definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 4)


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The episode begins with bulbul bringing the coffee to abhi and pragya. Abhi thanked bulbul for the coffee. Pragya signals bulbul to leave. As abhi starts to drink his coffee, pragya started to tell him about her ambition. Honestly speaking abhi was admiring the way pragya was talking to him. Abhi thought to himself what have you done pragya? You make me feel so special. I really want to take you along with me. Without his knowledge, abhi poured the coffee on himself. Pragya asked him whether he really wanted this marriage to happen . as abhi was in his own world he replied no. pragya thought that abhi was not interested in marriage. She said come on lets go!! Abhi asked her why. Pragya replied that just now you told me that you are not interested in this marriage. Gaining his senses back, abhi understood that he had really messed up things.

Pragya and abhi reached the waiting hall. Sarla maa asks abhi how he got coffee stains. Before abhi could answer ,pragya replied that it was she who spilled coffee on abhi accidentally. Abhi was stunned by pragya’s answer. Daadi asked abhi whether he liked pragya. He said yes daadi and took the blessings of daadi and sarla maa. Pragya stood speechless. Daadi told sarla maa that she will send her the engagement details by tomorrow. Abhi and bulbul were talking for a long time. Pragya wanted to know what they were talking. Daadi tells sarla maa that they are leaving. Abhi says good bye to bulbul . abhi goes near pragya and says sleep tight my dear. Pragya is puzzled. Abhi,daadi and purab leave.

Pragya could not believe that she is getting married to abhi. A flood of thoughts was running in her mind. Suddenly her phone was ringing. Pragya attended the call and she was surprised to know it was abhi. Pragya felt something special. Pragya asked abhi how he got her number . he replied that bulbul gave her. Pragya smiled. They start talking with each other . soon it became a never ended call. After a few hours abhi realized that pragya slept. He cuts the call and he slept. The next day morning pragya was getting ready for her office. She was thinking about abhi. Suddenly her phone rang and it was abhi. Abhi asked pragya to meet him at the café by 10 am. Pragya agrees. Pragya takes bulbul along with her to the café. Abhi is shocked to see bulbul accompanying pragya. He greeted them and they sat. suddenly abhi winked at bulbul. Bulbul told pragya that she is leaving as purab has called her to his office. Bulbul takes the two wheeler keys and she requests abhi to drop pragya. bulbul leaves and abhi smiles. Pragya gives a sarcastic look at abhi.


Credit to: ammu

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  1. Ha ha
    Superb precap
    Next update soon

  2. Cute episode …

  3. Woww cute Abighya

  4. Ammu it’s really really excellent ya, please continue with the same but am feeling ur running fast.. Soon dnt make them marry let’s they got engage & spend lot of time like that u move it yar.. like rabul how they r strong in love but always cnt b to a marriage…

  5. Nice one ! But pragya is still unsure…

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its really sooo Cute yaar……The Precap is superb…..plzz continue it & update it regularly…..Eagerly waiting for the next one…..

  7. Superb story yaar really tz s soooo sweet n cute n more over precap s super cool… Nice story keep going

  8. nice story yaar.. eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt epi….

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