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Dehleez 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode with Manohar asking Jaya to attend guests. Jaya greets Bundelas and keeps the envelope aside. Simmi looks on. Bundela asks pandit to get two engagement mahurats for Vanshika and Adarsh, and Yash and Radhika. He tells about Radhika’s family. Manohar says great news, don’t delay, we are in hurry. Suhasini asks servant to clear tables and arrange shagun plates.

Simmi sends Jaya saying I will get this plates. she takes the shagun plate. She signs Ahuja. Ahuja smiles. Pandit asks for sweet box. Jaya gives the box. The pics fall down when pandit was saying the mahurat. Everyone see Adarsh and Swadheenta’s pics. Bundela shows pics to his wife. She says these pics are of Faridabad, there is sign board in background. She sees the date and says that day was your and Vanshika’s roka, so

how were you with that girl in Faridabad. Adarsh says Swadheenta is mom’s assistant, I went Faridabad for work, I saw her in trouble and helped her. Simmi says he is saying true, he helped Swadheenta before too. Swadheenta comes there with the saree packets.

Simmi says you came on right time, see what they are asking about the pics and its truth, was Adarsh with you in Faridabad on roka day. Everyone look on. Adarsh and Swadheenta look at each other. Simmi asks her to say. Swadheenta says yes. Mrs. Bundela asks Suhasini did she hear this. Swadheenta says listen to me, Adarsh was there, he came Faridabad for his official work, he is known as govt robinhood, he helps people, he went for his work and saw me in trouble, so he helped me. Who took these pics and why, I don’t have any idea about this, I m sure even Adarsh won’t know about this. She gives the packets to Suhasini and says it was delivered at office by mistake. Suhasini thanks her. Swadheenta leaves.

Vanshika says whatever it is, we came to fix engagement date, we will do that. Suhasini says date will be fixed, but before that….. She sees Adarsh gone. Adarsh goes and stops Swadheenta. She says its okay, no need to say thanks, I had to do this, we are friends and you and Vanshika love each other, you are making new start, I don’t want there to be any problem, if I had to lie little to prove a lie as lie, its fine, I did that, there was no truth in it, I told you not to do this stupid things, will you not say anything. He says you said everything, what shall I say. She says I helped you for the first time, you help me always. He says you returned the favor. She says all is well that ends well, Vanshika would be waiting, bye. She leaves. Jiya re……plays…………… He cries.

Jaya says I told Swadheenta to come here and deliver packets. Suhasini says its fine, misunderstanding got cleared who gave order. Jaya says I did order, and gave house address, don’t know who gave office address. Suhasini asks how did this envelope come. Jaya says it came by courier. Adarsh looks on. Suhasini says I mean how did it come here. Jaya says I kept it on table, I don’t know how it came in plate. Suhasini says I know you did not keep it in plate, who kept it in plate Simmi. Simmi says don’t know, why are you asking me. Suhasini says it was your duty to decorate the plate, did you keep envelope in plate. Simmi says but I was not here. Suhasini says don’t lie, I have seen you keeping envelope in late. Simmi says I m saying true, I was not here, you were not there. Suhasini says don’t lie, I have seen you. Simmi gets tensed and says you were not here, when that envelope came and Jaya kept on table. Abhay and everyone look on. Suhasini says so you have seen Jaya keeping envelope.

Simmi says so what. Suhasini asks servant did he remove useless things from table, did you see envelope. Servant says I cleaned table and did not see envelope. Suhasini says it means Simmi has seen it and kept it in plate. Simmi says I have seen Jaya keeping envelope, but I did not keep it in plate. Suhasini says fine, it will link, and asks photographer to show the pics he is taking since morning. She checks the pics. She sees boy taking envelope. Simmi says this boy took pic, you are blaming me. Suhasini says this boy will say truth then. Simmi says maybe this boy went. Suhasini says fine, there are more pics. She shows Simmi’s pic with envelope and says you have sent Jaya. He looked for the boy with envelope, you took envelope from him and kept it in plate. Simmi says no, I do not know about it. Suhasini asks pandit why did he ask for another sweet box when he was given a sweet box before. Pandit says before a piece was taken from it, shagun sweets should be untouched. Suhasini asks Simmi does she remember now. Simmi recalls removing a sweet piece.

Suhasini returns the camera. She says these packets were ordered at office by Simmi, so that Swadheenta gets it here, and things happen as Simmi wants, even that courier is sent by Simmi. She says if all links join, shall I join…. Simmi says yes, I can join links too, Adarsh is lying, don’t know what all happens against my dad here in this house. Suhasini says shut up now, and fumes. She says I m sorry Mrs and Mr. Bundela, this was necessary, though its embarrassing, I had to bring Adarsh’s truth out, else you would have had doubt in heart, sorry, trust me, Adarsh won’t do anything that makes us shameful. Simmi cries. Adarsh feels sorry and thinks I wish I could say truth to mom, this would have not happened.

Swadheenta asks Suhasini for leave, as her parents are coming from Chennai. Suhasini says sure, and asks Swadheenta why did she not tell about Adarsh and her trip to Faridabad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thankyou Amena di..?

