Dehleez 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini saying Haider and Asad are Abhay’s culprits, there is big difference in being innocent and foolish, that family fooled you since many years, I have many years of law experience, now what I heard in court, I m sure that Haider and his family is responsible for this, relatives don’t keep anyone at home, they kept you for 5 years, because you were a lawyer for Haider, who would fight his case when time comes, you are doing the same, there is still time, see the truth and try to accept, you are totally brainwashed.

Swadheenta recalls Mamu and Mami taking care of her, when she was ill. Mamu feeds medicine to Swadheenta. He says your parents will come in some time, till then I will fight with your fever and make it get away, by medicine and prayers, your fever will

run away. She recalls how Mamu used to serve her coffee while she was preparing for her exams at night. She asks why did you not sleep. Mamu asks her to take a dream. Mami gets oil to massage her head. FB ends.

Swadheenta says I was 7 year old, I wanted to be an astronaut, Mamu and Mami used to stay awake with me, then I wanted to become teacher, I decided to do law later, Mamu kept his daughter, not any lawyer, I have such relation with them, which is not dependent on blood, I know the truth well, I know this big misunderstanding can’t get away so easily, but I will clear it, I promise you that, this promise is to everyone, especially Asad and Abhay. She leaves. Manohar gets angry.

Swadheenta sees Adarsh. He asks her to come along and takes her to their room. He shows Abhay’s ashes and says I have sworn that till Abhay’s murderers don’t get punished, I will not immerse the ashes, my doubts have got more definite now, you can do anything in court, you can call my family in witness box and question that, but I won’t sit quiet till I get Abhay’s culprits punished. She says your family, is this family not mine, I lost two brothers Abhay and Asad. He says don’t explain me, I want justice for Abhay, this war is between you and me, we have to see your lie wins or my truth. He goes. She cries seeing the ashes kalash.

Bilal tells Arvind that its matter of one night, you will be in your country till morning. Arvind says lets see the news on tv, did Haider get lifelong punishment or death sentence. They get shocked seeing police finding Arvind Gupta. Reporter says this name has come out in this Delhi blast case, defense lawyer Swadheenta said he is the third terrorist, Asad had three friends, this is the third guy Arvind Gupta, court asked police to find this man soon. Arvind fumes seeing the news and throws the things. Bilal asks him not to go anywhere. He says if you are caught then Swadheenta will prove her Mamu and brother are innocent, be careful and use your senses, we have to hide for few days. Arvind calms down.

Its morning, Simmi asks Jaya did you get to know anything, who killed Abhay. Jaya says police is finding him, don’t worry, the culprit will be punished. Simmi asks why was Haider arrested on wedding night. Jaya says I don’t know, Jaidev was saying there was some confusion, this is not imp, don’t take stress by overthinking, its not good for your health, you focus on your appointment, come. Simmi says Swadheenta said she will come along. Swadheenta comes and asks Simmi to come. Jaya says its okay, we are going with Simmi. Swadheenta says its okay, I m taking Simmi with mom. Suhasini comes and asks them to come.

Swadheenta and Suhasini take Simmi to hospital. Media comes and guards tries stopping the reporters. Paddy goes to them and asks Suhasini what does she think about her bahu defending her son’s culprits, why is she saving Abhay’s culprits and fighting their case. She asks Swadheenta why is she defending Abhay’s culprits. Simmi hears this. Swadheenta asks Paddy to leave. Simmi gets shocked. Suhasini takes Simmi.

They come home. Simmi reacts angrily. Swadheenta asks her to understand. Simmi says stay away. Swadheenta says you are unwell, calm down. Simmi asks her to stop showing fake sympathy. She says you don’t care for anyone, not even my dead husband and this house’s respect, else you would have not supported those who did this with my Abhay. Everyone look on. Simmi says you all have hidden this from me. Adarsh says we were not quiet. Simmi asks then how did Swadheenta get courage to stay here and go there to defend Abhay’s murderers, why did you all not kick her out and bear all this. Manohar says we are also in your sorrow. Suhasini says I will repeat my words, we don’t make our bahus leave from this house. Simmi asks bahu, is bahu such? Jaya and I are also bahus, we did not cross our limits, but Swadheenta…. She cries and says fine, if you have no problem with her stay here, its fine, but I have a problem, I can’t stay with Swadheenta under one roof with such girl who does not have sorrow for Abhay’s death, who is defending his murderers, I m going to Papa’s house. Suhasini asks Simmi to understand them, we did not wish your health to get affected badly by all this. She hugs Simmi.

Suhasini says this is not your fight alone, its our fight, we don’t care where Swadheenta stays, she won’t succeed, you are bahu and daughter of this house too, we won’t let you go. Jaya says mumma is saying right, you won’t go anywhere. She tells Swadheenta that I wished you to become this house’s bahu, I thought you will respect us and never get us insulted, did we ask for a lot from you, I m getting angry on myself, why did I help Adarsh in making you this house’s bahu. Jaidev asks Simmi not to cry, none of us will forgive the one who goes against Abhay. Simmi scolds Swadheenta and asks her not to show her face, else it will be very bad. Adarsh looks on. Swadheenta cries.

