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Dehleez 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paddy telling about the second hearing today, Suhasini Sinha will be against defense lawyer Swadheenta, Suhasini and Swadheenta are saas-bahu, we have to see how they get against in court. Arvind and Bilal see the news. Arvind gets glad and says Suhasini never loses any case, she won’t lose her dead son’s case. They smile.

The court hearing starts. Suhasini says I m the prosecutor for this case. Judge says yes, you may proceed, I regret for whatever happened for your family. She says Arvind Gupta, this name was taken by defense lawyer in last hearing, she knows her case is weak, she knows very well who was the bomb blast mastermind, who was the murderer of Abhay and innocent people, she knows Haider will get death sentence, so defense lawyer made this story to divert the

court. Swadheenta says I object, I have proved that Arvind used to stay in that flat. Suhasini says maybe, the question is who is Arvind, what does he do, and why is Swadheenta tagging him terrorist.

She asks Swadheenta to let her finish, for a moment, I will believe Arvind is terrorist, then why did anyone not see him, he was not seen in police shootout, and blast site, and he was not there in the pics found at the flat, Rajesh, Ravi and Asad were in the pics, Asad is the third terrorist. I m not making any fake story, I m saying this on the basis on witness and evidence, I want to call a witness, who has been present there at that night, he is recommended for president’s bravery award, my witness’ name is lieutenant Yash Bundela.

Yash comes in the witness box. Suhasini asks him to say what happened on 1st June. Yash says when I got info about the suspicious activity at that flat, we reached there and got some items, pics, maps, and white board with spots marked, we got to know the first sport, raided the scooty shop and got bomb planted in the stepney, we removed that bomb and defused it, then I got to know about the other spots by decoding the info we got on the white board. She asks did you share this info with anyone. He says yes, I shared it with Abhay. She asks why.

He says because Abhay was involved with me in this mission, I was disabling the bomb, and decoding the third spot, Abhay sent the bomb squads to all high profile markets, and we got to know that bomb was in Adarsh’s marriage, and then Asad shot 11 bullets at Abhay, my team reports say this. Suhasini gets teary eyed and asks are you sure to say Asad has shot Abhay. Yash says yes, my team commandos were also present there. She says defense lawyer is saying about three guys staying at that flat. He says yes, Ravi, Rajesh and Arvind, but we did not see Arvind at bomb site and shootout site. She says point to be noted, Arvind was not there, it means Arvind got to know that Ravi, Rajesh and Asad’s truth, and ran away to save his life, any common man would have done this, Arvind is scared and hidden till now.

Suhasini says to find Arvind will be delaying the case and making justice wait, if police finds that guy, I doubt this case will get any difference, we have the culprits here, defense lawyer has used Arvind’s name in court, does Swadheenta has any proof that Arvind was the terrorist, or does she hope police will find Arvind and make him confess that he is terrorist, why should court believe her story and waste time. Judge asks Swadheenta to say, does she have such proof for Arvind’s involvement in this case. Suhasini says defense as no proof, she is just wasting court’s time, we all know who is blast’s mastermind, especially Swadheenta knows this, hence I strongly appeal to declare death sentence to this terrorist.

The people protest against Mamu. Judge asks Swadheenta to say, does she have any proof against Arvind. Swadheenta says prosecutor thinks I wasted time by making this story, I have a strong reason. She shows the police records and says I have read these 100 times, my mentor taught me to study proof till we don’t get the clue infront of our eyes. Suhasini recalls her words. Swadheenta says this file has written that two terrorists have blown off themselves and third terrorist got shot, police made Haider a mastermind, I don’t believe this. Suhasini says court works on evidence, Asad was present there. She says yes, but someone else was also there, Arvind, I agree no one has seen Arvind there, I m sure Arvind was present there, police is finding him. She looks at Yash. She says I want to ask some questions to Yash.

Judge allows her. She asks about the pics he circulated to police. He says yes, my team got the pics. She asks did you see these pics. He says yes. She asks did you notice something. He says the pics were clicked by mobile. She says exactly, its not selfies, it means a fourth man has clicked this. Suhasini says how does this matter. Swadheenta says it matters, the fourth man is …. Suhasini says Arvind, it does not mean he is terrorist if he clicked terrorists’ pics, what does Swadheenta want to prove. Swadheenta gives Asad’s phone recording call log. She says Arvind called Asad to say Ravi, Rajesh and Arvind are going to Agra and can’t attend Asad’s sister’s marriage, then we get to know Arvind does not exist, Haider was declared the mastermind of blasts as he got the gift there, it this not strange, Yash is expert in decoding.

