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The Episode starts with Swadheenta saying then you would have informed someone. Yash says yes, I called Sinha house and sent my team there. Suhasini asks whats all this, is this a joke, after Yash’s statement, there is no need for Arvind. Swadheenta says its there, Yash told about the two calls, Yash reached the flat at 4.30, he got to know about Asad’s friends, they are terrorists, he confirmed this, why did he take 5 hours to collect this info, 5 hours is lot, court wants to know, answer. Suhasini says I will say why he took 5 hours, Yash raided in the flat, then he knew blasts will happen today, Yash and his team failed two blasts completely, its only because of this man, scooty shop and Sinha house did not had blasts, else there would be three blasts in city, the army officer who risked life and

saved city and many lives, that army officer is questioned, this is disgusting and shameful.

Judge tells Swadheenta that he agrees with Suhasini, army is efficient, honest and dependable, you should not doubt Yash. Swadheenta says I m just saying about Yash calling Asad, and then Asad called Haider. Suhasini says whats surprising if Asad calls Haider. Swadheenta says Asad called Haider, Zubeda, Radhika and Swadheenta, that’s me, our phones were on silent mode and none of us answered him. Suhasini recalls Jaidev asking everyone to keep phones on silent.

Swadheenta says Asad called me 6 times, why did he call me, was I a part of this blast, or did he call me to say whats going to happen will happen, or to inform about blasts. Suhasini says he wanted to talk to your parents, Asad has manipulated you all his life and is doing it after his death, I did not ask personal questions till now, but I want to ask Swadheenta about her relation with Gilanis. She says her parents had relation with Gilanis, they know Gilanis better, they are not here, as they knew Gilanis’ truth, that they are terrorists. Swadheenta says you are saying nonsense.

Suhasini says you are saying nonsense to save terrorists. Judge says please control your emotions. Suhasini says a hindu girl is saving a muslim family who are terrorists. Swadheenta objects and asks her not to use such words for them. Suhasini says she is getting angry for Gilanis, she can fight with her husband, family, inlaws and country, we all can be wrong, but country can’t be wrong, when you know their truth, you will understand my words, how this family used you as a puppet, you will know this in few words, you want to prove Arvind’s connection with blasts today, you can’t prove this even in 50 years, there is no such connection. This terrorist act is infront of everyone, two officers were seeing this case, Abhay died as martyr, and other officer testified that Asad is a terrorist, what else do we need. Country is seeing you with hope to get justice, to get criminals punished, hope to get decision soon, thank you.

Judge asks Swadheenta does she want to put any argument. Swadheenta says yes, till we find Arvind, how will we prove…. Suhasini says we would have got Arvind before, but now he is scared knowing his sketches are circulated and he is found with doubt that he is terrorist, why will he come out.

Judge says court agrees with Suhasini, should there be delay because of Arvind, you are given 3 days, its fine if you can bring out truth about Arvind in 3 days, else court will declare the decision, the court is adjourned. Swadheenta thanks him.

Adarsh looks at Swadheenta. They leave from the court. Mami and Swadheenta meet Mamu. Swadheenta asks Mamu not to worry, I will find Arvind anyway, you are not a terrorist. Mamu is taken by police. Mami asks how will you do this in 3 days. Swadheenta says don’t worry, I will find Arvind. The people scold Swadheenta for supporting terrorists, shame on her. The man says lets beat her, we will see how she saves terrorists. The people attack Swadheenta. Adarsh rushes to them and ask are you mad. The man says Swadheenta is supporting terrorists. Adarsh says she is my wife, move back. Police comes there and stops the crowd. Adarsh takes Swadheenta with her and leaves. He makes her sit in the car. Suhasini looks on. Adarsh, Suhasini and Swadheenta leave.

