definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 23)


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The episode begins pragya lying on abhi’s chest.

Bulbul: hmm jiju

Abhi: Arey bulbul

Bulbul: what is this jiju

Abhi: don’t you have shame

Bulbul: no jiju

Abhi: wait I will call purab

Bulbul: maa is calling me I will be back jiju

Abhi: ha ha ha

Pragya sits erect

Abhi: Arey and moves her towards him

Pragya: leave me naa. I have to put mehandi

Abhi: so what

Pragya: leave me na

Abhi: please put mehandi on her hand na and hugs pragya like a teddy bear.

Sanam re sanam re plays

Iravaga nee plays

Pragya smiles at abhi

Bulbul puts mehandi on her hand

Purab signals bulbul

Bulbul calls him

Purab: s my dear what happened ?? missing me ah and winks at bulbul

Bulbul: remember our challenge na

Purab: wait and watch.

Ranveer comes

Purab: ranveer you are late

Ranveer: emergency case Bhai

Purab: go freshen up and come

Bulbul: Arey ranveer go upstairs and use the first room.

Ranveer: thanks di

Bulbul blushes. Purab leaves from that place.

Ranveer gets inside . he gets into the wash room.

At the same time, ishani enters the room and locks it

Ishani is changing her saree as coffee spilled on it

Ranveer comes out of the washroom.

Ishani is shocked to see ranveer.

Ishani is about to shout but ranveer closes her mouth

Ranveer: ishani pls don’t shout.

Ishani tries to remove ranveer hand but the saree falls.

Ranveer holds it.ishani closes her eyes.

Tum hi ho plays.

Kanavellam needhane plays.

Ranveer slowly starts to correct the saree

Ishani stands like a statue.

Ranveer draps the saree on ishani and finally he places the saree on ishani’s hip

Ishani is stunned.regaining her senses she tries to leave but ranveer grabs her hand.

Ishani: vo ma is calling me ranveer

Ranveer: OK mere jaan

Ishani: what

Ranveer: vo……

He moves near ishani. Ishani runs

Ranveer smiles and thinks to himself so finally in love Dr.RV

The mehandi function finishes .

Sarla maa: I am preparing dinner for everyone

Daadi: what’s the necessary of formalities sarla ji

Sarla maa : Daadi pls

Daadi: OK I will also come

The food gets prepared.

Meanwhile pragya sleeps in abhi’s arms. Abhi cares her hair.

Sarla maa: abhi beta come lets have dinner.

Abhi: ha ma

Sarla maa laughs and leaves.

Abhi: pragya wake up

Pragya: no way

Abhi is about to kiss pragya on her lips.
Pragya: Arey

Abhi: at last u woke

Pragya: what were you doing

Abhi : I didn’t do anything.

Pragya: don’t lie

Abhi: so u know na.then tell me

Pragya: shame less

Abhi:of course.

Pragya smirks and she leaves.

Everybody assembles for dinner.

Abhi: pragya show ur hand na

Pragya: no

Daadi: abhi and she turns abhi’s ears

Abhi: Daadi vo..

Daadi: stop looking at her.

Abhi keeps sad faces and pragya laughs.

Bulbul looks at her hand and is shocked to find the letter p.

She slowly leaves to her room.she was trying to remove it but purab caught her.

Purab: show me ur hand bulbul

Bulbul: y should I

Purab: bcoz and he grabs her hand and moves closer to her.

Bulbul closes her eyes.

Ishq wala love plays

Iravaga nee plays

Precap: haldi

Guys the episode is short but I hope u guys will like it. Silent readers pls tell me .

Credit to: ammu

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    So superb.loved ishveer part.waiting for next.

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    Its my…. favourite…scenes in MATSH… Rv drape the saree on ishani….!! ? ?

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      Saree draping is an art yaar . even I live it in matsh

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