definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 30)


Hi guys this is Ammu!! Thanks for your comments
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The story begins….
Ishani runs …
Ranveer is standing at a bridge..
Ishani: ranveer…
Ranveer: stop where ever you are..
Ishani: ranveer get down…let’s talk..
Ranveer: there is nothing to talk ishani..

Ranveer is about to jump…
Ishani shouts I love you ranveer.
Ishani hugs ranveer.
Tum hi ho plays..
Ranveer goes down to his knees.
Ishani closes her mouth in shock…
Ranveer : will u marry me and press a diamond ring…
Ishani: of course and she hugs him….
At the same time abhi is working on his new book..

Pragya: Arey writer what are you doing..
Abhi: our love story ma
Pragya: definitely maybe!! Nice start abhi.
Abhi: read this…
After reading it…

Pragya: awesome abhi…
Abhi smiles..
Abhi: I want to tell u something..
Pragya : s Dear
Abhi:: y don’t you again start your musical class.
Pragya is shocked..
Abhi : please na
Pragya: k
Abhi: then sing a song for me..
Pragya: kya
Abhi: please…
Pragya sings oru pathi kathavu..

Abhi smiles and says pragya I love you..
Pragya blushes and she leaves.
At purab’s office..
Purab: this bulbul still behaves like a kid…
There is a knock on the door.
Purab: get in
Bulbul enters with a carrier..
Purab: wow
Bulbul gives him lunch..
Purab : did u eat???
Bulbul: no
Purab feeds bulbul

.sajna ve plays…
Mundhinam parthene plays..
That’s it..
A very short update but the next one will be long..
A big hurricane is going to blow in their lives. Will the love lasts forever..
Let’s wait and watch.
Thanks for ur comments.
My name is Lakshmi..

Any thing you want to know about me or the ff .post ur questions below

Credit to: ammu

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  1. so ammu is ur nick name right ??……..anyways u have the song selection just like me…… I love oru paathi kadavu song and mundhinam paarthene is my mom’s favourite ……i love these songs and today’s episode is too gud but too short …… and ammu keep rocking waiting for the next episode…..

  2. Tell why ishaani is scared of some phone call and put more ishveer scenes plz plz plz amma dr

  3. sissy today’s update is very short………but very lovely story

  4. Its Superb…….?????

  5. Super ammu

  6. superbbbbbbb u r giving to all important equal equal

  7. Nice dr

  8. Eagerly waiting for next update n amazing writing lakshmi ur imagination is supebbb!!!

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Too short but very nice.

  10. Nice yaar

  11. Nice one?!!!

  12. superb epi swt heart pls don’t separate thm as v r fed up with the real kb na so swt hrt pls try to give more quality mom bet abhigya haan thks a lot swt hrt 4answering me by the way i’ll call u lakshu hereaft as i love to call my frnds by shortening their names & thnks a lot swt hrt 4ur swt com haan i want to know more abt u pls share if u wish to share

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