Dehleez 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi asking Jaya to get her tv connection reinstalled in her room, you all have hidden a lot till now, but not anymore. They all go. Swadheenta cries seeing Adarsh. He leaves. Later, Swadheenta recalls Simmi’s words and cries. She recalls Abhay and Asad’s death, Mamu’s state and Adarsh’s words. She asks Lord why is he doing this, I have become lonely and helpless, I don’t see any way, you will show me the way, you have to help me. She looks for aam papad. Radhika comes there and gives her aam papad.

Swadheenta thanks her. Radhika says I came to temple and thought to sit here for sometime, since Asad left, I came here daily to pray for him and Haider uncle, and also for you, that you win this case and get justice for Asad. Swadheenta says I m alone in this fight,

everyone feel I went against them to get justice for Asad and Mamu. Radhika cries and says I see news regularly, I know its difficult for you, I m sure Asad was not a terrorist, and even Haider can’t be terrorist, case will get new direction by Arvind’s angle, truth always wins, don’t give up freedom. Swadheenta cries and hugs her. She says I won’t give up.

Its morning, Suhasini gets some courier and checks. Jaidev asks what happened. She tells about someone appealing in court to remove public prosecutor Ajay Goyal. He says its good, but I don’t understand whom does that man want instead Ajay. She says Suhasini Sinha, I know who did this appeal. They go to Adarsh. She asks Adarsh whats this, I m a mother too, apart from being a lawyer, I know emotions, you think it will be easy for me to fight this case. Adarsh says every news channel says same thing, that defense lawyer is at advantage, we should also get some benefit to know personal angles of this case. Jaidev says I think Adarsh is right. She says this won’t be easy, Swadheenta does not have blood relation with Haider, but Abhay was my son, there will be conflict, govt and council won’t agree. Jaya comes and says Simmi is not opening the door. They all rush and knock the door.

Suhasini asks Adarsh and Jaidev to break the door. They break the door. They see Simmi crying. Suhasini asks what happened, we were so worried. Simmi cries and says I have seen news, every news channel are saying Swadheenta will save those two terrorists, she will prove her brother was not a terrorist, he was not Abhay’s murderer, if you all don’t kick out Swadheenta from this house, I will do this work. Jaya and Jaidev stop Simmi, and ask her to listen. Adarsh stops Simmi and shouts control yourself, Abhay’s murderers will get punished, they won’t be spared, mom will fight Abhay’s case this time, mom will get Haider hanged, she will prove Asad was terrorist and he has shot Abhay, Abhay will get justice, I promise you. Simmi hugs Suhasini. Suhasini gets thinking, as she has to agree anyhow now. Simmi asks really mom, will you fight Abhay’s case. Swadheenta comes there and looks on. Suhasini says yes, I will. Simmi gets glad and hugs Suhasini.

They all see Swadheenta there. Suhasini asks are you shocked, if you can defend the terrorists, I will fight for those innocent people who lost their lives in this incident, I will fight for my Abhay, who became a martyr.

Suhasini meets the judge. He says this does not happen often, but we can take you on this case, Goyal has withdrawn from this case, you will be public prosecutor for this case, I wish you good luck. Adarsh comes to room. He sees Swadheenta fixing blast pics. She cries seeing Asad’s pic. She turns and sees Adarsh. He gets annoyed and goes out in the balcony. She goes to him. She asks did you appeal to make mom the public prosecutor. He asks any problem. She says no, I m glad, you will get satisfaction, mom does not lose case easily, this case is imp for her, I really pray that mom wins this case, Asad, Mamu and Abhay’s murderer’s truth will come out, the day the truth comes out, you will realize we were never against, our motive is same to bring out truth, we walked on different ways but did not leave supporting each other.

She says this won’t be easy, you can hate me more, you will get much anger, don’t think I m doing this for my dear ones, I m doing this for truth, I want truth to come out, I will fight for my Mamu and two brothers, it does not matter mom wins or I, but Abhay’s murderers will get punished.

Suhasini researches on the case. Even Swadheenta works on the case files. Adarsh wakes up and sees Swadheenta working on the case.