She tells Yash that you have to help me in decoding, tell me how did you reach there at the flat, anyone would have given you info. Yash says yes, army internal sources gave me info. She says I know Asad was also a source, you reached the flat at 4.30pm, then you called your army office there, but Asad called you at 4.02pm, is this coincidence that Asad called and you reached there within half an hour, there is some connection.

Yash gets tensed. Swadheenta says I asked you something, answer it. He says Asad called me. She asks why did he call you. Yash recalls Asad’s words and says its my personal matter, I don’t want to talk. She says you have to talk, you are standing in court, answer me. He says Asad called me to tell that Swadheenta is marrying the guy, with whom my sister was going to get engaged, and very soon Asad will be marrying the girl whom I was going to marry. She asks do you want me to believe you, I know Asad since 18 years, he can never say this…. Mamu and Mami look on. She says at 8.43pm, you called Asad, right…. Why did you call Asad? To congratulate him?

Yash recalls talking to Asad and asking about the three terrorists. She asks tell me, why did you call Asad. He says first blast happened in market and we decoded about other blast happening in a marriage, I called him to tell me about the info if he knows. She asks did you get any info from Asad. Yash recalls Asad’s words……. She asks what did Asad tell you. He says Asad said, whats going to happen will happen, I got sure that Asad is also with those terrorists.

Judge says you are given 3 days time, if you can bring Arvind’s truth, then fine, else court will declare the decision. Arvind says just 3 days, case will end and I will get free.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can leftenent lie because of his personal issue and make an innocent a terrorist here yash is a big terrorist who indirectly helping a terrorist to escape .swaddentha got call record and she can also get decoded conversation with the help of police if its not show it will become unlogical and terrorist is not shooted imediately when caught it is not natural to shoot funny they say mardiya jo abhay sir par koli goli chelayi.and court needs proofs yash is not a witness of asad shooting abhay it is according to department who shooted can he be considered senior lawyer has to think about it.lets see how the writters take us through.but episode was good swadeentas questoning is good.

    1. I agree.. Iam thinking they are dragging the story illogically by not using the technology which will decide the entire conversation between trash and asad..hash you are sick…

  2. Yash doesñ’t deseves that award.
    I will miss this show a lot.
    Just hope Adarsh añd Radhika will help Swadheeñta.
    I really wañt this terrorist track to eñd sooñ so that There Cañ Be More Swadarsh Sceñes.

  3. OMG! Yash is such a liar. Shame on him.

  4. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end this serial plzzzzz….., I love this show alotttt……. Plzzz

  5. Swadu all the best yaar ur going good….. Yash is lier..,
    Swadhenta’s qustng is very good…. Love u alottttt Swadrsh…
    Plz don’t end this serial

  6. Goldie

    He s royal blood na according to suhu can lie for own selfish reasons even n uniform .just wating for fredu to break him n want all his military honours to b ripped.

    1. Goldie, nice analysis. I somehow think adarsh will find Arvind!

      1. Goldie

        Such hypocrites these sinhaa r suhu supported fredu to f8 against ahuja sayg he was

      2. Goldie

        Ihe was doing injustice to the farmers n now she s supporting this royal liar thinking she will punish jilanis n get justice to her son .Suhu will soon realise she n her husband r the ones to b punished by jilanis holding them responsible for their sons death for freeing allan broad.

  7. firdausibataiya

    Why yash? Why?

  8. swadarsh acting very good. adarsh please help . arvind ko sadha milna chahiye.

  9. Liar liar pants on fire
    Shame on you Yash , you do not deserve an award.

  10. very bad episodes.I love goldie very much.

  11. Goldie

    I just hope that fredu chked asads call log also chks his smses n pics where arvind sent him the scooty pick up msg n she should also chk abhays call log.i still cant understand why fredu hasnt asked for any eyewitness who saw asad shooting abhay i m sure there r none n today also yash said his team report said asad shot 11 bullets at abhay so his team needs to b cross questioned as well.

  12. Can’t radhika help them to bring the truth out??..coz she was present in the flat when asad found the proofs against terrorists & when he had a talk with yash too right??…why don’t she come up then :/

    1. No rupa..I don’t think itz good..coz now already all belived azad is a terrorist.. Then if radhika say that it will be more evidence against radhika will be trapped..but she can say about aravinds lie to swadee..2,3 time she warned to azad to stay out of that friendship..and how they emotional ly blackmailed for getting room and radhika said na I have notes for azad then he said his friends HV already then radhi said they also was leave for two weeks something.. That all thing she can say to swadee..