Arvind and Bilal see the news. Paddy says Suhasini believes Arvind is not involved in this case, court has given three days time to Swadheenta to bring Arvind’s truth out. Arvind says Swadheenta can’t succeed, just 3 days and case over, I will be free. Bilal says we have to be very alert for these 3 days. Arvind says she should not know anything about me. Bilal says even I m thinking same. Arvind says I m thinking something else. He gives pics and says our flat was raided that day, Colonel has sent this. Bilal asks how did he get these pics. Arvind says when Asad connected to him by mistake, Colonel has sent our two people there. Bilal says if Yash was with Asad that day, why did he say in court that Asad is terrorist. Arvind says I know it, I know their story, I have seen their love triangle, just Yash is lying in this case, I know he has to do a lot to keep that lie, now you see Yash will do a lot of our share of work. He smiles.

Adarsh, Swadheenta and Suhasini are on the way. Swadheenta recalls his words. Mohabbat hai jee huzoori nai…………plays………… He recalls their marriage. He looks at her and recall their moments. She sees her hand hurt. Adarsh too sees her hand. She covers her hand wound. Yash sits and recalls Swadheenta’s words and how he lied in the court. He recalls Asad and Radhika’s relation and holds Radhika’s stole. Suhasini calls him and says I want to see you in my office. He asks is everything fine. She says I want to know what happened exactly on that night. He says see you tomorrow. He ends call and says Swadheenta you can try hard, but you can’t prove Asad and Haider innocent, because I won’t let this happen.

Adarsh looks on, as Suhasini talks to Yash in her office. Suhasini says I want someone to visit the site again, we have to check things which we did not see, what actually happened that day. Swadheenta and Radhika visit the site. Swadheenta analyzes and says I m sure it was not Asad, it was Arvind who shot……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can this yash be so shameless being an army officer…just because his one sided relationship he wl create such a shit..l just hate such people..

    1. Same here
      He is such a bull shit
      Pls suspend him from army
      Dis is not the way to get the love
      The bundelas always being trouble to swadarsh.

  2. Great improvement but suhasini is so dumb

  3. Great improvement in case but suhasini is so dumb y can’t she see yash’s lie

  4. Great improvement in case but suhasini is so dumb y can’t she see yash’s lie she could catch anyone’s lie in a minute . Y is she blind folded with lies

  5. Am the first one????:),i love the story ,its going very interestincly, i think soon adarsh will realize the truth and the real hero aka robinhood help swadhu to caught aravind.

    1. hope so… Being Hero his role should have some Value….adarsh pls find the truth soon and support Asad pls……..

  6. Dont put dahleez of air..its so mich better than all other rona dhonas

  7. Aritri

    Yash is such a cheap!!! How can he be so mean ?? Yash should b punished!!!
    Hope swadheenta finishes this soon and prove asad innocent

  8. I seriously want the writers to use their sense as any lawyer could ask Yash y did not they took asad into custody wen they had time and even wen Yash was in contact with asad
    Just dragging the case without logic.

    1. Yes… they r using no logic.. yash is fooling around.. nd suhasini is dumb.. dnt knw hw she is called a great advocate..swadeenta is bettr..

    2. Yes.. they have nono logic.. yash is fooling around.. nd suhasini is dumb.. dnt knw hw she is called a great advocate.. rubbish.. swadu is bettr

    3. Goldie

      Dont u think he wuld hav tactfully answered that questn too saying that his sources tld him blast can happen anytime as soon as thy raided asads place so instead of gog after asad as his fone was not reachsble r cld not locate him any shit reason he would hav instead of gog after asad thy made the decision to decode the pics and save thousands of civilians from dying…

      1. Goldie

        I m sure suhu wud have come to his defence saying we cant doubt such a royal brave soldier who saved so many lives.

    4. Goldie if asad was a terrorist ND mainly if Yash knew he could have traced out asad instead decoding the plan
      But Yash called him and spoke even aftr 5 hrs plus one more obvious thing radhika won’t be silent without telling swadentha that asad and she checked the room and than she left
      So many logical less dragging scenes

      1. Goldie

        Thats what happens n reality i.e what they r trying to show.

