Dehleez 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi asking Jaya to get her tv connection reinstalled in her room, you all have hidden a lot till now, but not anymore. They all go. Swadheenta cries seeing Adarsh. He leaves. Later, Swadheenta recalls Simmi’s words and cries. She recalls Abhay and Asad’s death, Mamu’s state and Adarsh’s words. She asks Lord why is he doing this, I have become lonely and helpless, I don’t see any way, you will show me the way, you have to help me. She looks for aam papad. Radhika comes there and gives her aam papad.

Swadheenta thanks her. Radhika says I came to temple and thought to sit here for sometime, since Asad left, I came here daily to pray for him and Haider uncle, and also for you, that you win this case and get justice for Asad. Swadheenta says I m alone in this fight,

everyone feel I went against them to get justice for Asad and Mamu. Radhika cries and says I see news regularly, I know its difficult for you, I m sure Asad was not a terrorist, and even Haider can’t be terrorist, case will get new direction by Arvind’s angle, truth always wins, don’t give up freedom. Swadheenta cries and hugs her. She says I won’t give up.

Its morning, Suhasini gets some courier and checks. Jaidev asks what happened. She tells about someone appealing in court to remove public prosecutor Ajay Goyal. He says its good, but I don’t understand whom does that man want instead Ajay. She says Suhasini Sinha, I know who did this appeal. They go to Adarsh. She asks Adarsh whats this, I m a mother too, apart from being a lawyer, I know emotions, you think it will be easy for me to fight this case. Adarsh says every news channel says same thing, that defense lawyer is at advantage, we should also get some benefit to know personal angles of this case. Jaidev says I think Adarsh is right. She says this won’t be easy, Swadheenta does not have blood relation with Haider, but Abhay was my son, there will be conflict, govt and council won’t agree. Jaya comes and says Simmi is not opening the door. They all rush and knock the door.

Suhasini asks Adarsh and Jaidev to break the door. They break the door. They see Simmi crying. Suhasini asks what happened, we were so worried. Simmi cries and says I have seen news, every news channel are saying Swadheenta will save those two terrorists, she will prove her brother was not a terrorist, he was not Abhay’s murderer, if you all don’t kick out Swadheenta from this house, I will do this work. Jaya and Jaidev stop Simmi, and ask her to listen. Adarsh stops Simmi and shouts control yourself, Abhay’s murderers will get punished, they won’t be spared, mom will fight Abhay’s case this time, mom will get Haider hanged, she will prove Asad was terrorist and he has shot Abhay, Abhay will get justice, I promise you. Simmi hugs Suhasini. Suhasini gets thinking, as she has to agree anyhow now. Simmi asks really mom, will you fight Abhay’s case. Swadheenta comes there and looks on. Suhasini says yes, I will. Simmi gets glad and hugs Suhasini.

They all see Swadheenta there. Suhasini asks are you shocked, if you can defend the terrorists, I will fight for those innocent people who lost their lives in this incident, I will fight for my Abhay, who became a martyr.

Suhasini meets the judge. He says this does not happen often, but we can take you on this case, Goyal has withdrawn from this case, you will be public prosecutor for this case, I wish you good luck. Adarsh comes to room. He sees Swadheenta fixing blast pics. She cries seeing Asad’s pic. She turns and sees Adarsh. He gets annoyed and goes out in the balcony. She goes to him. She asks did you appeal to make mom the public prosecutor. He asks any problem. She says no, I m glad, you will get satisfaction, mom does not lose case easily, this case is imp for her, I really pray that mom wins this case, Asad, Mamu and Abhay’s murderer’s truth will come out, the day the truth comes out, you will realize we were never against, our motive is same to bring out truth, we walked on different ways but did not leave supporting each other.

She says this won’t be easy, you can hate me more, you will get much anger, don’t think I m doing this for my dear ones, I m doing this for truth, I want truth to come out, I will fight for my Mamu and two brothers, it does not matter mom wins or I, but Abhay’s murderers will get punished.

Suhasini researches on the case. Even Swadheenta works on the case files. Adarsh wakes up and sees Swadheenta working on the case.

Its morning, Suhasini and Swadheenta get ready. Swadheenta says I know we are against in this case, but our motive is same, to get Abhay’s real murderer punished. Suhasini says you are dragging Arvind in this case, the world knows the culprit, Asad and his father Haider, we will argue in court, I did not think we will meet in court against each other, don’t know what else will time show and teach us, this is not a case, but a mum’s duty. Swadheenta says its sister and daughter’s duty for me too, which I have to fulfill at any cost. She takes Suhasini’s blessings. Suhasini wishes her all the best and says see you in court. Swadheenta thanks her.

Suhasini says defense has no proof in Haider’s favor, she has just fake stories, hence I appeal that this man gets punished asap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. All complaining people and Dahleez lovers, how many of you voted on tellyexpress link I had given yesterday. Anyway it tremained the best of Star plus.

  2. All complaining people. How many of you voted yesterday on my given link? €Still it is the best of Star Plus.

  3. it true that dehleez will go off air so soon?…plzz don’t do that…it wll hurt so many fans…and in btwn why star plus had cut all the repeat telecast…that’s rlly disgusting….Plzz atlst repeat it for 1 Tym…plzz

  4. How can a leftenent lie because of his personal issues and make an innocent a terrorist.yash is the biggest terrorist now who is indirectly helping a terrorist to escape .swadeenta got call list she can also get decoded conversation with the help of police and if it is not shown then it will be unlogical and its dragging..yash did not see directly shooting abhay and according to the police it is was who they shooted an innocent without listening it doesnt happen naturally they doesnt shoot but they are caught how funny they say mardiya jo abhay sir ko mara.court want witness so yash is not witness of asad shooting abhay soo senior lawyer has to think about it

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