    2. She was not present in room when azad found the proof..before itself she got call from her father and went ..

  13. how can you show an army personnel in such a character. This implies to the fall of glory of our Indian Army. This is not done.

  14. Aritri

    Yash is such a mean!!! He don’t deserve to be in army ??

  15. I can’t bear aditi bhatia’s over acting. Please replace her . her acting is disgusting. Emotions may b true but her acting is more awkward

  16. the show does’nt end up becausr it is good going show on starplus.rathika should help freedom to suceed in her case.adarsh kesa pathi hai???bas vachan lene se kuch nahi hota use nibhana bhi padtha hai so he shld do sumthg to help her.the yash’s team shld be qusetioned as well bcz they were der n blast spot.suhasini ka moo band karna hai freedom ko!!!! and she s helping arvind-a terrorist,to escape frm dis case,so it shld b stopped immediately.radhika shld nt b paired with yash bcz yash tld against azad n a beleive dt he may b paired but it shld nt happen.

  17. Goldie

    By pitting suhu against fredu adarsh once again proved he s a mommas boy .Once suhu looses i.e she has to accept fredu s rite n jilanis r innocent then only he will accept that fredu was rite.?.on a serious note i feel what he s done s rite as suhu wont give up easily n fredu will have to b a lioness to stand tall n bring truth forward n then he will b convinced that fredu did not get easy victory.

    1. Goldie

      N may b hes thinking that no one in the world n his family has any reason to point fingers at his wife that she supported the traitors n that she was not wrong .i dont know why i m still defending him ……

      1. Who is he to accept or not. It shld be mutual. If not the relationship is not proper. €It is better to break up. Now Yash was called by Suhasini as witness and he is in trouble. Not only his medal will be stripped, he will be punished by Army court. Somebody has to help Swa she is all alone.

      2. Goldie

        Yah u can say that i dont mind

      3. Goldie

        Nb i m not watching any other serial but dehleez n trust me ths s the first serial where i can remember all dialogues specially that have a deeper meaning n let me tell most of the dialogues have a meaning n ths serial.hats off to the dialogue writer.thats why i ssid to u i wont b anle to watch any other serial after ths unless it matches ths quality work

      4. Goldie

        Nb ths one s for u in the 1st episode adarsh says that “mujhe apna har sapna poora karne ki buri aadat hai n she says mujhe sapna dekhne wAlon ko aaina dikhane ki .”as his dream was to find soulmate he found n she will show him the mirrror the reality abt his parents.

      5. Goldie

        I can give u one more reason to defend him if u remeber banwarilal case where fredu goes faridabad pretending to b a reporter to get truth out from subhash n leela nut adarsh fails her plan bcoz he know thy r very smart n wont answer so easily so plans to b husband n wife .as he kows thy will givreporter limited info but if thy stay thereas tenants thy will get to b there for longer n get more info.he approaches situation logically whereas fredu s straight fwd.she cant fight asafs battle alone she will need his support for that he needs to know how asad n abhay died then only he will openly support her

    2. Goldie

      Nb after ahuja slapgate thy had decide that if anytime n life thy cant come to a decision one will tk decision for the other n she took the decision for him .he said to her after media thg at asads funeral that mami brainwashed her but didnot say anythg to her .when she decided to fight he did not stop her but said u fight ur way i will my way.he did not say to her dont fight but bought suhu to f8 against her.

      1. Goldie

        After ths 3rd hearing he will openly support her for sure.till now she didnot hav any concrete evidences but after 3rd hearing he will start to think logicslly.

      2. Goldie

        N swadhu s not angry at adarsh she clearly undestands his place she s very calm n composed with him n the way she explains it to him n the previous episode that during ths f8 times will cm that he will hate her but dont forget v both r fightg for truth.she still loves him n believes what her mamu alwayz taught her “halat galat hote hein insaan nahi”.

      3. I must say you are die hard fan of this Adarsh guy. That is why when all are after him, you try to defend him. It is correct. Crisis time me apno ka sath nahi chodna chahiye. One more thing I observed, you remember every sentence and scene of this serial. Hats off to you.