        BLINK mentioned in one of his posts that octen while preparing crime scene reports police donot tk utmost care n collecting evidences n their negligence leads to justice being denied to innocent same thing thy r trying to show here.I ydayz precap fredu has to go herself to the blast site bcoz her passion to prove her brother innocent drives hef there whereas suhu wants someone to go to the blast site as she still trusts the police hav done their job. Here both r gog out of the way to collect evidences as their loved ones are involved immagine if it was just some random lawyer fightg asads case wud he hav the same thats why it s imp that police after any crime shud do their job.

        Thats what cvs want to show that police dept negligence can turn a martyr into terrorist n a liar into a brave soldier.

      2. Goldie

        Arpi what the cvs r tryi g to show s negligence in police investigation can result in decline of justice to as suhu n fredu both r related to the victim n accused that why both r gog out of the way to find clues n give justice to their loved ones.But imagine if it wax some random lawyer fightg for asad wud he hav shown same passion for asad against suhasini sinha .i m doubtful.but if the police dept does their job properly after a crime no innocent will b declined justice.

      3. Goldie

        And also to get justice no victim r the accused shd b related to the lawyers fighting gor them thus there should b greater care taken by police dept in collecting evidences n preserving them.If u can watch Crime Patrol thy show real stories n then u will know how small mistakes by police dept can cause some one their life.Here bcoz of negligence n selfish reasons a martyr has been dec terrorist n a liar as a brave soldier.

        BLINK has also raised same point in his / her post.if u scroll down

      4. Goldie

        Sorry i typed it 1st time n comment just diappeared after posting but damn …typed again .n posted n both r posted ?

      5. Agreed that they wanted to show the negligence of police Goldie but when the terrorist(asad) was confirmed by yash both the teams of abhay ND yash were working if yash knows asad was terrorist if not asad why didn’t they take action on gilani family in those 5 hrs
        A dumb illiterate also knows that but not the great lawyer suhasini acc to the show

    5. Good Point.. Even after knowing Asad terroist why was Asad calling Yash so many times… Hope Writer sees ur comment

  9. I want to see two innocent people get rid of this case. asad&haider

  10. Army ka leftinant hi itna dishonest … is tarah to ye log pata nhi kitne innocent people ko terrorist declare kerke shoot ker dete honge jabke original terrorist ka pata hi nhi chalta hoga… innocent logo ko maar ker yash jaise Army officers apni incapability ko hide ker lete honge ,,aur president se bravery medals bhi haasil ker lete honge,,,,jab kisi country ki Army heads hi dishonest aur baised hojayen to bechaare innocent log hi maare jayenge ,,,

    waaah,,,,,what an irony … Police aur terrorist mein koi farq nhi kya ?

    Terrorists bhi innocent people ko maar rahe aur Police aur Army bhi innocent people ko maar rahi aur jo marne se bach gaya use court se faansi dilwa rahi,,aur Army ko Medal

    1. Agree
      And India Ma uske liye koi law Nahi he
      Agar koi police in oven ko mar de pura sach Jane Bina
      To unko Kyu koi punishment Nahi?
      Yash ko suspend krna chahiye court ko.
      He is the lier.
      Pyar juth bolke Nahi hasil hota Yash bundela
      You r the cheapest guy I have ever seen
      Chalo man le k drama he.
      But dis the reality.
      Nd if it is den we Indian should shame on us that we even can’t get the truth of happening..Nd blaming the innocents

  11. This cheap yash should be killed.If u (the wtiters)can’t pls call me I want to kill that blo*dy idiot????

  12. The courtroom scene was rubbish.. I dnt undrstand hw cn yash become so mean only fr his personal issues.. he should have spoken d truth.. nd d great suhasini sinha ..d great advocate .. hw cn she put wrong alligations on d jilani’s without deeply going through d case.. moreover she was saying in favour to yash without leting him to give his own answr to swadeenta’s question…dis was rubbish !! Nd I dnt know hw the evryone is nt serious abt arvind.. this is nt done the court has made fr justice bt they r taking arvind so lightly who is actually a terrorist.. instead of catching d culprit d lazy officer fired asad.. disgusting!!!!

