Dehleez 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manohar talking about Jaidev. He asks what do you think if Swadheenta finds about Allan Broad. Jaidev asks him not to worry. Manohar says we have to frame Haider that he does not get free. Jaidev talks to him, and Jaya comes. Manohar goes. Jaya ties the black thread to Jaidev’s hand again and says this will give you strength to walk on right path, Lord supports truth and he is with us, have a good day. Jaidev looks at Jaya and smiles. He feels guilty and leaves.

Jaidev goes to Manohar. Manohar asks why do you look worried. Jaidev says I m fine, we shall leave. They leave. Paddy sees Swadheenta at her office, and asks did you come to meet someone. Swadheenta says you, don’t you have any spy came, that night I was upset and it was easy to fool me, I know to manage reporters

like you. Paddy asks did you come to threaten me. Swadheenta says offer, do you want to make big news. Paddy says why not. Swadheenta says Allan Broad is lying, system is involved, someone in there in system who does not want Haider’s innocence to be proved, think I will find it, you have this chance to support me. Paddy asks do you have any proof, why should I help you. Swadheenta says I have 10 proofs, if you don’t want to help me, why should I help you. Paddy says your wish. Swadheenta calls another reporter. Paddy stops her.

Swadheenta asks what happened, your biggest competitor Sheetal will help. Paddy says I will help you, promise me one thing, this news won’t go to any other reporter. Swadheenta says I just want to get justice for my two brothers and Mamu, news is yours. Paddy says deal then, what do I have to do. They sit in café and talk. Swadheenta asks her to tell about Allan’s last month activity. Paddy says its tough, but I will do, whats the proof that system is involved. Swadheenta says system is 100% involved. Paddy says Allan was arrested last month on charges of terrorism, then it was said that he is just money launderer. Swadheenta says I know. Paddy says maybe you don’t know he was attacked in jail. Swadheenta says that night, it was my sangeet ceremony, I m sure Allan is involved in this matter.

Adarsh talks to his friend and says home ministry should approve your leave. The man says they have put me on internal enquiry about Asad and Haider. Adarsh asks why was I not given any notification, whats the report. The man says don’t know, report is given to high level authority, I thought you would be knowing, Manohar and Jaidev would have got reports before.

Paddy goes to meet Allan. Inspector says its not allowed for you to meet Allan, but he also wanted to meet you. She says Allan’s means his wish is followed here, interested. He says I did not mean that. Allan asks her to start interview. He asks inspector Khurana to leave. Khurana leaves. She says great, they obey you a lot. Allan says good people get good people, I got friendly with your govt. She sees the laptop/tab and says I guess so, this friendship looks strong. He looks on. She asks him about his statement about Asad and Haider’s terror links.

Jaidev and Manohar come home. Jaya goes to make tea for him. Manohar says I m happy for you and Jaya. Adarsh greets them and asks Jaidev about Haider’s internal enquiry. Manohar acts and says Jaidev, you did not tell Adarsh, I told you to tell Adarsh. Suhasini comes and looks on. Manohar says I made this enquiry done on minister’s saying.

Paddy calls Swadheenta and says I cross questioned Allan, your doubt is right, he is made to give this statement. Swadheenta thanks her and says I hope there is some solution. Paddy says I will try my best to get info about everyone related to this case.

Adarsh asks why. Manohar says for you and Swadheenta, you just got married and this incident happened, before new relations are made, old relations are lost, you both are standing against, we felt Swadheenta maybe right, but …. Adarsh asks what. Manohar says enquiry report is negative, Haider had terrorist links, it was well planned attack, Haider was the mastermind, Broad also stated this, I hope you understand. Suhasini looks at Manohar. He signs Jaidev and leaves. Suhasini looks at Manohar.

Suhasini goes to room and sees Manohar worried. She says you did not tell me about internal enquiry. He says I spoke to minister about it, maybe I forgot to tell you, report came recently. She says you forgot to say about report too, are you forgetting things or hiding. He says did I hide anything till now, maybe I forgot, don’t doubt on me. She says I m just asking. He says we have been through so much, its quite normal to forget things. She says okay, very sorry, I thought I don’t know something, so I asked question, I will get coffee. She goes.

Adarsh sees Swadheenta. Swadheenta talks to Paddy and says minister Choudhary came in my marriage too, he is close to Manohar. Paddy says he is close to Broad too, he initiated to free Broad, I mean Manohar and his minister worked together. Swadheenta tells Adarsh that she will get dinner. Adarsh stops her and says your belief increased after raid at Haider’s home, dad had done internal enquiry about Haider, just for you, reports are negative, Asad is terrorist, and Haider is mastermind, I m upset seeing you, why are you wasting time on them. She says I know reports are fake. He says you mean the world is a liar. She says Mamu and Asad are not terrorists.

