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Dehleez 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arvind asking his friends to let Asad come, Asad also has a small role in this plan, go and open the door. He winds up the things. Asad comes inside and asks why did you take much time to open the door. The guys say we were studying for exams. Asad says exams come every year, but my sister’s marriage will be just once. He says you guys look tensed since few days. The guys make excuse. Arvind comes and says we will come in marriage and make a blast, we will enjoy for sure. Asad says he is my real brother, and laughs. He hugs Arvind.

Jaya gets ready and ties the back string. Jaidev comes there and helps her. Music plays……………… Jaya smiles and gets glad. Jaidev leaves. She turns and looks for him. Suhasini comes office. Swadheenta greets her and says I thought you

will be busy at home, so I came office to manage work, is that okay with you. Suhasini says yes, that’s fine, you are part of family now, this office is yours too, no need of permission. Swadheenta says thanks, I will manage appointments and hearings for some days. Suhasini says that’s sweet, I will get some time with Simmi at home, take my time table from Dubey, I have to take some book for reference. She goes.

Swadheenta stops her and says I want your help in some case. Suhasini asks what case, Dubey knows I don’t handle divorce case. Swadheenta says this case is different, it has some critical medical condition, a woman has a weak heart and her husband wants to give her divorce. Suhasini says that’s disgusting, such cases run for long. Swadheenta insists. Suhasini says take an appointment, call them tomorrow and let me know. She goes.

Swadheenta meets Adarsh, Abhay and Simmi and tells them about the fake story she made. Adarsh asks will this work, what if plan backfires. She says we will manage. She tells Simmi that she studied law, she learnt that when everything fails, just truth works. I know its not easy for you, but truth never backfires. Simmi says I also want mom and dad to know this truth before baby is born. Swadheenta asks her not to worry and rest at home, everything will be fine. Simmi thanks her. Abhay and Simmi leave.

Swadheenta asks Adarsh what is he seeing. He says I felt no one believes truth more than me, but I was wrong, your belief on truth is more strong, when I can’t decide on anything or get afraid to say truth, you become rock solid like this and support me. She says don’t worry, I m always with you.

Its night, Jaya sees Jaidev upset and asks what happened, why are you worried. He says nothing, just like that. She says Swadheenta is a smart girl, she will think well before doing things. He says I don’t know how will mom and dad react. She says I know, like Swadheenta said its good to face truth soon. He says maybe, I just hope everything gets fine. She holds his hand and says everything will be fine. He looks at her. She says its not necessary to keep things in heart always, we can share things sometimes.

Its morning, Suhasini surprises Ahuja. He sees Suhasini and Manohar. He greets them. Manohar says you got shagun for us one year ago, and today we got shagun, its our turn. Suhasini says baby is big happiness. Ahuja welcomes them. She congratulates Ahuja. Ahuja thanks him. She says no need to say anything, all bitterness of one year went away in a moment, you spoiled Simmi a lot, she does not eat healthy food, I will scold her a lot in these nine months for her and baby’s health, you don’t feel bad. Ahuja smiles. Suhasini says we will go now, we have to shop for Simmi and baby, we have to do many arrangements. They leave. Ahuja gets worried.

Jaya tells Suhasini that Simmi is not drinking soup. Suhasini goes to Simmi and asks here to drink soup. Simmi says I don’t like soup, I feel uneasy since morning. Abhay says Simmi is fine. Suhasini asks Abhay to call doctor at home, I have to help Swadheenta in some case, I will go for an hour and come. Swadheenta calls Suhasini and says client will reach till 4pm. Suhasini says yes, I m reaching.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta do you feel everything will be fine. She kisses on his cheek and says everything will be fine, don’t worry. They smile. Jiya…..plays………….Suhasini comes there for the meeting. Manohar comes. Suhasini asks how did you come here. Manohar says Jaya told me you are here, so I thought I will pick you for shopping. Suhasini says yes, time won’t get wasted, where is your client Swadheenta. Abhay is on call and tells Swadheenta that client is on call. Suhasini says why on phone, I came here for meet. Swadheenta says I will put it on speaker, talk once.

Manohar and Suhasini hear Abhay. Abhay says Mam, I know you don’t take divorce case, I want to give divorce to my wife, I want to say why I wish this. Suhasini asks him to say. Abhay says I married by going against my mom. She says every house has same story. He says I told the girl I can’t marry without my parents’ wish, I went to tell that girl, I got to know her heart is weak, I loved her a lot and had to marry her same day, I could tell this to my mom and dad, my mom loves me a lot, since one year, mom did not spoke to me well. She asks him to talk to parents clearly, do they stay on same house. He says we stay in same house, but we are not together, some days ago, I got to know my wife is pregnant.

Abhay says I have seen my mom and dad so happy for the first year, I felt the year’s bitterness is getting less, but I m afraid to think what will happen when they know the truth. Suhasini realizes its Abhay on the call and looks at Swadheenta. Abhay says I broke their trust once, and don’t want to break their trust again, so I decided to give divorce to my wife….

Suhasini gives phone to Swadheenta and asks where is Abhay…. Manohar gets shocked. Swadheenta signs he is here…. Swadheenta takes them to Abhay. Suhasini and Manohar see Abhay.

Arvind shows the bomb hidden in the tyre and asks his friends to fit this tyre in scooter, and park it at the spot. The guy asks but whose scooter it will be. Arvind says its Asad’s scooter….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Atlast got jaya jayadev scene….. Hope they bring a wonderful bonding…..

