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The story begins….
Abhi gets happy..
He goes shaves his beard..
Abhi gets ready in a black shirt and blue jeans..
Abhi packed his things… And he came..
For a moment it was like mehra mansion was back to its pavilion..
Abhi runs to his car..
Daadi notices it..
Daadi to herself:: I wish this happiness lasts Forever..
Abhi drives towards airport..
He thinks about the happy hours with his chasmish..
He thinks pragya with a big kurta as she is pregnant.
Abhi smiles..
Sayare dil sayara plays…
Kadhale plays..
Abhi boards the flight..
Abhi lands in Hyderabad….
As abhi lands in Hyderabad..
Pragya’s heart skips a beat
Pragya: what is happening with me..
Pragya thinks about abhi..
Tears flow in her eyes..
She wipes her tears and keeps her hand on the abdomen.
My dear I’m there for you…my child..
At the same time ranveer phones ishani
Ishani: did u see pragya di RV..
Ranveer: no
Ishani does not reply..
Ranveer: I know you are sad…
Everything will be OK ishu..
Ishani : haan…
Ranveer: ishu here mostly we have lady doctors..
Ishani : oh..
Ranveer: everyone is asking whether I’m single shall we mingle..
Ishani: oh is it so Mr.RV…
Ranveer: ya
Ishani: no problem..
Ranveer: kya..
Ishani laughs…
Gerua plays..
Abhi reaches the hotel..
Abhi knocks at the door..
Purab opens the door and is shocked to see abhi

Abhi: hi purab..
Purab: Bhai. Come in
Abhi: shall we leave…
Purab: Bhai vo…
Abhi : what…
Purab: I’m feeling hungry…
Abhi: let’s eat and go ….
Order food purab…
I will just freshen up and come down..
Purab: God saved me…
Purab calls to the reception and orders abhi’s favorite food items..
Unfortunately, the hotel could not manage to give it as their cook fell ill.
The hotel manager calls pragya..
Pragya :hello
Manager: pragya…
Pragya: s
Manager talks with pragya and asks her to come over as acting chef for the hotel..
Pragya agrees
Pragya comes to the hotel…
She starts cooking..
She serves and a waiter takes it to abhi’s room..
Abhi receives it…
Purab and abhi started eating..
When abhi kept the food in his mouth..
He found out that it was pragya…
But abhi wondered y he is thinking it’s pragya…
And he continues eating..
But he felt it was made by pragya..
Abhi gets up..
Purab: Bhai
Abhi: I will be back..
Abhi goes to the reception..
The receptionist tells abhi that it was our acting chef who cooked ur food.
Abhi: could I meet her
The receptionist points pragya..
Before abhi could see,pragya got into the auto..
Abhi runs but couldn’t see her.
Abhi takes an auto and follows pragay
Pragya stops the auto and she gets down
Abhi peeps out of the auto and is shocked to see pragya..
Abhi smiles as well as tears gush from his eyes..
Abhi follows pragya silently..
Pragya goes into a park..
Abhi follows her..
Suddenly pragya feels dizzy and is about to fall…
But. abhi catches her..
They share an eyelock..
Oru pathi kathavu neeyadi maru pathi kathavu naanadi
Agar tum sathu ho..
And then..
That’s it for today..
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