Paddy calls her and says what I m going to tell you will shock you, on your marriage day, Broad demanded a laptop in jail, he was provided that, he did big money transfers that day, to minister and principal secretary Manohar. Swadheenta gets shocked. Paddy says these two are freeing Allan and trapping Gilanis. Swadheenta ends call. Adarsh asks to whom were you talking. She says no one. He says all evidence is against Haider, please agree, everyone want betterment for you, I m worried for you, try to understand. She says I know you are worried for me, if we are at fault, our misunderstandings will get cleared, lets hope for the best. She goes out.

Swadheenta asks Suhasini to listen. Suhasini calls everyone, and says Swadheenta is saying Manohar made Allan give wrong statement, if she blames Manohar in court, this house doors will be shut for her forever. Adarsh gets disappointed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sindu

    Writers make adarsh know about his fathers truth and help swadheentha and suhasini u r a lawyer y can’t u think and just relate all this don’t know how will swadheentha prove asad and hyders innocence in the court unless anyone’s help like adarsh and paddu

    • sam

      even suhasini know about manohar n broad she is the one helping in some paperwork for money on sangeeth

  2. pac

    Adarsh is still in supporting role….I cant see this anymore..Paddy did some good work today. Good for her.

    • Shreya

      Totally agreed…how a terrorist can reveal truth to a reporter? And how a reporter was allowed to meet a terrorist without any supervision. Not looks realistic at all. After all this is just a serial for public.

      • radhika

        Even I had same opinion, entire terror attack was ignored terrorist was freed who killed many innocent. If he is alive again blast will happen. Totally left this and simply proving mano is culprit

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      I huess she got to know it from that inspector whos shown r may b from the staff i think it might b clear n next episode.

  3. Divya

    I hate manohar to the core! And jai instead of feeling guilty open ur mouth and tell adarsh and suhashini the truth! And even adarsh can investigate the case na! Please end this case soon. Manohar can’t be a good father! Even jai can’t be good Bro by supporting the culprits and giving punishment for innocent people
    shame on you people .

  4. Samina

    I am unable to understand that what does director wants to prove , everyone in the serial are culprits exceptgilanis and gilanis , I hate this serial

  5. Rajni

    Serial shooting is already done….so no need of request to writer now…
    Nyc twist..
    Adarsh is really good… He loves her much….
    Jaydev will surely say the truth when case will b at the peak need of it..
    As they show that jaya jaydev scene of true path and all
    Case will turn to the best at the last hope…
    Waiting for each episode so eagerly ..
    We want part 2
    Come back soon with this cast and abhay too….

  6. Swati

    Oh my god serial is turning in a funny way . Director for got to use his brain for today’s episode. A reporter got permission to meet a terrorist without anybody’s supervision. And revealed all truths. We send paddy and swadhinata to Isis or taliban. They meet terrorists swadhinata imagines and paddy will trap all the terrorists and find their past and future plans. The world gets survived no more terrorism. Ha ha ha. I understood why star plus decided to stop dehleez.

  7. Swadhinata

    Why did they leave Abhay and Adarsh they are officers so they are culprits. Why swa is sparing Sinhas family. According serial Sinhas family should be hanged.

  8. Bhavana

    Seriously what sort of a charector is this Maniram sinha… We have to trap harder further that he does not come out…. Just for saving his seat and few fat notes…. He wants to hang an innocent…. Disgusting… This is…. And this jai… He was speaking big time about getting abhay’s killer arrested.. Now when ha has everything ready even then he can’t stand up against his father.. Pathetic…

  9. naseema

    Nice investigation. SWA sit at home cook for some time meet mami come back home Fight with adarsh sometime then start her imaginationimagination powers. Everything comes true

  10. Bhavana

    And I don’t get the precap… Why does freedom.. Say about Manohar to suhu..?? When she well knows that no one is going to belive her..and It will only make things worse for her… Instead she can summon him on court and directly question na… Now that she has Paddy’ s support..

  11. Naseema

    Being a Muslim I am unable to bear this serial what nonsense is this its not the correct way to prove gilanis innocence . Every officer is culprit ? What is directors opinion , director Saab please don’t show religious imbalances we may belong to Muslim community but we are Hindustani

  12. Swa

    Everything happened because of swadhinata. she imagined everything now. how come she didn’t imagine aravinds group as terrorists when she met . Even radhika warned. Now she got all the powers or what. What happened to her intelligence at that time.

