Dehleez 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta going out and talking to Paddy. She says I can’t believe dad is involved. Paddy says I know its tough to believe this against family, you file sections on Manohar. Swadheenta says he is my father in law, how can I…. Paddy says I will mail you the proof, check it and then it will get easier for you. Jaya gives tea to Jaidev and says its good Gilanis are terrorists, its proved now, you and dad worked hard to get this facts, its really shocking that Swadheenta is working hard to defend them. She asks Jaidev what happened, why is he so silent. Jaidev says nothing, I was tired. She says look at me, this is wrong, you promised me, you won’t hide anything from me, you will tell anything without any hesitation, if anything is troubling you, share it. Jaidev recalls Manohar’s

words. He says its nothing like that, you are just taking tension. She says there is something that you are hiding. He asks her to stop this questioning.

Swadheenta goes to Manohar and says I need to talk to you, Adarsh told me about internal enquiry. He says its late, we will talk tomorrow, its confidential report and I can’t even discuss with Suhasini. She says its related to this case. He says its my dead son Abhay’s case too. She says Abhay was my brother. He says just Asad was your brother. She says I want to see reports. He asks what do you want to know, and tells about Gilanis’ negative reports, Allan Broad is money launderer and he said Haider had terror links. She says Allan meeting or seeing Haider does not prove Haider is terrorist, you also met Allan twice. He says no. She says according to my research, there is deep connection between Allan and system. He says system does not keep any relation with such terrorists. She says I learnt from mom, that person’s eyes show he is lying or saying truth, its first time you are not talking by looking towards me. He leaves. Paddy sends the files to her.

Swadheenta goes to Suhasini and says I came to fulfill my duty, you are elder to me in age and experience. Suhasini says home or court, its better to come to the point. Swadheenta says the raid was done at Mamu’s house, the things got from the spots were planted. Suhasini asks did you come to tell this to me at this time, how is this related. Swadheenta says someone is framing Asad and Mamu. Suhasini says Haider is himself a terrorist, why will any other terrorist frame him. Swadheenta says all the evidence was planted. Suhasini calls her faith blind. Swadheenta says a strange truth came infront of me. Suhasini says I see, you tell this to judge tomorrow. Swadheenta says I did research about Allan, some govt official made him give this statement against Mamu. Suhasini asks who did this.

Suhasini rushes and shouts to Adarsh and Manohar. Everyone come out. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to just shut up. Adarsh asks what happened. Suhasini asks him to ask his wife, I was quiet when she defended Haider, Abhay’s culprit. Now I won’t be quiet, she is saying Broad is made to give that statement against Haider, you know whom is she blaming, her research and investigation says senior bureaucrat Manohar Sinha made Allan give that statement. They all get shocked. Simmi asks what. Jaya asks how can you blame Papa, whats wrong with you Swadheenta, you are dragging dad in this. Simmi asks how dare you say this. Adarsh says wait Simmi.

He asks Swadheenta did she blame dad. Swadheenta says he is my dad too. Adarsh says he is not your dad, you are just related to Haider, I told you dad did internal inquiry just for your sake, everyone respected you, you just insulted us, you crossed all limits today, you should be ashamed. Swadheenta says person who knows meaning of shame, gets ashamed, if Swadheenta blames Manohar in court, I will be helpless to do what I did not do till now, if she points finger at Manohar, this house doors will get shut for her forever, and even Adarsh you also can’t stop me that time, better explain her. She angrily leaves. Everyone leave. Swadheenta cries.

Manohar does not get sleep and thinks what research did Swadheenta do about Broad, if she says anything wrong in court, how did she know that I……

Jaidev goes to room and sees Jaya worried. He asks what happened, is there something interesting outside. She says no, I did not see you. He says I know you are worried by all this. She says I can’t understand Swadheenta, she is fighting case for Abhay’s murderers, why is she not understanding mumma’s pain, and blaming Papa. He says everyone is not like you. Swadheenta got a good husband like Adarsh, even then she is doing all this, you got a husband like me, rude, egoistic…. She stops him and asks how dare you say anything against my husband, my husband is the best. He says I was never best husband and best person, but I will show you by becoming the best. He holds her and kisses her forehead. He says just for you and our relation, mom will show Swadheenta the real law, I m really glad mom is fighting this case, don’t worry, Abhay will get justice. He hugs her.

Its morning, Adarsh wakes up and does not see Swadheenta. He sees the cupboard door open and checks. He sees the cupboard vacant and Swadheenta’s clothes gone. He recalls Suhasini’s words. More jiya…………..okays…………. Swadheenta reaches the court with her bag. Mami and Paddy meet her. Swadheenta asks Mami to give this bag to Prakash. Mami says this is not right, our house is ruined, you go back to your house. Swadheenta says I know what I m doing. Paddy says leaving home for a case…. Swadheenta says this is not just a case, this is a war to bring the truth infront of 100 crores Indians, this is my duty and I will do it.

