definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 5)


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The episode begins with pragya giving a sarcastic look at abhi. Abhi smiles at pragya . abhi asks pragya what she wants to drink. Pragya says cappuccino. Abhi calls the waiter and orders two cups of cappuccino. Abhi keeps on starring at Pragya . Pragya asks Abhi what happened. Why are you starring at me. Abhi replies nothing. The waiter brings the cappuccino. Abhi starts to have his cappuccino. Pragya asks him about his job. Abhi replies that it was his dream to become a CID. He always enjoyed what he was doing. Abhi and started to discuss about their likes and dis likes. The conversation went on for hours. Suddenly abhi got a phone call.

Abhi gets tensed. Pragya asks him whether everything was alright. Abhi replied that he has got some work at his office. He asks sorry to pragya. pragya says we are together in a beautiful journey,never say thanks or sorry to me. Abhi was happy. Pragya became shy and her cheeks turned red. Abhi started murmuring to himself. Pragya asked what are you murmuring. Abhi replied nothing. Oh !! come on , abhi please tell me. Abhi says you look very beautiful. Pragya smiles. abhi says the next time if your cheeks turn red ,I will surely hug you. Pragya is shocked. Abhi says follow this pragya. pragya smirks at abhi. Abhi winks at pragya and they leave. Abhi drops pragya at home. She thanked him. As she went , abhi was starring at her . suddenly she turned back and smiled at abhi. Abhi was thinking to himself god!! She is killing me. Abhi left to his office.
At his office abhi was having an important meeting . abhi’s colleagues inform him about their new case. A world exhibit was stolen from the museum . the court has now moved the case to the CID. The meeting got finished. Abhi immediately called pragya but pragya did not pick his call. Abhi was disappointed. So abhi made a plan . he entered pragya’s room secretly. Pragya was sleeping. Abhi watched her sleep for some time and then he left to his home. The next day morning abhi and pragya were chatting with each other. Pragya asked whether he had good sleep the last night. Abhi said yes. Abhi told pragya that her teddy bear looked really beautiful. Pragya asks how come he knew abou that . abhi says I am CID officer, I know everything. Pragya says please tell me how you know about this. Abhi says all answers are above you. Pragya did not understand. Abhi says find yourself and he goes offline. Pragya is puzzled.


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Credit to: ammu

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  1. Sorry guys for the late update. Hope you guys enjoy

  2. Fantastic move of the storyline, really good , waiting for next episode

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Of course ,I like it….Awesome yaar….Keep gng….& update it regularly……..

  4. Awesome as usual…
    But it was short
    Pls update the next one soon

  5. Cute abhigya scenes. Loving it. Pls update soon and keep going

  6. Woeewwww I m waiting yaar

  7. Nice story… Really superb precap s interesting n plzzzz update next episode soon

  8. Very cute & cool episode.. but how full change in pragya starting she is not at al ready for marriage but now she is enjoying abhi’s company..

    1. That’s the twist of the story

  9. nice episode… bt it was too shrt yaar

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