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The story begins….
Abhi ,pragya,bulbul ,purab reach mehra mansion..?
Sarla maa and Daadi takes aarthi for them.
Daadi tells sarlamaa something in her ears..
Sarla maa laughs..
Ranveer and ishani also here it and they have a great laugh..
Abhi: what’s the matter
Daadi: there is one more ritual left…
Abhi: let’s finish it off.
Daadi: lift pragya and bring her inside abhi..
Purab u also do the same.
Abhi: k Daadi
Realizing what he said
Abhi: Daadi vo …
Ranveer and ishani gave a hi-fi and laugh
Abhi: pragya please jaan
Pragya : no abhi
Abhi comes closer to her
Pragya closes her face with her hands..
Abhi slowly lifts her,they share an eyelock..
Sanam re sanam re plays..

Oru pathi kathavu plays..
Pragya keeps on seeing abhi
at the same time.
Purab in a swift carries bulbul and he enters mehra mansion.
Bulbul: di
Pragya : haan
Bulbul: how is it
Pragya: it is awesome…
Ishani: y don’t you continue your romance after getting inside.
Abhi and pragya blush
Everyone laughs.
Ishani takes bulbul and pragya
Abhi and purab left to their room .
Abhi started to arrange certain things at his room..
Pragya changes to a red saree.
Bulbul : di you are awesome
Pragya: you are awesome too my sweet heart..
Ishani has tears in her eyes..pragya ,bulbul and ishani hugged each other.
Sarla maa: pragya ,bulbul you can leave
Bulbul goes and enters the room.
Bulbul thought purab is going to surprise her.
So bulbul carefully entered …

But she was shocked to find no one in the room.
Suddenly purab hugs her from behind.
Bulbul: so .Mr purab
Purab: s Mrs.purab
Bulbul: let’s sleep
Purab: kya???
Bulbul: haan I’m feeling little bit tired.
Bulbul moves forward…
Purab turns her and starts coming closer to her..
Malai mangum neram plays..
Teri meri kahani..
Bulbul keeps going behind and atlast she falls on the bed.
Purab comes close to her…he switches the light off.they start to consumate their
marriage life.??
Meanwhile, pragya enters into abhi’s room
The lights are switched off
Pragya closes the door and says: abhi where are you..
At the same time pragya’s saree gets caught by something .but pragya did not notice
It .
Pragya: abhi please na
Abhi: we are going to be one soul today.
Pragya: abhi first switch on the light..

Abhi: as you wish mere jaan??
Abhi switches on the light and one more switch.
Do you guys remember pragya’s saree caught into something.
It’s a vaccum cleaner.
As abhi switches it on the saree gets into the vaccum cleaner.
In a swift pragya’s saree gets removed.. She swirls and falls on the bed..
Abhi: laughs
Pragya: u cheat and she tries to run inside the washroom but abhi grabs her.
Pragya could feel his breath.
Abhi says in pragya’s ears I love you..
Pragya turns and kisses him.
Nagira nagira plays
Hey sinamika plays
And then….Arey it’s bad to look into someone’s bedroom???
Meanwhile ishani is sitting in the garden at mehra mansion.
Suddenly someone ties her hand with a cloth.
Ishani tries to shout but the person closes her mouth.
Ishani ‘s heart beat increase..she senses it’s ranveer.
Ishani bites the person’s hand
Ishani: what’s this ranveer..
Ranveer: so you can feel my presence..
Ishani removes the cloth on her face.
Ishani : not like that vo..
Ranveer : don’t lie ishani .I know..
Ishani tries to leave but ranveer grabs her hand and kisses on her lips..
Tum hi ho plays..
Kadhale uyire kadhale plays.
Hope u guys like this episode..
What will be ishani’s reaction?? Wait and watch..

Credit to: ammu

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