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Dehleez 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asad asking Arvind whom was he talking you. He says I felt you did not stammer. Arvind stammers and asks did I not stammer, its great thing. Asad says yes, tell me what is this spot and date matter. Arvind says nothing, I want beautiful spots of Delhi, I was thinking to keep photography exhibition, I was finding date. Asad says won’t you tell me to me, leave it, I will show Delhi spots, you will decide everything today. Arvind says sure. Asad says I will wait downstairs, come fast.

Asad and his friends chill outside. Arvind takes some pics. Swadheenta gives a tiffin to Adarsh. He says I was waiting since 20mins, whats this. She asks him to open it and see. He says it smells good, wow, biryani, did you make this. She says no, neighbor. He asks how does she look. She asks him

to have biryani. He says its very tasty. She asks really, seriously? He says yes. She says I m learning to cook well. He asks did you meet mom. She says yes, it was awkward, I apologized, I think things will get fine. He says everyone wants you to come home, like I want. He asks her to have biryani and teases her. They eat biryani and smile.

Manohar says we hoped that Ramakrishnan will do something in engagement, but he did not, did Swadheenta came herself, or you called her. Suhasini says she came herself, why will I call. He says its good her doubt got cleared. She says she had a doubt, it means what we did was not fool proof, its disappointing that I made mistake, whatever will happen now, Swadheenta can’t join its links. Simmi hears this. Suhasini shuts the door. Simmi says what was mom saying about Swadheenta, is mom not happy with this marriage? I have to find it.

Arvind talks to someone and says second spot is final, third final will be ready too. The man asks who will go there, think about third spot, special guests should come there and go. Arvind says fine, and ends call. His friend asks what can be third spot. Arvind thinks, and says third spot should be such that special guests should come there and leave. He recalls Manohar Sinha and Adarsh’s marriage date. He says I got spot and date, 1st June. The guy says its Swadheenta Didi’s marriage day. Arvind says we did not come here to make relation, she is not any Didi, we came to do blast, we will do it on Swadheenta’s marriage day.

Ahuja asks Simmi to take care of her health and leave all this. She says I m fine, I heard mom saying about Swadheenta. He says I was insulted and kicked out from that house while we tried to make Swadheenta out. She says whatever you did in anniversary party, Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage was breaking. He says that was for my revenge with her Appa, but Suhasini scolded me. Simmi says mom supported you too. He says yes, but its not necessary that she always supports me. She says this time I will find out everything and then go ahead.

Simmi comes to Jaya in kitchen. Jaya says we have just 7 days now, for Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage, we have to do planning. Simmi says yes, but we have to talk to mom. They stop Suhasini. Simmi gives her water and says Jaya and I were discussing about Rasams, lets plan. Suhasini says we will do. Jaya says we have just one week, we have to decide now. Suhasini says fine, call everyone in hall, we will sit and talk. Jaya and Simmi leave. Suhasini gets thinking.

Adarsh is going for bath and is choosing clothes combination for movie date, while talking to Swadheenta on phone. He tells his clothes options asking her to help. He says if mom knows I m clicking all clothes pics to you and you are deciding combinations then… She says so what, I m sure she would be choosing Manohar’s clothes too. He asks her to say about tie, shall I click pic and send, we got engaged, I have become your half husband and should have half suhaagraat too. She asks him to stop being shameless and turns shy. She asks about movie tickets. She says its confirmed. She says I m excited for movie date. He says be ready, I will come to pick you. She says I will come, I love you. He says I love you too and ends call.

Amma notes down Rasams. Swadheenta says Amma you are making rasam list, tell this to Mamu and Mami. Amma laughs and says yes. Appa asks what are you doing, you are making rasam list here, we will ask Suhasini and do rasams. Swadheenta makes him sit. He asks what happened. She says I m asking the same to you, what happened, I agree we should consult Adarsh’s family, but we should do what we have to, don’t change yourself for someone else. Appa says no. Mamu says she is right, whatever happened is past, everything will be fine, sit with us, we will make Tamil rituals list, we will show them, if they are groom’s family, we are girls’ family. Swadheenta says exactly and hugs her parents.

Jaya asks Simmi to call Abhay and Adarsh, I will call Jaidev. Simmi goes to Adarsh’s room and knocks door calling out his name. She sees door open and gets inside. She hears the water sound from bathroom, and sees his engagement ring kept there. She takes the ring and smiles. Simmi leaves and comes downstairs. She collides with Abhay. He asks from where are you coming. She says I was finding you and Adarsh, mom is calling to discuss rasams. He says we will call him. she says he maybe having bath, come, he will come on his own. Adarsh comes out of bathroom and checks his shirt. He gets worried on not finding the ring.

Everyone discuss. Simmi suggests dance function. Suhasini says no need, we have seen dance scene issue. Adarsh comes and says I m not getting my ring. Simmi asks engagement ring, how did you lose it. Abhay asks him how did this happen. Adarsh says don’t know, I kept it on side table. Simmi thinks to play game and throws ring towards Suhasini. Simmi asks Adarsh to find it at home. Suhasini says yes, it will be at home. Jaya asks Adarsh to find in his room. Suhasini sees the ring on the floor.