      4. Goldie

        After so many reasons to defend him giveni hope i have chged ur opinion abt him

      5. Goldie

        Actually whn banwarilal track was on i felt it was waste but now i gather why thy ran that track to show how both approach difficult situations but whn thy com together then thy win n asadz case also same will happen

      6. Sorry for late reply. But I have no hard feelings towards him. Only I was complaining to be a mard and face crisis boldly like Swad is doing. Actually I wanted the directors to show consistency in any character till the end so that it looks logical. As you said yesterday, Simmi was likely to react like that. Very true. That was expected. Till last few episodes, if you have observed, I had supported both of them and liked their characters very much. That is why Dahleez was most liked by us where the lead pair are having best morale unlike other shows.

      7. Goldie

        I can undetstand ur point but try to understand his place as well he has lost his brother all proofs r against jilanis,his pregnant widowed bhabhi has a heart condition in ths condn he cant openly support her.but i m positive now he will soon as she has travelled half distance towards her goal to get asad his identity bk n rest half thy will travel together.i m done for today gn

  18. Hi can someone tell me..
    why did Manohar think of freeing Allan.. ?? are these terrorist Arvind and his friends an ally of Allan ??

    1. Goldie

      Mano n suhu jai as asked by Mr CM r freeing allant broad of charges of being a terrorist stating hes just a money launderer but hes not.he s a terrorist funding terrorist activities.

      1. Goldie

        N thy were getting money for doing that.

      2. I think Suhasini is not aware of the money part.

      3. Goldie

        Remember mano sayg bahu ke saath ghar laxmi aa rahi hain she s aware i think.

      4. May be. But I have still hopes on the character of Suhasini, which is very strong and ethical till date except the allan broad case.

    2. oh okay.i get it now.. so Allan was funding Arvind and his friends… which Suhu and Manohor knows yet they are freeing him for some fat money..

  19. See what yash said to azad in one episode.. I respect my work prove it yash.. U r dragging personal matter in ur professional.. And itz not a chota mota thing..itz about 2 life’s..about many families.. And more over about a don’t spoil the precious time..itz not the time to revenge..don’t play..and say the truth..nation will salute you..then radhika will start to respect ur professional and personal matter will solve..that you want na..plz open ur mouth and say the truth..I know this is not ur fault..itz writers plz writers don’t misuse yash..he is a true our Indian army will not say lie for this nation..they love nation that their plz come out

  20. I think the allan broad tract has been cut off from the show. because the show was going to be end on july and noe it is ending in 26th june. due to low trp the directors planned to wrap up earlier! so i think they have cut the episodes of manohar and allan broad. only 13episodes left and sp many works for swadhu! best of luck swadhu!

  21. adarsh should have at least supported his wife. What is it about al d love he professed. if am swadhu after winning the case I wil leave him, he is not a man still a boy.

  22. What this adarsh doing..simply sitting and crying..come on adrash think u r an IAS officer..u can do something.. U can find out aravinds story…Atleast do it for abhay..don’t do for swadee..coz now swadee not in ur mind..itz OK..that happens..can understand ur emotional.. But u know about aravind and who gave that gift think about it..also think,one day when aravindaravind taking you he didn’t stammer..u asked about that just think as a normal person.. Something wrong by side, u start ur investigation.. It will help for u as well asas for ur loved ones.u can finish it smoothly.. So wake up ur duty..

  23. Yaar indian army ke person ko aise mat dikhao. ….

  24. Judge is going to give defence side 3 days to find Arvind or else Hydwer would be hanged. This is not done on the part of a judge. Initially he showed his sympathy towards Suhasini that she lost her son etc. etc. but he did not care to wish the same for Hyder who also lost his son. Is it only because she is a convict. Is the judge already biased. I think the directors are showing this knowingly as this happens in reality too. That is why in India, big fishes never get caught and the poor always suffers even if he/she is right and truthful.
    OK, but all officers and everybody is shown like corrupt in the same serial is not getting digested as in reality only some are like that.

  25. I think by this time Poilce and Army know that they have done a mistake. Obviously Arvind will not be found as Police would not try to find him. Army represented by Yash here is of the same opinion. I think Radhika’s father who also has links with Army may help.

    1. Goldie

      Ya could b tru .

  26. Cheap fraud yash…
    Shame on u ….

  27. please adarsh help swadhu! she is all alone! How adarsh will help after 3rd hearing? 3rd hearing ke bad to court faisla suna dega! jo karna hoga is 3dinoki andher hi kerna hoga!

  28. yash you dont deserve an award !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so mean you are making an innocent a terrorist shame on you just because of his selfish personal issues

  29. Pls end this
    track soon and show swadarsh together

  30. A fantastic episode. A good piece of acting by Swadheenta. Very bold and like Portia of the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare.
    She is wise but still has to do more to unearth Arvind.
    Hope for the best.

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