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Dehleez 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta showing Abhay to Suhasini and Manohar. They get shocked seeing Abhay. Abhay comes to them holding Simmi’s hand. Suhasini goes to Simmi and hugs her. They cry. Manohar hugs Abhay. Abhay cries. Manohar asks Abhay not to cry, you are IPS officer, everything will be fine. Suhasini holds Abhay and says you have hidden such a big thing from us since one year, we did not know, so we were annoyed with you, but you could have told us, we are your parents, not enemies, how could you think, when Simmi’s truth comes infront of us, we will leave her, did you just understand us like this.

Manohar says I don’t know whom should we complain, to ourselves, Lord or you, Abhay you should have told us, are we strangers? Abhay says doctor said Simmi’s heart is weak. Suhasini hugs

Abhay and cries. She says you are just Simmi’s husband, don’t try to become her mum in law and father in law, leave something to us, we will see Simmi’s treatment and care, how will you decide everything.

Abhay gets Ahuja’s call. Ahuja asks did you talk to Suhasini. Abhay says Simmi and I told truth to mom and dad. Ahuja gets worried and asks what did Suhasini say. Suhasini takes the phone and says Ahuja, you made us outsiders, they are children and did not say truth to us, but you could have told us, Simmi is your daughter and our bahu, her sorrow and pain are our sorrow and pain, its our right to know, if we knew this truth before Simmi’s pregnancy, my answer would be same, how did you think we will leave Simmi knowing this medical condition, when a girl comes in our family as bahu, she is part of family. Ahuja gets glad. Abhay and Simmi happily cry.

The family members come. Abhay hugs Adarsh. Ahuja says I got indebted to you. Suhasini says come home and see how we take care of your daughter. She ends call. Adarsh says mom and dad, I m sorry, we had no way to make this matter reach you. Suhasini says I can understand who advised this way, Swadheenta come here. Swadheenta says I m really sorry. Suhasini says I should be sorry, I m really sorry. She hugs Swadheenta and thinks I did wrong till now, Adarsh’s choice and decision are right, there can’t be any better girl for this family than Swadheenta.

Suhasini and Manohar are on the way. Manohar says its strange, we feel we have seen much life, but we do mistake in knowing people. Suhasini says we realized this in time, there can’t be better girl for Adarsh than Swadheenta, whatever her family background and status, I m sure she will be proved best wife and bahu, we should do marriage arrangements. They smile.

Abhay thanks Swadheenta. Swadheenta asks why, I would have helped Asad too, if he was in your place. Abhay asks Adarsh for a favor. Adarsh asks him to ask anything, he will get it. Abhay says I want to break my relation with you and make a new one, it means you are not my brother, Swadheenta is my sister. She jokes that she got a qualified brother. Jaya gets a call and says we will leave now. Simmi hugs Swadheenta. Jaya says mumma called, she said we have to do arrangements for rasams. Adarsh says I will drop Swadheenta and come. Jaya hugs Swadheenta and asks her to come soon as the bride. Simmi says I will plan everything. They all leave.

Adarsh tells Swadheenta that the truth Abhay has hidden and was troubled for one year, when I knew it, I was also troubled, it kept truth infront of mom and dad so easily. She says people today are afraid to face truth, but Mamu always taught me to face truth always, and not be afraid of it. he says dad always said no one can guide better than wife. She says he said right. He says I understand it now, I loved you till now, but today I respect you, I love you so much. He kisses her forehead. She says its just 3 days for marriage, so many rasams and preparations, I m sure every rasam will be a blast. They smile.

Mamu is worried talking on phone about the cards printing not done till now. He tells Appa that cards will come till tomorrow morning, its all Asad’s fault. Swadheenta says don’t get Asad in this matter, I can help in distributing cards, whats the big deal. Ahuja comes and says its big deal, daughter working in daughter’s marriage. He gives her sweets. She thanks him. Mamu says you here… Ahuja says I understood Swadheenta would have not told you all anything, she is like this, she did good to farmers by going against me, she did not take any fees, what she did for me, if I give my entire wealth to her, it will be less. Swadheenta says Ahuja uncle, I did not do anything such great. He says I know it. She goes to make tea. He blesses her. Mamu asks Ahuja to sit. Ahuja tells Appa that I have to become big fan of your daughter. He tells Mamu that he has heard them, he will see that card printing guy, I will get the cards, all cards will go from my side, world will see Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage. He hugs Appa and Mamu. Everyone smile. Mamu says you made us really happy. Swadheenta gets tea and gets glad seeing them.