Adarsh gets Swadheenta’s letter on the bed. She writes its impossible to go away from your life, but it was necessary to leave from this house, its not madness, I did not know I will get to know bitter truths to fight in this case, Abhay and Asad were true sons of the country, I wanted to get justice for them, but I got to know bitter truth of the system, which I can’t deny, I know when govt. Robin hood gets to know all the truth, Robin hood’s anger will get away and hold my hand first, I can’t stop, I have to keep walking, my eyes and heart will wait for you. More jiya……………plays………… He gets worried.

In court, Swadheenta tells the judge about Allan Broad transferring huge amounts to minister and Manohar’s accounts. Manohar gets tensed. After the case hearing, Suhasini asks Swadheenta to make arrangements for her stay somewhere else. Swadheenta says I already did that, I will step in your house when I prove this truth.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. radhika

    Hats off to the director. Finally concluded Delhi gov is involved in terrorist actions including all IAS IPS. So finally SWA is bringing corruption free Delhi with Paddy s help. Pls give bravery award to SWA and Paddy. Very simply they brought truth in front of the country. Now no need of vigil blowers in our county. No proofs required to prove anything just issue an order that circumstantial evidences are enough to prove any case.

  2. Sindu

    Good job swadheentha that u left sinha house and in the path to prove truth to all who are real culprits and who are true indians

  3. Maheen fatma

    good swadheenta ye kaam tumne bilkul thik kiya k wo ghr chor diya aur apne Bhai ko innocenct prove kye bina wo ghr ki dehleez pe kadam mt rakhna

  4. sneha

    Thnku amena for superfast update
    This is the only serial which gets updated on tym
    M in love with this serial??

  5. Aradhana

    Really dis serial is mind blowing…… beyond thinking…. swadheenta I really love u…..plz…. don’t end dis serial….. from 1st episode to till now… I never missed…. so big request don’t end dis serial…….

  6. y

    Tomorrow SWA catches aravind Gupta and paddy will make him to tell all secrets. What is the need officers yaar y to give many privileges. Terminate them

  7. Bingo

    It’s very funny how simply the case solved , swa you take mamis help also you can solve the case more easily

  8. crystal

    Swadheenta was fantastic today specially in precap and i dont know will ever this robin hood will know truth

  9. swadhinata

    Director Saab pls use your brain before taking serials. You had a production house we produce means it’s not correct. I haven’t this kind of disgusting serial till now. You are interested in showcasing ias officers as culprits and waste fellows. By marrying SWA Adarsh turned be a waste fellow. First of all any IAS officer don’t marry this kind of road side woman.

    • tarannum sayed

      U dnt have right to say like that…..she is not riad side women….we all r equal …bczz god made us based on equality….someone has money someone has power….and some are good in nature….all r equal…..if good didn’t made diffrence between us…..who r u???? To make diffrences……dnt do thisss…..u r worst one….change ur thoughts plzzzzz



      |Registered Member

      How can you say this???
      Swadhintha belong to middle class family and a lawyer and adrash got everything that does not mean that you insult their characters. Infact all this show how cheap and bad thinking you have..

      • swadhinata

        When I spoke one word against SWA you people are so frustrated how come all are blaming IAS officers. How are you blaming army officers. Show is against to officers so you enjoy. Remaining characters also like SWA only. Don’t forget that all are human beings only not only swadhinata or jilanis family



        |Registered Member

        IAS officers are not army officer first of all… and secondly in this show they have shown IAS Officers dumb, we are not saying them anything…



        |Registered Member

        Infact you have taken in wrong way… show is about to bring truth of society.. sometimes all this even happen in reality also due to minister pressures (i am not always but sometimes)

    • Angha


      |Registered Member

      Why swadhinta is roadside woman?coz she is a lawyer.or coz she wanted to learn though her father was opposing.or coz she stayed away frm her parents so tht she could achieve smthing in life.or coz she is fighting against whole system.or coz she has courage to stand against her own family for wht she feels right.if swadhinta was a dumb daughter of superrich dad who spends hours for makeup & taking selfies ,may be people like u would hav liked her.

  10. Paddy

    Director sob why didn’t you include cbi ,cvc , hrc and , cj of India as culprits . Can’t you include now ? Try it for the next serial atleast according to your opinion total system spoiled

  11. Parvati

    I wish this never end so nice I just love it show swadhu was fantlous adrash is boring he’s spectator I

  12. Divya

    Chi no Shame to manohar and jai. How can they do this. .. even suhasini and adarsh can think about it and can enquire with others ryt? ? Being a lawyer she can’t do this. . She have to c all the possibilities….. sinha family is so mean esp mano and jai. …

  13. shnaakht

    wow …very nice episode…swa takes remarkable decision…well done .carryin..n pls don’t stop this serial..i love it..

  14. Umama

    Good job,dear swadhaneta..This is fantastic..I love this show a lot..Eagerly awaiting for tomorrow..And thanks amenapu..

  15. shekhar

    So it is proof handed over by paddy with the help of which now SWA can fight with any damn person. Now, it is interesting to see political reaction after knowing involvement of minister. Surely, he will try his best to stop SWA from exposing truth, but once it has reached on Media, he has no way except to resign as political decision doesn’t required any proof, once the image inked, one has to leave the chair, let the court decision positiove or negetive.
    SWA took the decision to leave SINHA’s house was expected , and hatts off to SUHA in advance for welcoming SWA atlast in her own style. She possess a well morality then MANO, and can dare to apologize to SWA!