  13. Suhasini mind your language. A muslim family? So what? Obviously they are terrorists? As usual muslims are stigmatized. Fed up with all this rubbish. I’m proud to be muslim. Such a lot of crap in this serial

    1. Yes the crap
      But it showed the reality
      K Muslim name lagte hi Sab log terrorist samajh lete he.
      Reality dikhai he..
      But horrifying to us ..?

    2. R8 dr..terrorism dosnt in cast or religion…it is only in d mind f a selfish coward,illiterate,insecure sick person who shows his power on innocent people…

    3. Ruksy

      your right even on tv shows muslims are called terrorists

  14. Lovely episode.

  15. I think dehleez will be replaced by masterchef india.. coz last yr mastrchef india was used to come at 10:30pm evryday..

  16. Goldie

    Thanku adarsh for not dissappointing me otherwise i wud hav needed some more hearings to defend u here ?.

    I m sure he s following suhu to ensure there s no foul play n a fair game s played s i m sure the way the royal liar was thinking n answering he might hav guessed by now that something s not rite

    I m also sure suhu has guessed that no wonder she wants to go to blast site but this liar will talk her into not gog n she might trust him which she will repent later.

    Suhu was sitting n back seat otherwise there was for sure jiya re moment.

    Bechara phass gaya maa aur biwi ke bichme.

    1. Goldie

      I m getting positive vibes ant suhu she m8 help fredu later on .

      Aur ab asad aur yash ke foto bhi hain thx to that omnipresent colonel.

      Yash beta bure phase get ready to b jobless n to get plastic surgery done.

      1. You’re funny Goldie. Yash ko court martial karke jail bhejna chahiye.

      2. Goldie

        Ya tru jail se bahar aane ke baad to face chupana padega .vaise bhi jail mein bhi usko royal treatment our country terrorists like kasab were fed biryani so i wont b surprised if he gets royal treatment

  17. I think it’s a different story.&that’s why I like request to story writer plz continue. &plz don’t mass up any rubbish story like some other hindi serial.

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m sure swaadheenta will prove Asad innocent and this Yash is so irritating how can he lie like this? He have no honesty at all? How can someone do like this and okay fine h hates Asad but he doesn’t wants the actual terrorist to be found? What kind of army officer he is

  19. USHA RANI .S.

    Very nice story….simply different other rona dhone headache serials..Thanks to starplus

    1. Reshma

      hey Usha, is it S means sambhani in ur name???

  20. Narnia

    waiting for this track end soon…

  21. Nice one. Adarsh mi amor very heroic of u to rescue ur wife and fight for her. Yes the boi is back in business I hope.
    Somebody mentioned about the fingerprints on the gun. Why is that not being looked into. Don’t think asad touched the machine gun. I don’t know Why they not talking about forensic and ballistic reports. Let’s see what happens in next episode.

    1. Goldie

      Thy will fredu s at blast site n did u see that 3rd hearing video she s going to b roaring lioness n suhu s sitting n chair thinking i m sure she did not go to blast site n adarsh s flat seeing ths roaring lioness.That doormat jaya n that bald manohar n loser jai all were speechless.

  22. Dis serial is jus different frm other 1ss…..d concept is awsme….swandenta plays her role efficiently…..I jus want d case to get over….!!n c wats nxt….!!:):-()

  23. I think Suhasini already understood that Yash is a liar. That is why she interrupted Swad many times when he was grilled by her. As Gold is hopeful about Adarsh, I am about Suhasini.

    1. Goldie

      Ya i m hopeful about abt suhu .too now.bcoz the moment she called yash to know what exactly happened that nite whch means she has started doubting the police report. Aur mom ko doubt toh bete ko bhi.?.but yash will cook upsome story n these sinhas will fall flat in 3rd hearing.

