definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 7)


Hi. Guys!!! Thanks for your support. Please do comment below. The episode begins with abhi driving the car along with pragya. He stops the car. He splashes water on pragya’s face. Pragya gets her conscious. Immediately abhi closed her eyes with a black cloth. Pragya started shouting. Abhi said chasmish shut up. Slowly he removed the cloth. Pragya opened her eyes. Abhi was at his knees. Abhi started proposing her. Abhi asked pragya to dance with him. They started to dance romantically for the song gerua. At the end of the song, pragya said i love you abhi. Immediately abhi lifted her. They felt themselves at the top of the world. Pragya said let’s leave abhi. So they started their drive. Unfortunately abhi lost control and the car suffered a head on collision with a lorry. Abhi shouted pragya.

A young woman came to abhi and asked if he is alright. Abhi said yes and he drank some water. Abhi is flying to America for a meeting. (guys for your clarity starting from episode 1 till the accident, those were incidents that happened in abhi’s dream and not in reality. ) abhi in reality is a writer .he is going to the USA to attend the world reading day meeting. Abhi tries hard to think about pragya. abhi did not understand y he had such a dream. After landing, abhi called purab and told him everything. Purab started to laugh. Purab started teasing abhi. Purab said when did abhi turn into a CID officer . abhi also started laughing. Abhi finished his meeting in his own style . abhi had already written about a dozen of novels. His latest book was also a huge success. At present abhi is working on his new novel.

Suddenly abhi changed his story line and started to write his novel based on his new novel. Day by day his interest on pragya increased. After two months, abhi finally completed his novel. The book is going to be published after two days on his daadi’s birthday. Abhi is all excited. All of a sudden , abhi gets a feeling if he meets pragya what will he do. Abhi opened his fb and tried to find pragya but he could not. He started to believe that pragya is alive.


Sorry guys I had work so only I could not upload a long episode.
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Credit to: ammu

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  1. Ammmu superb very different good nice proposal in dream

  2. Hey soooo super ammu… I am very interested to see what he gonna do after seeing her in real….

  3. Hey really superb yaar chance less sema thought really superb twist grt job yaar definitely no word to explain abt ur ff s really really awesome n I’m very much excited to watch next episode plzzzz update it soon

  4. Hey really superb yaar chance less sema thought really superb twist grt job yaar definitely no word to explain abt ur ff s really really awesome n I’m very much excited for next episode plzzzz update it soon

  5. Divya Chandru

    Nice move of the story .. waiting for the next episode

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    WoW….It’s A nice one….All are Abhi’s dream!!!its Superb……

  7. reshma chippy

    i want next episode pls upload fast ya

  8. It was really fabulous dear.. starting he is CID officer now a writter very nice…

  9. Really really really really really awesome.. Soooo different… Even I m waiting for pragya… Hats off Ammu?

  10. Thanks a lot guys. Please do comment. Do you guys think abhi’s dream will turn into reality?? Stay tuned:)

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