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Dehleez 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya coming to meet Adarsh. She asks shall I send warm water, your feet would be hurt, I have seen in outhouse, don’t worry, I will see no one comes there, you can do rehearsals. He says but… She says Jaidev told me about you and Swadheenta, I m really sorry, I did not ask you once and got Vanshika’s proposal, forgive me. He says its okay. She says I m glad for one thing, you are doing what you want, for marriage… love is very important, focus on love now, everything will be fine. She leaves. Adarsh thinks will Swadheenta love him or not.

Its morning, Swadheenta calls Dubey and says I will be late today, I will come by 1.30. Asad teases Swadheenta to stay at home and see Adarsh’s class. Mami asks Swadheenta is she staying for Adarsh’s class. Swadheenta says Asad

is saying any nonsense, I m just working at home. Asad asks are you lying to me or yourself, I m going college. He leaves. She eats aam papad being tensed.

Adarsh comes for the class and greets Appa. Swadheenta looks on. Appa says lets begin…. Adarsh starts performing Bharatnatyam. Appa asks him to concentrate. Door bell rings. Mami asks Swadheenta to check who is it. Swadheenta opens the door and gets shocked seeing Suhasini. She says you here. Suhasini says sorry, I came without informing you. Swadheenta introduces Mamu and Mami. Suhasini greets them and says sorry to come like this.

Swadheenta’s mum Revathi greets Suhasini. Mamu says Revathi was my neighbor in Chennai. Revathi says Haider gave Swadheenta her name. Haider Mamu says yes, she was born on independence day. Suhasini says its beautiful name, Swadheenta’s dad came to invite me on her engagement, I would like to meet Ramakrishnan. Swadheenta says Appa is conducting class. Mamu says now he has two students. Revathi asks Suhasini to come and see rehearsals. Suhasini says it will be great fun to see rehearsals. Swadheenta gets tensed. She stops Suhasini and says Appa does not like anyone to come during rehearsals, I will call Appa. Suhasini says sorry, I will wait.

Swadheenta goes to her dad and says someone came to meet you. Appa asks who. Swadheenta says come downstairs. Adarsh looks at Swadheenta. He signs her. She signs its all fine. Adarsh thinks why does she look worried. Appa asks Adarsh to continue rehearsals. He asks Jeevan to come, I will introduce you as my to be son in law. Appa and Jeevan go. Swadheenta sees Adarsh rehearsing and working hard. He gets hurt and she runs to him to hand over balm to him. Adarsh smiles and says don’t worry, I will be fine, its test of 12 days, not just for me, for you too, I know these 12 days won’t go waste, you will realize it soon. They look at each other. Appa calls Swadheenta. Adarsh takes balm and thanks her. She leaves.

Appa asks Swadheenta what is she doing, her boss came and she is not attending her. Mamu asks her to serve some snacks. Revathi serves sweets she made. Suhasini likes the homemade jalebis. Appa thanks her for coming. Suhasini says its my son’s engagement after two weeks, I will get busy, so I came to congratulate you all. Jeevan comes and greets them. Appa says my student.. Suhasini says Jeevan, Ramakrishnan praises you a lot. Jeevan says I m still learning. Appa says I have 500 students in my academy, but Jeevan is the best. She says that’s why you chose him as your son in law, sorry I forgot, and gifts them.

Suhasini assures that Swadheenta will become good lawyer. She asks can I wash my hands. Mami says come. Swadheenta says I will take her. Mami takes Suhasini upstairs as that washroom is better. Swadheenta worries that Suhasini can see Adarsh. She rushes and pulls Adarsh to hide him. Mami and Suhasini come there, and do not see them. Adarsh and Swadheenta have an eyelock. More jiya…………plays………….. Suhasini leaves.

Adarsh asks did mom come home. She says Appa invited her. He says if she saw me here then.. She says she did not see you, she left. He asks why did you save me, think why are you afraid, about your boss seeing me and that I would not come here tomorrow, maybe that our story will end. She asks what are you saying, I saved you because… he asks because….. She goes.

