Dehleez 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh seeing Asad. He thinks if this chilli powder factory is here, his sister will be here too. Asad says he has come here following freedom, I have to teach him a lesson. He tries scaring Adarsh by talking to waiter. He asks waiter is there a big knife, I forgot my dangerous knife at home, I look kid by face, I m dangerous indeed, a guy was staring at my sister, today he is blind, as I popped out his knives from my knife. Adarsh smiles.

A girl asks Adarsh to come fast. Asad smiles seeing the girl. Adarsh asks waiter for a knife. Waiter asks will you pop out his eyes too. Adarsh says no, I will pop out his life, I look cute and sweet from face, but I m dangerous. Asad goes. Adarsh smiles and says Swadheeta, I met your cute sister, I will meet your family today, but first

I will meet you.

Suhasini blesses Shraddha. Shraddha asks her to meet her best friend, she just became a lawyer, Swadheeta. Manohar Sinha/Mukesh says we will meet friends first. Suhasini says wait, we will meet them later. Swadheenta passes by and Adarsh holds her hand. Jiya re…………plays…………….. He smiles and asks are you finding someone, why are you working hard to find me, you should have just called me. She says its not such bad days for me. He asks whom is she finding them. He asks her to come for coffee. She asks him to dream. He says I m dreaming since I have seen you. She asks whats your problem, I refused and you got after me. He says I saved you twice, you can come for coffee to thank me. She asks did I ask your help, I can take care of myself. She slips and he holds her in his arms. They have an eyelock. Music plays…………

Adarsh asks what were you saying, I can take care of myself? Abhay sees them and smiles. While Asad looks on and gets angry…. Asad walks to them and asks Swadheenta is she fine, tell me if there is any problem, I set people in one minute. He sends Swadheenta to Shraddha and shows his biceps to Adarsh. Adarsh smiles.

Swadheenta goes to Shraddha. Shraddha introduces Swadheenta to Suhasini. Swadheenta says everyone know Suhasini, I have to talk something imp, if you have a minute. Suhasini sees Manohar and says sure, why not.

Abhay tells Adarsh that she is right. Adarsh asks who. Abhay falls in his arms and says I m talking about her… Suhasini says you need to be careful, you are fighting case against Ahuja, what do you want from me. Swadheenta says just you can fight this case and get the farmers’ rights, they need you, I need you, I will assist you and do research, please take this case. Suhasini says then why did you take this cause, are you afraid to lose. Swadheenta says yes, this will be not my failure, the farmers have hope from me, its their failure too, if it was just my failure, I would have not been here. Suhasini says I understand your emotions, I don’t have time till next 3 months, few cases need passion, those who just think of victory win, don’t worry, you will fight this case and win too. Swadheenta smiles.

Manohar says whats Suhasini doing, if Simmi knows your mom is supporting that girl then…. Jaideep says she already knows this dad…. Simmi looks on and asks Abhay about Swadheenta. Abhay says why will I see anyone when you are with me. She asks when I m not with you… He says even then I don’t see anyone. She shows Swadheenta talking to Suhasini and asks do you remember anything. He recalls Swadheenta and Adarsh and asks you were not there. She says Swadheenta created scene in Papa’s party. He recalls and says yes, she is the one. She says I will ask your mom why is she taking revenge from my Papa. Abhay excuses and runs to Adarsh. Adarsh jokes and smiles.

Abhay says you know what you did, end this story here, you were with that kanjivaram saree girl, I liked her, but she is wrong number, she is lawyer who came in Papa’s party, Simmi will not leave me if you settle with that girl, be away from this girl…. You know she is there with… Adarsh goes and says friendship did not start and Abhay is trying to end it.

Suhasini asks Swadheenta to stay positive, and advice is just a call away. Swadheenta smiles. Manohar says we are getting late, come. Adarsh looks on and comes that side. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to meet some honest officer in land revenue department, he will help you.