  24. I thin swadh will expose yash with the help of radhika.

  25. Yash an army officer is supporting terrorism knowingly he should be treated as terrorist. …shame on him……army ko badnam kar raha hai

  26. whats the difference between a yash and arvind both are terrorits only their method of being terrorist is different arvind planted a bomb and yash is making an innocent a terrorist by lying both are the same. HATE YOU YASH!!!!!!

  27. Goldie

    I want suhu to fall flat bcoz of ths liar then she will know that the royal princess whch she wanted for her son n her family have values that of traitors and then only she will help fredu.

    1. Goldie

      As she alwayz wanted girl from a rich family with gud education as she thinks with rich family n gud education means gud values come by default n according to her poor family r criminal mind with no values.

      1. Very good point noted. These are the messages shld to go the viewers, not only enjoying the shows. This is what I was earlier telling about social values and the impact of TV and films on it.

  28. Asmita...

    Guys……. I think Arvind would be caught soon now as judge has given only 3 days time to Freedom and Yash would be also found guilty…. Seriously this show is a good one……no family drama……. no saas-bahu ka rona….. no one plays tricks against family menbers….. i like the serial very much…..

  29. its not get caste in btw terrorism……..
    you have to correct it suhasini…………

  30. Goldie

    Today arvind said that half of their job wil b done by yash. N look hes doing he has lied in his first witness box session n to cover that lies he s going to lay a web of lies in which he will b trapped .so as fredu lwayz believed what mamu taught her never b afraid of truth as it never backfires but liesz does n here it will backfire bigtime at yash.asad was not scared to speak the truth so he called yash n abhay n tld them he didnt care r think twice that he cld b n trouble if he tells truth.

    1. Goldie

      And eventually fredu will bring outthetruth n give asad n his family their identity back.

      1. Goldie

        and suhu sayg to mami u gave birth to a traitor will hav to apologise to her n public whn she comes to know what asad didfor his country.he was just a civilian he was not bound by any duty to protect his country like abhay but still being a resposible citizen he gave his best shot.

        But her own son who s a resposible IAS jai pfficer her hubby another IAS n oppurtunists like yash who r bound by duty to protect their country r putting peoples life at risk for own selfish reasons

  31. Suhasini don’t u dare …!!!! Differentiating between 2 religious ???? U lost your respect

  32. Very nice show..I wish it should not go off air so early..this serial is far better than the daily saas bahu drama..

  33. Being an Army Officer how can Yash do this ?? The duty of an Army Officer is to be honest , protect his/her country and dupport and help out the accused and innocent people. Being an Army Officer ge is doing this . Isn’t he ashamed of himself ? He is such a shameless, liar

  34. Hi all,
    Nice to see so many posts.
    One point all might have forgotten. When the beauracrats (incl manohar) trying to rescue Alan broad, swadheenta’s mamu asked to file PIL against that. Swadheenta informs it to adarsh. By that time adarsh at diniing table where total sinhas family present. When adarsh told them abt the PIL which haidar is going to file by swadheenta, suhasini and manohar looked at each other. This proves the character of haider. If suhasini recalls it she will realise. Atleast swadheenta should make adarsh to recall it. He will definitely help swadheenta if he recollects it. Let us c.

  35. Out of jealousy yash forget the duty of an army officer. He should be punished equally as arvind ouff iftikar

  36. I feel sorry for Asad.Because of him only abhay and yash got to knw about the bomb and abhay himself became a martyr but unfortunately he is recognised as a terrorist

  37. please continue the serial Definitely different from each serial having two two wives and doing nothing but plot against the good people. Is this what people are? or Is this what people want to do in their good beautiiful lives. Wake up India, Stop Watching stupid serials that instigates sensationalism .Dahleez also teaches how to resolve mis understandings in a beautiful loving understanding manner. And continue with the good serials that teach human values and how to live decent lives amiably.s

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