Appa tells Swadheenta to come with them to buy engagement ring. Swadheenta says I m busy. Appa and Amma insists. Jeevan says maybe she has genuine work. Revathi asks for her ring. Jeevan says I will get it. Adarsh looks on sadly. Revathi gives the ring to Jeevan. Jeevan looks at the ring.

Suhasini is checking ring designs and shows Jaya. Jaya says we will decide, whats the hurry. Vanshika and her mum look on. Vanshika’s mum says its few days left for engagement now. Adarsh comes home. He greets them. Suhasini asks why is he surprised, Vanshika would have told you they are coming, keep yourself free tomorrow, we have to buy engagement rings. He asks what will I do there. Suhasini says its your engagement, you both have to choose it, be there at 1pm. He looks at Jaya.

Adarsh pulls Swadheenta…. Jiya re…..plays………… Adarsh makes her wear the ring and smiles. She looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. And what is that promo u r taking about. Can anybody say me

  2. Is swafhu really going to propose adhuu

    1. IU know what I can’t even believe it….omg am I dreaming……did swafhu finally decide to break her egoo??

      1. Can’t wait for the scene

  3. BTW Goldie can u tell us a general into about usrelf….if u don’t care

  4. Jaya s so sensible whn she says that I m happy u r doing what ur heart wants u to do n not what ur mum unlike his brother . N she ritely said pyar Hona chaiye baki sab badme theek ho hi jaane Hain.

  5. Today’s episode was fabulous finally swadheenta cares for adarsh eagerly waiting to see swadheenta expressing her feelings Nd thanx amena di

  6. cutest precap ever?????

  7. Finally dehleez is back on track , precap is so cute n sweet, swadarsh rocks

    1. Hey fatarajo I jus wanna ask u abt a girl who wrote funny facts on serials. I remember u commenting on it too. If u remember that girls name or d topic it would be helpful….pls will u help me……

      1. Is it the one that got published just now or the one where the girl criticized many serials and the cover pic was of Swaragini , where one person commented that how can someone sleep her hair tied like Swara, and then other people commented that her comment is so illogical is the same one, and she had published two parts

  8. If u like it then u should have put a ring on it. Well u just did. We’re going to find out tomorrow. Almost in the end zone. Waiting for u to score that touch down.

    1. thanx fo da link

    2. Wow thank u so much for the link. Can’t wait

  9. Chk ths link its only part of the latest promo sound quality is bad sorry but can hear swadhu sayg i luv u adarsh

  10. OOOOOO GOD dats a gud gud gud news friends
    swadee you greaaaaaaat my dear
    god cant wait need to watch right now

    @misha, abhi sorry dears i was very upset with previous tracks so thts y its all
    i am very sorry if i hurt you all. so sorry..luv u all

    1. It’s okay.. but even if you are angry..just try not to post something bad on any page…anyways , hello.

      1. i will never do like that promise

    2. Ok ok..but never write such vulgar can critize,.but not like this..

      1. okay surrender… btw may i know more about you both??????
        guys i am big fan from the first epi you know??
        and from TN doing cd shop

  11. Thank God the writers/directors are forced to public demand of continuing the love story instead of ending up with broken hearts.
    Jaya should get her due. After all what is her fault. Swadheenta may come into her rescue once she enters the dehleez of Sinha family.

  12. Woooooowww!! Jus luvd the episde❤❤
    Swadheenta caring 4 adarsh nd soon her luv confession??
    Cnt wait 4 all?

  13. oh the promo in television is really gr8 aadarsh n swadheenta are going 2 meet finally its HaPpY ShOwErS TIME swadeenta gonna propose adarsh ………………. good time soon swadarsh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. this is the link of new promo guys…..

    1. thank you sooo much

      1. eagerly waiting for this scene to be aired…. wow….

      2. u r welcome aasrithaa…even iam waiting for it

  15. U so sweet amena,
    Thank you for ur clarity updates.

  16. hlo every1… m a fan of dis serial….ill be glad if i cud join u guys in dis

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