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Dehleez 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arvind talking to some group member. The man says Indian army has kept some people in every college. He says I will be careful, why did you not tell this to me before, anyways I will end call, someone has come. He wears the wig and opens the door. Asad and others come. Asad tells about the movie, it was full of romance, good story and music, you should have come. Arvind says next time.

Asad gets Mamu’s call. Mamu says principal called, Yash would have met you. Asad says I will be coming home soon. He tells his friends that he has to leave, dad is calling and leaves. Arvind tells his friends about people in college planted to catch them, someone will be there in their college too, be alert, we don’t know who got this work in our college.

Asad calls Mamu and says

yes, I met Yash, I don’t know such men, everyone seem to be nice, they don’t look like terrorists, I will inform Yash if I get any clue. Arvind asks his friends to go college from tomorrow and work for their mission

Adarsh and Swadheenta have a talk about Simmi’s state. He says Abhay did not tell mom, as we did not know how will mom react. She says situation can be same after many years too, if truth is hidden, there will be fear, I will talk to Abhay. She tells Abhay that love increases by sharing and pain gets less, if you tell this to parents, it will be good, else they will be hurt, say this truth to Suhasini and Manohar please….. Abhay looks at Adarsh.

Abhay rushes to doctor, and gets tensed seeing everyone. Manohar asks doctor did Simmi get conscious. He says yes, some reports have come and some are pending, she is expecting. Everyone get surprised. Ahuja and Abhay worry. Suhasini says its wonderful news, Ahuja is reacting as if its bad news. Ahuja says yes, its great news, congrats. Suhasini asks can we meet Simmi. Doctor says sure. Suhasini hugs Abhay and congratulates him. Manohar hugs Ahuja and congratulates.

Simmi recalls Abhay’s words and cries. Everyone surround her in the ward. She looks at the family. Suhasini says everything is fine, doctor told us everything…… Simmi gets thinking. Abhay says nothing to worry, Simmi you are fine. Suhasini says there is no tension, congrats Simmi for your baby. Abhay says yes, you are expecting Simmi. Simmi cries. Suhasini asks why are you crying, doctor said you fainted by pregnancy stress, everything will be fine. Doctor asks Simmi how is she. Simmi says I m fine. Doctor says I must say Swadheenta got Simmi on right time, Swadheenta dealt well with the situation. He asks Ahuja to come and talk to him, and asks everyone to let Simmi rest. Everyone go. Simmi stops Abhay and says I need to talk to you.

Abhay asks what. Simmi says you knew it always. He asks what. She says I got to know everything, when hospital receptionist called you, I got that call after call divert, my reports…. I got to know everything that my heart is weak. She cries and says I don’t understand, shall I live in fear and think whether I can bring this baby in the world or not. He asks her not to worry, you have to take good care, Ahuja and I are here, we all are here to take care of you. She asks who we? Who else knows about my heart condition? Ahuja comes there. He says you are my daughter, be strong, your husband is with you. Abhay says don’t worry, Papa and I are here with you, I will go and meet doctor. He goes. Simmi tells Ahuja that she has to meet Swadheenta.

Abhay asks Adarsh what did doctor say. Adarsh says we have to tell mom and dad about Simmi’s condition. Abhay says Simmi got to know everything, she may have fainted by that hospital receptionist call who told her about her heart condition. Ahuja tells Swadheenta that Simmi wants to meet you. Swadheenta goes to Simmi and says you will get fine soon, will you not say anything. Simmi holds her hand and says I always tried to fail you, defame you, insult you, and even then you have helped me, I m really sorry. I regarded you my enemy and you have…. Swadheenta says we are family, such small things happen, situation is wrong, but people, we should tell truth to Suhasini and Manohar. Simmi says I m afraid, no…. don’t know how will they react. Swadheenta says nothing will happen, you should tell truth. She thinks to tell Simmi’s truth to Suhasini anyhow, but how. Simmi thinks to clear bitterness from Suhasini’s heart for Swadheenta.

Everyone get Simmi home. Suhasini stops Simmi and calls servant. She gets the aarti plate and asks Abhay and Simmi to stand together, are you surprised, I had annoyance with your marriage, as you lied to me and hidden a lot of things, I can’t bear when a family member lies to me, but a new member is coming, lets forget everything and make a new start.

She does tilak to Simmi and tilak, and then their aarti. Everyone smile. She asks Jaya to be careful of Simmi’s diet. Abhay takes Simmi to room. Simmi says the day mom knows what we are hiding, what will happen. He asks her not to take tension, he will think of something.

Swadheenta comes home. Mamu asks where were you, your phone was not connecting. She says phone was dead, sorry, I was at hospital, Simmi was hospitalized, she is pregnant. Amma says great, this is good news. Mami says we should meet them and congratulate. Swadheenta thinks to tell Suhasini about Simmi, but what to do that Suhasini accepts truth.

Suhasini asks Manohar shall we go temple today evening. He asks why. She says you are saying as if I m nastik. He says I m not saying that, I did not see you so happy before. She says when I heard this news, I did not know I was waiting for this news so eagerly. He asks her to relax at home. She says I have to go office too, Simmi is expecting, there is lot to be done, see you in evening.