Adarsh sees Swadheenta and thinks to see with whom is she talking, who is this imp person. He goes to see and till then Suhasini leaves. He asks Swadheenta where is his imp person. She calls him insecure. He says not really. She says I just met a sweet personality, don’t spoil my mood. He asks name of that sweet personality.

Simmi asks Suhasini who was that girl, what were you talking. Suhasini says she wanted to meet me, she was happy meeting me. Simmi says she is fighting case against my dad. Suhasini says we know it, and goes. Simmi says your mom is lying Abhay. Suhasini tells Manohar that you told me at night about Swadheenta, lie and half truth has this difference. He says you are a certain lawyer.

Adarsh and Swadheenta talk and Asad interrupts them. He asks when will she come for coffee. She says never and goes. Her earring falls and he sees it.

Suhasini’s elder bahu Jaya asks Suhasini did she like that girl for Adarsh. Suhasini says she is bright and good, but we don’t know her background and family, don’t get ideas, I will choose girl for Adarsh. Adarsh picks the earring and thinks we got a reason to meet again.

Its morning, Adarsh is going for jogging and Abhay says I will join you, we will jog together, come. Adarsh thinks how to tell Abhay where I m going. They leave in the car. Abhay asks where are we going. Adarsh says jogging. Abhay says fine, but where so far. They reach some market place. Abhay asks will we do jacket here. Adarsh says yes, its better than park. Adarsh jogs in the lanes. More jiya mai kya tere bin…………….plays…………… He sees Swadheenta travelling in the auto. She puts her dupatta on his face and his imagination ends. He smiles.

Swadheenta greets Mamu and Mami. Mamu asks Mami to see daughter working. Mami says Swadheenta will get a prince. Swadheenta says nice dream. She laughs off thinking prince riding horse in Delhi traffic. She sees Adarsh from terrace and gets shocked. She thinks before he comes here, I will go downstairs.

Abhay tells Adarsh that I feel you are not here for jogging or for tracking any criminal. Adarsh says actually, there are some goons who are troubling shopkeepers. Abhay says that’s my department. Adarsh says yes, I just thought to check, you jog. Abhay holds his left eye and says I feel something will happen with me or people around me. Adarsh asks you mean either of us will have something major. He sees Swadheenta and thinks it happened.

Swadheenta recalls Suhasini’s words and goes to meet Mishra. The man says Mishra has gone for 4 days leave. She says but my hearing is tomorrow, I need those documents anyway. The man stares at her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. siya

    Love this serial…..
    Thanks amena for fast update

    Love this serial……
    Thanks amena for fast update…

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Hi s anyone excited to watch vishkanya on zee? I am really excited becoz that show is new type of love female lead changes into blue like avatar movie!! How nice it is going to start 28mar so I going to watch for 1 week then I will watch it if I like. What about u r opinion guys?

      • jiya

        Sorry di I am not at all interested in watching this stupid serial n vese bhi sabhi pe yahi sab aa raha hai nagin on colours, kasam on colours, hamari adhuri kahani and now this vishkanya …………………..ek pe ichhadhari nagin, peacock,etc. N now this vishkanya


        no. already many i m watching…. CAS, SKR n dehleez…. n many ffs too………… so not for now………..

  2. Asad is always coming in wrong time…?
    But he is so funny…
    ADHU’S smile is so cute.,,He is awesome..
    Swadhu is also superb..but i didn’t like the way she wore Kanchipuram saree…still she looks gorgeous..
    I wish suhasini choose swadhu for Adhu?

  3. sweety

    ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy god……………… falling in love wid asad more n more…..

    just luv adarsh n asad comic timing …….. even abhay is good

    luv u suhasini……. just help swadhu win d case n yes, choose her for adarsh asap

    btw hate u simmi so selfish

    n last but not d least , ty amena for ur super fast bullet speed updates

    n yes today’s best scene was when asad flexes his muscles n before that talks to d waiter…. n also d way abhay fell in adarsh’s arms

  4. Elly

    Swadhu cousin is too cute and funny. Good storyline fight agnst corruption with nyc plot of luv stry

