Dehleez 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh doing aid to Swadheenta’s hand. Jiya re…….plays……………….. She looks at him and tries to wipe his tear. He moves back and says get her well, what will you do, how many people will you and I stop, will you go against family, why can’t you see anything, don’t you trust me, if you trust me, understand one thing, if you fight this case for 30 years, you can’t get justice for Asad Gilani, all the evidence is against Haider and Asad, can’t you see, leave all this, everything will be finished, this house, family and this relation too. She goes out of balcony, and cries.

She recalls Asad thanking her for saving him from Mamu. She says I thought you are not lying, so I saved you. He says you are bond, but I did not tell you anything, how did you know I

m saying true. She says I m bond, I mean I know what you want and what you say. He hugs her and says I don’t need anyone if you are with me, if you leave supporting me, I will be alone. She says don’t be stupid, I will be with you always, promise. FB ends. She cries.

Constable tells Mamu that someone came to meet you. Mami sees Mamu’s bad state. They cry. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. He says don’t know, what is Lord’s will. She says you say, person will win after failing, if he does not lose hope. He says what win or lose, now when our Asad is not with us, he is with culprit’s tag. She says Asad was not a culprit, and even you are not, world will know this, our daughter is fighting for Asad, you and truth. He says don’t know what will happen in next 3 days, how will Swadheenta prove our Asad is innocent, and Arvind is real terrorist…..

Its morning, Suhasini and Adarsh talk to Yash at her office. Yash says I don’t know why Swadheenta is prolonging this case by this link of Arvind, my team was there, they did not see Arvind, no one has seen him, there was no one like Arvind. Adarsh says maybe Arvind was in crowd. Yash says sorry, just three terrorists were there, Ravi, Rajesh and Asad. Suhasini says Yash, humans can lie, but eyes can’t. Yash says I did not understand. Suhasini asks why was Swadheenta seeing you as if she doubts on you. He says I think pressure tactics, this is not applicable on me, I m commando and can handle pressure. Adarsh says you mean anyone else in your place would have told truth. Yash says I was also saying truth, its clear Swadheenta wants to proof Asad and Haider’s innocent, they are her loved ones. Adarsh says even Abhay was like her family. Yash says police reports…. She says I read all reports, I have to know whats not there in police reports, we have to check what happened on that night, someone has to visit the blast site again. Adarsh says this time I will go there.

Adarsh and Yash visit the blast site. They see Swadheenta and Radhika coming there. Yash says the market ruined after blast, this is the exact place where Abhay was shot. Adarsh cries and recalls taking Abhay from that place. Yash says that’s the place from where Asad shot Abhay and police encountered Asad. Suhasini calls Adarsh and says police report says when police caught Asad, Asad has shot Abhay, terrorists stood behind the wall and shot Abhay. Adarsh checks that wall and thanks Suhasini. He takes pics of the wall.

Swadheenta sees that wall and thinks. She asks Radhika to hide behind the wall and asks her to hold this stick as if its gun. She asks her to fire now. She sees Radhika’s hand. Radhika asks what happened. Swadheenta says I can see just one angle, this gun, that night police did not see that terrorist’s face, as terrorist used smoke bomb, it can’t be Asad, it was Arvind, I don’t know why police doubted Asad, but Asad did not shoot Abhay, it was Arvind.

Swadheenta says terrorist was hiding there making the wall as shield and was cross firing, where would he run from there, he would have run towards that building. Actual moments are shown. Swadheenta says then there was firing shots heard, police followed him and they got Asad there, I know it was not Asad, it was Arvind. Radhika says then who shot. Swadheenta says don’t know, why will he shoot and catch police’s attention, but how did Asad reach there. She thinks maybe I can see some answers blurred, and should put light on the pics and those people who were present here that night.

Radhika stops Adarsh and asks him to take Swadheenta home, I have to go home. Swadheenta says its okay, I will manage. Adarsh says if I knew Swadheenta was coming, I would have got you with me, its time waste what you are doing here, anyways you will do what you want, come. They leave. Yash tells Radhika that her dad knows she is here. He asks what are you doing here. She says for Asad, this is a fight to prove Asad innocent, this is my mission. He says mission of an army officer to prove a terrorist innocent. She says Asad is not a terrorist. He asks her not to be with Swadheenta. She says its good Asad had sister like Swadheenta, else he would have not got justice, Asad is terrorist, you will believe this too, Swadheenta will prove him innocent in court.

At home, Swadheenta changes and comes to sleep. Adarsh is annoyed with Swadheenta. He takes his pillow and gets away. He says we are married, I love you, it does not mean I m blind, do you still want to fight for them, I said right, this war is between us, you are not fighting for Abhay, the question is are you fighting for Abhay’s culprits and those terrorists, if you can do this, then I can keep our relation at stake for getting justice for my brother. He goes to sleep. She thinks my relation with you and this family will be same, even if you change the relation with me.

Swadheenta tells Yash that she will expose his truth. Minister tells Manohar that these records have enough proof for Haider and Asad’s innocence, the truth is force has shot an innocent guy assuming him to be terrorist. Manohar gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Asad died for no reason!
    they killed an innocent… dhat…
    but i don’t think Manohar will help Swadhi😕😕

  2. vai Adarsh tereko IPS kisne bana diya!😂
    uska kam to sirf bedroom main sona,lectures dena,aur tour tak hi simit hai..he should’ve trusted Swadhi😒😒

  3. A nice turning point in the story. The investigation done before was not proper and some concealed by army and special branch. I hope that the truth will be unearthed and Swadheenta wins the case.


  5. They will suppress the truth and try to railroad mamu making Freedom fight that much harder. After all this will she still trust Adarsh? She should leave him.

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