Its morning, Suhasini and Swadheenta get ready. Swadheenta says I know we are against in this case, but our motive is same, to get Abhay’s real murderer punished. Suhasini says you are dragging Arvind in this case, the world knows the culprit, Asad and his father Haider, we will argue in court, I did not think we will meet in court against each other, don’t know what else will time show and teach us, this is not a case, but a mum’s duty. Swadheenta says its sister and daughter’s duty for me too, which I have to fulfill at any cost. She takes Suhasini’s blessings. Suhasini wishes her all the best and says see you in court. Swadheenta thanks her.

Suhasini says defense has no proof in Haider’s favor, she has just fake stories, hence I appeal that this man gets punished asap.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. rahul verma

    sir please don’t finish this serial as there are no of fans of this serial and if this serial is finished and its very bad for all of us. So from the entire fans i request to the star plus channel or the team of dehleez that please dont stop this

  2. Ayushya

    Everyone knew arvind stayed in same flat with two others why is suhu finding arvind irrelevant. Some times I find suhu so intelligent but in this matter she is acting dumb.

  3. Sanjana


    |Registered Member

    Beautiful episode with deep message
    Precap is super duper exciting
    Go for it Adarsh me patni swadheenta Ramakrishna

  4. Divya

    I’m waiting for tomorrow’s episode! Y can’t yash open his mouth and support swadeentha. .. and y are you not showing yash? ??

  5. Aanchal

    Its not good that this serial is going to be off air
    .. But still I luv this serial and thanks amena di … But pls give harshads contact no. if any ….. I really love this serail
    … Pls don’t end this serial stiil yje dear director can do shoots to take it at high at least till the whole serial get an award pls swadarsh must get award for best or favourite jodi award

  6. Aanchal

    I tooo request star plus channel from entire fans of Dehleez that don’t end this serial. … It will be very bad for all of us … Pls star plus don’t end this serial …. I request u a lot…

  7. Devgyani

    Superb episode interesting to see two relations standing opposite each other.Beautiful experience! But plzzzzz don’t end this serial.

  8. Jaya

    Yeah guys..plz don’t stop this serial..itz a very good serial after is pyr ko kya nam we loved kushi arnav the samelik v loving swadrsh.. So plz don’t let air off this soon..Atleast for 1 yr..I don’t understand y this guys didn’t get the award of best jodi..y they gave that ishita..she looks older..she has overacting..every time crying crying..nothing real in that comedy no tragedy..stop that serial soon.

  9. Umama

    Eagerly waiting fr d nxt.Feeling srry fr them & i’m crying fr swadhu.Go ahead dear with ur courage,don’t lose it to find d truth…..And plz don’t end it fast without proper ending.We want to see Sinhas happy family with a strong bond.Don’t know what’ll happen..

  10. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    In second hearing suhu will try to prove fredu wrong saying that dhe doesnot have any concrete evidence to prove asad n haider innocent n then fredu will com up with fact that asad was helping yash n get n may b watchmsn wil also testify that asad was looking for some links n college some more time asking yhe judge to find arvind.

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      Also the.she can request judge to get yash n court to testify that asad was n mission with him n he cant deny that as princi n other proffessors were witness.

      • Goldie


        |Registered Member

        Also asads foto at crime scene shown had that scarf on it so definately fredu going to pick that poinht.

  11. ddian

    the should continue only if the cast could show something intresting a short and meaningful show is better than the ones which are dragged till the viewers start hating the show

  12. Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Too gud strategy adarsh aage ki life mein saas bahu ke jhagde hone lage gharme toh dono ko kisi case mein aamne samne kardo aur khud aaram se so jao ?