  13. Yogi

    Swadhinata runs behind sinhaa family she leaves the terrorists but she won’t spare culprit. Terrorists are simply killing the innocent we can leave them. But the system should be in place lovely logic director Saab hats off

  14. shnaakht

    o wow ….today’s episode was good…finally sadhin got the reallity of her fatherin law. …now we Will she how she prove this to all her family members n in court too…n really good job paddy…keep it up swadhu…i like u.

  15. Natalya

    I take keen interest I legal stuff and I have been watching this show. This show is awesome. I in the past have often wondered how some cases in the real world are cracked so easily and the clues and evidences are found so easily by officials. Do they always convict the correct person.

  16. swadheenta

    but i think now swadhu have to leave the sinha house and may be swadarsh get divorced. because swadhu have to tell the court about allan broad and suhu tells if she done that the door of this house will be closed foreever! don’t know what’s going to be happen. is swadhu have enough proves to disclose manohar so early? really being hopeless about dehleez now! don’t know what will happen to swadarsh! any idea goldie, nb?

  17. swadarsh fan

    amazing serial . great show and thank god she consulted suhasini. swadheenta is a good lawyer. manohar is doing wrong and jaidev shud speak up . i love the proceedings in the court. suhasini is thinking too much about abhay’s death and is not able to see the truth . totally love it. this is how court functions exatly.

  18. Aritri


    |Registered Member

    What a cheap man is that manohar!! How can he support his sons criminal just to safeguard him and his so called shitty system?!!! Even jaidev is a cheap!! He loved his brother so much nd what is he doing now??!!

    In his last breath abhay took asads name.. Now may be it is clear to jaidev what his brother wanted to say abt asad… So How can he now support manohar in his crime…
    Adarsh has become a joker now.. He has no work to do other than telling swadheenta to leave the case and make faces..

  19. swadheenta

    i don’t understand why swadhu goes to suhu to tell about mano without any soolid prove! they only have the ideas that mano and the cm has a link with broad. but they have not yet get a definite prove against mano that will prove he made the statement. how could she think suhu will believe her so easily?

  20. pac

    Swadhu only solid proof..Directors and srcipt writers have no logic. The serial is quite flawed in my opinion. In real life, a character like swadhu will just be eliminated, truth buried and life moves on…

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        Tru in such a case where everyone s right where thy r but no one can see the truth ,trust love promises everything takes a if adarsh says to her trust me my dad s not wrong n if she doesnt trust him s he wrong in not trusting swad .only solid proof from swad n jilani n mano case can solve the puzzle else this is going to leave us to watch distorted lives bcoz of bad circumstances.

  21. Neru

    sometime I think that why the hell the writers are making adarsh look like so much dumb?????!!!!!!!!

  22. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    I so remember banwarilal case wn swad directly goes as reporter nstarts asking question to leela thinking leela will spill the beans .swad s so naive n straightforwad.

    Same thing she has done today straightfwad sasuma ko jaake bata di baat (hope its not a dream).n same she said to yash n court we brother n sis r same we dont backstab samne se waar karte hain.

    Swad has attacked adarsh idol now hopefully to prove to swad that his idol s not wrong will start looking for facts.

  23. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Atleast someone in ths so called system s working .suraj. suraj s well informed than his boss.

    Swad coffee suraj ke saath hi peeni thee…?

  24. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    The way that inspector said that allan broad wanted to meet paddy i think allan broad s going to play double game with CM n manohar sinha.

  25. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    From the precap if its not a dream suhu appears to b frustrated n angry at herself bcoz as swad knows now that allan n mano have connection i.e adarsh will know that she prepared legal papers to free him.n so direct attack n his weak point swad ko ghar ke darwaze bandh. So that adarsh doesnt think further about allan issue.

    OMG ths family is so disgusting first father pretends he intiated enquiry on jilanis for his son n DIL n now suhu no hope left from any characters now.everyone s letting us down.

  26. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Swad u better collect proofs against mano else theres no difference between u n adarsh .as he was asking for proofs as u said jilanis r innocent n now ur blaming mano n he will ask for proofs ..

  27. Padu

    OMG today’s episode was so funny. The reporter gets every info at the tip of her fingertips meanwhile our IAS clown is still clueless about what’s going on. These comments here are so funny. Send paddy and swadhu to taliban and Isis. God I can’t stop laughing.

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      Tru ya swad r adarsh ne galat profession chuna atleast reporters hote to suhu case 2 dino mein nipta deti.

