 😛

  7. Guyz plz tell the repeat (day)timing of show replaced by 11 am.

    1. 2am


      eve 4:30 pm n mrng 7:30 am

  8. hey BR wheres usha,s cmmnt!!why cant i see???nd nope its nt ur tvs sound prblm actually the background music was dominating enough

  9. Hi swadarsh fans dahleez is going to end on june. Also tammana we are gonna mis dahleez. Why is this serial so smal story


      oh no……. pls…… now only i had started watching it again……. pls dont end it……….


      both tamana n dehleez should replace SNS n YRKKH…… both had been dragged a lot……

      new serials needs the early timings……. so bad ……….. hope dehleez doesnt ends up like Manmarziyan………..

  10. Hope asad should b alive…plz writer ji don’t say end to asad’s character…I came to know from spoilers tht asad will b die soon in terrorist attack….. Really nice to see bhaai behen ki jodi between swadheenata n plz continue it…

  11. Today’s show was nice. Jaidev’s dancing looked like he was trying to surf. That got some good laughs. Precap when did swadhu become such a naughty girl. Sangeet is going to be good w all the dancing.
    Have a couple of messages for loser girl plumppy who posted in that why are Indian serials mocked. Take a look se loser girl. Why don’t u get a life and stop being a silent stalker.

  12. Please don’t stop this serial, this is nice. Problem is late timings, this because your trp is low. Please time is changed, your trp is high. Serial is very nice, I like it very much. Please don’t stop this dahleez. Very boring show must go on since last 5 to 6 years like yeh rishta kya kehlata, diya baati, saath nibhana please stop this stupid serial

  13. Just becoz u dont follow oda serial does no mean they re stupid mm,evry body hav dier choices to make,som pple lyk DABH,SNS,YRKKLH among odas okay, luv jaya n jay scenes u guys rock show 2day

  14. Good observation regarding background sound. I was thinking about this since last 2 weeks to post. The show comes at 11 pm and you cant raise volume more also.
    Asad and Swadheenta scenes were very cute.
    However Jay’s dance was not necessary. It is understood by his acts that he started liking Jaya. To show his love towards Jaya he need not dance. All in the world are not peacocks / ostriche, who dance to attract the females. So think something different.
    As Dehleez is different from other shows think different man.


    Hi all…..

    superb epi…… seroiusly i loved JAYA N JAIDEV SCENES…….. wow………

    no words….. i really enjoyed ven he danced and fell n then jay laughing at him n he trying to chase but she closes the door n jaidev talking to the mirror wow really ROMANTIC…… this is also romance love………

    perfect jodi


    @Ameena di a typing mistake in YOUR UPDATE….. Suhasini says TO SIMMI and not JAYA to lift the plate…….

    i THINK U MISSED TO WATCH THAT SCENE CLEARLY BCOZ BEFORE SIMMI COMES suhasini will tell jay that she n jaidev should dance n jaya would hesitate then will ACCEPT…… after thta only Simmi will come into the room self……


    Sorry Ameena di if i had hurt u…….


    I think Adarsh is a camera man….. All the time with his camera taking Video……. CM boy (Camera Man)………. just kidding………

    just love ur acting man…..


    I agree to Simmi…….. Relations bond after crossing all the hurdles are the STRONGEST ONES………

    sister in laws bonding is really superb…..


    I think it will be Jaya only next pregnant bcoz as far as i had seen in all hindi serials mostly the serial ends with MAIN FEMALE GETTING PREGNANT or not even making her pregnant……

    this is bcoz the heroes refuse to do father role………

    madhubala, ek tha raja ek this rani, beintehaa though they had various reason to quit but this was a major reason………

    so guys if at all ( i m cent percent sure they wont make swadhu pregnant now) swadhu gets pregnant get ready to miss harshad……….

    it might silly for some but truth is heroes mostly not willing to do father role…… dont know about harshad……

    but anyways 1st let their marriage happen WITHOUT HURDLES ANYMORE………

    just hope they get married soon………

    no more delay pls……

  20. Swadheenta you are the best .

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