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The story begins….
Bulbul: di where is my dress
Pragya : you wear this…
Pragya hands over a lehanga
Pragya: chup…go and dress up

At the same time, in abhi’s car,
Purab: Bhai u are really great .you have bought the same dress for us..ha
Abhi: haan
Purab: kyun
Abhi: wait and watch..
At pragya’s home,
Bulbul gets ready in a pink lehanga .
Ishani: u look awesome.
Sarla maa: wear these jewels..
Bulbul:ma vo
Sarla helps bulbul wear the jewels.
Sarla maa hugs pragya and bulbul
Sarla maa:: be happy..bulbul your husband is really lucky to have u as his wife.
Bulbul is shocked. Tears start flowing from her eyes down the cheek.
Sarla maa: get ready the bride family will arrive in ten minutes.

As sarla maa leaves, bulbul cries..
Kanavellam kanave plays.
Sun raha Hun plays..
Abhi reach the mandap.
Daadi gets down and she keeps the turban on abhi’s head .she kept another turban on
purab’s head.
Purab is shocked.
Daadi: today my grandsons are getting married. I’m really happy.
Purab hidea his tears and smiles..
Kanave kanave plays..
Sun raha Hun plays…
The screen gets shifted to bulbul crying and on the other hand abhi and purab enters
the mandap..
The rituals begin… Abhi and pragya are happily holding their hands.
Purab and bulbul sit along with their partners..
The rituals are over.. Abhi kisses on pragya’s forehead.
Purab stands still.his partner adjusts her lehanga .purab is shocked to see bulbul as
his wife.
Purab removes the turban..
Bulbul is shocked to find purab as her husband..
Bulbul hugs purab.every one claps their hands..

Fb is shown…
Bulbul – purab romance is seen by sarla maa and Daadi.
With the help of pragya ,ishani,ranveer ,abhi they decide to perform a surprise marriage
for rabul.
Fb ends. Everyone laugh.
Purab kisses bulbul on her forehead..
Sanam re sanam re plays.
Neethane en ponvasantham plays.
Abhi,pragya,purab and bulbul get down to get blessings from the elders.
Sarla maa: be happy always.
Daadi: I want grand son soon..
Bulbul buries her face on purab’s chest.
Abhi: pragya did u hear
Pragya: what
Abhi: grandson
Pragya: so(in a trembling voice)
Abhi: watch what’s happening today night..??
Pragya: feels tensed and moves..
Abhi laughs..
Daadi: all the arrangements ready ah ..
Ranveer: s Daadi
Ishani: what arrangements RV
Ranveer: vo…for our first night..
Ishani: kya..
Ranveer: get ready dear,today we are going to be one..
Ishani: stop blabbering..
Ranveer comes close to ishani,ishani closses her eyes in fear.
Tum hi ho plays..
Kadhale uyire kadhale plays..
Ranveer says in ishani’s ears : not so soon
Ishani: what
Ranveer:it’s for the married couples
Ishani: smiles to hide the embarrassment.
Ranveer winks and leaves..
And then..

Precap:::::: first night..???

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