Arvind fixes the bomb in the tyre and tells his friends that old ways are old now, we have to find new ways. The guy asks how will this fit. Arvind covers the tyre and says this way….. take this on our decided date and spot. The moment is shown as Arvind narrates them…. The guy takes the trye to a repair shop and swaps it with the right tyre. Arvind says the owner of the scooter will come and take the scooter. The guy asks whose scooter it will be, where will he take scooter, where will blast happen, we can’t control it, its weak plan. Arvind says we will have control on every movement of that scooter, I can tell the name of that scooter owner, Asad Gilani. The guys get shocked. Arvind smiles. Asad is shown taking the scooter. Arvind says there will be a blast.

Arvind says that fool Asad will make us get entry at the third spot. Mamu asks Arvind and other two guys to visit Swadheenta’s inlaws, there will be work, as there is sangeet in evening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nooo yr ….. When everything was going great with the sinha family then this terrorist matter ??? still ahuja , suhu, manohar,simmi , swadhu’s parents all together .. It was so nice

  2. Thanks for the

  3. Just made a fun of friendship


      agree…. the terrorist part is making fun friendship…….

  4. A big relief….. Atlast a Happy marriage it is going to b…. But dont knw how long this happiness is going to last….. Wish more jaya jayadev scenes…. And PLZ i have seen some wer tht asad character is going to End…. So sad…..

    Today abhay’s rishta with swadhu and their convo was superb….. Wel a gud epi aftr a long time

    1. I guess asad is gonna become a SHAHEED(attain death of a soldier)trying to save ppl…n swadheentas wedding n tats d reason swadheenta got another brother in d form of abhay

  5. today’s episode is really nice bu i don’t love the terrorist matter especially for asad

  6. hi .. frs ….. to day epi is so good …… the man of the to day epi is ahujaaaaaa

    Every one realize their mistake ….. and accept the fact that swadhu is a very good choice for adarsh…….

    poor asad ….. so sad about asad ….. he is so cute and innocent ……


      hi BR… ya agree completely…….. people to change after realizing their mistake……. today’s epi rocked………

  7. wowhh finally happy happy moment bt now for allan swadhi have to fyt against manohar nd suha will get angry again there,ll b a prblm yeah as june is coming so evry prblm,ll finish fastly..i m just xcited for swadarsh marriage day

  8. Hi all,

    Itz nice episode. I like suhasini. Yeah really. She lived in that character. Earlier am a fan of suhasini. As she turned negative, am too developed hatredness towards her character. The directors had made suhasini character so strong. Picturised her good professional, well disciplined, organised, having self defined principles. As story demanded, directors showed suhasini as a strong villan to Swadarsh love. So we are all started hating suhasini. In todays episode she lived in that character not acted. One can say that lead actor of DEHLEEZ is none other than suhasini.

    In yesterday’s episode suhasini gave a hint that she is accepting swadheenta by saying, when swadheenta is becoming part of family,she dont need to take permission to manage office. Swadheenta also has same right that suhasini has. ?? well said.
    As some of the comnenters said, swadheenta action became monotonous. Dressing style, costume, dialogue delivery.she was wearing the same chain on her neck since her first drive with adarsh.
    They shud have taken little care about these petty things.
    Compared to swadheenta, jaya and simmi dressing style, costumes, action is good.
    Compared to all casting Suhasini showed high variation in her dressing and costumes. She wore kanjivaram saree to chudidar.
    At least now swadheeta stop calling mam and start calling MOM.

    If there is no terrorist track and Allan board issue, the serial might have came to an end in a couple of episodes. Dont know whether the directors need blast to make jayadev got hurt and jaya helping him, they fall in love.

    Let us see. Gud nyt guys.


      wwo really ur comment is superb… jaya n jaidev love story… interesting… hope it comes true…………

      n yes i really dont like swadhu’s dressing…….. smthng different i would like to see…….. all time modern……

      come on she s from TN so rarely can wear chuddidars in a modern way……..

      n true i stopped watching from the time Suhasini became negative but today’s epi rocked… feel bad i missed it but will watch the repeat for sure………

  9. what are u sure dt is it true about asad????? devga

    1. I read some wer…. Not sure….


        spoilers page….


