definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 25)

Hi guys!!!!!!thanks for your comments. I’m really happy this my 25th episode .the 25
episodes is because of your comments and support. Hence this episode is dedicated
To you guys.
The story begins…..
Pragya slowly breaks the hug.
Sarla maa: apply haldi to pragya.
Abhi: of course ma
Pragya: what
Sarla maa: what’s this beta behave yourself. All the ladies who come to our home ,will
apply haldi on your face.
Pragya was about to say something but abhi applies haldi on her face.
Sanam re sanam re plays…….????
Indru neetru naalai endrum nee en devathai……?
Purab also joins abhi.
Pragya’s eyes gets filled with tears.
Abhi wipes her tears and hugs her.
Sarla maa: how close they are…
Bulbul passes and purab decides to taunt her.
Purab: suniye
Bulbul: haan .what can I do for u
Purab: I heard you have a lover.
Bulbul : what the hell are u talking….
Purab: oh then it’s true..

Bulbul: who are you..
Purab: I’m pragya’s friend.
Bulbul: oh then I should treat u well ah..
Please don’t think like that..
I’m really irritated by your talking.
Bulbul tries to leave but purab holds her hand.
Purab: acha mere jaan.(in male voice)
Bulbul: purab…..
Bulbul moves back as purab move towards her.
Purab: what’s this ah..come na mere jaan…
Suddenly bulbul starts running and purab chases her.
Bulbul goes inside a room and is about to close the door but purab enters.purab closes
the door.
Bulbul: purab I’m leaving ah.
Purab: I have been waiting for this.
Bulbul moves but purab pins her to the wall.
Bulbul closes her eyes and….
Purab grabs her towards him by holding her hip.
Unnale kangal thaladi plays..
Sajna ve plays..
Purab starts kissing her from cheeks to….????
Arey guys certain things have to be understood ..just think????

Ranveer follows ishani and they reach the first floor…
Slowly he holds ishani’s shawl.
Ishani turns back and is shocked to see ranveer
Ishani:: ranveer is this u
Ranveer: (in a woman’s tone):ha ha..who is ranveer…
Ishani: I’m sorry I thought..
Ranveer: in love ah..
Ishani: vo … I think yes
And she leaves..
Yaaro en nenjai theendiyathu plays..
Tum hi ho plays..
Ranveer: you are mine..
Ishani(to herself) : what’s happening to me.
At the same time abhi keeps on holding pragya’s hand.
Pragya: if someone sees
Abhi: Arey I’m your friend no..???
Pragya: friends don’t do this only lov….but she realizes and swallows the word.
Abhi: kya kya…
Pragya: golden words are not repeated twice
Abhi: oh I know how to get the words.
Abhi stands up and starts dancing..
The music plays and everyone slowly joins abhi and they dance happily..

Abhi holds pragya’s hand and starts dancing ..
Iravaga nee plays
Nagira nagira plays.
Daadi: pragya beta
Without realizing that he is in woman’s attire
Abhi speaks: what’s this Daadi always Disturb my romantic moments.
Daadi: abhi
And she pulls abhi’s wig.
Abhi: hi Daadi
Daadi: I said you not to come here.
Abhi smiles
Everyone laughs at abhi..
Daadi: sarla I’m leaving.
Abhi: Daadi wait I will come… Ranveer ,purab come lets go…
Ranveer: I’m here Bhai..
Ishani is shocked to find that the woman was ranveer.
Ranveer winks at ishani…
Abhi goes and starts the car.daadi does not get in.
Abhi: Daadi I’m sorry and keeps a child face
Daadi smiles: chalo
Abhi: where is purab ah
Purab comes running and he gets into the car.
Abhi starts the car he notices pragya standing and looking at him through the rear view
Abhi turns and waves his hand…
Sayundu sayundu nee parkum pothu plays..
Manam mastu kare plays..
Pragya gets in and everyone starts teasing her.
At the same time ,bulbul comes down…
Pragya: bulbul and pulls her shawl.
Bulbul trembles in fear and her face turns red.
Pragya: Arey what happened..
Bulbul : vo….
Pragya keeps hand on her head .
Pragya:bulbul are you OK..
I guess u have fever..
Bulbul : nothing di
Pragya: ishani call ranveer na..
Ishani : di..
Pragya: give me your phone..
Ishani: di..vo
Pragya snatches the phone from ishani and calls ranveer.
Ranveer: Arey ishani..what’s up?? I never expected a call from you jaan.
Pragya: hi ranveer this is pragya
Ranveer: di sry I thought..
Pragya: ranveer bulbul is not well.
Evening is my marriage.
Can u please come to my home
Ranveer: di…sure .I will be there in fifteen minutes.
Abhi: is everything alright
Ranveer: bulbul is not well it seems.
Purab is shocked.
Abhi: I will drop u
Ranveer: no Bhai,I will take a taxi
Purab: I will go with ranveer..
They leave and then…..
That’s it for today….
What happened to bulbul.. Is this called

Wait and catch the masti of pragya’s marriage..
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Wat’s ur opinion?? If you guys say we will upload it.
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