  2. This terrorist track is boring……

  3. wowhhhh sooi fast update…….thnxxxxxxx

  4. realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy today we got to knw about the epi so faaaaaast thnku amena didi……….i hope suhasini wont react too much nd forgive abhay so that swadhenta,s plan wont backfire


    I know friends are very selfish they only think about themselves…how can arvind be so rude and bad towards asad…he is doing very bad…..
    Good to see that suhasini got to know about simmi

  6. The epsiode was great but the next episode I don’t know. I think everyone will blame Asad for the bomb blast because of the scooter maybe. No.

  7. realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy today we got to knw about the epi so fast……i hope suhasini wont react too much nd forgive abhay so that swadhenta,s plan wont backfire

  8. Some spoilers said that the marriage won’t be happening. I hope it’s not true. Want them to be together. I wish this serial doesn’t turn out to be like the other ones

  9. Episode was good loved it

  10. hi atlast ABHAY tells his love story and his wife health condition also … to day

    the best actor AWARD GOES TO MR.. ABH AY SINHA…IPS………


    tomorrow abhay turn … asad will be traped by his frs …they fit the bomb in asad’s scooter … asad will be victimized …. now abhay as a ips officer he will help him

  11. this drama is short and sweet …… swadheentha is the best bahu as well as a very good lawyer…..

  12. Thanks Amena di dor fast update,.?
    The episode was awesome except the Precap.Jaya n Jaidev’s relation is getting better..Jaya is becoming a support for Jaidev..Looks like Jaidev starts understanding Jaya..Their scenes were awesome..

    Swadharsh scene was as usual awesome..The way swadhu kissed on his cheeks was so cute.They both are having similarities in thoughts..Just like how both truts in truth very much..Loved swadhu’s words..i will be always with you..

    Swadhu’s idea was quite good..Abhay is really a very good husband also a son..He married her without the permission of his parents just because her health..Simmi is also very innocent.She is so lovely…Ahuja too..I loved the way Abhay confessed everything to his mom.The way she directly asked..where is Abhay..Hope everything will be fine soon..
    Asad’s other friends are good .They atleast cares about him.This Aravind is the problem.He is so heartlesss.Jo ladka who helped them for doing everything,He is trying to kill him.I wish that Aravind will die.I hope Asad will be fine.?
    Swadharsh rockzzz..So sad that Dehleez is gonna end soon..?

  13. Hi all, nice episode. Finally jayadev sensing that he is doing wrong by ignoring jaya. Children always expected to listen to their parents. But when the decision of parents involves someone else’s life, children has to listen to their heart not to parents. Jayadev loved shikha. But his marraige was done with jaya. Now he is realising that the penaly is being paid by jaya for his helpless decision nodding head to mom’s wish. Till date jayadev not even treated jaya as a frnd. But now he realIsing his mistake. Who waits now a days for those many yrs like jaya?? He came to know what he did and doing with jaya is wrong. He was shown he realised a little earlier than expected.☺ good to see them.
    Abhay action is petty good. Showed two shades, a caring and loving husband and a son who respects parents. He expressed his agony how badly he crushed in two roles a caring husbsnd and a pet son to mom. To be honest, Swadarsh scenes not much good when compared to abhay confession and jayadev realisation. Rhyming good??
    As expected asad will get trapped. But i guess no harm will done to asad as radhika character is there. I guess that he wil caught the terrorists and everyone wil salute him. If it happend this way everyone will feel gud. Let us c what they will show us .

    Suhasini slowly getting to accept the facts..
    She may thanks swadheenta for getting the truth before her eyes.

    Thank you ameena for fast update and guys nice to c posts.

  14. This terrorist attack will separate swadarsh asad will be in jail cause the scooter was asad’s. So swadhu will do something to realese her brother jaiya scene was nice. Terroist is boring

  15. i just want to talk about asad…as we knw for nw its showing dt asad as a i m sure aftr this terrorist track asad,ll bcm the i thinking in pre epi why did asad say 1day he,ll nvr cm back!!!what does it mean… as usual nyc cmnt usha

  16. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Abhay scene was so emotional … acting was also superb

  17. The sinha boys brought the house down today. All three had good performance but it was abhay’s turn to shine today and that’s what I like about this show is that no one tries to upstage the other and steal their thunder. A little hip hop for these boys to chase away my Monday blues…
    U make me wanna say oh oh oh oh oh my gosh, check check check it out, saxxy from the head to toe. A little usher for the sinha brothers who have got their swagga on. Won’t mind seeing them in Dehleez part deux in the not so distant future.

  18. A little shout out to ms tc who has handled her haters in a classy way. That’s how u crash and burn them by taking the high road. Social media is evil sometimes. Burn zuckerberg just my opinion.
    The sinha bahus also rocked the crib today. I dedicate Cristina fighter few lines
    After all u put me thru, u think I’d despise u but in the end I wanna thank u coz u’ve made me that much stronger.
    Ms tc please get a stylist and palazzo pants belong in burn bin esp when u have a banging body. Peace out.

  19. Nice episode .swadhu ur great and good acting by abhay . swadarsh sciences r awesome .jaya and jaydev cute. And my question is why they r not showing any function fr swadarsh.. Mehanthi func ,sangeet……etc…..

  20. abhay’s acting, jaidev and adarsh’s acting and hindi is way better than swadeentha..She seems pretty monotonous nowadays, using” mathlab” a ton times..A pretty face without acting abilities wont last for long..

  21. overall epi was superb except the bomb track

  22. Priya shivakumaar

    Please get asaad’s friends caught by adarsh.let suhasini n manohar welcomes swadeentha.jaya n jaidev should slowly come closer to each other.jaidev must open up his heart to jaya n fall in love with her

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