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Dehleez 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manohar asking Adarsh to thank Jaya. Adarsh thanks her. Jaidev says I m getting late and goes. Jaya says I m glad Adarsh is happy with this marriage relation, Vanshika is nice girl, she will keep you happy. Adarsh says yes, I have to go office, I will leave. Simmi brings Vanshika. Vanshika says Suhasini asked us to finish shopping. Manohar asks Adarsh to take one day leave, work won’t stop. Suhasini says no need to take leave, shopping will be done at home. Adarsh says I m getting late mom, I will leave. He stops seeing Swadheenta.

Swadheenta comes there with the saree seller. Suhasini says Swadheenta made me meet this saree vendor, I asked her to come home and help in saree selection. Swadheenta greets everyone. Suhasini introduces her family and says you met Vanshika.

Vanshika says I don’t remember you, you are that road side eatery shop girl right? They sit to see sarees. Adarsh says I will leave for office. Vanshika and Jaya ask him to sit and help them.

Asad and his friends are at youth festival and hear the rules and procedure. The girl says first round is of popularity. Asad’s friend Arvind tries and he turns out to be in lesser known group.

Suhasini asks Manohar whats the matter. Manohar says you know it. She asks what. He says you did not know you hired Swadheenta as assistant. Suhasini says whats there to say, she is intelligent, bright and hardworking, she applied for job and I hired her. Simmi comes and asks her to check sarees. Suhasini goes. Manohar says Simmi… Simmi says its fine, even my dad asks me to manage my house, and he will take care of his business, I decided to become a good bahu. Manohar goes. Abhay apologizes to Simmi. She says its fine, its not your mistake, go office. He asks her to take care and goes. Simmi thinks to make Suhasini feel sorry.

Swadheenta shows some sarees wearing the pallu over her head and smiling. Adarsh looks at her. Jiya re……..plays……………… Suhasini comes and asks did they like sarees. Vanshika says no. Suhasini says there is enough variety. Adarsh says I m getting late, I think… Suhasini asks him to go. He sees Swadheenta. More jiya……plays…………… Suhasini covers Swadheenta with the saree and checks. Adarsh looks on. Vanshika and Jaya like that saree. Adarsh leaves. Swadheenta sees he has gone. Suhasini says I have few sarees design, I like sarees, I will get catalogue. Swadheenta goes to get water from kitchen, as guided by Jaya.

Asad tells his friends that they have no respect now, fine we will check in next round, what is it. His friend says dance round, partner is needed. Asad says fine, we will find 4 partners. Radhika comes and says I remember what you said last time, I don’t have any misunderstanding, will you become my dance partner. Asad thinks why is this happening with me…. He says I m sorry, I have many options for dance partner and names the girls. He asks her to take any of her friend. She calls out Yash and asks him to become her dance partner, even when she has lots of options. Asad’s friend says Yash is not from this college team. Yash says I m ex student and will talk to principal, I will manage if my sweetheart asked me, you guys think about yourselves. Asad gets jealous.

Simmi goes to Swadheenta and asks how many cases will you win against my dad. Swadheenta asks your Papa? Simmi says you felt mom hired you as assistant because you are good lawyer, she hired you to fight cases against my dad. Swadheenta recalls Simmi. Simmi says yes, Ahuja is my dad and Suhasini is my mother in law, strange mom kept you as assistant. Swadheenta asks why will Mam do this. Simmi says just mom can answer this. Swadheenta makes excuse and leaves.

Suhasini gets catalogues and asks where is Swadheenta. Simmi says she left, I told her that Naveen Anuja is my dad, so that she does not need to research anywhere, case is over, Swadheenta works with you, what will happen if she knows this. Suhasini goes and stops Swadheenta. She says so you know Ahuja is our Samdhi, this was not necessary for you to know, so I did not say. Swadheenta says you hired me as your assistant knowing… Suhasini says yes, by knowing everything, relations can’t come in law. You are a good lawyer and honest too, I would have taken that farmer’s case against Ahuja if he was not my relative, if anyone else is fighting case for farmer’s justice, I would definitely help, that’s what I did, I have some ethics, I don’t fight relatives’ case, but I can support you even if I have to go against my relatives, Simmi is my bahu, if her dad is wrong, he is wrong, its true. Swadheenta says I was always your fan, I respect you even more. Suhasini smiles and says we will meet in office tomorrow. Simmi hears them and gets angry.

