definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 8)

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The episode begins with abhi sleeping on his bed. Slowly abhi wakes up to find that the time is 9.00am . he gets shocked because at 10.30 am ,he has his meeting.abhi quickly gets ready .he rushed out of the hotel . he opened the taxi door and sat in it. Suddenly a young woman also boarded into the cab through the other door. Abhi was awestruck to see pragya sitting beside him. Pragya thanked abhi for sharing the cab. Abhi could not believe his eyes. A romantic symphony played in abhi’s mind. Abhi kept on staring at her. Pragya wore a beautiful red saree . she really looked like an angel .pragya noticed this. Suddenly pragya stopped the car, paid her fare and she left. Abhi started to follow pragya.

Pragya boarded the metro and she reached the writers meeting council. Abhi did not understand why pragya came there. When abhi entered the place,everyone gathered around him for autographs and selfie. Abhi searched pragya but she was not there. Abhi was little disappointed. Abhi thought to himself today you may get away from me but you are always mine ms.pragya. abhi smiled.abhi attended the meeting. Everyone started to introduce themselves. The romantic symphony played again . abhi turned to see pragya. she introduced herself. She is a famous columnist in the newyork times. Abhi kept on staring at her. Abhi started to think of ideas to impress pragya.

After the meeting ended, pragya left . immediately abhi walkes up to her and asked ms.pragya shall we have a cup of coffee. Pragya smiled and she replied that I don’t drink coffee. May be next time .abhi smirks at pragya. pragya feels that abhi is mad. Abhi asks her can I drop you? Pragya asked what’s your problem , mr.abhi ? abhi says you are my problem . pragya is puzzled. Abhi says come with me. Abhi takes pragya to a café and buys her a lollipop. Pragya smiles and she runs away from that place.abhi thinks its just the beginning my sweet heart.


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  1. Guys thanks for your support. Please do comment below

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Really Superb……. The Precap is so funny……I like it…..

  3. Ohhh so cool yaar

  4. Nice episode…continue ur ff s soooooooo sweet n nice…

  5. Nice ammu

  6. precap is so funny eagerly waiting for next episode

  7. precap is so funny… eargerly waiting 4 ur nxt update..

  8. ammu we eagerly waiting for your next update where she is pls update fastly

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