Suhasini gets some courier. She tells Jaidev that someone appealed in court to move prosecutor Ajay and take me on this case, I know who did this appeal. Adarsh tries to convince Suhasini to take this case.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. rahul verma

    please solve this puzzle hurrily as i feel very bad when everyone point out swadheenta as she is alone in this battle

  2. Ayushya

    I pity swadhu she is left alone . Why no one understands her . That stupid paddy y that girl has to poke nose in every matter . Please end this track fast I want swadarsh to be happy.

  3. sss

    poor swadeenta she is all one understanding her….even when she make out a good point arvind…atlest adarsh should have thought about this…he knows asad have three best friend….two are terrorist in 3 of them how he can not about the other one and the gift swadeenta told him that gift was given by asad friend but still he acting like ho dosen’t know anything moreover he became the weak character of the show always crying seriously need some change in his character…swadeenta she need to get out of the house …they always make her dimotivatrd and guilty…

  4. Jaya

    Today it was a very good episode.. Swatee has every view of point..of course credits goes to writers..adarsh can know easily that arvind is Indian or not coz he is an IAS he can move on with his point of view.where is yash and radhika?Atleast she can come in court..

  5. Aanchal

    Yaaa this is the best serial this must not end .. Also pls dont change the timing… I just want that case must get over also pls adrash must support swadheenta he saw once a man in mall who was just similar to arvind and ha was also in confusion …. Any way has haider jilani gone mad at being forget that his asad was appointed as secret agent in college by the principal and police / military officer why he is not telling this to any one and way about Yash bundela is he so shellfish in case of radhika even radhika don’t love Yash .. At least Yash must help … Although I just want swaadhu be happy once again in short time ….

  6. Aanchal

    Pls don’t end this serial pls pls ….. pls coz this is the only serial I’m allowed to watch because I’m in 10th and every parent has main focus on their child if he or she is in 10 ,……… Pls don’t end this serial even that bloooody show saath nibhana saathiya ,must get end its being high time that people are still tolerating that blo*dy show.. .. Pls pls its my humble request don’t end this show I m seriously harshad arora’s die hearted fan hun …. I will die if this serial got end….. Pls don’t end this serial …and also amena di I requestrequested you pls give me harshad’s contact no. And u know recently I went to goa on trip there I got to meet ahuja in cruuze I got a photographs clicked with him .he is such a nice guy…… Pls anena di give me harshad contact no. Pls pls don’t end this serial ……..

  7. Aanchal

    Pls don’t end this serial with ishqbaaz pls don’t end this serial pls don’t end this serial

  8. Roohi Naser

    Ty 4 d update Amena.It’s one f d superb serial,dis hatred tyms are rly desp amidst anythng.Yash is such a damn guy.y cnt he cnfs it.nd plz dnt make it d typical melodramatic type.plz dnt exaggerate d truth,it wil gt annyng while viewers know d truth.

  9. goldie

    Atleast simi stuck to her character she is she was the same but adarsh nothing to say.whatever suhu has earned in 24 to 25 yrs of vakalat swadhu will get it just by winning this one case keep going girly.

    After winning n once mano n suhu ka truth coming out she will step out of sinha house blaming her in laws for killing her 2 brothers.

    • Aasrithaa

      When will all this happen??? Will adarsh support swadeenatha by then??? Won’t Radhika come out seeing the news and speak out and point yash so that the fat and truth come out easily?? How long it will take for this track to end???? Even we don’ get spoilers for this show….

      • goldie

        See only 17 episodes keft as dehleez was alwayz a finite show n was supposed to b 104 to 108 episodes n 26th june being the last date as on TOI soon it will happen but how it s to b watched n i m sure it s going to b thrilling to watch n definately adarsh will support swadhu but for that he needs to get out of his emotional mode then only he can think rationally.

    • goldie

      I think arvind wont b found atleast till 3rd hearing n if arvind s not found the question s who all met arvind will b testified. In these 10 days swadhu will get access to asads call logs n will come to know he called yash n so yash s seen n that video .n from then n radhika will come in picture.

  10. ann

    wow today’s episode was epic. the story has great lessons for everyone particularly ladies that your loved one or someone you think will stand by you may never be there for u. although together but you will still be far apart.

  11. Partho

    Nice episode but adarsh should help SWADHEENTA to unreval the mystery and plz don’t end the show timings can be changed but don’t end it it’s the best show on star plus after Tamanna so plz don’t end it love Dehleez and swadarsh

  12. Fatarajo

    Nice epsiode. I feel so bad for swadheenta and jilani family no one is there to support then well precap is surprising , but I think in promo they already show swadheenta vs suhasini

  13. Diya

    I think yash wont help swatheendha becoz he wants radhika to hate asad and come back to yash. So he will make missunderstandings about asad.

