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The story begins…

Pragya falls dizzy but abhi catches her..
They share an eyelock..
Regaining her senses pragya straightens herself and heads to leave..
Abhi holds her hand..
Pragya turns and finds abhi in tears.
Abhi moves her towards him..

Pragya tries to leave.
Abhi: listen chasmish..
Pragya is happy to hear the word chasmish but she did not react.
Abhi: I love you
Pragya: who r u?
Abhi: pragya …
Pragya: go to hell
Abhi: ya that’s y I’m following u..
Pragya: very funny abhi.
Abhi comes closer to pragya,,,
Tum hi ho plays..
Dhimu dhimu plays
Pragya goes back..
Abhi: pragya I’m really is like a dream…
Really the day I met you was the fantastic day in my life.
You know what I had a dream of you and the next day I saw you..
Life is a..
But pragya interrupted him…
Pragya: did u get a Dream about our arrange marriage.
Abhi:yeah !! But how do you know..
Pragya has tears in her eyes..
Pragya: even I had the same dream.
Abhi was speechless.
Abhi wiped her tears.. And said Arey don’t cry then my rockstar will be Sad..??
Pragya Messes with abhi’s hair.
Abhi: Arey chasmish…
Pragya: kya mere jaan..
I want to meet Daadi..
Daadi: I’m here beta..

Pragya: Daadi!! And is about to get her blessings.
Daadi: Arey always be happy.
Pragya: how come you are here??
Fb starts..
Abhi phones to Daadi and asks everyone to come to Hyderabad..
Fb ends
Pragya smiles.
Ishani and bulbul cry seeing pragya..
They all unite and everyone is happy.
Ranveer tickles ishani..
Ishani: someone is too romantic today.
Ranveer: RV is always romantic..
Ishani: achaa
Ranveer : vo..
Ishani: kya..
Ranveer: I want a junior RV or ishu..
Ishani blushes and leaves..
Ranveer: what the..
Everyone come to pragya’s home..
Pragya cooks food for abhi.
It’s dinner,every one sleeps..

Abhi and pragya are seeing the moon and abhi is feeding her food.
Pragya: abhi I love you…
Abhi: oh that’s great.
Pragya hits on his head..
Abhi smiles..
Pragya sleeps on abhi’s lap..
Abhi cares her face..
Months pass by..
Suddenly one day pragya shouts..
Abhi rushes and is shocked to see pragya crying in pain..
Abhi admits her in a hospital..
Pragya delivers a girl child..
Abhi names it as abhigya.
At the same time bulbul is pregnant..
Purab is really happy and takes good care of her.
Ranveer and ishani as usual are happily enjoying life.
They are settled in new York now.
And they lived happily ever after.

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Credit to: ammu

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  1. /nice ending yaar waiting for ur new ff

    1. Thanks sana

  2. I am not a regular person that comment ur ff. But definitely a person who continously read ur ff. Come back with a bang for ur nxt ff??….I liked the abhigya scenes and all te best for ur new ff
    Will maybe no!!!…definitely miss definitely may be!!

    1. Thanks Maya for such a sweet and long comment

  3. Nice end… Waiting for your next ff…

    1. Thanks durga

  4. Nice ending ammu chlm. Going to miss ur ff alot . All the best for ur bright future ahead.wish u all success n may ur dreams come true.
    Can u give ur fb I’d ma?

    1. waiting for the next rocking ff

    2. Thanks rithu for the comments
      I don’t have an fb ID rithu
      If I create I will tell you rithu

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  5. Nice ending…

  6. Nice ending…!

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  7. Waiting for ur new ff

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  8. Very nice and put ishveer scenes there also plz plz plz plz plz

    1. Sure princess

  9. Wowwwwwww……………Its Awesome Dear……..Loved it………..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Thanks reshma for such a lovely comment….

  10. Superb end swt hrt loved it to the core but i am really gonna miss it swt hrt & i know ur come back will be awesome dr waiting eagerly 4ur newff thnks a lot swt hrt 4accepting me as ur frnd like u a loo…..t my dr frnd bye bye wish u good luck swt hrt

    1. Thanks Pavi for the comments..

  11. ammu sorry for the late comment …..superb episode …….but y u ended this ff ………..anyways i hope that u will come back with a new ff……..come soon lakshmi ..waiting for the next episode..

    1. No problem reji..
      Thanks for such lovely comments

  12. Ending is super..

    1. Thanks darshmi

  13. Ankita(ishveer forever)

    Hey ammu! Today’s episode was fantastic! You gave equal importance to each n every pairs … Waiting for your next ff.. Please include ishveer in your next ff too✌❤

    1. Thanks ankita
      Sure ishveer is there

  14. wow very nice end…waiting for new fff…

    1. Thanks nasima

  15. Oh ho lakshmi Akka I’m so sad that you ending this fan fiction but I’m also happy that you gonna start a new ff all the best for your new ff and dont forget to tell me if you are in Facebook and the ending is so nice one more thing congratulations for completing 35 episodes

    1. Thanks sharaya sis
      For your comments.☺

  16. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Really superb ammu♥♥♥♥♥♥
    waiting fr ur nw ff……so lovly will b missing ur ff….

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  17. Gonna to miss u badly… Nice epi… hoping that u will soon start fresh new ff… very soon… all the best..

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