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The episode begins with bulbul finishing all the works in her own style. Purab really got impressed by her work. As she finished her work, purab asked her to leave early. Bulbul smiled at purab and she left. Purab thought to himself “crazy girl”.pragya reaches her home. As she entered sarla maa began to scold her terribly for coming late. Suddenly sarla maa noticed that pragya was covering her head with helmet. Sarla maa asked her to remove the helmet. When pragya removed the helmet, sarla maa was shocked to see a bandage on pragya’s forehead. Pragya told sarla maa everything. Sarla maa asked her to take rest in her room. At the same time bulbul reached home. She hurried up to go and see pragya. Pragya told everything to bulbul. Bulbul started to laugh and teased pragya that you fall on his hands. Wow di great news!! .pragya asked her to shut her mouth and she started sleeping.

At abhi’s home, daadi and abhi are getting ready. Abhi did not know where they are going but he invited purab to join with him. So purab, abhi and daadi leave .daadi gave the address to abhi. He started to drive his car. Bulbul begins to wake up pragya but she is enjoying her sleep and pushes bulbul away. Bulbul told in pragya’s ears that her lover came. Pragya got startled and she woke up quickly. Pragya asked what’s the time. Bulbul said the time was 6pm.pragya enquired bulbul whether they have any guests at home. Bulbul replies no. Pragya feels happy. Bulbul then tells pragya that she forgot to tell her that her fiancee will come at 6.30pm.pragya gets shocked. She asks bulbul to stop teasing. Pragya hurried as sarla maa asked her to get ready.

Pragya was not ready for marriage but she couldn’t refuse to her mom. She prays to god. Pragya dresses herself in a red designer sareee. Honestly she was awesome. Bulbul came to call pragya. Bulbul was stunned seeing pragya’s look and started teasing her.

At the same time abhi stops near a house with beautiful trees at the entrance. Abhi told daadi that we have reached. Daadi, purab and abhi enter the house. A lady in her mid fifty came and welcomed them. Daadi said what is the need for formalities sarla ji. Abhi, purab and daadi enter. Abhi is clueless why they have reached this place. At that time, bulbul came down and she was surprised to see purab. Sarla maa introduces bulbul as her second daughter. Bulbul greets everyone. Sarla maa calls pragya down. The same symphony starts playing in abhi’s mind. Abhi could not understand. Pragya came down but she didn’t notice abhi. Abhi was awestruck by pragya’s beauty. Sarla maa asked pragya to greet everyone. Pragya slowly raises her head up and is shocked to see abhi there. Abhi sat with his hands folded and he gave a killer look to pragya. This kept on going until the silence was broken by pragya’s mom. Sarla maa told abhi this is pragya.she is an IT professional. Abhi kept on staring pragya.

Pragya said namaste ji to abhi. Abhi smiled at pragya. Sarla maa asked pragya whether she knew abhi. Pragya told yes and narrated the whole incident. Sarla maa thanked abhi. Abhi said aunty ji no need of thanks. Suddenly sarla maa asked pragya to take abhi around the garden. Pragya was about to say no but abhi stood up and asked her shall we leave. Pragya takes abhi to her garden. The garden looks great. Abhi loves mango. He asks pragya whether he can have one. Pragya says ok. Abhi tries to reach it but he cannot .he asks pragya to help him. Pragya says in a jovial manner to abhi to lift her and she will pluck it for him. Abhi says its ok for me. Pragya is shocked as abhi lifts her. Pragya plucks the mango and hands it over to abhi. Abhi starts eating it happily. Pragya was about to talk to him but abhi was calling bulbul and he asked for coffee. Pragya thought of telling about her ambition but before that bulbul came with the coffee.

PRECAP:pragya pours coffee on abhi. Abhi is stunned.

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  1. So cute yaar

  2. superb epi

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    So nice………I love it……..

  4. Ammu that’s really great script… I m from pakistan and for about 50+ people i know read ur scripts. Continue them but i hav a request actually abhi is a rockstar changing his profession is making this scripts boring somehow but these are great but plz change abhi’s profession as he has always been a rockstar and we all love him as a rockstar not as a C.I.D officer otherwise ur scripts are awesome.. Seriously current track is fab but plz lookup on my request.. I hop u would change abhi’s proffesion…..

    1. These scripts*

      1. Somiya in this fan fiction abhi is a cid officer.I really agree that abi is our favorite rock star.I will surely take your suggestions into consideration. Thank you for the support . please do comment

    2. Ammu that’s really sweet of u. This epi was amazing, waiting for next epi and continue ur creativity

  5. Abhishek Prem Mehra is the rock star.So please don’t change his profession

  6. I read your ffs just now. It has a nice development. Even the professions are different the charakter are the same.
    I like the scene where abhi have a killer look to pragya. I was grinning. 🙂

    Please go on, ammu!

  7. ammu ur story is great…just continue abhi as a cid officer….its nice..seriously superbbb

  8. This ff rocks to the core…
    It’s quite interesting nd pls try to update ur next episodes as fast as possible
    I’m very eagerly waiting for ur next episode

    1. Thank you harini for ur support
      Please do comment

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