  14. Samia

    I have pity on adarsh family no one is supporting Swadheenta. She is right Asad and Haider are not terrorists. Arvind is the the third terrorist who killed Abhay. Why can’t Adarsh support his wife for once. If I was him I would of supported her. I know that Swadheenta will win the case and everything will go back to normal.

  15. Aanchal

    Pls amena di tell the star plus chanell on or that how many viewers r there who want to seee this serial ….. Otherwise Dehleez must continue on any other channels pls anena di dehleez ko end na kre request them from our side …… Pls anena di if u really consider r reply then pls don’t end this serial…..pls pls pls don’t end this serial Dehleez cast I luv u all specially swadarsh

  16. nb

    I could not enjoy today’s episode somehow. It was Simmi Simmi all the way and not Dahleez style. Looked like little dragging. A mix of melodrama with some progress in story is better. As we were discussing yesterday that Arvind would become alert. That is what happened. It happens practically. The bad side of modern media. It helps police as well as culprits. During 26/11, terrorists were getting details through TV channels. Let us see how the biased police will find him out now. Eager to see court scenes and Swadheenta’s point of views to prove Asad and mamu innocent.

  17. swadheenta

    Excuse me pls! Goldie can i ask you a quesstion? yesterday you have write in a comment this you have seen the third hearing where swadheenta replaying asad’s death! from where you have seen it? coul you pls send the address. it’s my request to you! pls reply

  18. goldie

    Today sadhus all relations showed their tru colors . suhu which as a MIL wanted her to stay but simmis tantrums will make swadhu leave sinha house i think n she shd not stay for her self respect.once adarsh comes to know truth about how asad n anhay died whch he will as seen n ths video.and once she breaks yash it will b proved asad s innocent n then mr mano will b n trouble for sure and thats the reason why jai n manohar donot want swadhu to fight thy know thy r gog to b n trouble .thy just want hyder n asad to b scapegoats.

    • goldie

      Jai n mano i think alredy got thst guilt thst thy r one of those resposible for bombbladts s acc to my observation n that scene when jai s trying to clean blood of his clothes he tells jaya chotu ka khoon ja hi nahi raha hain n mr mano not ready to go for his sons court hearing it s suhu who takes him there

    • nb

      Yes. That may be the prime reason. Manohar must have put the PIL as they know the abilities of Swadheenta and scared of her. Hypocrites. They are not interested in finding Abhay’s real killer, they are interested to hide their corrupt faces. Poor Adarsh, not able to understand this.

      • goldie

        I am still n double mind about adarsh bcoz swadhu hasnt found any concrete evidence to prove jilanis innocent whereas he knows only what abhay said while dying .whatever swadhu has put fwd in court s pov as the prosecutor said sheneeds to find some evidence either from that mall r from that pub where firing happened if that guy can cm fwd whom arvind handed pistol after killing that goon r only other thing that i can think s radhika …

      • goldie

        If radhika testifies that asad needed a locksmith to enter his own flat n also abt ravi raj n arvnd thy went missing from college n also i m surprised why that princi didnt mention abt asad helping yash .i can understand mamu n his stste might have missed to mention to swadhu but princi shd remember.

      • nb

        OR May be Swadheenta already knows those things. She will open one by one link which nobody else knows. As Asad was very frank to her, he was sharing all with his sister. Radhika is the last hope for Swadheenta now before that Yash fellow brainwashes her.

      • goldie

        V tru sinhas have always believed that there s not much difference in truth n lie there s a fine line .that is suhu principal.n having power n their hands thy dont mind crossing that line for their benefits.If u have observed suhu(all lawyersdo that)suhu answers questions to the point not a single cent less or more.nut i m lil happy atleast she s not behaving with swadhu like all othet typical saas wpuld have n such situation .but all other family members are not leaving a single chance to insult swadhu thus indirectly suhu gets what she doesnt want to do herself.

    • goldie

      He has mentioned in one of his posts we r here to create history not repeat one .I think asads wish mite come tru n after suhu n manos truth comes out he might step out with swadhu n stay with jilanis blaming his parents for killing his brother n jilanis only son.

  19. Blink

    I think Simmi might force Swadheenta out of that house. But what kind of a husband is Adarsh who knows his wife very little actually and does not believe in her abilities. Thats sad.Besides , he is being really stupid and irrational by saying that todays proceedings makes him believe all the more that Assad and Prof are Abhays killers. The gift was given by Arvind Gupta and swadhu had shown him on webcam. Plus he had seen Arvind at the Mall! The terrorist attack at the party all this he should put together and try to look for an answer! He is just being dumb and stubborn.

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      I dont think Simmi will do so I think she may understand thats my thinking after all Swaadheenta saved her life once
      Instead she may help Swaadheenta out as she wants Abhay’s justice more than Asad’s punishment

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