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The Episode starts with Swadheenta introducing Jeevan. Mami says Jeevan is Swadheenta’s fiancé, they will be married in few days. Adarsh gets shocked. Swadheenta looks at him. Adarsh gets upset and shaken up. Swadheenta’s dad says we came Delhi for two things, Jeevan will participate in Bharatnatyam festival, he will win too, that evening Jeevan and Swadheenta will get engaged. Mamu asks Swadheenta to ask Adarsh for tea. Adarsh says no thanks, I have imp meeting, any other day, bye…. He goes. She says I will just come and goes after Adarsh. She stops him. She says I thought many times to tell you, but could not. He asks who is Jeevan.

She says Appa’s best student, Appa always wanted me to marry his best student. He asks and you? She says I just wanted to become lawyer, when I told Appa

that I want to become a lawyer, he allowed me, but on a condition, that I will never have any boyfriend, I have to marry Jeevan, I promised Appa that it will happen as he wants. He says you did not answer me, what did you want. He wipes his tears seeing her Appa coming. Appa asks for rehearsal room keys. Mamu says I have keys, I cleaned room for Jeevan. She gives keys to Jeevan and sends him.

Swadheenta sees Adarsh and goes. Adarsh stops hearing the music. Appa trains Jeevan. Adarsh goes upstairs to see them. He sees Jeevan performing Bharatnatyam. Swadheenta comes there. Adarsh asks will you marry him. She says Jeevan is not so bad, he was dude in school, all girls liked him, he is big businessman in Chennai and is Bharatnatyam dancer too, Appa’s best student. Appa asks Adarsh did you not go till now. Adarsh says I was going, your student dances well. Appa says he is my best student, this time our academy will win in dance festival, Jeevan will win.

Jaidev and Abhay bring Simmi home. Suhasini asks what happened to Simmi. Abhay says Simmi went to her dad’s house, She fainted, Ahuja took her to hospital, I reached there and called Jaidev. Suhasini asks Simmi is she fine. Simmi nods. Jaidev says no need to worry, doctor said she needs rest, Abhay take her to room. Abhay takes her. Suhasini asks is Simmi just tired or is there any good news. Jaidev says nothing like that. Suhasini asks Jaidev and Jaya when are they giving good news, Manohar asks us, we need to see grand children in this house. Jaidev says mom… Jaya says very soon…. She smiles and holds Jaidev’s hand. Suhasini leaves. Jaidev asks why are you showing dreams. Jaya says if we both lose hope, relation will end. He says if relation is not there, how will it form.

Abhay asks Simmi to take care. She asks him what happened to me. He says you had some stress, you will be fine. He asks her to rest and says love you. She says love you too. He goes. Jaidev asks Abhay why does he not tell Simmi’s heart condition at home. Abhay says Simmi is sensitive, I can’t tell anyone, Simmi should not get any shock or stress, that’s why I stood against mom to support Simmi, doctor said she can get fine. Adarsh comes. They ask him did he talk to Swadheenta. Adarsh says Swadheenta has her fiancé. Jaidev says it means she loves someone else. Adarsh says no, she just loved law, she does not know whats love, I m thinking what now, I had courage to express feelings, I will not lose so easily. Abhay and Jaidev support him.

Asad is rehearsing with the other girl. Radhika and Yash come there. Asad looks on and gets jealous. A girl slaps his friend. Asad turns to see his other friend falling. He gets tensed seeing Yash and Radhika dancing well. Asad leaves the girl and she falls down. He says sorry. She leaves angrily. Radhika and Asad look at each other. Yash smiles. Asad leaves from there.

Swadheenta comes to college and meets Asad. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to pick you up, why are you upset. He says I m fine. She gives him aam papad. He says I will drive scooty. She says you love Radhika right, come sit. He asks why did you get this question, there is something, your Amma Appa came and you came to pick me from college, whats the matter. She says nothing, Jeevan also came with Amma Appa. He asks what, Lord save me, my ears are sensitive. She asks him to drive, she has to think something. He asks what happened, tell me. Swadheenta tells Asad that Adarsh came, we have understanding, so I m sharing. He says right, tell me.

She says Adarsh proposed me. He asks what, Adarsh Sinha proposed you. He gets glad and thanks Lord for someone’s love story happening. She says no, there is no love story, I took him home and made him meet my parents and Jeevan. Asad asks what, you took him home to make him meet Jeevan, you are mad, mental, he proposed you…. She says don’t be overexcited, I had to tell you, Adarsh came and went, hopefully, he will never come back.

Mami asks Swadheenta to call her Appa and Amma for dinner. Swadheenta calls her Appa for dinner. He says he will eat after some time, just few mins for Rahukaal to end. Asad asks Mami for non veg. Mami says no non veg for two weeks. Jeevan joins them. Mamu comes and says great, hot jalebis and sweets, Asad will you try. Asad says no, I have cut down sweets quota. Mamu says I like sweets. Jeevan tells the data collected by his company about sweets consumption. Mamu says we have funda that if heart has sweetness, life is sweet. He asks Jeevan about data on food. Jeevan says yes, veg and non veg. Appa asks him to have food first. Jeevan asks Swadheenta how does Adarsh Sinha always help you and Asad. Asad says he is popcorn, he pops everywhere. Swadheenta looks on.

Swadheenta asks Adarsh to stop this madness. Adarsh says you have heard my crazy stories, there are two weeks time. Adarsh asks Appa can he teach him Bharatnatyam. Swadheenta looks on.

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