Dehleez 17th April 2016 Written Episode Update


April 17th Episode
The Episode starts with Ramakrishnan is waiting for Adarsh and sees the time. Jeevan is doing yoga. Adarsh comes there and wishes him. He asks him why are you late,and Adarsh asks excuses. Then Ramakrishnan teaches about namaskaram steps in Bharanatyam. He tells Jeevan to do it and asks Adarsh to watch it carefully.
Then he asks Adarsh to do the same. But Adarsh struggles to do the steps. Then Jeevan starts doing slowly and again Adarsh struggles to do Namaskaram steps. Then Ramakrishnan goes. Adarsh write 12 days in the whiteboard and informs Jeevan that is his target. He goes to his position and starts doing Bharanatyam and he falls often, but he tries again and again bravely.

Then he thinks about Swadeenta and does the steps without falling. The time hits 2′ and Ramakrishnan asks Adarsh to go as the time is over. Manohar asks about Adarsh

to Jaidev and Adarsh arrived there and says I’m here only. Jaidev and Adarsh lies to Manohar. Then he goes. Jaidev asks about classes and Appreciate Adarsh that he can do well and Adarsh thanks him.

In college, Radhika is drinking coffee alone and Asad watching her from far. Th n they both walk together and he talks to her. Then suddenly yash comes between them an drags Radhika and tells Asad that we are going out.

In Mamu’s house, Mami is serving samosas to everyone. Swadeenta asks about Adarsh classes and worries. Then she sees 12 days in whiteboard. Jeevan tells,Swadeenta that it is academy fest in 12 days, why is Adarsh is in hurry? He is strange.

In Adarsh house, Abhay and Jaidev gives books to Adarsh and ask him to do Bharanatyam practice in front of them. He does all the steps perfectly and they claps for them. Jaya looks on them from the door and doubts. Jaidev comes to his room and Jaya asks him what’s going on don’t lie to me. He then tells her Adarsh loves Swadeenta not Vanshika and tells whole story to her. She is,shocked hearing this and jaidev goes to sleep.

In Mamu’s house, Asad is kidding Swadeenta by doing bharanatyam. She says to him that If Suhasini comes to know about Adarsh learning Bharatnatyam what will,she do.

Adarsh is in pain. His legs are aching. Suhasini comes to his room to give tea. She sees the book” learn Tamil in a month” which gave by Abhay. He excuses. She tells him Swadeenta is also tamil and tells him that her engagement also happening soon and yours also. She smiles and goes. Adarsh is worried.

Precap: Adarsh and Swadeenta in her home. Some one rings the bell. Swadeenta opens the door and shocked seeing Suhasini there.

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Awesome epi . Swadheenta is goin to confess her feelings to Adarsh as per d promo’s.

    1. Yes yaar, excited to watch it.

  2. Thank you so much anu for the update

  3. OMG…Did anyone saw the new promo on TV . Swadheenta tells Adarash that she loves him in front of everyone

  4. Felt bad for Asad…

  5. kisise tum pyaar karo tu phir izhaar karo
    kahin na phir der ho jaaye x2

  6. Thanks Anu for the update!!!

  7. thanks for the update anu…

  8. Can you share the link of the promo..

  9. Nice one. Uff too much testosterone. Getting a man candy high. Dehleez boys are thinking girls man candy. They don’t just look hot but they make u smile from ear to ear. Asad and abhay twinkle in their eyes deserve a woot woot. Can’t get u out of mind boy ur luvn is all I think about. La la la la la..
    Prayers to the earthquake victims?

    1. Thanks for the pic ya happiness in adhus yes so cute.

  10. Can anyone share the link to the video promo… I really wanna see this.. Waiting for the episode anyway…

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