        Arvind and his helpers will be planning a terror attack at Sinha house, on Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage day. There will be high voltage drama and action in their marriage. Asad would be trying to stop Arvind and others in their terror attempt. Asad’s character may end in this show.

        scroll down guys u will get the info….

  10. adarsh saluting was a little silly, otherwise good episode!

  11. Awesome episode u nailed it suhasini? . But sad to know about blast ?

  12. the blo*dy stupid terrorist track is very irritating.idiot Arvind and friends.shameless b*t*hes.India will never destroy in such plans. India will remain very very strong against such evil plans.


      Agree…. No one can defeat us that easily…..

  13. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    So emotional … simmi , abhay nd suhasini made me cry ?

  14. very nice episode . loved when suhasini hugged swadheenta and realised that she is good for the family

  15. Stop this terrorist story .if there is no terrorist stry then they will show more scenes fr swadarsh . before marriage and after married… Till June we can enjoy the lovely moments of swadarsh if there is no terrorist story ………is that ryt guys???????Now they drag the story by terrorist attacks and at last they may finish the serial by swadarsh marriage ….So ther e will be no scenes fr swadarsh …….


      hey no dear… actually agree that terrorist attack might drag but before starts dragging we had started opposing so i dont think they will drag like other serials……

      actually the main plot is that swadhu n suhasini WILL HAVE TO HANDLE A CASE FACE TO FACE….. that will happen only after swadhu n suhu increase their sasu bonding after marriage so which means by june mid this track might come to an end……. its just my guess…..


    Warray whoa……… Marvellous fantastic lovely sweet no words to express……….. Now onwards i will be back guys……

    Will try my level best to increase the comments.


    I hope atleast few remembers me…. after sweety di left the comments had always been low…..

    so will try my level best to increase it.


    ayoo i cant stop commenting… today’s epi really really making me fallen in love with serial once again…………

    except for the last part all were only good………

    jolly…….. very very happy………

    1. hi ww u r back but u r ff??pls post it soon waiting for it

      1. krishnai aka ww

        bro i told u already right… i m not going to post any more ffs…… sry …… pls check waaris page also……..

  19. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Hey all I think in the end swadarsh marriage will happen but At the Same time Terriorist attack will happen and I think blame will be on Asad as he was with the three guys. And then no one will believe him 🙁 except for I think his family, swadheenta n radhika and then he will be so depressed he will suicide 🙁 and then there will be suhasini vs swadheenta in court as swa will fight for asad’s justice that’s my thinking I m hope it’s not true bcause I really like Asad character and dehleez really made me luv star plus these days even more than colors n zee who r dragging their dramas and adding nonsense for no reason these days

  20. Today’s episode was nice btw besides the three idiots (three terrorists) parts 🙂 loved te bond in the family everyone was nice most logical hindi serial currently


      agree dear…..

  21. Hey wellwisher happy to see u back 🙂


      same here….. thanks dear for remembering me.

  22. Good comeback in storyline. However yesterday’s Swadheenta’s kiss to Adash looked forceful. Not needed. Adarsh’s kiss today however was demanded by the track. OK. As rightly noticed by all Jaya & Jaydev are finally coming close is a good sign. If you stay with someone for a longtime anyway love is bound to happen. Hence it is logical.
    The Asad case was not liked by others but I agree with the thinking that youngsters shld learn a lesson of developping friendship with anyone without thinking pros and cons. Especially in metros where such things happen. They should not fall prey to sweet talks from anybody be it a boy or a girl.
    The dressing of Swadheenta was commented by some as bad and compared with others, but the story is such that she is from a middle class family unlike other ladies. Good thinking by director.

  23. No|| swa’s costume is really gud nd simple as others say simmi has nice costume i think she always wear heavy dress..i hate her costums

  24. heyy wellwisher WW of dahleez gd to c ur all cmnts plz keep cmnts….

  25. Do not say this guy’s.

  26. Plz terrorist part should be lyk they catch the terrorist parole Nd everything is fyn. ..I thnk it will be better…through asad they come to know abt blast and people…it will be nyc if it will be shown in this way….plzzz don’t spoil serial…..?

  27. i think amisha ur guess going to true….asad will become soon shaheed

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