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Purab and ranveer take a taxi
They reach pragya’s home.
Hearing the knock at the door,bulbul starts trembling remembering her closeness with
She comes out and finds ranveer entering..
Bulbul to herself: thank God..
Suddenly her leg slips and she is about to slip but purab holds her.
Sajna ve plays..
UN vizhikalil vizhundu naan elugiren plays.

They share an eyelock.
Before purab could say anything.. Bulbul fainted.
Sarla maa ,pragya and ishani are tensed.
Purab carries her to the bedroom..
Ranveer checks her
Pragya: she is alright na
Ranveer: di she is in fear of something …so fever and tired
Ishani: what
Ranveer stares at ishani
Ishani: vo will she get well soon
Ranveer: by evening she will be alright…
Pragya cares bulbul’s hair.
Sarla maa: pragya go and get ready and ishani help her..
Pragya: maa bulbul…
Ranveer: di we will take care of her.
Pragya smiles seeing purab.
Sarla maa: k beta.I will send you some food.
Pragya,ishani and sarla maa leave.
Ranveer: Bhai what did u do
Purab: vo kuch nahi
Ranveer: ha ha
Purab: stop pulling my leg.
Ishani brings tea .
Ranveer starts flirting with her.
Ishani leaves the room and ranveer follows him.
Purab closses the door.
Bulbul slowly opens her eyes.

She is shocked to find purab there.
Purab: hello my princess
Bulbul: vo purab just forget everything.
Purab: what
Bulbul: whatever happened during haldi
Purab slowly comes near her.
Bulbul turns her face.
Purab: meri jaan I love u

Bulbul smiles and they hug each other.
Ishani gets into the bedroom and ranveer follows her.
Ranveer enters and the wind blows.
Ishani’s shawl goes on falls on ranveer face.
Ishani turns
Ranveer slowly walks towards her.
He hands over the shawl to ishani.
Ishani wears it ..when she turns ranveer is not there.
Ishani: ranveer..
Ranveer: missing me ah
Ranveer: what just thanks ah
Ishani: then
Ranveer comes closer to ishani
Tum hi ho plays
Iravaga nee plays
Ishani: ranveer vo..
Ranveer holds her hip and moves her closer to him.
Ishani could feel his breath.
Ranveer: you know what I mean…and he leaves her

Ishani: stands still.
It is evening ,everyone gets ready.
Pragya gets ready in a red lehanga.
Bulbul: di u are awesome.
Ishani: wow…
Pragya blushes..
Abhi phones her through video call..
Pragya closes her face with a shawl.
Abhi: Arey this is not fair.
Pragya: all is fair in love and war..
Abhi: ahaan
Pragya: then
Abhi: on the way to mandap
Pragya: great
Abhi: soon you are going to be mine
Pragya smiles…
Abhi: feeling to kiss u
Pragya removes the shawl and asks kya..
Abhi: u look awesome
Pragya : u cheat and she cuts the call.
Pragya blushes and abhi hits the phone on his head.
Sanam re sanam re plays..
Kanavellam neethane en uyire plays…
That’s it

Precap: purab and pragya get down from the mandap after marriage.
Did pragya marry purab?? Wait and watch…

Credit to: ammu

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  5. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice but what is this suspense in precape eagerly waiting for it pls update regularly aa

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  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode.

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  10. Deepika bhaasker

    Nooooo purab Nd pragya

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  13. Rabul amazing!!!

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