      • Padu

        Why is this show becoming into some art house show. Like who wants to be preached. They should have shown all these characters as evil or having shades from beginning. Suddenly manohar wants all that money. Suddenly adarsh becomes an idiot. It’s all a little too much. Just let the audience enjoy have some fun light moments. U turn the news on there’s always bad things going on at least when we turn tv for entertainment they can keep the subject light. That Allan broad sitting in jail in a 3 piece paisley suit and he has the clay water pot next to him so funny.

  28. Padu

    I think that script writer went to udta Punjab set and smoked some joints and got stoned. That’s why we had funeral for a week coz there was no writer around. By the time the show is over I think everyone would either be behind bars or dead. That’s why they don’t want to do season 2. Writer I don’t know if u doing coke, meth whatever go take another hit and come back and clean up this mess yo. What crap are we watching. No wonder those actors make the funny faces. They just saw the script so they are like noooo…

    • joey

      Yes Alan broad looks dashing and more well kept than other men in show ????…
      And why cant swadeenta get phone recordings. The writers can make it more real if they have already experimented with this theme. Haven’t got a clue what is Adarsh role. Alan broad is doing more work and sauve inside jail ????. Agree Padu ?

  29. Padu

    Harshad Arora if this prod house calls u for another job run like a mad person just not to ekta. Adarsh character was so nice and now he’s been massacred. We want to see adarsh get busy w swadhu but they are just busy fighting.

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        Nb everyone s just having fun by commenting here nothing against actors r what choices thy make .as cvs have leftt no choice but to entertain ourselves ?

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      Padu it seems harshad did not learn a lesson to b honest i watched beintehaa may1st 20 episodes but cld not watch it further no doubt both harshad n the girl were gud chemistry .but story was pathetic.n both dehleez n beentehaa r frm same prodtn house.

      • nb

        It is unfair to blame the actors. Only few superstars can dominate the writers/ diectors. Please. We can comment on their acting abilities though. We shd comment about Adarsh’s character not Harshad’s , I feel.

  30. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Only proof that swad can show to adarsh now( if she knows) that suhu n mano n jai involved n freeing allan.

    • radhika

      Why SWA doesn’t need any proof. Everyone should accept what she is saying. Serial is running with her imagination. She forgets silly things that asad is yash informer but she imagines everything.

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        See now asad being informer makes no sense as even if swad testifies principal that asad was one of the informer no oneexcept abhay n yash knows it was actually asad who provided the lead n yash s lying so he can also say asad did not give any info although he was informeer

      • radhika

        Goldie till now she didn’t use any proof for what she is saying and almost she reached to end. Obviously this make sense. Master brain didn’t identity terrorists in front of there now proving everything isn’t it ridiculous

  31. Sanjay kumar Bhattachary

    Why Adarsh don’t know the truth of his father and brother ! At least he should support his wife in solving this case. After all he is Robin Hood. I really start hate that show and stop watching it from today.

  32. swadheenta

    i am counting the day when it going to be end! i am also fed up from this show but i want to see how they end the show? adarsh really made me hopeless! only one week!

    • Swati

      Educated people cannot accept this kind of imaginations. We thought this is different from routine serials. But this is worse than that. Directed introduced lovely plot he can take some more time to prove jilanis innocence but not with swa imagination. Imagine if a terrorist opens his mouth next moment he will die in the jail. Sandhya serial is better than this. Here only showcasing the failure of officers and gov. Don’t you think can any ias officer sit like Adarsh

    • radhika

      Really its funny. Initially sushasini showcased as a lawyer like ramjethmalani. For a petty non profitable case she sent SWA for investigation. Now such a big case she won’t even think. Simply believes yash isn’t it awaful. How come our robinhood turned as cry baby.

  33. nb

    Firstly, all suiting is over, hence there is no use in asking cvs for changes. Anyway they dont listen to viewers I think.
    Secondly, it is not possible for Swad to collect all details by herself. It wld look unreal also. She used Paddy nicely to get the clues though. It is unreal that Paddy gets all clues i one day looking at laptop or talking to Broad. If these are available on net, all can have that.
    Thirdly, from how many angles Adarsh’s character is going to be raped cvs. His asst. is a part of the enquiry and he does not know? Inefficient boss or what. After knowing about enquiry, he does not ask for report or further details also. Showing him as dumb, or mama’s boy.
    Many more to come.
    Look, when a show you love looses its track all these negative thinking comes to mind. If the show is balance, you will try to overlook the minor mistakes.

  34. nb

    It is unfair Goldie to balme on Swadheenta for Adarsh’s failure. I think she is right all the way.
    Also, Suhasini has shown faith til lnow on Manohar even if she has started doubting something fishy. Once she knows the truth, I think, she will blast everybody.

