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The story begins….
Pragya is walking ..
She keeps her hands on her abdomen…
At the same time abhis words rings in her ears..
Pragya cries…
Pragya goes to the temple and she prays..
Pragya to God: God please show me some way out..
At the same time a paper falls near her.
Pragya picks it up..
It was a tourism advertisement..
Pragya smiles and she leaves..
At the same time
Abhi is tensed…
Ranveer: Bhai cool down ..
We will find pragya di ..
Abhi breaks down
Purab: what happened
Abhi: I shouted at pragya
Bulbul: this is as usual na
Abhi: I said get the hell out of my life..
Ishani: what

Daadi was hearing all these..
She walks up to abhi..
Abhi: Daadi vo..
Daadi slaps abhi hard..
Daadi: abhi don’t show me your face into you apologize to pragya..
Don’t u know she is pregnant..
Bulbul: Daadi pragya di did not eat anything from morning..
Daadi: kya..
Purab: Daadi..
Daadi: just leave me alone and she goes..
Abhi eyes fill with tears
Hamari adhuri kahani plays..

Pragya goes to the railway station and boards a train to Hyderabad..
Pragya thinks about abhi and their happy days..
The train starts as the train moves pragya’s eyes gets filled with tears..
Tum hi ho plays..
Abhi on the other hand searches for pragya every where..
Months passed….
Abhi became sad and glum…
Mehra mansion became sad because pragya was not there.
Abhi stopped writing .
Purab and ranveer are searching pragya .
Ishani and bulbul takes care of Daadi..
At Hyderabad,
Pragya starts a small mess…
Even though she is pregnant..
She works hard..
Everyday evening she has the mess going..
Pragya was great in her business..
She was trying to take good care of herself..
But she missed abhi ,Daadi,rabul and ishveer.
She wished they where happy without her..
Purab and ranveer come to Hyderabad…
Ranveer has a meeting.. So he leaves to the hospital where the meeting is held..
Purab calls and manages the work in his office..
Purab calls abhi…
Abhi: did you meet pragya..
Purab: ya …
Abhi: where is she
Purab: Hyderabad..
Abhi: I will catch the next flight and reach there as soon as possible..
Purab cuts the call and breaks down..
Purab to himself:::
Bhai I can’t see you pain
You forgot what life is..
Please forgive me Bhai.
And then….
Wait and watch guys..
Precap:: abhi -pragya eyelock…

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