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The story begins….
Ishani tries to break the kiss..
But ranveer holds her tightly.
Slowly ranveer leaves her…
Ishani: what the ..
Ranveer: you are mine..I love you..

Ishani: give me a day’s time..
Ranveer: oh ! I am a fool
Ishani: ranveer.. Vo.
Ranveer: take your own time. And he leaves in anger.
Ishani:I can’t tell u now and she cries.
The next day
Pragya wakes up.
Abhi : sleep Na
Pragya: keep on dreaming.
Abhi is about to catch pragya but she runs.
Meanwhile at the kitchen..
Bulbul is preparing dough
Purab comes and hugs her.
Bulbul: leave Na
Purab: y??
Bulbul: bcoz we are in the kitchen..
Purab and bulbul together are preparing the dough..
Ithu thana ithu thana plays..
Dheere dheere se plays.
Pragya and abhi comes inside the kitchen..
Abhi: dekh..
Pragya: what
Abhi: I should have found a girl like your sister
Pragya: y
Abhi: u will not understand.

Pragya gets angry and leaves.
Abhi goes and hugs purab but still they are preparing the dough.
Abhi: purab.
Purab: haan Bhai
Realizing abhi s voice,purab breaks the hug.
Purab: Bhai vo..
Abhi: laughs and says enjoy.
Purab in a joy again hugs bulbul.
Abhi comes and finds pragya sitting near the pool side in anger.
Abhi: u spoiled her mood she will give you lecture..
Abhi goes near pragya but pragya tries to leave.
Abhi holds pragya s shawl.
Pragya moves and abhi removes her shawl.
Pragya: abhi..
Abhi holds her and ties her mouth.
Pragya tries remove it.

But abhi holds her hand and ties it with a shawl.
Abhi Carries pragya to the car.
Pragya tries hard and removes the shawl and tries to open the door.
Abhi : mere jaan.and he stops the car.
Pragya: what the hell
Pragya gets down .
Its a garden full of white roses.
Pragya gets teary eyes.
Abhi: white rose you are crazy about it ☺
Pragya hugs him and abhi kisses her.
Sanam re sanam re plays
iravaga nee nilavaga naan plays.
Meanwhile ishani gets a call.
Ishani is tensed and she runs..
Who’s call is that??
Wait and watch.

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Credit to: Ammu

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  1. my lovely sissy pls give more ISHVEER romance if possible…..settle the matter of ISHVEER s soon s possible…..but very awesome epi

    1. Sure Prince
      Next episode ishveer Union..

  2. wow…. nice epi

  3. Ya plz update soon and put more ishveer scenes

  4. Nice dr

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode ammu.pls give more ishveer scenes.

  6. Nice yaar

  7. Superb epi dear pls upd regularly as its awesome na dear pls add abhigyas romance&dear may i know ur real name

    1. Thanks pavi ..

  8. sana ( abhigya )

    Wow awesome episode

  9. nice episode ……..abhigya scenes i luv it waiting for the next episode

  10. Superb

    1. Thanks sharaya

  11. Aamu… Don’t get me wrong but this website is used by many people who are just below 18…. So don’t post this so openly… Like, i think you understood, Sorry if i hurted you but your creativity is amazing…

    1. Sure Scarlett no worries ok

    2. Ummm.. ,@ Scarlett what’s soo open in this? I don’t understand

      1. Leave it ankita

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