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The episode begins with pragya thinking about abhi. Abhi smiles and goes to his office. As usual pragya gets ready for office. But she keeps on thinking about how abhi came to know about her teddy. Pragya did not have her breakfast and she started to office . At purab’s office ,bulbul was speaking in her phone to pragya. Purab called bulbul and asked about a file. Bulbul told purab that it is with him. Purab in a fit of rage shouted at bulbul. Bulbul’s eyes filled with tears. She aked purab to move, took the file. She gave the file to purab and she left. Purab realized his mistake. Purab went outside his office. He was shocked to find that bulbul has left. He was worried.

Pragya was thinking about abhi. So she called abhi. Abhi smirked seeing pragya’s phone call. Abhi asked pragya what’s up my dear. Pragya asked abhi i wanna tell u something. Abhi said tell me sweet heart. Pragya said thank you for everything abhi. Abhi said hey chasmish!!!!! .pragya asked.what? Abhi said what happened to you go and work. Let’s meet tomorrow. Pragya is puzzled. Pragya finishes her work and she goes to home. She again starts to think about the teddy matter. She takes rest on her bed. Pragya looks up and she is shocked. Immediately pragya phones abbi and asks him whether he came to her house. Abhi replied chasmish you found out ,great. On the ceiling abhi has stuck a big photo of them. Pragya was really happy. Abhi phoned her and invited her for dinner the next day. Pragya agreed. It was late at night but bulbul did not return home. Pragya was worried.

Suddenly pragya saw bulbul at the door step. She was completely drenched. Pragya asked bulbul what happened. Bulbul told everything to pragya. Pragya pacified her and they slept. The next day bulbul was silent. She was afraid as she has to face purab again. But pragya encouraged her and she decided to drop bulbul at her office. Pragya dropped bulbul and she went to her office. At pragya’s office, pragya was busy in her work. Suddenly abhi comes before her and says ms. Pragya you are under arrest. Pragya stands up slowly. Abhi says sorry to disturb you guys, I’m here to arrest pragya. On hearing this, pragya faints. Abhi catches her and carries her on his arms and he leaves from the office. Abhi made pragya sit in his car. And he started to smile.

PRECAP: abhi and pragya dance romantically for the song gerua. Pragya says i love you abhi.

Credit to: ammu

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  2. Soooo cute.. Nice episode n really awesome I loved it

  3. I think ur going too fast it means 2thing of boring r big twist..

  4. Guys thanks for your support. Please do catch up for the next ff as there is a big twist. Do you guys think the love will start so soon?? Please do comment

  5. Superb but i want long episode pls ammu kutty.

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Soooo cute…….

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