  13. Megha

    Why is this getting delayed, they can just get this taken care fast and prove that Swadheenta is correct

  14. pac

    The precap shows yash in the witness box..Thats going to be fun..but expect a few episodes to drag…

  15. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Wow finally Radhika’s character is shown, and finally there is Someone to support swadheenta I knew Radhika will be the one. And when I saw the promo initially I was thinkiingbbechara aadarsh what must be thinking in his mind to support mom or wife but he turned out to be the one to make suhasini fight the case against swadheenta what a twist , m already missing this show, I wish it had a season 2 but unfortunately dehleez was aired in star plus which will never support season 2 for this show because star plus is always trp hungry and they call it nayi soch? Wow what a nayi soch. But one must thank star plus also to show wonderful shows like Tamannah and dehleez

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      C i still dont believe Dehleez was a low trp serial .its timings launched at a bad time 20-20 wcup ipl exams all ths caused low trps. Last week after ipl dehleez got 0.8 which was 0.6 for 2-3 weeks.dehleez has lot of online viewers but thy r not yet counted.Also dehleez was extensively shot in delhi (thx to beautiful delhi localtions) n thus there was no onset stories hat were going around in SBS r not many spoilers coming as v get for yhm r sns r kb ehich creates awareness among viewers.but i would also say many people who didnot see dehleez have missed a beautiful story shot in a beautiful place like delhi.

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        Yes despite IPL dehleez was not badly affected. And my uncle who recently went to India told me among hindi channels star plus and shows like SNS, YRKKH r quite popular. Question is why? Why not dehleez? This is the only show all, ALL my family members and cousins and relatives love to watch, if not other shows only some of us watch.

      • Aritri


        |Registered Member

        Dehleez is getting low trp bcz the channel is not showing proper repeat telecast of it. It has only one repeat else all those crap saas bahu shows have 2-3 repeats per day. Sp authority did the same thing with Manmarziyan…

    • Goldie


      |Registered Member

      SP cut the repeats bcoz dehleez gog off air .
      anywayz it was supposed to b 108 episodes from the day the show started.i m not defending channel but any cahannel whose soap s gog off air does the same cuts repeat telecasts SP did same

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        Hmm not only star plus other channels do that too once low trp just cut of repeats so unfair they should do one either cut repeat or off air it dont do both

      • Aritri


        |Registered Member

        When trp gets low channel should at least give a chance to the show by increasing its repeat. From the beginning only sp did not show much repeat of dehleez.. May be it’s channels “nayi soch” just to cut off repeats of good shows so that the show gets shut down and in its place they present some typical saas bahu drama ??

  16. Rumaisa

    Feel sorry for swadheeñta.
    I wañt this terrorist PROBLEM get sorted sooñ so that there cañ Be More Swadarsh Sceñes as the show is goiñg to eñd.

  17. reesha

    Pllz dnt end dehleez show. Its good to air a show which is worth watching rather than startning new shows like tumse dheke pyar higa ya to kya kare. Whole crap spcly actress.

  18. Diya

    Pls dont end the serial. Why r u stopping suddenly all the new serials. Instead pls stop that stupid saath nibana sathiya, yeh hai muhabathein etc. It has been going more than 4 years!. Viewers hw can u tolerate these stupid serials.

  19. Akansha

    Plz don’t end dehleez… d show is interesting nw der is a lot to happen. The truth did come out suha shd understand swadu. N adarsh n swaddentha did come together. So plz dont end it.
    If starplus is finding timeslot fr nw serial let them end saath nibhana sathiya.. it’s goin fr years…
    Plz don’t end dehleez.. the star cast is amazing n d storyline n d location too.

  20. Blink

    Thanks for the update. Lovely episode. So balanced and well made epi. Interaction between Swadhu and Radhika was a moving one. Excellent. Hope Suhasini’s maturity will make her realuze soon as she goes thru the case that Swadhu is on the right track and I hope she accepts that gracefully as the objective is the same for both to find out truth. I only hope she doesnt become unreasonable and stubborn like Adarsh or others as she delves into this case to find out Abhay’s killer. It would be interesting to see the point when she herself realises the truth!
    Really we will miss rhis serial once it goes off air but will thank star plus for a treat like this! Excellent seriel

  21. Blink

    Unlike other seriels Swadhu and Suhu behaved in a graceful and mature manner. For the first time onscreen we saw some civilized behaviour between saas and bahu in a tough situation of conflict. Thats how professionals ( in this case lawyers) are supposed to behave and
    It has been showcased very well! Keep up this good work Director and team Dehleez!