  2. Oh ho…bad episode..

  3. I thought everyone will get to know about the truth..but nothing happened!?

  4. Oh god…why this much dragging…when will adhu say everything to his family?

  5. Oh Precap…iam sure that swadhu will not say the truth..

  6. Hindi serial Tamil language & culture follow panrathuku director s Romba Nanri.

  7. Oh..i should say that suhu is a great lawyer…the way she proved simmi wrong…hatts off to u suhu.

  8. Adhu…pls broke the engagement fastly..

  9. Adharsh chance miss pannitiya pa. Ithuthan samaya love sollirukanum ellortaum. But Appa Amma vachuruka mariyathai paratanum Adharsh.

  10. Ohhh..After knowing everything abhay n jaideev will ask adhu to propose swadhu..

  11. I think jeevan also will be coming with her parents…

    1. Is jeevan also a south indian like swadhu..?

  12. I hate Simmi. She is not a good actor

  13. Sweety di..still iam waiting for you..

  14. Loved d episode 🙂

  15. sweety where r u sis…

  16. and where is max bro…

  17. the episode was good…waiting for swadarsh dance performance in sangeet ceremony!!!

  18. Gud episode at least I thk educated people solve these matters like this .. Not too dramatic…

  19. But I thik suhasuhasini was too gud today the way she exposed Simms app I vakili chodti nah I. Lol

    1. Vakili i meant

  20. Adarsh at least speak up now .eventhough u know she doesn’t love u u shdconvey ur feelings to her.

  21. Rest God will help u

  22. very bad epi…………. swadarsh r becoming too complaicant 🙁

    1. * complaisant

      1. Sweety di…its u na?
        U cannot fool me..its the same symbol..Thanks for commenting di…
        I want you to be the old sweety di…
        Thankyou so so much di…i missed u alot.,.
        pls di,..dont leave this page,,..its a request from your friend..pls di..

  23. Interesting episode,smiles

  24. Meghna Malik ji that was fierce.??girl power?

  25. This is a good episode. Good acting by Suhashini. Adash is such a weak person.
    Swadeentha should need a more stronger personality. She is so classy in her action.

  26. arsh to face a ‘Bharatanatyam’ challenge in Star Plus’ Dehleez

    Star Plus’ Dahleez (Fortune Productions and Colosceum Media) will see a special track soon that will turn the fortune of Adarsh (Harshad Arora) and Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) forever…

    Well, that will be a dance related track, wherein Adarsh will be seen challenging a pro Bharatanatyam dancer for a competition!!
    True, fans of Harshad Arora will see their favourite actor put in his best in the Bharatanatyam dance form for which he received intense training from a Delhi based dancer.

    As per the track coming ahead, Adarsh will learn the dance form from Swadheenta’s father. Meanwhile, he will also get to know of Jeevan (Kiran Srinivas), the boy friend of Swadheenta being a master in the dance. When Adarsh will see Swadheenta’s father working towards sending Jeevan to Delhi to represent his dance academy in a major dance competition, Adarsh will feel the need to stop the process.

    As per reliable sources, “This will bring in the turning point where Adarsh will tell Swadheenta’s father that he will be the one to represent the academy at the dance event. And the elderly man who will be in a dilemma, will throw in the idea of Jeevan and Adarsh competing against each other in a dance contest. And the winner of it will march ahead to the contest in Delhi.”

    How will this Bharatanatyam contest between Adarsh and Jeevan pan out?
    When contacted, Harshad refused to talk about this particular track citing, “This is a special track. I am not allowed to talk on this.”
    Are you game to seeing a dance fest on the show?

    1. Ohhh, excited to see his Bharatnatyam..Also I love kiran a lot,..oh,I dont want him to be negative,..
      its a special track..oh.,
      n I think adhu will win…not ‘think’
      I want him to win.

      1. This means that even after swadhu decides to marry jeevan adarsh s still running after her.whch means majboori hai koi so shes marrying him…r adhu just is trying to prove it to her that hes better than jeevan for herhmmm interesting

    2. Interesting. Thnx for sharing. Bharatnatyam dance off. Although I don’t see how this storyline gels w a court room drama. Anyways props to the team for highlighting one of india’s oldest dance form.

  27. I just hope ths adarsh doesnt keep mum til the last minute n then n the altar declares that he cant marry vanshika it wld b too dramatic.

  28. Bharatnatyam learning by an IAS officer. Lol! This is Star Plus man. No logic works here. BCoz the they think audience is fool and it is true to some extent as we continue to follow the serial irrespective of its contents.
    However today’s episode was good. Eager to see how Swadheenta responds to Suhasini regarding her relationship with Adarsh.
    My Wish:
    She should tell that she is not thinking of any boyfriend and marriage and want to concentrate on career right now, what she had told earlier to Adarsh. It is Adarsh who talks some stupid things. may be he is in love. Suhasini thinks of Adarsh’s behaviour towards Swadheenta and gets convinced that his son likes her assistant.

  29. Now story is bcomng somewat interestng……

  30. And wat happened 2 sweety?? Y she has bcom angel

    1. Iam also confused about it…

  31. plzz vote for our swadarsh

    1. Ofcourse we will vote for them…

  32. I wish a dance show will bring Adarsh and Swadheenta nearer to understand each other.
    A nice piece of action by Suhasini. She is really a shrewd and goes deep into matter.
    I hope she being a mother will understand the affinity of love between Adarsh and Swadheenta.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  33. Suhasini a big hats off to u. Ur role was luvly

  34. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Suhanshini man u just too awesomeness. !
    I hope to get ardesh to say truth to u n get swa^ ardi tgether pls mam…mwahs

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