  16. Aanchal

    Pls don’t end this serial its a big request from me my mother got so from mewhen I started watchinflg this show …. But i m the biggest , heartiest fan of harshad ,tridha and Dehleez I fought with her and still watch this serial … From starting of this serial ,14march 2016 till now I have not missed even a min of show , though its my 10 class even then I watched in my exams…. Pls don’t end this serial ….. I bwg you starplus
    … Director of show …… I luv swadarsh….. Pls make this case complete soon … And they must get married again ……. Its my humble request ….. Also don’t end this serial …. Also guys all the fans of harshad Aurora u know his new show is coming on life OK siddhi… Plss watch it …

  17. Js

    Hope Adarsh gets to see the truth. as of now he is so blinded which is not natural for the character portrayed earlier. Hope he is not being made a mere puppet. Where is his Ias brains pls

  18. LeeSa

    This is a good serial.. A lot of things that are happening in the serial now are unbelievable, but the serial is going to end, so the director has to do what he would have planned for a number of years to a weeks to give the positive ending . its just pathetic that channels want the typical shows of saas and bahu, the leads romancing each other all the time, the typical misunderstanding plots.. Any show that has a different concept is always shutdown, too bad..

    just wish this serial was given its due credence and time, it would have been an amazing show.. it had a different concept, excellent cast, wonderful acting by everyone.. hope they come back with some nice concept again..

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      So tru SP gives undue importance to those brainless saas bAhu serials but gud serials dont even get the whole time slot that thy were alloted .

  19. Pritha

    This is the biggest truth of our country…..though this truth is the most bitter one…the terorrist can attack a country only then when a country’s influential persons help them….and ya circumstantial evidences are considered very much in a case like these one as these evidences considers human psychology,actions etc. and eventually it portrays the real situation very much.

  20. Andy

    This serial is really shaping better n better day by day and gives a message to everyone that law deals with circumstantial evidence conclusion is given. Law doesnt think out of the box and gives final verdict when such things are argued in court. Swadeentha rocks and she will get truth. Great to watch such shows.

  21. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Grace points for the cvs for todayz episode
    How paddy finds the proff s still debatable .but time constraints shd b considered

    .swad well done in leaving the house where conditions are laid down to stand by truth.
    Secondly well done for calling robinhood for help as only robinhood can see the truth which adarsh sinha wont b able yo see.

  22. Padu

    Good episode. Swadhu could have been a little tactful. Even though we all know manohar is scum the sinha family is still recovering from the death of their youngest. Glad swadhu walked out of the house. Poor girl. Would not wish even my enemy the kind of wedding she had. Two deaths on wedding night. Uff shivers. All the best dear girl.

    Writer Saab next story please don’t leave the doodhwale, newspaper boy postman. Kissi ko bhi nahin chonda. Sabi beekar hai.

  23. swadheenta

    oh my god! harshad’s new tweet “be prepare to get shocked and expect the udnexpected at the climax of dehleez”. don’t know what shocking ending they are giving to dehleez. hope for a positive ending. i thinktr now robinhood will come to catch arvind! again hopefull for adarsh crossing my fingers and waiting .

  24. Angha


    |Registered Member

    Suhasini knows abt manohar meeting alan she also knws abt why she is shouting on swadhinta as if manohar is the most honest officer.seriously i dnt knw why star plus wants to end this.they did same with manmarziya,nauc.they just love crap serials like sathiya & Mere angne me.where only motive of a womans life is to get married & bear the torture.

  25. Priya

    Dahleez jaise serials ke 3-4 repeat telecast hone chahiye. Isse each ka saath dene ki himmat aayega.

  26. Nitya

    Exactly…. Good serials.. Hardly telecasted and dose idiot saas bhau serials….yrkkh sns yhm pta ni kitne telecast…..Bas saas bhau nd talk abt women empowerment…

  27. Dhana

    Very interesting turn. Swadheenta did well by leaving the house. Poor girl does not even have her husband support. What shock me is Ardash does not allow her to speak up. Suhashini on the other hand is disgusting refuses to listen to the truth. If Swadheenta discuss with her she should verify from sources and not blow it out in front of the whole family.
    Well I would not blame Swadheenta, if she walks out of this marriage. What is marriage when there is no support from Robin Hood. All the promises before marriage is not kept.

  28. Dechen

    Wow nice serial ever and it goes with the flow not like other serial that after getting married then all those crab. Can we request for more telecast 2-3 times a day because it comes at late night so not able to watch.

  29. chandravathi Pn

    Please repeat telecast Dehleez in the day time. Atleast 2-3 times, please. I trust you will consider this request.

  30. swadheenta

    i want a happy ending. pls don’t break swadarsh and shocking climax me swadhu ko vi asad or abhat ki tarha shaheed mat kar dena!

  31. tripti verma

    Yyyuuup iska 3 se4 repeat telecast hona chahiye…..saas bahu serial ko nhi….
    Yee different serial h

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