  5. sweety

    hi guyzzzzz this special cmnt is for mottu ……. but its super related so plz telly updates post it

    mottu dear i think it was my cmnt about blushing u referred to in ur cmnt…….. btw, just to tell u i know my priorities verywell……… i get more than 95% at scul n i m sure i ll do better in boards. so u dont need to tell me to concentrate on my studies

    also just bcz we r fans of swadarsh doesnt mean that we completely forget our daily lives n live in daydreams. just to inform u, all swadarsh fans r united as a family…. we might not know each other personally but we still have a deep connection…… we all are a part of d same family….. d swadarsh family !!!!!!

    i dont think i really need to tell u this, bcz u already saw it yesterday when every1 replied to ur dumb cmnt.

    n 2 requests —- plz dont cmnt about any1’s looks…. i m sure u r not mr. universe n anyways luks dont matter. also plz dont say anything about d swadarsh fans….. u r free to post ur cmnts, but only those widout any malice or ill will n do not hurt our feelings

    if u dont like d serial, u r most welcome not to ever visit this page again i m sure none of d swadarsh fans wud ever mind ur absence. in fact i m sure every1 is actually gonna celebrate !!!!

    btw i know u ll never apologise for ur cmnts, n trust me, none of us really require it. d best u can do is to never ever cmnt on this page again !

    n yeah, lastly i promise u that all of us will do extremely well in our exams….. even if we dont, that’s none of ur businesses !!!!!!1

    all swadarsh fans who agree plz cmnt n reply so that we show people like him how united we r….. i know d cmnt was a bit harsh but i cudn’t think of anything softer

    i request u guyz to plz reply ….. u cud also consider it n order since i m elder to u all ( just kidding….. 😛 )

    • Katherine

      U r right she has no right to cmnt like that but let it be forget it as you have said that we are family. We aren’t personally hooked but yah swadarsh fan

    • Katherine

      U r right sweety she has no right to cmnt like that but let it be forget it as you have said that we are family. We aren’t personally hooked but yah swadarsh fan

  6. Goldie

    Suhasini ini will help frredu n there will be fun as she will be taking advice from her n adarsh will go crazy thinking she might b seeing someone else .i think…

  7. That was a little harsh … but who cares……
    loved todays episode
    N hii swadarsh fans
    Sweety be a little sweet cause sweetness wins hearts

  8. Goldie

    I m little doubtful if she will approve of frredu for adarsh as she s from middle class backend. Some opposition at least lil bit.but I think jaya will help adarsh. Just to teach Simms a lesson.a hay n Assad both r funny.asads part tonite was really funny

  9. Yes u r absolutely right sweety di.I often score 90 percent with 2nd rank in 8th class and mottu not in CBSE in ICSE.You need not worry about our studies.I hope nobody wud mind it bt this mottu should get a tight slap.Actually we should behave with the people as they r.Sorry guyz 4 writing this type of things bt i wrote it in anger.I apologise u all 4 writing this bt not 2 mottu.Hope u guyz will not misunderstand it.plz do reply.:-/ Guyz i want 2 know who is younger than me 8th standard annual exams r going on. How much old r u all?plzzz reply.

  10. IAmLiterature

    One of the amazing episodes <3

    Adarsh Sinha, you steal my heart every freaking time with that smile of yours !!

    Freedom is actually so pretty :')

    Their eyelock was *-*

    Asad is damn funny haha xD

    Hope Suhasini gets some good vibes from Freedom !

  11. sweety

    welcome to d swadarsh fan page iamliterature……….. btw i luv d name u have chosen for urself its quite unique

    btw ww i m doing d work u did on d skr fan page !!!

    • wellwisher (ww) crazy swadarsh fan

      haha. even i m doing the same here………… true i started only skr page. n see now our family has become huge. n s still increasing day by day.. planning to do the same here………..

  12. sweety

    i watched each n every episode of dehleez at least thrice on hotstar, my entire net pack finished in one day !!!!! they’ll surely make me mad.

    btw what is d name of its production house????