Arvind tells his friends to prepare for D day, there should be no mistake that day. Door bell rings. The guy says Asad would have come, he comes daily to timepass. Other guy says don’t open the door, if he calls, tell him we are not here. Arvind says let him come, Asad has a small role in this plan too.

Swadheenta tells Simmi and Abhay that when every plan fails, just truth wins. She calls Suhasini saying client is reaching. Adarsh asks Swadheenta do you think this will work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanx for d fast update Amena…….

  2. finally….this crap is ending

  3. Thanks Amena di for the update.?

  4. Nice simmi n swadhu together the whole sinha family is nice except suhasini . but asad is getting into a big problem I hope marriage n baki sab Kuch theek se ho jaye…

  5. uff thnx amena di dt u cm back give us fast update…yesterday i miss u update

  6. At last simmi came to her senses

  7. thnk u amena di for ur fast update…wowh finally simmi also becm the team of jaya jaydev abhay… nw i m sure vansikha will create new problms….nd u knw guys i read dt manohar nd suhasini release allan board for their swadhi,ll fyt

  8. Instead of dehleez going offair if they change its time slot channel will get better trp . when will they end sns and other shows which are there from many years .

  9. nd u knw most gd nws is when swadhi,ll fyt against manohar adarsh support her as well as……suhasini tells her about good thing bt nw she is supporting her husband for their popularity…kick on her goodness

  10. I wait till 11 to see this update . I love this serial alot

  11. Simmi and positive role wow writer kamal kiya. Only suhaaini in not good by the do you all think swadhu will succed in telling simmi condition

  12. hey where,s usha today?????i m missing her

    1. Hi aliya, yesterday i haven’t seen the serial. Or else i wud have posted the comment. Nice episode. Its nice to see simmi realised and decided to stand to support swadheenta. in sinha family everyone have positive opinion about swadheenta. Now simmi too joined in that group. Manohar and suhasini has to realise. I cudnt able to guess the reason why suhasini cont able to accept swadheenta when she can able to accept simmi. Simmi is school drop out and her father is not a good person. Still she accepted her as bahu of sinha family
      Suhasini accepted her not upon hearing that simmi is pregnant. She accepted her long ago. Itz shown in the serial that adarsh and suhasini does shopping in a mall where suhasini buys more dresses for simmi compared to jaya. She told that she felt those looks good for simmi. It making me sense that suhasini has difference with status. So she can able to accept simmi.
      As all the family members r supporting swadheenta, we can see Swadarsh together no matter wht the plans suhasini made to separate Swadarsh. I wish to see jaya jayadev together. I expect jayadev to realise and start new life together. The blast wil give a new turn to jaya jayadev’s relation. Asad poor guy. He will be trapped. I guess there wudnt be no more vanshika scenes. Let us watch. If they incl vanshika scenes story will be dragged. Since there is no much time left for this serial, i guess they wudnt play unnecessary roles in the serial.

      Hav a grt day guys.

  13. Glad to read Simmi is not in a negetive character.
    Nice epi!

  14. Glad to read Simmi is not in a negetive character.
    Nice epi!
    There were no cute scenes of Swadheenta + Adarsh=Swadrsh

  15. Good episode. Everything was portrayed very realistically from hospital scene to suha doing arti for simmi. Abhay and simmi had some very nice heart touching scenes. Keeping fingers crossed Asad does not get into too much trouble. Thx for update Amina.

  16. This is what happening tonight on Dehleez:

    Arvind and his helpers will be planning a terror attack at Sinha house, on Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage day. There will be high voltage drama and action in their marriage. Asad would be trying to stop Arvind and others in their terror attempt. Asad’s character may end in this show.

    #MD. Hope this is not true.

  17. helo friends. today is my 19 th birth day

  18. ya ayushya u are right they need to change the time slot

  19. awh happy birthday arya adarsh… usha i think suhasini forced to accpt simmi cz abhay alrdy took her sinha house as his wife so suha had no option without accpting bt swadarsh part is differ cz they r nt married still so she is trying to stop swadhi

    1. I agree with u that suhasini has no option as abhay and simmi got married. But she never shown any discrimination between jaya n simmi. When it comes to simmi, Suhasuni tried to keep simmi in discipline. Who can bear simmi when she tried to make sinha family get insult by making Swadarsh affair learned by bundelas. At that point suhasini warned ahuja not to involve adarsh vanshika marriage. She hasn’t made simmi not to involve in engagement preparations. When we compare both simmi and swadheenta, we can sense that suhasini show ing difference. Itz because, suhasini cont able to digest adarsh going against her wish of marrying vanshika.
      Wt ever we assume, no matter. Suhasini will realise soon.

  20. yeah usha ur every point is vryy true…..infact i think this witch suhasini even dont lyk swadhi without useless hope 1day she,ll the 2nd strongest supporter of swadheenta

  21. Kitni Buri Bat hai Dehleez

  22. Cant beliebe this show is ending.
    They didnt rven give this show a genuine chance by giving it sn earlier slot. Even i have to record it every day because it is on too late

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