Later, Simmi is working a lot and Suhasini jokes that someone is working today. They all get arrangements done. Suhasini asks Manohar to get things checked. Jaya attends call and asks the man how did he send packets to office, who gave office address instead home. Swadheenta calls Jaya and says the packets got delivered here, there is no one to send. Jaya asks her to get it here. Jaya receives a courier. Simmi smiles. Vanshika’s family comes. Simmi says now just Swadheenta has to come, then see how I shock Suhasini.

Simmi purposely plants Adarsh and Swadheenta’s pics and makes Bundelas see the pics. She then asks Swadheenta to tell everyone if Adarsh was with her in Faridabad. Adarsh and Swadheenta look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thankyou Amena di ??

  2. Ohh…this simmi will be a great problem.?

  3. Ohh..thank god that suhu likes swadhu atleast..?

    1. Tru ya atleast suhu will support swadarsh i thk

  4. Oh god this simmi is so disgusting..but I think because of her only swadharsh marriage will occur..

  5. Feeling so excited to see Kiran Shrinivas..?

  6. PRECAP interesting…

  7. Ohh..i think Vanshika n adhu’s engagement will get broken due to these photos..
    Then adhu will get rid of that Vanshika..
    So..adhu will propose swadheentha..

  8. Sweety di…i hope you will come back to this site..I HOPE!

  9. Waiting for Bharatnatyam competition between jeevan n adhu..

  10. Super fast update !!! Thanks

  11. CVs pls make swadharsh together asap…

  12. @Precap:I hope swadhu will say yes…?

  13. Thanks Simmi. U r really great job.

  14. Thanks for your super fast update

  15. This time simmi works good

    Pics of swadharsh


  16. well i hope that its storyline will be different…………….

  17. This is a blessing in disguise for Swadheenta and Adarsh relationship to grow. Hope they unite.
    Hoping for the best.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  18. Actually shd thk simmi as i thk engagement will b broken

  19. Looks like suhu s lady witb principles

  20. I thhk now may b suhu wil doubt that adhu not happy with vans as he did not tell her abt faridàbad

  21. N also vansh will doubt as whn she asked adhu that does he know her he says how wil i know her

  22. Gog gud.these people hav been shooting n delhi so there s not much news cming frm sets n stuff as all these india forums n tellych akkar tthy report frm mumbai

  23. kiran shriniva .. who is he

    1. Hye…he s South Indian actor..he HD done few films..

  24. tellybuzz reports that trishad r seeing each other in reality too !!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Hi everyone vote for adarsh n swadhu fav naya sadasya n swadarsh as fav jodi n star parovaar awards 2016

  26. My guess is when asked about each other, they will just brush off saying they are friends helping each other in the case. When all others insult Swadheenta and ask who is she, Suhasini will reply saying she is not office assistant or clerk but a lawyer by herself and good lawyer. Adarsh will add and my good friend too. Somebody asks that you are a friend of Vanshika for 11 years and never mentioned that. Adarsh says : She says she was my classmate, may be but I don’t remember. She is my facebook friend. May be . There are 1000s of girls who follow me in facebook. That doesnot mean I am friend of everybody or marry everybody. ”

    Marriage breaks************. Swadheenta leaves.

  27. I think swadhu also has feelings for adarsh the way she looks at him whn hes staring at her during the saree scene n i cld clearly see that she was a bit sad whn he left.i thk she s just holding her feelings back as suhu s her boss n hes getting engaged n also coz status issues between 2 families.

  28. Hope swadhu doesnt take all the blame for banwarilal case n her just to save adarsh marriage.but if ths happens hopefully adarsh will speak up n refuse to marry vansh n confess to his family that he loves swadhu…

  29. what will they reply for that pics. they should tell the truth 2 all that they went 4 investigation

  30. Waiting for some fireworks in today’s episode. Simmi dil ki achi hai…not so sure about that one

  31. I don’t think marriage will stop. Swadarsh may say truth or lie but the marriage won’t stop, I think. On the day of marriage adarsh should marry swadhu. That’s my desire…??????

    Wow awesome epi today. Love u suhasini?

    But this serial is getting bored now a days???

    NYC guess ‘nb’??

  32. Costume dept. why is swadhu always in yellow. Get her in some neons and pastels.

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