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Hi guys!! This is ammu ….Sorry for the late update. I went for a family function. I got
engaged so only I couldn’t update it.hope u guys remember me and my ff.please
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The story begins.
It’s pragya’s haldi.pragya is really happy.
Bulbul: di stop blushing. By the way abhi jiju is not here.
Pragya: stop pulling my legs. Bulbul. I thought purab.
Bulbul: di vo maa is calling me.
Ishani turns her ears,Arey di y r u running away.

Meanwhile at mm,
Abhi’s haldi got over.
Daadi is getting ready to go to pragya’s home
Abhi: dàadi…
Daadi: u r not coming with me.
Purab and ranveer laugh
Daadi: u both make sure abhi stays at home.
Ranveer and purab are shocked as they planned to meet ishani and bulbul.
Abhi is restless as he wanted to see pragya.
Abhi phones pragya.pragya cuts the call
Abhi messages pragya.
Pragya I want to meet you
Pragya sees the message and smiles.
Pragya replies Arey rockstar !!! Come if u can

Abhi: what if I come there
Pragya: you cannot??????
Abhi: what will I get if I come
Pragya: anything u wish.
Abhi: so wait and watch.
Pragya gets tensed.pragya to herself: what if he comes her.
Abhi smiles and calls ranveer and purab.
Abhi tells them come lets leave.
Ranveer and purab sing a chorus “” no”””
Abhi: Arey purab ,u can meet bulbul
Purab smiles.
Abhi: ranveer you can meet ishani.
Ranveer smiles
Abhi: so…
Purab: shall we leave.
Ranveer: like this
Abhi : I have an idea…
He says the idea to purab and ranveer
Ranveer: superb.

At pragya’s home
Ishani and bulbul find out that pragya is tensed.

Bulbul:di let’s dance yaar
Ishani: ya di….
Ishani and bulbul drag pragya to dance.
Pragya ,ishani,bulbul start dancing on the song batameez dil..
Stylish tamizhachi song plays…

At the same time a speeding car stops before pragya’s home
Three beautiful ladies get down.
They enter pragya’s house.
It’s our abhi ,purab and ranveer.
Ranveer: Bhai is it pragya di
Abhi: ya!! It’s her.
Sarla maa: welcome
Ranveer and purab gets tensed.
Abhi smiles and starts speaking in a lady voice.
Abhi: namaste maa and he bends and touches her feet.
Sarla maa: Kush raho .who are u
Abhi: we are pragya’s friends.
Sarla maa: oh please come.
Ranveer goes and slowly starts dancing with ishani.
Ishani doesn’t recognize him
Ishani’s heart beats fast.she stops dancing.
She senses ranveer presence
Ranveer feels happy.
Ishani goes and ranveer follows her.
On the other hand,
Purab and abhi follow sarla maa
Sarla maa: pragya your friends have come.
Pragya turns .
Before pragya could say anything,abhi hugs her and says hi pragya .how are u .long
time no see.
Slowly abhi tells in her ears::: I won yaar.
Pragya is nervous as abhi is too close near her.
Pragya slowly breaks the hug.
And then…..
That’s it for today.
It’s a short update due to system failure.
What will abhi ask pragya ???
Will purab- bulbul love come to lime light??
Will ishani reciprocate her feelings to ranveer?
Comment if u like.

Credit to: ammu

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