  13. sweety

    OH NOOOOO I FORGOT TO WRITE https:// before all these 🙁

    any ways, i tuk these from harshad’s twitter page so u cud visit it…. even those who r not on twitter, or u cud type https:// before all these, especially d last one…….. it was epic

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      sweety di pls read ranaji’s ff. he needs some tips about law from u………..

  14. Katherine

    I hope aadarsh for sure help sawdhu for her case and this wud make them to have lot of romance…… Swadhu lks grgus

  15. Urmi

    ohh myyy myyyy….swadheenta n adarsh <3 i m in love wid dis two…suhasni choose swadheenta for adarsh… simmi go to hell…

    abhay n asad r funny… lol

    n thanks for giving us the written update….:D

  16. Fan of ishveer

    hi! i am too new to this page.after the end of matsh i started watching this serial. i saw harshad in beintehaa also.i just love the jiya re .it is wonderfull 2 hear.

  17. wellwisher (ww) crazy swadarsh fan


    epi as usual rocked………. sweety di i agree with u completely….. n di actually i meant that if there is going to be many ffs then the serial might lose its charm…………. thats all…. nothing else………. n thanx for the links…………

    maithali n abhi thanx for the translation………. but anyways i m not going to reply him bcoz i m tired of his backwass comments…………

    here s what i can give u all…….

    telllyupdates pls post all my 13 comments here n 17 in skr page pls………….. pls……………. for 2hrs u are moderating it……………..

  18. Mahek

    The episode is really nice i m loving swadarsh chemistry and ofcourse harshad arora the cutie!!

  19. goldie

    is dehleez gog to b telecast n saturday as well as in precap it was showing as in tomorows episode as well.???

    • wellwisher (ww)

      yes goldie. we have epi today……. its like other serials…… all 7 days……..

  20. Fan of ishveer

    yeah sanjana! the way swadhentha wore kanchipuram saree it is a tamilian i would like her to keep big fleet.

  21. Same south Indian I too agree with u he should keep big fleet but its just a show..I remembered alia baat in 2states seeing swadheeta in that saree

    • wellwisher (ww)

      oops sorry….. name i cnat… bcoz its a public website. sorry.. but i m from madurai, tamilnadu, in class 10 ISCE board currently giving board exams………..

  22. Manan_love

    Hello guys … I m new here..
    Dehleez is one of the best serials??..
    I really love it..
    The cast is awesome.. N adarsh n swadheetha make ab awesome pair.. Keep rocking..???

  23. Hii sweety from ur comment I got to know that u r going to board exams do well..all the best …I am impressed the way u treated all of us as family ..that so sweet of u

  24. diya

    Hi guts….. Spl hi to wellwi……. How s ur preparation going….

    I love swaadharsh scene.. And I like asad too… Suhasini also nice.. Hope her character sud be nice WD swaadhi… But today I don’t like d way swadhi tied d saree… And I have a doubt guys… Is swadheeta a south Indian girl n D’s serial..

    • wellwisher (ww)

      HI DI……….. YA swadhu’s fleet should have been proper………. i told in yesterday’s epi.. many of us agree it. hope the team checks here our comments…………..

      • wellwisher (ww)

        and di. yes she is a south indian……. she will say thank u pillayar appa…………. see in yesterday’s epi…………

  25. Fan of ishveer

    diya i guess swadheetha is a tamil in this serial. in yesterday’s episode when sharadha called her at last she said naalaikku pakkalaam which is tamil and ur picture is soo beatifull.i watch siya ke ram in tamil
    and sony i accept u its just a show.

  26. Yaar its too late time slot ..from Monday I have clg I have get up early in mrg because of that I can’t spend time for watching dehlezz ..and I can’t watch the repeat also ..I hope they change the time slot

  27. Its k well wisher and I am elder to u and all the best and I am changing my profile name..its not my real name ..once again all the best do well in ur exam 10th z turning point to ur life

    • unmesha

      yo u can’t say like that….. and if u didn’t like it then who told u to read the update……you can’t just go around criticising good things, that’s not good as many people like this storyline.

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