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      No one s blaming anyone for adarsh failure but does he not have the rite to ask for proof against mano. Thats why i said she better b rdy with proof n if she can find out suhu helping in geeing allan swad needs to do nothing .adarsh himself was against freeing allan

  35. nb

    What is this message todya. “You are commenting too early. Slow down.” and te page crashes. Are they not interested in our comments. If so, it is OK.

  36. nb

    Whatever any body can say, this show was far far better and logical than other shows in SP. Only becoz it has to wind up on 26 June, hence the cvs have lost their way a bit.

  37. nb

    Swadheenta, the lioness, please dont be afraid of the Sinha family. Today u will be gheraoed by them all. Fight it out my brave girl.

  38. nb

    If Adarsh is not helping and u need help at this time call your Madrasi friend, (name I forgot). Out of jealousy this fellow may come forward.

  39. vidya

    pls dont end dehleez very soon i love the show
    ……i love swadeentha, adarsh, suhasini, abhay…

  40. shekhar

    Every date of a criminal trial case take at least 3 months in trial court, and a tv serial is vised in a tight time frame. So why, in a serial many occurence can not be described in its lawful sequence, only output can be picturised as we saw see in dramatic meeting of paddy and broad. How paddy managed a meeting with broad has been left , how broad has been allowed to meet a journalist , from where and how she got info of transfer of money in account of Mano and Choudhari , has been left on viewers imagination. Living legend MG could not being helpful to every one, but his photo on currency is being helpful , make the tedious process easy. Do not blame director fixed in a time frame, and enjoy the superb acting of SWA , Suha, Jaya eyc.

  41. swadheenta

    hey i have heard that very soon jaydev will tell the truth to suhasini! i have seen a photo in the fb too! i guess it will happen in next 2or 3episodes. waiting for the reaction of suhu after knowing the truth!

  42. Usha

    Yes i agree with u nb. Now a days we are seeing adarsh, jai, jaya and everyone els are so dumb. They just limited to few festures. Some times they dont evn had dialogues. Itz bexause of the cut off the time limit
    As it is finite serial, we cont expect much from every character. Earlier adarsh and swadheenta are the lead characters untill they fall in luv and making it a relation. Slowly adarsh position became limited. He just remained as a shadow. If every character given dialigues and do their best by involving themselves in case study of jilani’s it will take long time to get the case to hearing. Due to time limitation factor everyone given a chance to appear on the screen with no dialogue. If time was not a limitating factor, everyone would have given good on screen performance. Thatz why we are missing jiya re too. We may here jiya re only once in the final episode. We may not expect swadarsh scenes too. Honestly saying, itz Really tough to carry the total content of the story without getting criticism in limited episodes. Guys have you seen 2states movie?? Did u find all the story written in the novel ?? If the durector of 2 states Movie thought of showing all the content of novel in his movie, it wud hav become serial not a 2 hrs movie. So based on limitating factors, itz not possible to give the characters show their performance. Lets ready to c how suhasini screams at swadheenta. Poor girl.

  43. shekhar

    After a long time a girl has been seen who speak with her eyes, can convey any message with expressive face. How fantastically Paddy has been treated by SWA in her own office is a scene to be enjoy. How YASH has been challenged at court door step which made him so much irritate that MANO has to committ a great mistake by planting fake evidence and SWA ride over that raid and reached to core of whole incident and put all SINHAs just over the exit of a volcano!

    • Swa

      Only Gilanis family should be saved. No need to think about the innocent people who died. No need to think of terrorist who did the blasts and who will in future. Yash lied he deserves punishment mano is culprit he needs punishment. Aravind can be free

  44. aahana

    Swad is nt imagining she z using basic logic to solve this case working on possibilities. But somewhere this show is illogical like how can a reporter is allowed to meet a (now declared)terrorist and he then feels paddy the truth?
    Swad shd tell adarsh abt the raid and her observations then adarsh will definitely help her but she directly went to suhu to accuse mano n DT too without any proof.
    She could have collected proofs against mano then confronted him in court.
    I dnt kno y adarsh suhu r sleeping in this case!!
    Sry for long comment. Hey guys m new in d comment box. Was a silent reader earlier .now the show can’t get a good ending I wish jai speaks up in d court!!

  45. Samina

    Anyway I hate the serial , finally it ends blaming Hindus first of all we should know who is the main reason for the bomb blast simply leaving the culprits and blaming sinias ias , ips , army are the main pillars to india , they get respect all over the world except in dahleez this is my last review and even I won’t see written episode also it is the master mind of the director to blame ……

  46. Sweety

    Oh! Swadheenta, why did you tell Suhasini about Manohar. Don’t forget that you live with Sinha family.

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