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Dehleez 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Appa saying I have called Ahuja here. They all get shocked. Swadheenta comes there. Appa says Suhasini ji, its Adarsh and Swadheenta’s engagement tomorrow, I want that engagement to happen, so I have come, I m ready to do what you said, I will apologize to Ahuja. He folds hands. Adarsh stops Appa from apologizing. He says no need to fold hands and apologize, its enough you came here. Swadheenta looks on from outside. Adarsh tells Suhasini that Appa has come here, he is sorry too, I think its enough, intentions are imp. He says Ahuja uncle, whatever happened yesterday night, should have happened, forgive Guru ji please.

Abhay requests Ahuja to agree. Ahuja says fine, if you are saying so, if Ramakrishnan is really feeling sorry, then put sand on the topic/forget it. They

all smile. Adarsh explains Appa the meaning of Ahuja’s words. Appa says I will leave now. Adarsh folds hands to greet him. He turns and sees Swadheenta outside. Swadheenta waits for Appa. Appa sees her and says Swadheenta……. She cries and hugs him. She says sorry, I came here to take you. Adarsh comes outside. Appa goes ahead. Swadheenta thanks Adarsh for keeping my dad’s respect.

He says he is my Guru ji, sorry, maybe I could not explain myself well. She says maybe I did not understand you. He says when mom said we can’t live with disagreement…. I felt… she says this won’t happen again, our decision will same, if I get adamant, you take the decision, I will agree, if you get adamant, I will take decision to which you will agree. He says next time we will take decision as Mr and Mrs. Sinha. She smiles. Swadheenta tells Adarsh about Appa’s allergy to whiskey and asks him to be careful that whiskey is not served to Appa. Suhasini hears them. They have a talk.

Suhasini gets thinking. Manohar tells her that if Swadheenta comes here as bahu, I m sure you will make her such bahu as you want. She smiles and hugs him. she thanks him for loving her so much, I m trying to sleep now, I have to prepare for engagement tomorrow. He says Jaya and Jaidev will manage. She asks him to get best whiskey. He asks why. She asks him to just arrange it.

Adarsh tells Jaidev that Appa has allergy with whiskey’s smell, he reacts weird, Swadheenta told me. Jaidev says I think he is very sensitive. Jaya says its okay, we will see to it.

Appa and Swadheenta come back home. Amma asks where did they go. Appa says I went to meet Suhasini ji, I had to take a decision, it was imp, what happened, why are you all worried. He laughs and asks them to start preparations, its Adarsh and Swadheenta’s engagement tomorrow. Swadheenta says they won’t believe this so easily. Appa says I have ended all annoyance, engagement is tomorrow. He hugs Haider. Everyone get glad. Asad is happy and asks Swahdeenta to scream along. They hug and scream to express joy.

Its morning, Arvind and his friends come to Sinha house. They see many govt. cars and checking. Arvind says interesting. The guy asks is this interesting. Arvind says after seeing much police, I m interested in this engagement, let us see what is this Sinha family.

Sinha family welcomes Swadheenta’s family. Adarsh comes and Swadheenta smiles seeing him. Adarsh greets her family. Swadheenta compliments him, and he also compliments her by signing. Manohar asks them to come and enjoy party. Swadheenta gets Shraddha’s call and says Adarsh and my story started with your sangeet, and now reached to our engagement, when are you coming from London, see you soon, I will tell you date.

Asad talks to Arvind and others. He asks how did you like party. Arvind says good, they are big people. Asad tells about Manohar Sinha, he is big bureaucrat. Arvind stares at Manohar. Suhasini welcomes minister and asks Manohar to introduce minister to Appa. She signs him. Manohar asks minister to come.

Manohar asks waiter to get two whiskey. Abhay asks another waiter not to serve whiskey today. The first waiter says Manohar is asking for whiskey. He takes it just for Manohar and his guests. Suhasini looks on. Manohar introduces Appa to minister. Waiter gives them whiskey. Manohar and minister take one glass each and leave. Appa also takes the glass and drinks it. Suhasini looks on. Swadheenta asks Suhasini what happened, why do you look shocked, can I talk to you. She says Appa has no allergy with whiskey, he likes it a lot, I wanted to see, after I request, will whiskey be served to Appa or not, my doubt was right, whiskey was served to Appa.

Adarsh and Swadheenta spend some time. Suhasini tells Manohar that Swadheenta is a nice girl, she said she will not spoil our relation with Adarsh, she is a nice girl but a bad lawyer, she lost the chance, I did not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wht the f**k dahleez time changed!!!!!!!today i went to watch dahleez 12pm bt i saw jana na dil se door serial….GOD why????aren,t there any other serial for replacement!!!!!!!!!!

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