    • Bhavana

      ur right Blink… but @ the sametime i am not liking Adarsh char right now.. he might be shocked sad ..etc.. but he should use his senses na… he is educated and an IAS Officer… pity on him

  22. firdausibataiya

    Wow! what a nice series I really love dehleez keep it up star plus. I know that freedom will win this case .

  23. fathima

    Is dis true that dehleez is going off air?? Nooo i cant accept tis….A shows moto is not 2 get high trps…its jst 2 create awareness among people… dis way… i think dehlees is da serial..that shows what is family,decency, bonding, nd how terrorism changed da lives of people….i think 2days biggest prblm is terrorism.. we have 2 cncntrate on dis….dahleez also shows terrorism,its facts nd its cruelty…anyway we hve 2 clap our entire dahleez team 2 concentrate on social prblms…no other writers concentrate on dis….saas bahu prblms nd some other tracks hppning in serials lik YHM,SNS r not prctical,i think its useless….everyone knows how to handle their own family prblm…..but dahleez shows how to face a difficult situation that anyone had in their life…..iam a tamilian….i cant understand hindi dialogues fully……but i wanna 2 c dahleez daily…..dahleez had fans frm all over da country…..dis is the victory of any serial….awesome job did by dahleez cast & crew…..???….gonna miss u….???

  24. swadheenta

    i am hating the adarsh charecter now. what is his problem! is his work is only to taunt swadheenta and sleep? swadhu need a support pls. i feel very bad for her. pls i want to see happy swadarsh! Adarsh ko koi jara akal de do!

  25. Lakshita

    Please punish the real culprits and end this let the real terrorist punished???I want swadarsh and the entire family to be ???happy

  26. Ritu Singh

    Just yesterday i come to know that serial is ending due to not too much viewer, very bad only bhoot pret makhi will survive and high voltage drama goeson . this is very nice and classy serial. I and my family love to see this serial.

  27. Nadira

    good going
    but they r dragging ds at d last time
    n wht happnd with Radhika??
    m confused

  28. roshini

    This show gets low trp because of the time slot and no repeat……it would be better if it is aired at 8.30 or 6 pm
    … is different from other serials…..awesome pair….yet lagging in trps….

  29. Medha

    Best show on Star Plus. Should not end. Y not end SNS.
    The entire cast is good performance wise. Has a different story line. Y not move it to 8.30 slot. That humko tumse … Does’nt look convincing. Sorry. ?

  30. Gudiya...


  31. Padu

    Goldie nice analysis of crime yaar. Good to read ur stuff. Very true that this is a good show. Sad it’s gonna be off air.

  32. Padu

    I know I’ve been razzing on writers not a huge fan of the terrorism track but then u have given some really powerful, impactful female characters thru the show. I must say these actresses have really mad, wicked acting skills. Suha gives me the chills. I know she is on losing team but looking forward to watch her in action.

  33. Padu

    Finally a good Swadarsh scene. Not a fan of the dark, brooding adarsh. Like the pagal paithiyam happy go lucky fella. Audience needs to see them get back together and have a happily ever after. We need that closure esp since u guys made us suffer thru two killings two really good characters in one day. Please show us some happiness.

  34. nb

    All complaining people and Dahleez lovers, how many of you voted on tellyexpress link I had given yesterday. Anyway it tremained the best of Star plus.

  35. nb

    All complaining people. How many of you voted yesterday on my given link? €Still it is the best of Star Plus.

  36. Asna it true that dehleez will go off air so soon?…plzz don’t do that…it wll hurt so many fans…and in btwn why star plus had cut all the repeat telecast…that’s rlly disgusting….Plzz atlst repeat it for 1 Tym…plzz

  37. Sarojini

    How can a leftenent lie because of his personal issues and make an innocent a terrorist.yash is the biggest terrorist now who is indirectly helping a terrorist to escape .swadeenta got call list she can also get decoded conversation with the help of police and if it is not shown then it will be unlogical and its dragging..yash did not see directly shooting abhay and according to the police it is was who they shooted an innocent without listening it doesnt happen naturally they doesnt shoot but they are caught how funny they say mardiya jo abhay sir ko mara.court want witness so yash is not witness of asad shooting abhay soo senior lawyer has to think about it

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