Swadheenta tells Adarsh that when I met Simmi, Simmi got a call and fainted. Adarsh and Abhay worry. Adarsh asks did you inform anyone. Swadheenta says yes, I informed Suhasini, they would be coming now. Suhasini and Manohar come to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sadly this serial and tamanna serial is going off air

  2. They did same wid manmarziyan y don’t they jst stop those aunty type typical sass bahu dramas like sathiya,diya nd bati nd all those crap hate them for doing tis again nd againd wid the best show..they say rishta vhi soch nyi bt i say rishta vhi soch bhi vhi do hell wid yourself nd wid those bluddy crap..hate u star plus

  3. o plz abhi dnt remind it again n again……nyway gd to c romance between adhu and swadhii

  4. easy guyzzz…but its fact that they arent. getting good trps as they and channel expected

  5. Abhi ka baccha dnt say an utter word i m hurting u r just insulting :'( :'( :'(

  6. i hv nvr seen sooo much cmmnt in any other serial bt in dahleez serial every1 sooo fastly post their cmmnt then why trp is less in dahleez

  7. lol priyata i hv the same QUESTION ?????????????????

  8. Dahleez is a good show compared to all the other shows in star plus don’t end up the shows try to change the timings.

  9. sorry alia… really srry

  10. guyzzx plz do me a favour any1 can tell the time and date of star parivar award 2016 ????????plz dnt ignore ma ques

  11. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Well yes it’s true dehleez and tamanna are going off air because they are finite series and I think it’s not a bad move but I will not watch str plus as I only watch these 2 shows now and I hope shows like dehleez an Tamannah will encourage makers to make more finite series indian dramas really need them and bigger weakness of Indian drAmas are dragging.and I love to watch sony shows as they never drag, colors n zee have good stories but they drag it so much until story becomes nonsense

  12. Hi ,
    I agree with fatarajo.
    The reason y the story of dehleez moving so fast is, itz finite show
    Or elsif it is the show of endless drama, by this time adarsh character might have shown as he has some soft corner for swadheenta. Later he learns that he loving her, after a 100 epispdes he showed his soft corner for her by helping her he realises that itz not soft corner itz his love for her. Then to express it another 50 episides. Vanshika drama might have taken a 200 episides. Finally at 500 th episode adarsh express his love. 1000th episode is Swadarsh engagement.
    Thank god it is not dragging in such a way.
    Short and simple story line.

    Who have patience to watch a serial like balika vadhur for 10 yrs?~

    I guess no one has that much patience .
    I believe that the show dehleez not going off air due to less TRP. Itz may b because of other reasons of commercial type.

  13. Good that it is a finite series. But it does not deserve to end so soon when all the crap soaps like SNS, YRKKLH, DABH, YHM etc. are continuing for years. Now SEL and MAM aere joining the list of dragged sas-bahu storyline. The blame goes to audience only. Otherwise how Raman and Ishita got all awards? Surprisingly, if you have noticed, Karan Patel knows only one type of acting, angry and shouting. I bet cant do other types. Similarly Divyanka also knows one type of acting, a caring mother. They tried Sanaya & now after a leap also same acting. Shagun 9Anita) is definitely a better actress. She can do all type of roles. Kokila can only shout etc. etc. Forget it. IT is in our hands to watch Star Plus or Sony. So blaming the directors will not help.

    1. I agreed every word you say

    2. I think we can also blame the star plus programming heads. If u look at Vijay tv which is also part of star network they have excellent programming on weekends. There’s talk show about topical subjects, good game shows some even for kids that encourages them to learn more about Tamil language. Sivakarthikeyan w his excellent ad lib and improv transitioned from tv to movies and has given a few Tamil movie hits. At star+ it’s just mind numbing serials. One week holi then Diwali then wedding for a week and then a 10 yr leap. There’s so much talent out there that star+ needs to explore reality tv as well.

  14. hahahahaha usha u r ryt i guess no one has enough patience to watch this 1000 episode….bt still dahleez deserves to stay long atleast for 1 year they should running it i m sure they,ll get good response from viewers… sadly they r nt giving effort

    1. I agree aliya that dehleez deserves atleast 6 months to 1 yr. As said early we dont know the facts. Ipkknd too stopped suddenly as barun got a movie chance
      But that hasn’t made him shine like star. His stardom came from Ipkknd.

  15. its ok Abhi i think its dahleez,s failure 🙁 🙁 🙁

  16. hiii guyss i v a nws for u all… now do u remember about beinteha serial which was acted by harshad now bcz of its popularity beinteha makers wants to start it again nd thts why they want harshad nd for this deal harshad hurrily leaving frm dahlz

  17. nd u knw most gd nws this new beinteha will telecast in starplus channel isn,t enough gd…..i lnw every1 sad for dahleez serial going air off bt i,m xcited cz we gonna c again harshad…bt yeah harshad nd tridha look vry cute together.miss u tridha

  18. definately going to miss harshad nd tridha jodi……plz director of any make a long lasting choiceable serial nd plz take hashad tridha again as a hero heroin…plzzzzz we want to c them again TOGETHER

  19. Guys those who can write stories well .please start some more ff for swadarsh.
    Comparing other shows this show has only 2 r 3 ff . please start guys . because dehleez gonna air off soon .hope u all understand……..

  20. I don’t want to forget swadarsh soon….

  21. And trishaa hi. Is that true .news about harshad’s new show in star+.

  22. I m sad to this ,that dehleez gonna air off….pls change the time slot .worst serial like mam ,sns,SPK,dabh r existing till now .but what about dehleez such a nice show not even existing for 6 months . l m sad 2 hear this…….

  23. hlw Reeshu i dnt undrstnd wht do u mean by “ff” …..nd yes reeshu dear its true dt beinteha nd harshad r cmng soon in star+ 🙂

  24. I mean fan fiction story….

  25. he ridhima star parivaar aired on 28 may at 8:00 clock ok

  26. uffff thnxxxx a looooooooot SONIYA love u for this nws i m just dying for watching it

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